Nina Turner Rips Moderate Call For Practicality: America Deserves Better | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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Nina Turner, national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign, responds to Mayor Pete Buttigeig's attacks on the Sanders campaign, and James Carville' recent comments on the state of the Democratic party. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Nina Turner Rips Moderate Call For Practicality: America Deserves Better | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
marcus abel 1 month ago
Yes Nina, yes Bernie, yes 99% !
Emsley Wyatt 1 month ago
I remember a button fro my youth: "Be realistic. Demand the impossible".
drepachi77 1 month ago
Steff know who she's talking too? NINA TURNER
Eren Kece 1 month ago
Absolute fire, absolute truth.
Robert Presley 1 month ago
I'm so sick of these status quo MF. Bernie is the only choice!
la mulata linda Martinez 1 month ago
I love her, and I love Bernie. They are both real. No spin, Bernie 2020 all the way 💯
Daniel Duvalle 1 month ago
“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ―Elie Wiesel "We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist." ―James Baldwin “Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.” ―C.S. Lewis "Above all, we should bear in mind that our liberty is not an end in itself; it is a means to win respect for human dignity for all classes of our society." ―Admiral H.G. Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy
Yacob the Hebrew 1 month ago
Ouch, they better leave Auntie Nina alone. #SheReady
Johnnysabboy 1 month ago
“Every generation we got the nay sayers baby”
SilentJ 1 month ago
It seems like the Moderates are essentially saying that we shouldn't pursue issues that affect poor people & minorities because the Moderates do not believe that their plights are important enough to pay attention to.
Ditto Gaming 1 month ago
Nina!! You go girl! Speak that progressive knowledge.
Médiatique Video 1 month ago
GenX woman for SANDERS 2020!!!
Rhonda Cox 1 month ago
Speak Nina! I'm tired of the safe stay in your place people. Don't buck the system what's getting us. No where! Let's go Ham!!! Preach girl! Preach!
The Great Drake 1 month ago
"In order to get to a revolution, you've got to take [small] steps." That's literally the opposite of a revolution
Lorei Lazuli 1 month ago
Bernie is closer to the FDR Democratic party than Republican lite Clinton and Carvelle ever were.
Rachel Hanson 1 month ago
Nina Turner is such an eloquent speaker and would be an ***amazing*** Vice President! Bernie & Nina 2020
justsaying 1 month ago
How long do you think that should take Stephanie? Year after year of the same old thing and nothing done.
Laurence White 1 month ago
Why don't you tell someone - who just got the news that their insurance company won't pay for their treatment - that you're not into the whole revolution thing.
BeachBum 1 month ago
Shocked MSNBC let her speak and posted it. Go Nina!!
mr_tulip 1 month ago
Yes. Yes. *YES.* With her and Bernie Sanders *every step of the way.* Bernie For President. The elites are afraid. Bring it on.
Amanda Alcox 1 month ago
Bernie 2020 !
Seraph Johanson 1 month ago
AMEN! Amen, Nina Turner!
Andrew 1 month ago
LOL, media always promoting the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.
TheCultLeader In Chief 1 month ago
Be careful with black women, they are going to come out swinging for Bernie.
Daryl Palmer 1 month ago
I love Nina! Stays with receipts
Remedi 1 month ago
Title of this video should be “Nina Turner doesn’t take any of MSNBC’s crap”
PJH199 1 1 month ago
"We gonna go ham on this system!" Bernie 2020
Louisw4 1 month ago
WOW!!! Nina Simone's convictions and Tina Turner's energy. The Bern is gonna getcha. BOOM!!!!
Thats not funny 1 month ago
The American people need to be allowed to vote for who they want to! Shame on the media!
ElPocho DelMundo 1 month ago
1:14 Nina Turner is absolutely in so many ways the greatest advocate for Bernie that ANY candidate could have. Sanders-Turner in 2020.
Madeline Beauchamps 1 month ago
Go Nina Turner!!! Bernie 2020!!!
Elianis Gautier Peraza 1 month ago
Amen sister! Love this woman.
Alex Fitzgerald 1 month ago
Wow; Nina just handed Bernie the Presidency!
simon says 1 month ago
Nina we Iove you!!!!!! Bernie 2020!
Tessmage Tessera 1 month ago
*What I find amusing is this: the more the cable media and the internet trolls attack Bernie, the more popular Bernie becomes.* In just the past few days, Bernie's poll numbers have jumped up by 4 points. So thanks for the help, MSNBC... we couldn't have done it without ya. And please tell crazy Chris Matthews that we have no plans to behead him in Central Park. *BERNIE 2020*
Bee Ready 1 month ago
Saving ppl from dying due to lack of medical care and bailing them out of life stalling college loans should be compulsory NOT revolutionary
States Man 1 month ago
Nina Turner for VP!!!
mmafighting 1 month ago
We gonna win this baby! Keep donating, keep canvassing, keep voting. We will win!
Miguel Rojas 1 month ago
Haha you go girl we need more people like Nina she fights for us Stephanie you has no comeback against NINA I love it!
Tiger Tiger 1 month ago
I’m with her👍 stop being such a mean culture
wolfman02 1 month ago
Where I come from, *doing the same thing over and over again* , year after year, decade after decade, *is not taking "steps"* ; it's spinning your wheels. I think we've taken "steps" (in the same spot) for long enough, thank you. Actually starting to do something different, guided by the real needs of Americans -- THAT'S taking steps.
