The Best Couples in History — Valentine's Day Special

347K views • 3 month ago
Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate the history of Love with a rundown of these outstanding couples — for better and for worse.

Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.

This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi, AKA "Indigo".




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Illegal Meme Dealer 3 month ago
Patroclus and Achilles: exist Historians: 🎵two bros, chilling in the Trojan war, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay🎵
Creed Bratton 3 month ago
Troy: * Achilles and Patroclus are cast as cousins despite not being cousins and being in love in the original work * Sailor Moon: * Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are cast as cousins in the dub despite not being cousins and being in love in the original work * Me: “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together now”
Keep Perspective 3 month ago
Justinian: “So there’s this city destroying riot and I’m just going to nip out…“ Theodora: “Get your ass back here and be the emperor I married!“ Historically supportive romance.
MissMix 3 month ago
"he and patroclus sulk and also *bang* _maybe"_ _they totally did maybe._
Davey Mikystache 3 month ago
*Valentine's Day:* _(comes in)_ *Aphrodite:* It's my time to shine. _(proceeds to ruin everyone's romantic lives)_
Sebastian Yarrick 3 month ago
"I am dismayed that I will never see a real life Bear-iot race" Not with that attitude you won't
Bacon 3 month ago
The only reason that Achilles got caught dressed as a princess is that his friend ratted him out. Think about that for a moment.
Panic Panda 9994 3 month ago
Two people in history: *are in a gay relationship* Historians: I'm just gonna pretend that didn't happen
Willow Packer the Storyteller 3 month ago
"knife wound afficionato" is the best Julius Caesar nickname ever.
Mateo Gg 3 month ago
Yeah true love is great, but have you ever married into royalty and then overthrown your own husband to become the ruler? This post by the Catherine the Great gang.
Abel Duviant 3 month ago
"Conquistadorable, if slightly deplorable" You are a word wizard
MinerKyle 17 3 month ago
I will be getting loads of chocolate tommorow and reselling it at school, wish me luck in my capitalist exploits
James Sylvestre 3 month ago
Castille and Aragon: Isabella and Ferdinand are second cousins Habsburgs: Hold my chin
that’swhat_gsaid 3 month ago
Sailors Neptune and Uranus called. They would like to offer their condolences and solidarity to our Ancient Greek friends for also being subject to the Cousin Treatment.
WanderingRandomer 3 month ago
Best Couples in History: 1) Henry VIII and- ... oh 2)Henry VIII and- ... oh no 3)Henry VIII and- ...shit 4)Henr- y'know what, never mind...
Riley Fitzpatrick 3 month ago
"The size of the Habsburgs empire is inversely proportional to the size of their gene pool" is the MOST BRUTAL takedown I have ever heard
Sylarah15 3 month ago
"Never trust Victorian historians" Basically my religion when I did my BA in History. Wouldn't trust Tudor age chroniclers/historians either.
Yazan Baggins 3 month ago
*googles 'Secret History, Theodora, Geese'* Me: Carthage should've won the war
TheShadowChesireCat 3 month ago
Blue: "Google "secret history, Theodora, geese'". Me: *does so* "Why do you betray me Blue?! My eyeeeeesssss!"
Claire Johnson 3 month ago
My favorite story of Antony and Cleopatra is that she told him “I’ll give you the most expensive meal ever” and so she put an extremely rare and expensive pearl in her cup (probably full of a type of vinegar to cause it to dissolve) and then drank it in one in front of Mark Antony as a way to try and seduce him...and it worked!!
Dante Banducci 3 month ago
“Ancient Greece, the single gayest local in history!” *cough cough JAPAN cough cough*
colbcolb2321 3 month ago
Ferdinand and Isabella getting married. The Pope: Sweet Home Alabama
Cassandane Khayyam 3 month ago
Shah Jahan and his Persian wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World and it was built by the Turk emperor of India, Shah Jahan, with Persian architecture for his Persian Queen. Mumtaz Mahal was the "dearly loved" wife of Shah Jahan. The Taj Mahal is the symbol of love in the world.
Master Spoiler 3 month ago
Everyone else: "Awww, Achilles and Patroclus are so cute together!" Me: *"BEARIOT RACE!"*
Michelle Maier 3 month ago
J: You know what this needs? T: a giant hecking dome? J: *A GIANT HECKING DOME*
Akil W. 3 month ago
Blue: Theodora My brain, every single time: Dear Theodora, what to say to you?
Gustavo Peters 3 month ago
How is it that the Valentine's day special isn't about Blue's relationship with medieval Venice?
Salt Efan 3 month ago
"The size of which is inversely proportional to their gene pool." That absolutely cracked me up!
Stateira Ardashiri 3 month ago
Cyrus the Great of Persia (Iran) and his queen Cassandane. Cassandane was a Persian noblewoman and the "dearly loved" wife of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great wrote the first Human Rights Charter. United Nations uses the Cyrus Cylinder as a pillar of one the earliest declaration of human rights.
