Watch Katy Perry Share Pregnancy News With Her Grandma Just Before She Died

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Perry took to Instagram to pay tribute to her late grandma on Monday, sharing a video from the moment she told her she is expecting her first baby with her fiance, Orlando Bloom.

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Mimi Meyers 4 month ago
The pain of losing a Grandmother is a pain that I don't wish upon anyone. Becoming a Mothing or a Auntie is a privilege from God.
Queen Fu Fu 4 month ago
It’s so sad she asked her did she remember her? 😕
Bragle John 4 month ago
Katy Perry: grandma, you'll be a greatgrandma sooner. Grandma: I wish I could til you deliver that beautiful baby but ain't that happened coz I only have few days in this world. Just send my warm hugs when she finally here in this amazing world. And tell her, her greatgrandma loves her so much.😢😢
Zorro fox 4 month ago
This is so sad but Passed away sounds better then died or dead
JOKER 4 month ago
You can actually see the resemblance
ecsgGsvrbr x 4 month ago
She looked real good for 99.. R.I.P Gma!
Amy Ashley 4 month ago
Anybody else’s eyeballs sweaty now?
Cris tian 4 month ago
The weirdest thing is she will notice a lot of her grandma's characteristics in her baby. It always happens ❤
Carissa Carter 4 month ago
She was so close to her Grandmother
Auntie Evelyn James 4 month ago
Katy Perry you are so bless to share your pregnancy with your grandmother I never met my grandparents they die before me and my sisters and brothers was born Katy Perry may your grandmother RIP
NUNNA URBIZNEZ 4 month ago
My grandpa passed 2 weeks after I had my son. I was on bed rest but I would sneak out to visit with him. He told me that he finally thought I would be ok. He had a stroke the morning after he baby sat my week old son, his only namesake, while I was at the hospital waiting through his father's emergency hernia surgery. Like my grandpa, I think she was at peace knowing her grand daughter would always have great love in her life. I know that's why mine let go and was able to go home.
CraftyMa 4 month ago
If she has a girl she could name her.. Baby “Pearl”
Charles Kim 4 month ago
Rest in peace katy grandma.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Michelle The Great 4 month ago
For every death there is a birth God bless
Megan Perkins 4 month ago
Today was my grandmothers birthday. I lost her 7 years ago. Prayers to Katy. I know that loss and pain.
Firetorch HTD 4 month ago
That was wonderful. Whoever is in charge of putting this article up in this post, you did a wonderful job!
Jonathan Cineus 4 month ago
I can’t believe this woman died. I remember her from the award like it was yesterday.
Lena Beana 4 month ago
Sad. My grandmother passed away a few weeks before my son was born. All she wanted and prayed for was for me to have a son💕 I’m sad she didn’t get to see him but I’m glad we got to tell her before she passed.
Adrianna Frank 4 month ago
Let her grandma Rest In Peace have fun in heaven
Gabriela Villalpando 4 month ago
I know how huge her grandmother has had in her life. I am so happy she got the chance to tell her she’s going to a baby before she left :,)
Kat Luck 4 month ago
I lost my Grandma when she was 97... I was so lucky to have had my first child right before her death. She had dementia and when I put my daughter in her arms... she came to in an instant, it was amazing how she played with her. After a while she forgot who we all were. But she knew she got to hold her only great grand daughter, from her only son, who only gave her grand daughters. I cry everytime I see her beautiful smile in a picture holding my now 15 year old baby girl. This is precious. GOD BLess you Katy and baby Bloom💕🥰❤
Gina Fumi 4 month ago
I remember being 7 months pregnant with my first child when my grandma died. I just wanted my baby girl to know what an incredible grandmother I had😥
Mr MakeShft 4 month ago
That was so cute, but so heartfelt.
Wolfs ForLife 4 month ago
That really proves that for everyone who dies, another is born. I lost my great grandma a few years ago while I was watching the movie God's Not Dead. :(
Kaykay L 4 month ago
That’s is soo heart breaking. May Katy’s Grandma Rest In Peace 🙁
Soumo Dipto Dash 4 month ago
She's got those beautiful eyes from her grandma😘😘😘
Melissa Pina 4 month ago
My heart goes out to her!!! Losing a grandma can be devastating. Sending prayers to the family.
