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Last month, we learned Billie Eilish would be performing “No Time To Die,” the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name. Now, the FINNEAS and Stephen Lipson-produced track is here, officially making her the youngest Bond theme performer in the franchise’s history at 18 years old.

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Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Tia Hill, Producer/Editor
Hillary Crosley Coker, Senior Producer

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Derick Harris 3 month ago
Definitely sounds like a james bond theme great job.
meisterrauen 3 month ago
It’s got the “Skyfall” Adele vibe
KD 3 month ago
I was really skeptical because billie's sound doesn't really attract me. But damn she killed this one
CollegeMovieGeek 3 month ago
"Each song is named after its flick" incorrect... "Writings on the wall" for "spectre" "Another way to die" for "Quantum of solace" and especially Carly Simon's "nobody does it better" for "the spy who loved me"
Zach M. 3 month ago
ok but where is the explanation to the song though?
Solomon Mills 3 month ago
when she started harmonizing mid-song my heart almost jumped out my chest
Ell 3 month ago
Billie is extremely talented, at the age of 18 she has achieved so much. She is such an inspiration❤👀
lalalinda93 3 month ago
I’d like a little more of the actual song story though, not just how it fits in the bigger picture, just saying.
Martian Hippie Pizza 3 month ago
Skyfall by Adele will never be topped, Billie did a great job with this one
Diolahn Noctin 3 month ago
Finneas is an awesome producer with this stuff, the music comes out sounding really nice.
Lil Baab 3 month ago
To Who Ever Reading This Right Now Keep Pushing And Your Time Is Coming 🙏🏿
Ella U. 3 month ago
Abel Cruz-Rivas 3 month ago
But nobody asks for Lana Del Rey 😔 she’s perfect for a James Bond theme. Guess we’ll never see the day the masterpiece that could’ve been.
•Sunny• 3 month ago
Adele, Sam Smith and Billie Eilish really brought 007 to a new generation
aidan blake 3 month ago
I was surprised by how solid it was, even though it’s nowhere near being as good as Skyfall, it’s much better than Spectre’s theme
urban Rider 3 month ago
Sam Smith's "writing on the wall'': Brilliant Billie eillish's "No time to die'': genius💯 . . . . . Both are unique!! (Personal opinion)
Jordan S 3 month ago
I’m a Billie stan through and though, and I like No Time To Die a lot, though I still think Lana Del Rey has gotten looked over, once again, when it comes to creating a Bond theme. Though she did write and perform “Young and Beautiful” for Gatsby, which is one of my all time favorite songs in general, i think she’d be up to the job. I think what bothers me most is there’s been talk in the past that didn’t materialize. I really want to see what would materialize if she was given the opportunity.
LeBeautiful 3 month ago
Making movie tracks as an 18 year old. Incredible. Queen Eyelash 🥑
LeafyBillie 3 month ago
Damn no time to die is amaziiiing
Nadya Nurhidayah 3 month ago
When she said “the blood you bleed is just a blood you owe” something hit me but i dont really understand what’s the meaning
vAqeii 3 month ago
Title: No time to die WW3: Hold my bombs
Isidro Torres 3 month ago
Billie and finneas The best EVER!👏
Kristian Macamay 3 month ago
I heard Adele's tone in 1:21 This song has a vibe of Adele..😁😁 Edited: I aslo love the vibe of James Bond films in this theme song.
Niamh Borland 3 month ago
“Fool me once, fool me twice are you death or paradise? Now you’ll never see me cry, there’s just no time to die” she got fooled, she’s got no time to die. Done and dusted
Pretty little Lyrics 3 month ago
It sounds a little bit like “ rise like a phoenix” by Conchita Wurst!
Little Much 3 month ago
All I needed to see was Billie's name 😢💕
AudioBlade 3 month ago
Billie eilish is slowing blowing up more than EVER YESSSS!!!