Nada Khalil 3 month ago
“The Habsburg family, whose subsequent empire is inversely proportional to the size of their gene pool” The Targaryens have entered the chat
Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez 3 month ago
backdoor diplomacy: That´s a porn parody waiting to happen.
Loukritia Black 3 month ago
"Conquistadorable if slightly deplorable." -Blue. Circa 2020 No, seriously, how do you come up with these?😂
Kathy 3 month ago
I- I've had one term of greek but... Did Theodora just say 'Same, sis' in that part with Cleopatra-- I- This channel doesn't fail to surprise me. Amazing.
Warrior of Virtue 3 month ago
"Nothing seems to happen for nine years and then everything happens all at once." Welcome to siege warfare. Weeks, months, and even years of mind numbing boredom broken by brief periods of the most brutal fighting imaginable.
MonkeyWhoWouldBeKing 3 month ago
"name a more iconic duo, I'l wai" RED AND BLUE (viva la osp)
C.C. Richardson 3 month ago
My friend: what's your favorite quote? Me: "oopsie doopsie man slaughter" don't ask...
Kata Cutie 3 month ago
Achilles disguised himself as a princess? He was THAT cute?
Zoe Grabowski 3 month ago
I LOVE SONG OF ACHILLES!!!! I read the last few chapters and was sobbing my eyes out and my history teacher was just like wtf?? And then he saw what I was reading and was like “Ah” and patted me on the shoulder
L.O. B. 3 month ago
The last words in the script that fell under the mercyless blade of time: "incest is indeed wincest. And always shout no chromo, then it will be ok"
castleofwarriors 3 month ago
I just really love the relationship between King David and Jonathan. David even claims at Jonathan's death that he loves him more than he ever loved any of his wives.
agustin venegas 3 month ago
8:09 as many a smart man has said in my native Chile to the oppressor, "tus papás son primos"
calocaerus 3 month ago
Best couple in history: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert First cousins? best cousins! Might be too modern for Blue's tastes
Nightfire-613 3 month ago
Next year, you should talk about the ACTUAL Saint Valentine, his story is dope as hell.
Vigilant Sycamore 3 month ago
1:17 reminds me of the litetary parallel that basically spawned the Silena/Clarisse ship in the Percy Jackson fandom
BackwardsHatToucan 3 month ago
"Are you Hernando Cortez? Because you're conquistadorable!"
ForTaxReasons 3 month ago
_"knife wound aficionado Julius Caesar"_
StealthMarmot 3 month ago
Achilles: "Bro, I got no ideas how to avoid people knowing who I am." Thor: "I got an idea, HEY LOKI! Tell this dude how we got Mjolnir back from frost giants!"
givowl 3 month ago
Putting Achilles and his bf at the starts was a strong and well appreciated beginning
Brittany Legg 3 month ago
“Conquistadorable, If Slightly Deplorable”... Thank you, OSP, for that linguist gold.
Agtra boy 3 month ago
"1469 nice" I am both dissapointed and delighted at my immaturity for laughing at that
QafianSage 3 month ago
Disclaimer on The Song of Achilles: The first two thirds are like wrapping your soul in cotton wool, and then the last third rips that cotton wool away and runs it over a goddamn cheese grater, in the best possible way. Read it, but... bring some tissues.
Flamarius 3 month ago
"Caesar's favourite general" *cries in labienus*
Kyle Hallman 3 month ago
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams: America's Greatest Bromance.
Luna Equinox 3 month ago
"I'm talking about his boyfriend Patroclus because of course I am" Same dude
Chad Peterson 3 month ago
"Conquistadorable, if slightly deplorable" -- Blue, 2020
Persepunny Of the Punderworld 3 month ago
Girls on Instagram with captions like "Cupid blessed us!" Meanwhile, Red: Ah, Cupid. We don't talk about him.
Cosmas Dexie 3 month ago
7:36 "You know it, sister" Thanks for that Blue :P
Lauren Hawes 3 month ago
I love how legitimately everyone doesnt care about getting valentines day chocolate but instead celebrates feb 15 of 1/2 price chocolate day
Carolina Hau 3 month ago
OMG I loveeeed The Song of Achilles, so nice to see such a masterpiece receive the appreciation it deserves :)
Virgo _Lettuce 3 month ago
*Me, seeing the thumbnail:* This better have Patrochilles... *Me, watching the first few minutes:* Aw hell yeaahhhhhhhh
anu 3 month ago
regular people: valentines day, the day of whimsical romance, the day of- blue: HISTORY. HISTORICAL COUPLES. THAT’S ALL.
Annika 3 month ago
My first thought as he started talking about Achilles and Patroclus was "I see someone's read TSOA"
fulano 3 month ago
Man... I tried to read the "Song of Achilles", I just can't, their relationship resembles of an relationship I had, the tears just fall over my face...