Pink Panda 4 month ago
Awee that’s so sad :( she was so close to 100
Itsmeharper Jacksons 4 month ago
Me reading the first part of the video caption: awwww After reading the whole caption: 😰😭😭😭😭😭
Jandy Mojica 4 month ago
That baby has an angel now. 💖I’m so happy for Katy
Tonya Green 4 month ago
My grandma was the branch that kept my family together. I feel so lost most days. I had sooo many unanswered questions. Plus she never got to see me become a adult or a mom 😢
Brooklyn Kelly Music 4 month ago
I lost my granny January 27 this year I know how Katie feels 😭
The Corrupted Cat 4 month ago
Aw Grandma! 💔🙏, I'm blessed that my grandmother got to see all of my kids.
Joy Dor 4 month ago
Katy looks like her Grandma! May she rest in peace!!
Brandy Wine * 4 month ago
Oh no how sad🥺 Katy has her Grandmother's eyes 😍
King Kami 4 month ago
God bless Katy Perry. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out.
Chiming in 4 month ago
Blessings 🙏
Marda 4 month ago
I cried watching this. I wish my grandfather was still here to meet my daughter. He was my very bestest friend as a child n I know he woulda loved my daughter even more😭🥰
Tasha Vladimiroff 4 month ago
She’s so happy. Congratulations to the both of them
Breanna R. Paez 4 month ago
"you remember me? I'm Katy" that cut right through me. Rip grandma Pearl. 💜
Rosalina Marie 4 month ago
Aww reminds me of my grandpa on his last days he really didn’t smile much , but when he seen me 😢 and I’d say grandpa it’s me he’d look 👀 & id be like it’s Rosalina he world smile so big & say Mija & rub my cheek but the way he looked at me with pure love I’ll never forget that 😢💕🙏🏼 I miss him so much. My daughter still remembers him . She says papa always took me outside for sun ☀️ 🙏🏼 imh.💔
jdddskk 4 month ago
I lost my grandma and it's so hard to see your parents destroyed...
vampvivid 4 month ago
She said a baby cannot have a baby and now she's finally having a baby ❤️
ZHIMIN LAND 4 month ago
I really really loved Ann sadly :( r.i.p her I'm so sad for Katy too so much is going on for her rn .... the pregnancy that Australia performce which she did her kp5 and now this
La pieuvre Venale 4 month ago
Thiis is so sad! One life gone and another coming
Anna K 4 month ago
She said ( aa,) BECUSE she was thinking ,,grandma I have a wedding 🤗
Jordan 3 month ago
It’s like she was waiting for Katy to finally be happy and know she can leave her in peace
Molly Rose 4 month ago
She had dementia aw
Loving Life42 4 month ago
I feel some things should be private. This is one of them.
Soumo Dipto Dash 4 month ago
She's got those beautiful eyes from her grandma😘😘😘
Mossine yez 4 month ago
I feel sorry for to hear this news ,😢. My Condolence to the family of the grandmother of Katy Perry ,
Stormy Skye 4 month ago
When one life Ends, Another Begins. Your in my thoughts and Prayers Katie!! She is Always with you!
l r 4 month ago
What a blessing to have had her for all those years!!!! Im sure she is happily resting in peace with the great news.
Gaming Celebrity 4 month ago
Damn, age 100 would’ve made Katy Perry’s grandma a great-grandma or something.
UniqueFit 4 month ago
She does not look 91!!! May she forever Rest In Peace ❤️❤️❤️
ItsKayTho 4 month ago
Very awesome that she was able to share the news with her grandma. I was lucky to have my grandma in the delivery room with me. She cut my daughter’s cord. I will always cherish that memory 💙 I hope that my grandma is around to see all of my children (if I have more).
Anony Mous 4 month ago
I know 100% how Kati feels, I was 3 months pregnant when my nan passed
Jackie Garcia 4 month ago
She’s so strong and brave I would’ve completely lost it ..
Ayse Ozhan 4 month ago
she got her eyes.. :-/
madeline cruz 4 month ago
Aww that was so sweet. I am so happy for her and that she was able to share the news with her. Congratulations Katie
Megan is a gamer 4 month ago
❤️💔 Shes so strong to do this! R.I.P Ann Pearl.
