FOUND! Incredibly Rare Turtle!

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**Our tv show BRAVE THE WILD premieres on Animal Planet Sunday, Feb 9 at 9pm! Tune in!**

On this special combination episode, Coyote and Mario find the Blanding's turtle -- a super rare find! They also help out the turtle population by cleaning up an Erie Island habitat!

Get ready to watch the team find one INCREDIBLY rare turtle!

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Frosteyzz 3 month ago
Cayote is here finding rare turtles while I’m impressed by how the light turns on and off in your fridge when you close and open it
doodleartlover 3 month ago
I'm so proud of Coyote and Mario for taking the time they did to clean up as much trash as they could. 😊✌👍
No Context 3 month ago
My mom : gO waTCh somEthiNG eDucaTIOnal Me :
Willena Cotterman 3 month ago
When I see rare in title: OH YES THIS GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE!!!!
MakoRuu 3 month ago
Now imagine if everyone took one hour a day to just clean up a small part of where they live.
Gazed. 3 month ago
when I was a Kid I was proud of myself for finding a ablack ladybug. LIKE HOEWLKEFIUDSJK BHUGJDFNVIJKSR
Something Nomad 3 month ago
I love the clean up part in the video, love that someone big like Coyote is showing the world how to treat the world
Judah Dawg 3 month ago
that was cool I still haven't caught another snapping turtle I need your ways
grayson eadie 3 month ago
I saved One of these Turtles going across the road near my house just this summer 😁😁😁
Life's Wild Adventures 3 month ago
This is not just a reupload, but a combined video of the video “VERY rare island turtle found?” And “cleaning up the swamp!” Filmed way back when. I kinda thought y’all would do something cool being as you’re about to be on animal planet tomorrow, but I guess since Animal Planet is the priority, back to reuploads...... R.I.P. 😂
ponce 325 3 month ago
Them: is a rare animal and very hard to find Coyote: hold my hat
Nugget Dakota 3 month ago
Coyote how do you know exactly where to hold the creature even when it’s under water or weeds? It’s very interesting how you just go “I got em” every time 😂
Camron Bingham 3 month ago
Coyote: finds turtle Also coyote: struggles to put glasses away😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cav Trooper 19D 3 month ago
I appreciate the litter cleanup while you’re there and good message at the end.
Gabbycat 3 month ago
This was a reupload? I saw this last year.
Timothy Lee 3 month ago
This is exactly like the same episode when Coyote first filmed this Blanding's turtle video at the same marshy swamp where they are and also the clean up trash around the swampy environment so that the animals won't eat this rubbish that is bite sized.
Trash Panda46 3 month ago
“I found the former dinosaur turtle also known as beisifielihaiahxiah”
90ic3 3 month ago
Coyote: dude, we have nothing to upload right now what do we do Film crew: lets just reupload that rare turtle video from a few years ago Coyote: yeah good point it did pretty well
Reeve Thay 3 month ago
Great job on finding such a rare species of turtle...i love your videos and i always will, carry on with what you are doing and i will always support you..:)
Killinfooz 3 month ago
My buddy and I caught one of these once, brought it in for a class project, we didn’t know it was so rare until our professor had to call the DNR
TheWarrrenator 3 month ago
I swear I have seen turtles with yellow necks like that in West Virginia.
Shauna Scott 3 month ago
I ♥️ TURTLESSSS Warning: I'm not vsco
Zcre 3 month ago
FRF DC 3 month ago
Catch em all--- POKEMON!!!! (SQUIRTLE; SQUIRTLE)
Sean Tagaharris 3 month ago
Peter:catches rare animals While i cant catch a light of a refrigirator
Marley Kang 3 month ago
1:33 also when he had hair
Martin Tran 3 month ago
Kid: Look what I caught! Dad: DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS SONNY! Kid: A turtle?
JMPee 3 month ago
When I explored with my friends and brother we found a Gecko and a huge Wolf Spider we held them with gloves too
Abhirath Narasimhan 3 month ago
That turtle has human like eyeballs wow
Jeffrey Quach 3 month ago
Me: he’s not gunna catch that Me: oh, nvm😐
Not Pro at all 3 month ago
Be careful of corona virus buddy As u always touches animals Love ur vids ~supporter from malaysia
Singer Cat 3 month ago
Turtle: What are you doing in my place Brave:
TJM Playz 3 month ago
I am coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the erupt zone of a volcano Here we go...
