Chris Matthews Announces Retirement | Hardball | MSNBC

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Chris Matthews is announcing his retirement from Hardball. Aired on 3/2/2020.
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Chris Matthews Announces Retirement | Hardball | MSNBC
عايد عايد 1 month ago
Yeah if you read between the lines he was NUDGED into retirement.......
microcosmonauta 1 month ago
This reminds me of the “Fall of France...It’s over”
Devmeister 1 month ago
I won’t miss him interrupting most people mid-sentence.
Vicki Bankhardt 1 month ago
Good. He was insufferable at times and he had gone off the rails.
Zoe Sunshine 1 month ago
He sounds like someone has made an accusation.
Fred Huard 1 month ago
He'll start a podcast: Hardbull with Chris Mathews.
John Brown 1 month ago
I’ll miss hearing about Bobby Kennedy
Generic White Man 1 month ago
This is an event similar to where Hitler killed himself- chris Matthas
D. J. 1 month ago
I guess "the thrill is gone" huh, Chris??
Jonathan Tramel 1 month ago
He had to go into hiding before he could be dragged to Central Park.
John Lindower 1 month ago
Wow. This is just like when Hitler invaded France.
Greg Benge 1 month ago
"My dad loves you my grandma loves you" the kids say... none of them say they like me...
CIO Whitepapers 1 month ago
This tragic news kind of reminds me of the fall of France in 1940...
Mackenzie Blair 1 month ago
Good riddance. Watching him in recent weeks has been painful to watch.
aboctok 1 month ago
This reminds me of that time there was a second world war.
Spartacus Forlife 1 month ago
Well couldn't see that coming😂😂😂 now can we get rid of joe Scarborough as well
RED FURRY 1 month ago
There's more. He fears what is still to come out.
L. Salisbury 1 month ago
"Political Correctness is FASCISM!!" -George Carlin
FuranDuron 1 month ago
MSNBC: Yeeesssszzz. Say it Chris. Say it or we will fire and humiliate youuuu....
DarkStarAZ 1 month ago
"I no longer get that tingly feeling in my leg so I think I'll just retire..."
Chris Griffith 1 month ago
Well, now he can sit at home and let the, "thrill run up his leg" when the next socialist is elected.
Jesper Hankerson 1 month ago
0.46: ''The younger generation is out there ready to take the reins, we see them in politics (...)''...Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, Warren. Do I call that a political teenage conspiracy!
Jay P 1 month ago
Wow, he became his own analogy! The young people detest you! MSNBC, now you can start focusing on journalism.
Penny Liqueur 1 month ago
rudy2fat 1 month ago
Going to miss Chris Matthews. Just a guy who was really in the middle. Long run
musiq DEEP 1 month ago
Bye Felicia 👋🏼
Malcolm Msika 1 month ago
You love to see it , im sure MSNBC is going to hire another “former” republican strategist to try and tell democrats how to run their party and shill for capitalists.
David Smith 1 month ago
Chris was never Boring or Bored, like many hosts who droned on & on & on endlessly... Some say he interrupted a lot, i say he demanded guests Lead or STFU
Mike LaRiviere 1 month ago
Is your commentary going to be missed Chris - I don't think so?! Good riddance to another fascist.
May 1 month ago
As a non bernie bro, I'd say good riddance! Absolute sleaze ball! His "retirement" was long past its due!
wjlintz 1 month ago
Gotta admit, I got a thrill up my leg watching this.
That’s my boy 1 month ago
Probably the best episode of msnbc I’ve been able to sit through.
S 117 1 month ago
“Compliments on a women’s appearance are not okay” WHAT?
Sergeant Waters 1 month ago
This is like saying they retired "old yeller" I'm really surprised that MSNBC would leave this up. So much for twenty years of service.
Internet Composting 1 month ago
"Fall in line or off to the digital gulag for you!" - MSNPC
leebest1A 1 month ago
Spinning till the end but then, I am biased......ahem.
Christopher 1 month ago
Press hard, three copies, the bottom one is yours, “ turn head and spit” , next.
Sam Iam 1 month ago
Haha. I've got this chill up my leg now, Chris. do you ? nazi man .
Dead Mic Live 1 month ago
The Left will eat its own LMFAO 😂😅💀 Trumpers & Bernie Bros cheering together...........Sincerely weird times we are living in. Bye Bye Chris!!!!! Hahahaha
General Zod 1 month ago
I'm surprised a leftist channel like this allows comments!
Dexter Haven 1 month ago
He's hoping for Bernie Sanders' universal basic income in retirement.
Joe Mauro 1 month ago
They say Matthews makes Matt Lauer look tame. What does that mean?
Cole Chillen 1 month ago
I bet he got fired for calling Nicolle Wallace toots and telling her she had a sweet caboose.
Rich Conrad 1 month ago
Miss you already, Chris!
chez moi 1 month ago
This is the retirement version of a 'shotgun wedding'. And it's about time.
dm9542 1 month ago
Sexual assault allegations perhaps....#METOO, and this is NBC's way of distancing themselves from that....?
Lou Ferrao 1 month ago
Buh bye!! Have a wonderful thrill up your leg at home.
