Micro Animal Gives Birth!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mark and the crew are back in Florida with microbiologist Dr. Hunter Hines to witness something RARE! Watch as the team investigates the mysterious creature the Tardigrade, a.k.a. the Water Bear, after a dive in a Florida crater. To their surprise, they find a pregnant Tardigrade!

Get ready to see the AMAZING birth of a micro animal!

Special thanks to our friend, microbiologist Dr. Hunter Hines for assisting us on this adventure! Follow him on Instagram: http://bit.ly/IGhunterhines
Another big thank you to the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute for hosting the team and providing years of continued study and research to the world!

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Wind Spirit Wolf Pack 4 month ago
Its been a long time that coyote has been on I don't mind but i'm kinda worried is he ok?
Mike da horse 4 month ago
*Im Coyote Peterson and im about to try outlive the so called immortal microorganism."*
Tīna Z 4 month ago
i really just read “microwave gives birth”
The Thanos Gaming 4 month ago
See you all 10 years later when this pops in everyone's recommendations
Phantom Hemi 4 month ago
Makes you wonder if we are mico-animals in someone else's larger world.
bett :D 4 month ago
4:23 there's a ":)" on the screen
Nice Hair 4 month ago
Nobody: Coyote Peterson: I wOnDeR iF iT bITeS
Sir Yogi Beats 4 month ago
One day they will rise and rise out the micro world into the macro world.
Athan Tee 4 month ago
It's like a caterpillar that is transparent living underwater
TillyBucker 4 month ago
I've not watched this channel in months, where the hell is coyote?
Rin Okumura 4 month ago
I used to watch this channel and where is cayote Peterson gone
IAmARandomUser 4 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: let’s let it bite me
Keshanna Grier 4 month ago
I would definitely love to see more stuff like this
Nick Anderson 4 month ago
Imagine that water bear giving birth, while not realizing a giant is stalking them do it, and then have millions of other giants see it over Youtube
The_One_And_Only_Carrot 4 month ago
“on this Bear-y day.” Am I the only one who caught that pun? 0:50
1Rod1ReelFishing 4 month ago
Ahhh the water bear... the only species that has survived for over 100 million years, what a G 😎
Martti Virnas 4 month ago
It’s so amazing to see different kinds of animals that you don’t see everyday!
OwO 4 month ago
Instead of them growing up fast. They microsplit pretty fast
Rambo 05 4 month ago
That little specimen that’s under the microscope is like it’s own little universe.
Gerardo Arredondo 4 month ago
I’m Coyete Peterson and I’m about to enter the reproduction zone with the water bear
MrGlennJohnsen 4 month ago
Legit one of the coolest and most interesting episodes Brave Wilderness has done, the Tardigrades are so interesting.
JACOB CARLOS 4 month ago
Someone like if we should help keep the world clean again
mommy licious 4 month ago
Dr Hunter: "its size is about 150 micron" Mark: *how large is that?*
Victor Murillo 4 month ago
What if we’re microscopic to some larger beings? Reminds me of Horton Hears a Who.
Reapurr 4 month ago
First I thought it said microwave gives birth Edit:omg tysm for 245 likes Edit#2:HOLY, YO THATS A LOT OF LIKES I APPRECIATE IT
Jehu Manuel 4 month ago
Tiger: Im the strongest animal in the world Tardigrade: Hold my beer
E 4 month ago
The end feels a bit empty without Cayote Peterson... Stay Brave! Stay Wild!
Boy Cool 4 month ago
Haven’t been this eArLy in awhile
JACOB CARLOS 4 month ago
This is so cool and water bears are one of the best living organisms i have seen cause they are helpful and cute
jinx parrot 4 month ago
" a microwave giving birth"
Lizzie and Kirk 4 month ago
I've actually never heard of a Water Bear. It's pretty fascinating! And to catch something as rare as it giving birth is pretty awesome!