Shiva Reddy UwU 3 month ago
*finds a worm* *INCREDIBLE!! *
Bhokta Rajaabalasubramani 3 month ago
Coyote: Runs through the mossy water and does not care at all. Me: There is gonna be a snake!There is gonna be a snake!There is gonna be a snake! Coyote: Relax! There are no dangerous snakes here Me: But, are there snakes? Coyote: Probably Me: *Runs Away* P.S. Love your channel
CSight 3 month ago
There’s no way that’s Ohio, Ohio’s weather would never be that good in February
hcdogs4ever 3 month ago
I live in southern ontario canada. I was lucky enoughto help a blandigs turtle cross the road. I had never seen one before that day so i took a picture of it :) pretty big too, about the size of a dinner plade.
Wedd 3 month ago
reupload:( still watched the whole thing tho!
Secret_ Le4der 3 month ago
2:27 does anybody else see the mosquito on his face
Charles Brock 3 month ago
Those are in south carolina I've caught one and seen a few.
CatKing5 3 month ago
You know it’s a good episode when he thinks something’s rare
Hotel:Trivago Lol 3 month ago
Who remembers the Tiabkcilc? That was funny
KimiGaming 3 month ago
I am always proud of myself for finding stuff like ladybugs, let alone a turtle, but a rare turtle? I'd never see that in person.
The Creatures Corner 3 month ago
I love channel but why r u guys reposting vids!, I remember this vid from a couple years ago. You are original! Why are you reposting?!?
ns herping 3 month ago
I've only caught 4 turtle species before
Noora Ahmed 3 month ago
I liked the part about cleaning the environment. It was like: Back to reality. When people are irresponsible, it is much easier to throw plastic trash anywhere instead of finding the nearest trash bin.
Jaybi2 3 month ago
i feel like you guy should clean up the environment every single time you catch an animal.
:.Ghostly Elphental.: 3 month ago
3:01 -> 3:24 Coyote: (sneaky cheetah)
Delexor 3 month ago
These types of vids are my favorite. Missed the old videos :(
ns herping 3 month ago
I also rescue lots of animals every year
NX-Inferno 3 month ago
6:10 me before a presentation
marlo van drunick 3 month ago
Turtle: hi mom I'm on a camera live show!
Unnecessary Twat 3 month ago
8:22 "You're giving away my camouflage bro"
wendilynne1210 3 month ago
Daniel Palmer 3 month ago
6:35 "very aerodynamic in the water" WHAT!? xD Haha, hope you mean hydrodynamic ;)
Jeffrey Quach 3 month ago
I love how you care so much that you get in some dirty water and clean it up
Anson Phillips 3 month ago
“Walks out of frame” annnnnd action wow look at this turtle
Jack 3 month ago
It's really cool to see rare turtles like this right in my backyard, I live right on the Erie shore in Ohio and it's amazing to see the diverse and interesting ecosystems that are around here! Erie is also one of the worst bodies of water for pollution and really needs cleaning, so good on you guys for cleaning what you can while visiting!
Eka Phantom 3 month ago
When an introvert met an extrovert lol
Jaydog1Party RE 3 month ago
@Brave Wilderness I’m Jaydog. Huge Fan! I’m looking forward to watching more Episodes of Dragon Tails with the Common Snapping Turtle & my Personal Favorite, the Alligator Snapping Turtle!
Matt English 3 month ago
Hi I'm coyote Peterson and I'm going to find a rare turtle in North Korea
TACTICAL JON 2 month ago
Ive been to lake earie around put in bay and to know that you have been there makes me so happy
Emma Lovegood 3 month ago
I’ve missed the turtle videos SO MUCH 😭🥺🖤
Joey Joe 3 month ago
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for spending time to clean up the environment. You deserve a Medal of Honor!
MagiMagica Xiang 3 month ago
Coyote: calls turtles dragons Me: CUTE
Bigfoot 2 With internet access 3 month ago
Someone really said eat the turtle Lmao
Arianna Smetzer 3 month ago
I read this from a book "we find a place full of life and we just stomp it to death" I mean I understand it like look at the earth it is slowly dieing from plastics and stuff like that
Lapiscake12 3 month ago
15:23 waste of sum good candy tbh... also thank you for cleaning up
per min 3 month ago
11:08 That sound camera can hear woah! Guess it comes from local electrical grid or something?
