10 Things Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

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There are a few things NFL Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez can't live without when he hits the road. From his journal to his grounding mat, these are the former Kansas City Chiefs star's travel essentials.
Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez is a sports analyst on FOX NFL Sunday and Thursday Night Football. Coverage of FOX Sports’ ninth Super Bowl presentation begins live from Miami, Sunday, Feb. 2 at 1:00 PM ET on FOX.
Tony is also hosting a new podcast series WIDE OPEN, where he dives deep into conversation with the brightest minds in the worlds of business and entertainment to discuss health, wellness and mindset. Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wide-open-with-tony-gonzalez/id1475384604

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10 Things Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports
Moi Tismo 4 month ago
By far he has the realest "essentials" just next to Denzel curry's crockpot lmao
Max Nelson 4 month ago
Tony Gonzalez is one of the best Tight Ends ever and he just showed you some stuff you actually need to be better every day.
Jack fitzgerald 4 month ago
You should do 10 things Lou Williams can’t live with out
Reiberle 4 month ago
Finally no sponsernd stuff. Very honest. Deeper than colognes and skin care products
Z T 4 month ago
This is actually the BEST essentials episode I’ve seen. Thank you Tony!
Kimar Cain 4 month ago
this is probably my favorite episode.. more internal stuff - self care.
LeBeautiful 4 month ago
Now THESE are essentials. Almost everyday things that are beneficiary. Thanks Antonio!
David Orozco 4 month ago
I like this guy. Nothing flashy, just his daily essentials..
Lun Hing 4 month ago
He seems like the type of dude who doesn't believe in vaccines lol
lee durcan 4 month ago
Very intelligent man didn’t know he was into health and wellness ie: cordycept mushrooms
airsofter2247 4 month ago
I always feel super poor watching these....until he cracked out those red Sony's, I gota better pair sat next to me now
Adan Rivera 4 month ago
TG a goat but let’s do Larry Fitzgerald!!!!!!
Danny Zuehlsdorf 4 month ago
You can take the man out of Berkeley, but you can't take Berkeley out of the man.
Chatur Shivananda 4 month ago
Still upset this guy never won a Super Bowl
Khaleesi 4 month ago
No one: Literally no one: Toni Gonzalez: Good sleep
Laura McKenzie 4 month ago
Someone get that man a pair of noise cancelling headphones. They're a game changer, especially on flights.
magthegoat 4 month ago
This guy is extremely smart and humble.
Ricardo Garcia 4 month ago
Finally an episode that doesn’t feel like a paid commercial
Robier 4 month ago
He looks like if someone put an old man’s head on Shawn Mendes’ body.
Will Bev 3 month ago
10 things skip bayless can’t live without 😂😂
Grant Gardner 4 month ago
Went to Cal, had never bought a book
dreamsindogyears 4 month ago
This is really good stuff! No materialistic crap.
alonso. 4 month ago
I am very pleased to see Tony G here. Watched him when he was a Falcon (yeah, i'm a falcons fan 😔) and will always be seen as an all-time great in my eyes.
Michael berberian 4 month ago
Tony the hippie Gonzalez
Tim Michael 3 month ago
I'm rocking with everything except the grounding mat. He pretty much provided a be at your best kit and the items are actually possible to have as a middle class individual.
Beak 4 month ago
“I am tony gonthalez?”
ty moo 4 month ago
That’s crazy was just talkin bout you and maholmes duo
Henry Ha 4 month ago
Im so glad these are aclually things you need cuz people just bring like dumb stuff on here like shoes
Press F for that poor fool who plugs the grounding mat into the phase plug.
dream317 4 month ago
The sleep thing is being recorded and sent into Apple to analyze your patterns.
ThornCrown 4 month ago
Thumbnail item looked like a bra.. I was confused for a second
Atlas Johnson 4 month ago
“I am Antonio Gonthalez”
Ray Warren 4 month ago
Watching these videos really makes me wanna get a journal
THE Fanatic4 4 month ago
Santa dose exist lol 😂
Jaxon Bellamy 4 month ago
He should be a reading teacher
ty moo 4 month ago
That’s crazy I was just talking bout maholmes and Tony Gonzalez duo -#superbowl2020
Eric Glenn 4 month ago
Sleep mask.....💪🙏🔥💯😎
head noti 3 month ago
If you told me this was Lonzo Balls dad I would believe you lol. Always thought he was dope and down to Earth.
Bo Rerun 4 month ago
Bruh, read the Bible and you'll dump the CBD
Carson Barnes 4 month ago
this felt so much more honest than other vids like this. good job tony
Ivan V 4 month ago
This guy is a hippie lol
Dottie Tracy 4 month ago
Tony all good essentials 🤩
AshleyDigital 4 month ago
Grown man edition.
ali ali 4 month ago
i'm always fascinated by adults who didn't study or read much in grade school or even college who now want to read this and that. its still better to start when you're a kid, but good for them.
Mikexm8 4 month ago
the title should have been 10 Things The Tony Gonzalez Can't Live Without | GQ Sports
Jack Luehrs 4 month ago
So he’s a hippy
Antwan Sturdivant 4 month ago
Brady0021 3 month ago
Do Deion Sanders!
Te Lamb 4 month ago
Shay Sharpe still the goat you're a cool guy though.
Jonathan Martinez 4 month ago
Nate Diaz nxt
Tomas Aguirre 3 month ago
Best one yet.... Everything made you better
Jacob Norman 4 month ago
Alex Peachey 4 month ago
Surely do Lonzo ball
Gavin Goldstein 4 month ago
Gervonta Davis next please
Brandon Maddox 4 month ago
Yes sir
Clouted_Avocado 4 month ago
Jerry Swayze 4 month ago
Great episode and very down to earth guy!
The Friendly Mexican 4 month ago
Fluid _Gus 4 month ago
This dude an actual boomer
Henry Ha 4 month ago
Thomas Owen 3 month ago
cool guy
Michael Martin 4 month ago
David S 4 month ago
At least it wasn't Gucci this and Louis Vutton that.
notcalebstuff 4 month ago
those headphones gotta go
Shaun Allgood 3 month ago
journal gang
Fizz Bond 4 month ago
I love this video
cole alm 4 month ago
Why his head look so big? Or Are his shoulders just super narrow? Wtf is it
satvik bahuguna 4 month ago
Aske Baby 4 month ago
This is solid
SW 4 month ago
I'd love to see a fan contest to get a normal person on here without the flashy stuff. Or to get actresses/more females on here.
Nick A 3 month ago
dlupari 4 month ago
He should have done his funny intro
Brice kelly 4 month ago
What a bunch of hoopla
Shaun Riley 4 month ago
This is so much better than the deadbeat twats they feature! Great Pick, keep with these types rather than the others.