Lelouch Vi Britannia 4 month ago
I read the title as Microwave gives birth. What the hell 😂
TheNinjaMarmot 4 month ago
The thought of water bears inside us. Makes me feel like a zoo.
Rzlick official 4 month ago
I think I remember learning about a water bear in high school something about it being a extremofile
PrivateOGITH 4 month ago
did you Know That the Water Bear can Live in HOT and Cold Temperatures and Even Live in Space' you can Also Find them in your Backyard as WELL 😃
Applefreak 4 month ago
Anyone remember the South Park episode about these things?
Rasher The Flareon 4 month ago
OMG! That’s Crazy That, That Such A Small Almost 100 Cell Based Life Form Had A Baby!
Cookie 4 month ago
The water bear is a real OG 😏
Sabrina Tapsi 4 month ago
i am watching this before bed and i have thalassophobia. nice brain
MoodleDoodle22 4 month ago
Im trying to process why he looks so different
Invader 4 month ago
I never thought the birth of a water bear was possible “Myth confirmed”
Azor Cigelske 4 month ago
Coyotye: I'm Coyotye Peterson, and I'm about to enter the Not In The Videos Zone. Mark: are you okay?
Remix Thamizhan 4 month ago
The most incredible species in the whole universe
noobtastic 4 month ago
I heard that someone took a water bear into space and all that happened is the tardi stopped moving but as soon as it was brought back to earth it started moving again
Austin's Awesome Adventures 4 month ago
I've watched a film on tardigrades and was mind blown how this animal survived so many years and never died! Idek what kills these animals because they can with stand such extreme temperatures
MinnieMollyMickey ùwú 4 month ago
*It’s a mama bear :>*
Gunsundrie Boodhoo 4 month ago
The world has so many life
Creature’s Cave 4 month ago
Awww so cute... hope I am not the only one who thinks these are cute 😂😂 do you like them coyote 😂🥰
Bluegreyed 127 4 month ago
That might be the first ever Mama Water bare giving birth, i'd never seen anything like this before Good job guys!!!!
AshleyTheReactor And The Gamer Reviews 4 month ago
I have a feeling coyote died when they were trying to film a episode
Kylo Ren 4 month ago
It looks like its me after eating mexican food i dont know why
DrumRoody 4 month ago
I've only seen tardis in electron scanning microscopy, I thought they must have been smaller then light. Guess I was very wrong
MrMrPiggyPiggyGYt 4 month ago
They also eat smaller water bears and rotifors
Brandon Berry 4 month ago
"it's never been shown before" ant man says hi
JayJayPlayzJJP 4 month ago
Alternative title: *Microwave gives birth*
itz vanesa 4 month ago
Someone should make Coyote Peterson making himself suffer for 10 minutes straight 😂😂😂😂
Boney Lockz 4 month ago
I wonder how it feels to give birth to an immortal
Twisted Bonnie 4 month ago
“I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the birth zone of the water bear,3,2,1” *water bear slowly gives birth*
Coochie Snatcher 4 month ago
they're just waiting for the humans to kill all life. Once there's no more humans left over, they're going to evolve and take over the Earth
Geralt of Rivia Sr. 4 month ago
6:35. Hmm. Antman Jr. On the top left. I found him.
Taevian's World of Reptiles! 4 month ago
Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! That bacteria that makes up about a third of our oxygen is fascinating!! That birth shot was cool!!!
shark Jay 4 month ago
Cesar Martinez 4 month ago
Hey i been up all night waiting for a brave wilderness video i can't wait to see what Mark will find this time
Mohammad Abubaker 4 month ago
Is wind broke when water bears give birth? 😁
Scribbli Chheery 4 month ago
Thank you Youtube for finally getting recommendations right!
Faith TSAM 4 month ago
This video is just amazing and so beautiful. A must watch for my son!