KiNG jAWBo 3 month ago
"The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and every fish of the sea, into your hands they are delivered" - Genesis 9:2
B1Slee 3 month ago
He look like and this theme seems like a episode of Patty Mayo and they’re about to catch someone lol
Adi 555 3 month ago
That turtle is cute i wanna pet him
Julia_ Ace of Hearts 2 month ago
I used to have a turtle like this His name was chicken wing lmao
Alice L 3 month ago
Wow! Happy to see you visit Middle Bass. I live on South Bass! We appreciate you cleaning up the swamp and creating awareness. We love our Lake Erie Islands.
Big Hoss 3 month ago
I’ve seen this before come on man make new content
Breeen Bean 3 month ago
I’ve actually found one of these I inspected it and just let it go on his way. It was an awesome experience
Toni Van Boening 3 month ago
6:08 he looks so confused and astonished.
MmeganN E. 3 month ago
Who remembers when they click baited us? I remember it loud and clear!
Laura Gallegos 3 month ago
Me and my 7 year old boy are proud of this men right here... Thankyou Guys for making the world proud of having you! ♥️
Avi khatiwada 3 month ago
Really I'm
Yoshi _ 3 month ago
Hey Coyote! Ive been with y'all for about 4 years now and its starting to feel like y'all go get these rare animals from like a zoo, put them in a random spot on the ground and say "Look at what we found! Isnt it a beauty!" 😂. How much time do y'all spend searching for these exotic creatures?
Mr. Poem 3 month ago
Just looking for backwards title 😂
Gaming With Shashwot 3 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: yes,got it Me:*HUNNNNGGGHHHHH *yeah*
Julie Xingrun 3 month ago
oh I've watched this before
Brandon Higham 3 month ago
I've caught some of those in north eastern ontario. They are cool and yes endangered up here. I have pics of a large o e that was sitting outside on the cement laneway of my shop
Avengers Jw Bw Minecraft roblox 3 month ago
OMG! I have caught one before! They are so cool! It’s been a long time since the last Dragon Tails so I’m really excited
A very sad pencil 3 month ago
Goodness, y’all have no idea how excited I got when I saw this man on a NatGeo Wild commercial the other day 😂
Kevin 3 month ago
I love how you can tell this was filmed like 8 months ago just by the season.... Right now none of those trees have any leaves on them and there might be snow on the ground 😂😂😂
Sara Baker 3 month ago
I found a Blandings turtle in my yard a few years ago! I looked him up and was shocked how rare they are. I live pretty rural but it was still surprising to find one around here. (I live in Eastern Ontario.)
Elsa and Lily 3 month ago
EARLYYYY!!! I luv ur videos please carry on doing what u do
Cryosteel Gaming 3 month ago
Who remembers the elusive “tiabkcilc” !! 😂😂
Carla Clark 3 month ago
Coyote you should make a video that's like two hours long of you picking up trash That will motivate me to do the same
Steffen M. 3 month ago
I’ve caught one of these before, and I originally thought it was a spotted turtle. They are even more rare than the blandings.
TheGame Mudhasar 3 month ago
This is a re-upload SMH
Randall Hips 3 month ago
When I lived in Illinois years ago in the 60s we would see Blandings turtles in both Illinois and in Wisconsin where we went fishing. They were protected even then in both states as I recall. Im surprised that after all these years,turtle herpers and the Fish and Game commissions havent bred these turtles and returned many back into the marshes and bogs,similar to whats happening in Alabama,Florida,and Georgia with the Indigo snake.
B. Berya 3 month ago
This is a great channel ever. Very interesting 👌🏾👌🏾
Cxdered GamingYT 3 month ago
CoyoTe: there endangered Plastic straws: am i a joke to you
Ayumu 3 month ago
Omg I love turtles :D
Ethan The Mighty Taylor 3 month ago
Hey Coyote, i work in the summer at a place called Loess Bluff National Wildlife Refuge, we have blandings turtles and massassauga rattlesnakes along with snapping turtles. maybe you should make a trip out this summer!
Saraa Sakuraa 3 month ago
Yess finally a new video has upload!, ive been so boring lately, Thank you for posting!