Andethidial bubabibub 1 month ago
First his stupid comments on Bernie and then the disgusting behavior towards women.. Glad you're gone
ATS_ 1 month ago
Yeah with his multi million retirement package. He's laughing all the way to the bank
Jeffrey Friedman 1 month ago
Maybe Chris, Matt Lauer and Bill O'Reilly can start a new point-counter point program.
mybestideas1 1 month ago
He never let his guests speak, as he was talking over them. Horrible toward women. And Sanders gaf showed his inability to do the job.
Don Bags 1 month ago
I got a thrill up my leg when I first heard this.
I Em Hoo I Iz 1 month ago
My Dad loves you. Fair warning: Dad has some tingle issues with other men and also animals.
Gay Faggot 1 month ago
Interesting they had his "sudden" resignation on the teleprompter. This guy can't act his way out of a paper bag either.
MrFacePeck 1 month ago
This also means, that the amount of Chris Matthews impressions by Ben Shapiro will go down now. :-(
Rick James 1 month ago
"Oh snap, he dropped the mike!" Cool!
Jeff Seaton 1 month ago
Wonder if he got that tingling feeling when they told him to leave haha
Jesse Prevallet 1 month ago
Phil Griffin DID let him go but musta let him do it a few weeks later.... kinda shocking really
Terese Kain 1 month ago
He gave great interview's I enjoyed listening to Chris. I will miss you.
Heather Mimi Wahlquist 1 month ago
Outrage cause chris said, *”I COULD FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU”* F you #msnbs
Michael Sykes 1 month ago
Bye, Felicia. Translation for Chris and other boomers: You will not be missed and your absence is overdue.
Earth Life 1 month ago
This guy is all over the map with his fired/resignation speech.
Caroline Yeh 1 month ago
Uhhh I love how he slipped in the real issue in the middle like that. It's a "sexual harassment apology sandwich." Cool story bro.
Conservative Dad 1 month ago
Imagine this happening to Tucker..... you have to imagine it, because it would never happen.
Gary Atkins 1 month ago
get you podcast there chris everyone getting one these days :🙂
Thunderlips Joe 1 month ago
What's Will Doing 1 month ago
Hey Chris, now you'll have all the time in to world to listen to Ben Shapiro re-runs LOL. Get wrekd commie.
Always Great USA 1 month ago
When you alienate half your audience by implying that you think they are nazis, you should be shown the door !
yllbardh 1 month ago
*Such a great news* you know man that is a way, way time overdue...
B.V. Aeron 1 month ago
Now replace him, with a real hot red head in a green dress and high healed leather boots.
I Em Hoo I Iz 1 month ago
I'm going to miss laughing at you.
YellowDrops 1 month ago
Pat Johnson 1 month ago
This was definatly a popcorn moment. Nobody loves you, lester
Rem Oil 1 month ago
When I heard you say we need a brokered covention and nominate Adam Schiff, I was done
Myron Gibson 1 month ago
I so wanted to see the look on his face when Trump is reelected. Damm
Johnny NiteTrain 1 month ago
This reminded me of Keith Olbermann coming back from commercial break and resigning from Countdown.
Da'Chief 1 month ago
He made some total common sense statements - that’s the kiss of death at a lib biased hellhole like MSNBC
Garden Soul 1 month ago
He is taking voice lessons, manner lessons, etiquette classes now and will make a new return.
scirpus 123 1 month ago
When you equate a politician's win to the Nazis invading France you should be in a padded cell not on TV
David Mathias 1 month ago
After his comments about Senator Sanders all I can say is, he won't be missed.
Sam Lewis 1 month ago
This is a sad day for politics and political commentary in the US.
Valerie Gagnon 1 month ago
I am sorry to see that happening. I loved his show.
A.I. Howard 1 month ago
The Left: why do I envision a serpent swallowing its tail?
emmalineroche Roche 1 month ago
You will be absolutely missed my dear! I will never forget you!
MrSpansell 1 month ago
Never was a top show he’d hoped it would be. Hardball at times but T-ball mostly.
Lifting with Grandpa Charlie 1 month ago
The Left's rabid hatred of all things Trump has now turned septic. Rotting itself from within.
jramir2 1 month ago
Looks like there is mountain of evidence that rolling straight for him. Watch out guys, get ready to hear some stories!
Dexter Haven 1 month ago
"I love watching Erin Burnett in a wind tunnel in high heels with whipped cream hitting her face and a fire hose hitting her chest. I like the music video for 'Chery Pie' also. So what. Who doesn't?"
Credo-Ape-Thor 1 month ago
You hear that women... no more compliments. Fun times ahead under Bolshevik Bernie’s iron fist.
Desperado5501 1 month ago
William G. Smith 1 month ago
There's a purge of old pervy sleezeballs in showbiz.
HORNET1 1 month ago
This bit of news sent a thrill up my leg.😅
Luis Gonzalez 1 month ago
Replace him with Carlos Danger!
Michael Everett 1 month ago
This is overdue by 19 years...…..
Andrew Sznerch 1 month ago
We’ll miss you Chris.
mako zero 1 month ago
I love hostage videos when they finally get a hostage who deserves it. We meet you in the Central Park Chris Matthews.
Ron Yeahright 1 month ago
This muckrake referred to what he did as "good journalism" ?? Good riddance, motormouth.
Kai X 1 month ago
Aww!!! Say it isn't so. I am going to missed you. 😢
Kurt W 1 month ago
Maybe next time, Chris, lick the boots of corporations with a bit less fervor.
ideacrafter 1 month ago
Well, that didn't bring a thrill up my leg or anything but....I'm good with it!