Heather Fults 3 month ago
The day I lose my grandma is the day a piece of me goes too. Damn.
truth seeker 4 month ago
She has her grandma's eyes! 🌹❤
Danyiel Says 4 month ago
Wouldn't it be cool if her grandmother soul is reeincarnated into katy's baby 😍👋
3 CreamyCats 4 month ago
Her grandma looks so sweet..
Get Ur LIFE 4 month ago
Awwww her grandmother was beautiful, Congrats Katy I think the baby will look like her grandmother
latty green 3 month ago
Wow such a sweet lady the boy friend part took me out 😭😂😂😂😂😂 awwwwwww Rip grandma 😢 congrats Kathy 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Sebastian Perry 4 month ago
Watching this video again n heartbreaking..watched her grandma in part of me movie I liked her a you Katy's grandma
Tuan Dang 4 month ago
So sweet. I bet her grandma was thrilled
Shiyito 4 month ago
Sad news , rest in peace Grandma 😪 , they look so much alike wooow, lovely pic of the two of them ❤️❤️❤️
Xtina Coe 3 month ago
SPOILER ALERT: They show the grandmother's arm wiggling, and not her face ✌️ What's the point of the video when you don't even show the grandmother's reaction 👎
Lady Tijuri 4 month ago
awww, prayer for the family & friends.
Star light Kid 4 month ago
RIP grandma. Thank you for the gift that is Katy ❤️
KyKy Lapo 4 month ago
<3 This is beautiful.
Ed Vareilla 4 month ago
March 9, 2020... Will be a healthy little baby 👶🍼 girl, this is my prediction!
Alicia Gouzie 3 month ago
❤ This speaks volumes of Katy❤
Luna Play's 3 month ago
My great aunt died at 99 last year ❤️ I felt this hard ❤️
philly09westside 4 month ago
That was sweet!
Katherine Dondoyano 4 month ago
I almost cried.
ESTELLA PEREZ 4 month ago
😭 that’s beautiful
Being Jamicka Vlogs 4 month ago
Her Grandmother is soooo sweet!! God bless her!!
Laura Roberts 4 month ago
This is so sweet and I'm glad
Jennifer Black 4 month ago
How emotional and sweetest things to do for her grandmother
Kali Lane 4 month ago
I cried 😢❤️
Purple Cow Movement 4 month ago
So happy for them ❤
Bee Keeper 4 month ago
RIP Grandma Pearl ❤️
Alisa Benjamin 4 month ago
R.I.P. Granny! Rest in peace.
Karen Lm 4 month ago
This made me cry. It's so hard to say good-bye no matter who you are. May her grandma watch over her in this life.
Tina M Fam 3 month ago
I just love her with dark hair
The Beaird Fam 4 month ago
Oh my heart.
Liana Soares 4 month ago
It’s about TIME Katy is pregnant. 🤰🏻
Francis Paula 3 month ago
That's what people say, when someone is gone there is always a return. My granpa went to ER, the day I had my labor, when I give birth he also died. I wish I was there before my granpa died however I was in the hospital.
dreamsdo cometrue 4 month ago
Why the camera was on Katie the whole time? I thought this was about her grandma.
Annette Arellano Leal 4 month ago
Awe love this!!
Carla Gallegos 4 month ago
My grandma my moms mom die when my mom was 7 months pregnant with me and now almost 24 years later my mom says that it’s so crazy how much i remind her of her mom she’s like you definitely reincarnated her...i find it beautiful i never obviously met her but i feel her guidance for sure 🤍🙏
Kiersten Kelly 4 month ago
Awww I am so sorry that your grandma passed away today your in my prayers. I feel your pain all of my grandparents passed away awhile ago
wut 3 month ago
Someone’s cutting onions in here..
Chango Chilemba 4 month ago
Guarantee they name the child after something out of *The Lesser Key of Solomon* A blatant reference to Luciferianism, paganism or some occult film reference... Guaranteed. Lilith, Goetia, Rosemary, Adrian ect, ect, ect... i wouldn't be one bit surprised if they conceived the child in a ritual ceremony... Sounds crazy, but that's who these people are, it's what they do.
Anna Wasicek 3 month ago
A life ends and a new one begins. They will meet in heaven. I think she will have a girl.
Mshighlyfavored Stevenson 4 month ago
Awwwwww that is so special.