DiRoRhys 3 month ago
if you've listened to billie's song 'I love you' you'd know she has the capacity for an atmospherical bond theme
Smol Bean 3 month ago
NO ONE: BILLIE’S SONG:No time to die ALSO HER:I wanna end me Me:(Confused)
Chin Zee Yuen 3 month ago
Still skyfall sound classier for me, not sure if it’s Billie’s younger teen voice make the song doesn’t sound like a mature James bonds movie but I try to adjust my view point, she is still talented tho
korsunhoox 3 month ago
3:19 sam smith lisps "how do I live, how do I breathe, when you're not there" = billie's "you fool me once, you fool me twice ..." - copycat
Guido Vignati 3 month ago
2 things: - No Time To Die was arranged by Hans Zimmer, this needs to be pointed. - Second the Main Theme Dr no was composed by John Barry and not by Monty Norman
Michael Valles 3 month ago
“A farewell to Daniel Craig’s 007?” Didn’t he sign for one more after No time to die?
Romuald 3 month ago
Billie did a good job but Adele's Skyfall is the ultimate Bond theme song imo
TheGore1021 3 month ago
It was a lot better than Writing's on the Wall and Another way to Die.
Khal!d VEVO 3 month ago
Billie: Theres no time to die Genius: hmm what does that mean 🧐🧐😛
Priya Chowdhury 3 month ago
Skyfall is forever gonna be the best Bond theme ever!
DoomedDumpling 3 month ago
This feels in the same vain of “skyfall” and “writings on the wall” in that both artists made their own song while still keeping it within the Bond theme.
Matt T 3 month ago
she’s done it once again
Reigndeer Beats 3 month ago
This is a song worth talking about, Genius has such a potential to be less shitty than it currently is
Ava F 3 month ago
omg billie looks so small next to finneas
Not_ Ceeday 3 month ago
I rather prefer Radiohead’s spectre than this
KarmieT 3 month ago
the living daylights is my personal fave, catchy with suspenseful instrumentals
E S T E R 3 month ago
Okkk but am i the only one that was shocked with the high note at the end of the song?
creamy. mousse 3 month ago
Not related but do you guys love ASMR? Yes-like No-comment
Rhiannon Sidwell 3 month ago
Billie killed this in my opinion! It’s so sad but true 😕
Greg A 3 month ago
Lol where's the explanation? I was expecting what the lyrics meant
Juan Arocha 3 month ago
🙄 feels more like a Billie post breakup gloomy song with a bit of standard Bond notes. Sorry but it did nothing for me
brian may's weave 3 month ago
somebody hold me,, ive listened to this song for around a million times already
Joel Sunny Violin 3 month ago
just made a violin version of this if anyone wants to check it out :)
Festive Ferret 3 month ago
Does anyone know what the sound effect at the end of the song is? I’ve heard it before but can’t put a finger on it.
korsunhoox 3 month ago
to b frank, expected more from the song. it's a regress in bond theme's history
idraote 3 month ago
Where is the actual explanation of the song? A love story gone wrong. Thank you. I had understood as much.
Kevin Brazeau 3 month ago
Well that title was misleading... In no way is the song itself 'explained' in this video.
Peter from Germany 3 month ago
I‘m 57 Years old and this is a great Song!
Mercy brown 3 month ago
Me sees billie me clicks in 0.0000001 second
Adam Wiśniewski 3 month ago
Yooo, I love Bond franchise like nothing else. It's surprising that nowadays teenager even knows the series. I'm 27 and I just love all the movies, my favorite Bond is Sean Connery, tho Daniel Craig does a great job at it too.
ReklezZz 903 3 month ago
Ima hip hop head.... but u have a general love for music... I can appreciate many genres and she has amazed me with a few tracks she sings beautifully on and I honestly don’t feel okay listening to it🤣 waitin on the nas album.
this is what an 8d audio sounds like 3 month ago
If Jamesbond was an anime, this would be a great theme song in it
hana rose 3 month ago
doesn’t this song sound like it was made in like 2006 or something? like it literally sounds nostalgic
Luuk van der Kraan 3 month ago
So much respect to FINNEAS tho! The production is amazing!