Javier Dominguez 3 month ago
As a Spanish that is studying history at uni I always find hilarious your conquistador jokes, it always put a smile on my face.
Pretentious Elizabeth 3 month ago
Wait, did Blue just portray the Illiad as a piece of genuine history? Is... is he a Hellenist?
Joe Tomlen’s Channel 3 month ago
5:55 CCP official: Oh you’ve done messed up now.
Christopher G 3 month ago
9:50 Marrying into the Habsburgs. For when you have no more familiy members left!
DAsrada 3 month ago
"Mr. Pope, can I marry my second cousin?" "Oh, sure! I would've said yes if you asked me if you could bang your daughter!"
Gabriel Aubry 3 month ago
Odysseus: "If I have to go, so do you!" Achilles: "Awww."
A.G. Spirit 3 month ago
When Historical Ships become a topic on Single Awareness Day.
Maurice Haflinger 3 month ago
"Whose subsequent empire is inversely proportional to the size of their gene pool" xD Hashtag: "Belli Alii gerant, tu, felix Austria, nubhe!"
Fandom Cake 3 month ago
The second I heard "Habsberg", I felt my dinner tumble. Every other European royal disaster since has been linked to their...inter-family unions. *SHUDDERS*
RedTehFreak 3 month ago
Blue "Ah, I've avoided demonization by not mentioning graphic stuff." YouTube "He said the word gay, no rent money for you blue."
An Alcoholic Hedgehog 3 month ago
Cute warriors that could pass for princesses Ancient Greece created the waifu
Franchesca Mia 3 month ago
"Go read the song of Achilles" *sad sobbing noises*
Dapper Woof 3 month ago
This... made my entire day. I thank you. Especially loved giving Theodora credit where it was due, that story is a hell of a tale.
OcarinaSapph1r3 -24 3 month ago
Fun-fact; they first met when Cleopatra was a teenager... he was part of the force that helped her father reclaim his throne.
Monica Peng 3 month ago
My theatre kid brain immediately thought of Catherine of Aragon when you mentioned Ferdinand and Isabella.
Parsmadon 3 month ago
Blue's incredulous laughter over the Parthenon being on some ancient toddler's gift registry gives me life
lauren santiago 3 month ago
“Who’s subsequent empire is inversely proportional to the size of their gene pool” Bahahahahahaha
Maddie 3 month ago
"knife wound aficionado" is the perfect title for Caesar, and it had me dying of laughter. gotta love this writing.
T Wynn 3 month ago
I've learnt so much from just the first couple. This changes everything! Everything I've learnt and believed is a lie.
S. G. 3 month ago
" The Habsburgs, whose subsequent empire was inversely proportional to the size of their gene pool" is genuinely a work of genius
Graham Baxter 3 month ago
5:53 The real question is: were the bears _pulling_ the chariot, or _riding_ the chariot? Or the greatest feat of all, _driving_ the chariot!
Will Johnson 3 month ago
Grace O'Malley, pirate queen of Ireland, would also be a great story to tell, both for romance and just because she's awesome
Mellie Black 3 month ago
"The Song of Achilles" by Madeline Miller really is an amazing book, and you all should go read it!
Dave Lyon 3 month ago
8:12 -- oh come on, second cousin marriage at that time was fairly common.
Soko the bi 3 month ago
Valentines day: **exists** Aphrodite: rISe AnD SHiNe
Ken Cast 3 month ago
Blue: “I’m fourteen 69, nice...” me: “haha nice”
ChildOfThe Ivy 3 month ago
"A Roman province is no replacement for affection." Dang, and I had a spare one lying around xD
Nathaniel Jamison 3 month ago
I laughed really hard at the Rodrigo "daughter banger" borgia, excellent delivery
DarkestElemental616 3 month ago
Me: "Gosh I hope Justinian and Theodora are on here." 5:20 "YE-HE-HEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS"
Sean Murphy 3 month ago
Me: Aw, it's going to be a sweet video about historical romance... The video: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!
YossarianVanDriver 3 month ago
"Oh this video seems fun...well, I'm sure it won't come up here but my favourite example would sure be Achilles and PatroHEEEEEY
Juxtaposition 3 month ago
Blue: **laughs at history jokes** Me: **pretending to understand what's funny although he can't see me**
Thomas Dalton 3 month ago
"If you're jonesing for a thrill, go ahead and lookup Secret History, Theodora, Geese." *pause video* Hol' up.
AquamarineDust 3 month ago
@8:13 oh I remember learning about Isabella and Ferdinand in middle school- "... engaged to her second cousin..." I did not learn that in middle school
Cinnamon 3 month ago
is Red ok? it feels like it's been a while since she uploaded a misc myth
Moon Wife 3 month ago
“And instead got herself engaged to her second cousin” **HHUUUUUUAGGGGH** I felt that
A Level 100 Riften Thief 3 month ago
2:44 Cleopatra: *Looks around idly* Random servant: "SNOFF"