TheRedBug 4 month ago
At first i thought this was an episode of "journey to the microcosmos"
Munden 4 month ago
at first, I thought I clicked on a microcosmos jam's germs videos
D Burris 4 month ago
“There’s one third of that breath you just took coming from Cyanobacteria.” Me, in the middle of taking a dab *[surprised pikachu face]*
A-wall 4 month ago
Hey “brave wilderness” I think you should make a “king of bites” compilation of all the bites Coyote (least pain to worst pain)
RandomTurtle WhoDances 4 month ago
Lmao I just learned about these 😂😂 Wierd
Cristian Morales 4 month ago
I remember getting a animal project in 4th grade and thats where i began my curiosity with the water bear. Close to 10 years ago
JANA & KOKO ' s World 4 month ago
After all the adventures and bites he’s alive what a strong person
Sleepy Tiger TV 4 month ago
This is SO COOL!!!!!! My husband and I watch these videos with our 3 kids and it’s so awesome being able to watch something that’s educational and fun for the kids too. Thank you ☺️
Pietra’s LPS 4 month ago
“ A WATER BEAR IS BEING BORN!” Me: hey that stuff next the the water bear looks like a smiley face!
xPICx _ 4 month ago
So they're just small animals. Not like germs or anything
Mario C 4 month ago
The guys from Journey to the Microcosmos are probably heeeeella jealous haha
NefariousHippie 4 month ago
This was super cool! Tardigrades are so impressive, and I have a new appreciation for cyanobacteria.
Sandrine Rousselle 4 month ago
Hey I'm kind of early I love your chanel and I'm getting ur book(s) on my birthday :D
MohdEmaadBTW 4 month ago
no clickbait, nice!
Amelia Roselia 4 month ago
Brave Wilderness, I love your videos.
Lilly Jackson 4 month ago
I love you coyote and I wanna say I subscribed and I have been watching your channel for 2 years like if you love coyote and his camera crew and remember be brave stay wild and someone finish it of for me
Cyber Police 4 month ago
This is an amazing channel. I still remember watching the first bite video.
Habib Ainun Syifa F 4 month ago
6:35 "Push, little one... PUSH!"
leekster 4 month ago
It’s at 6:19
Max Gaillard 4 month ago
The tardigrade is the post robust animal because of the cryptobiose
Jeffery Harris 4 month ago
2 views, 7 thumbs up, first comment. Lets goooo! Thanks for uploaded lol :)
Olivia Falini 4 month ago
Omg love this your amazing 🤗your going on TV I herd in so existed I cryedd when I saw you on TV
RAZIA SULTANA 4 month ago
You guys are so amazing! Keep up the Brave and Wild content!
Bruce Cook 4 month ago
good job guys, this was amazing :-)
peety 63 4 month ago
Thank you! I absolutely love these little creatures. I'm so happy I got to see this most amazing footage. I❤ TARDIGRADES!
Horror Games TV 4 month ago
Oh wow this is amazing! A tardigrade with babies, and also a birth of a microorganism in the same video?! No, your channel is great 🤠
cambell strasburg 4 month ago
Omg im early !! Hiiiii ur so amazing
Just Me 4 month ago
This is amazing!!
Lil Calero 4 month ago
This video is so cool!Love your videos keep up the great work and also I have all the brave wilderness books.
Texas Jungle 4 month ago
Wow this is crazy! Amazing rare footage. Thank you for motivating me to chase my dreams with the outdoor YouTube world! You are one of the reasons why I started my channel! Goals and dreams everybody go get it
Jancy Rani 4 month ago
It had really been a long since cayoty has been in the video
JiangHui 4 month ago
I remember working with cyanobacteria in my undergrad. I'm now focusing on medicine, but part of me still loves biology.
Kitty Stevens 4 month ago
I wonder if my marine tank has tardigrades and that’s why my cyano bacteria problem has been resolving itself.
CreatureCal 4 month ago
Is it still painful for tiny creatures too?