Leslie De Leon 3 month ago
This song is so soothing. I love it 🥰
Patrick Davis 3 month ago
The last 4 James Bond songs have been fire 🔥
Ian Peden 3 month ago
It's certainly a good song, but I've just listened and don't understand a word, except the title; I'll need to listen again with the lyrics. Sounds like the Bond chord is just stuck on the end.
Ross MacHattie 3 month ago
Udit Raj Bora 3 month ago
She only can Whisper
Hernan Cine 3 month ago
I really like the sound but I don't like the lyrics
Michael Teasdill 3 month ago
It is fantastic can't wait to see the film, just sad that Daniel only got to make five films in the time he had about 14 years, should have been about 7 films. I like all the Bond actors but especially love Daniel Craigs version
Peyton Thip 3 month ago
Personally I love you “You know my name” by Chris Cornell, but this song embodies what Bond is going through in the trailers. I’m also very excited to see the opening cinematic that they’ll have for this song like they did for every other Bond movie.
David Joseph 3 month ago
Since idontwannabeyouanymore I felt the James Bond vibe, Congrats to Billie and Finneas... Awesome track!
excelerater 3 month ago
she worked on it for a week with Hans Zimmer you failed to mention ,i like the song I wish it had more horns and bond sounds ,its right up there though
PAUL CHENG 3 month ago
No,not this song...not this artist...why?That wont be good in this amazing movie.
Alexander Chang 3 month ago
Sam Smith's was an affront to humanity.
My Eyelash 3 month ago
The fact that all the lyrics explain vids they upload have nothing about explaining the lyrics
Arthur Acioli 3 month ago
Instead "Are you death or paradise?" isn't it "How you dare the paradise"?
Joe McA 3 month ago
this video didn’t explain anything 😂
Indya T. 3 month ago
So You're telling me it didn't say "oof"
Omar Cisneros 3 month ago
Listen to this song “y50dc no one”
CroxasWorld 3 month ago
Oh ok they are going for the oscars
Koketso Mohwasa 3 month ago
i wonder how they would put this in the movie
Peter Gatt 3 month ago
Hmm so where is the song Octopussy 😂 what rhymes with Octopussy anyway 😉
katharinaa 3 month ago
everytime i hear this song i get chills
Lauren Gantt 3 month ago
I'm really loving the Prince shirt🤷
Bob dabiuld 3 month ago
Hard to explain it without seeing the movie, but good try
snoop dogg dank kush 3 month ago
Well duh she's a industry plant and of course she gonna be in the new 007
Ari Cagan 3 month ago
bumilandhey 3 month ago
*I was finally hoping for this vid to confirm if this song was about Vesper Lynd or not....* oh well... i feel like I wasted my time
It's Just Logic 3 month ago
I'll tell you this they pick some damn good singers lol
Tomato _ 3 month ago
Considering that it’s gone straight to the hot 100 coming in at number 5 I’m sure this song is going to have a lot of success, such a great song
DS9Sisko 3 month ago
Why do SONGS like this need to be "explained"? This is stupid.
Ferrarii Forever 3 month ago
Shut up you know nothing The Idea Was Stolen From Me Right of YouTube😂😭She’s Officially a Thief
Lucas 3 month ago
Skyfall ofc is the best one
Adam Romero 3 month ago
She also did “Bored” for the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.
Aall Pprr 3 month ago
Let the skyfall WHEN IT CRUMBLEEEES!!
Hi 3 month ago
I am gonna watch the movie just bc billie sang in it
Nik Stamps 3 month ago
It's good, sounds like a Bond song but I feel it shoulda had a lil more kick to it, like in the middle a bombastic groove to take it higher level.
Barney Law 3 month ago
Why’s jacques looking so HD today
Soma Tiszavári 3 month ago
Turned out to be a great song!:) I have made a male vocal cover about it if you are interested.
Fatema Tuz Zohra 3 month ago
what a lyrics my goodness!!! Love you Billie....😍😍😍
auxmike 3 month ago
I wonder how many copyright strikes this video got him