Open Mind 1 month ago
Its realistic to Demand what every other Fast world country has
apple-sauce 1 month ago
She berned her🔥🔥🔥
Dereka Fowler 1 month ago
Love Nina
AmorY Luz 1 month ago
Tell me’ Nina! #Bernie2020!
Trancendental 1 month ago
She's on fire 🔥🔥🔥 👏
Insomnatech 1 month ago
Love it! #Bernie2020
dxxdaam Gaming 1 month ago
Love her! Only way we don't win is by theft from either party. Bernie is the way!
Karen Taylor 1 month ago
I love her. Can she be president?
April Dawn Harter, LCSW 1 month ago
The fact that the elite are shaking in their boots speaks volumes.
Jennifer King 1 month ago
I love you Nina! Sanders/Turner 2020! Nina said HAM hahahaha. I love it.
Setche Kwamu-Nana 1 month ago
Yes, we will!
Cherryblossom 1 month ago
Love Nina♥️♥️♥️
Jeanne C 1 month ago
Love Nina and Bernie 2020
Craig Timmons 1 month ago
❤️ it. MSNBC getting exposed for what it is, faux progressive.
Sam Vazirnia 1 month ago
Once in a life time chance America Bernie 2020
Richard Mauro Ricchiuti 1 month ago
Thank you Nina. You're wonderful!
mitch hannula 1 month ago
Nina is great, love seeing someone push back.
D M 1 month ago
This is a mic drop and boom goes the dynamite moment if I've ever see one! GO NINA!!! #Bernie2020
regulator619 1 month ago
That Mainstream MSNBC anti-American people bias doesnt work on Nina Turner. She will lay it down baby!!!! BERNIE2020
Imasillylady 1 month ago
This lady right here 👏🏻 #bernie2020
Zedonk Califas 1 month ago
Carville is Irrelevant!!! That Reptile needs to Crawl back in his Swamp.
Kellyn Gross 1 month ago
Yes Nina, we're gonna go ham on this system that oppresses us! And we're gonna win this Steph:)
#ADOSMusicHallOfFame 1 month ago
Stephanie always carries water for the status quo.
eric afriyie 1 month ago
Bernie now! Bernie tomorrow! Bernie forever!
Jackson 1060 1 month ago
Jesus.... I love Nina Turner. I want her for Vice President when Bernie Sanders takes office in 2020!!!
Deborah jjo 1 month ago
Nina never fails me!
Cherie Cullum 1 month ago
Well said, Nina!
Allan Davies 1 month ago
Well said Nina Turner !
Syed 1 month ago
Wow I'm surprised by the video title 😂
mm027 1 month ago
Arie Fales 1 month ago
Nina Turner preaching truth to power. Awesome
Truth Matters 1 month ago
Stephanie sounds like she's been smoking them Camel's since childhood.
Alv Vatzdal 1 month ago
That's the right music, playing that tune may just win.
Allen Rubinstein 1 month ago
We don't have time to take "steps." If we get someone moderate in the White House next, we STILL need to put pressure on the moderate to be more "radical." Right now we're not in the general election. We're in the primary. Now is the time to fight for what is right.
Clayton Porter 1 month ago
This lady for President!!! Wow!!!
Affordable Solarguy 1 month ago
Sanders/Turner 2020, you tell em girl! You speak truth like my man Bernie!
Kurt Smith 1 month ago
Auntie Nina is pure 🔥 I was waiting for Stephanie to ask Nina, “How are we going to pay for it?” Nina would say, “Trump is about to drop 750 Billion dollars in the lap of the military complex! How we paying for that?”
Ryan Smith 1 month ago
Someone get this white lady some ice!
Raul Dacosta 1 month ago
We been practical for Years please tell me how has that worked for the Avg Americans?? Main Stream Media is worse then the Monster in the White House right now.
Marlene Fradis 1 month ago
The moderate democrats have to stop being intimidated and frightened by the nay sayers. It's high time to fight for our rights.
P F 1 month ago
FACTS over FICTION 1 month ago
"When they go low....KICK THEM IN THE FACE"...Progressive. ...thats my feelings. .no more hugs
autumn rain 1 month ago more tax cuts for the rich!.. "hello somebody" ✊😁🔥💯
dnate697 1 month ago
Gosh, I love Nina!
Frank Maitland 1 month ago
Nina speaks out hard.
Josh 1 month ago
She's got too much sense for most democrats lol
th4tguy MTB 1 month ago
Get em!
erodf123 1 month ago
Say it Nina!!! #Bernie2020 ❤️
olllloollllo 1 month ago
Clinton and Carvelle represent the old/current political system that continues to oppress us. NO corrupt system wants to be unveiled or changed without a struggle.
Floyd Schneider 1 month ago
Sanders has the Antifa vote locked up
Nhlanhla Mngadi 1 month ago
...|\ amazing & frightening to see how plain as day there's a concerted effort by the establishment to shutdown Sen. Sanders, throughout all mainstream media ......
Amber Zec 1 month ago
"Justice for those who can afford it"is the name of the game today. It is suppose to be justice for all! Wtf happened to this country?
Hannah Zollinger 1 month ago
Nina Turner is absolutely amazing!!! Hello somebody!!!!!
Anita Hall 1 month ago
Well done! Dayum! 😁
Jafninetyfour 1 month ago
Penny Reis 1 month ago
You go girl! Warren/ Sanders
FTW ALL DAY 1 month ago
Nina packs a flamethrower🔥 🕊BERNARD/NINA2020🕊
Canadian Progressive 1 month ago
47 Bloomberg staffers disliked this video
Scarlett UwU 1 month ago