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"If there was a face of hangry, it would be me," Kylie Jenner, the 22-year-old beauty mogul, says in our latest episode of Food Diaries. "And, Stormi has it, too. Because when that little girl's a little hungry, she turns into a different baby. So, if you wonder where she gets it from, it's me for sure." Here, our March 2020 cover star walks us through everything she eats over the course of one day.

Read the full interview with Kylie: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/a30680231/kylie-jenner-interview-2020/

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Everything Kylie Jenner Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR

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NiloferAmini 4 month ago
By tomorrow all of youtube "Eating like Kylie Jenner for 24 hours".. Edit: hahahh SHEESH thanks for the likes😂
Bebe Em 4 month ago
She looks like she found her purpose and got everything figured out in her whole life which is true to some extent but kinda scary how early it is for her but I guess everyone's different and I'm jealous
BlackpinkBlink 4 month ago
By tomorrow all of YouTube “People Are Disgusted By Kylie Jenners Diet And It Sparks Controversy”
Lola Star 4 month ago
i really like her. i think she’s found herself and also she doesn’t say “like” a lot unlike most people.
Dee Reed 4 month ago
I’m not even gonna lie I lost it when she said her daughter woke up and said “ bagellll” 😂😂😂😂
ellsbells 4 month ago
Is it just me or does she prolong the pronunciation of the last word of her sentences every time she speaks?
DJ_Goldy 4 month ago
She is the only Kardashian/Jenner that I “get.” So relatable, honest, mature af, beautiful inside and out, kind. She is a girls girl if that makes sense
Idaa Popcorn 4 month ago
„we are a peanut-free-household“ remember when travis talked about kylies bomb peanutbutter and jelly toasts - That’s why they broke up
Elaina Xiong 4 month ago
no one: not a single soul: Kylie Jenner: TacoooOOOOOs...
Kurt Kohlmyer 4 month ago
“I never find myself in a gym” girl same
bluethenewb 4 month ago
she’s really found her style: very mature, calm, and professional.
kal Lyla 4 month ago
Other billionares: *sips wine Kylie: *sips bone broth
Xicalli Garcia 4 month ago
She is so from LA literally every person diet that is an LA native eats vegetables, sushi and mexica food.
Beckiedits 4 month ago
no one: kylie: "I drink two jars of bone broth everyday"...
Diksha Sharma 4 month ago
I couldnot get why some people unnecessarily hate her. She is such a lovely soul even after being the youngest billionaire
vivargy 4 month ago
some tacooooooohs or burittooooooohs
Molly Mayes 4 month ago
“My only choice is this apple” idk why but that made me laugh
Hello World 4 month ago
She seems to have changed ethnicity after all the surgery....Indian even
Random J 4 month ago
Fun fact: they didn’t have to touch her up, they just wanted to touch Kylie Jenner😹
Beckiedits 4 month ago
the amount of times kylie get's touched up for doing a sit down talk i-
Brendan Iffland 4 month ago
who else agrees that kylie would be good at ASMR???
Laura Brummer 4 month ago
The thing I love about Kylie is that even in her extreme fame she is still relatable. I love lemon chicken with vegetables, Pinot Grigio or a good ole beer, and In N Out. Love her.
Beckiedits 4 month ago
no one: kylie: "bOnE bRoTh"
Mingming Oyelude 4 month ago
Kylie: *minding her own business and getting her coins* Annoying ugly h*es with nothing better to do in life: trying to find any fault with what she’s saying
Mystic Angel 4 month ago
*That apple slices by the bed thing to avoid late night cravings is actually genius, imma try it with cake tho*
GONATION 4 month ago
you know you’re early when there’s no unnecessary hate
Joanne Rey 4 month ago
Why her face expressions looks like Drew Barrymore’s ?
Layan Yassine 4 month ago
Omg I didn’t know stormi was allergic to nuts. Awh that’s sad bc Travis looooved kylies pbj sandwiches and stormi can’t have them😢
ris 4 month ago
She’s a billionaire and she makes her own celery juice.... idk ab that lol
Kendall Malik 4 month ago
Kylie Jenner: I like Sashimi, albacore, spicy tuna rice cakes Me: I like california and dynamite maki rolls
Kaya Szlachetka 4 month ago
the amount of times i've googled this with no luck and now it's finally a full video straight from the source herself
whatever 4 month ago
No one: Kylie: steak burritOoOohohoOo
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge 4 month ago
Honestly she's pretty relatable in terms of her diet and exercise. Like she doesn't seem like she's restricting her anything
Japan 8794 4 month ago
She’s just gonna get it sucked out with a hose anyway so....wtf do I care
rachillntx 4 month ago
Kylie: "I will juice it fresh" Reality: aka *my maid* will juice it fresh.
cantchoosename 4 month ago
it's adorable how she can't stop talking about her daughter
Seray Öztürk 4 month ago
I'm sure that she google exercises instead of having an overpriced personal trainer(!)
Just Julia 4 month ago
It’s kinda weriding me out that not just most but everything there is my favourite. Wow ok LOL
Mimi sss 4 month ago
at least someone who is honest about what he eats in a day
140donizetti 4 month ago
anyone else hear how she drags the end of her words when she lists things lmao <3
Anna Farias 4 month ago
She got Travis way of blink after saying something “smart”
April Danielle 4 month ago
And still she looks about 38 here slow down girl
Luis Lozano 4 month ago
Why does she extend the end of her sentence like "wheat breaddddd" or "tacooooss"
Jellz 4 month ago
her protein intake doesn't match her body.
Family Broich 4 month ago
I like that she says “I’ll juice it”. When we know she means her assistant juices the celery 😂
ashley 4 month ago
no one: Kylie jenner: lemon chicken
seloveheart 4 month ago
Her "cheap food" is my "eating out"..
The Skin Geek 4 month ago
Wait, she cooks herself? 🤯 I thought she'd have an army of people to do things for her - she is a billionaire after all !
Shefali Rai 4 month ago
" I love pomegranate seeds." Ah, finally something i can afford.
The Cohen Twins 4 month ago
Honestly she's pretty relatable in terms of her diet and exercise. Like she doesn't seem like she's restricting her anything
naz salabarria 4 month ago
I remember when she was another person .i guess she was hungry and her faced changed
Charizard Rules 4 month ago
I like that she's honest on the other hand, I can't believe I wasted 5 minutes watching what Kylie Jenner eats in a day.
N Niara 4 month ago
anyone else hear how she drags the end of her words
joolenka 4 month ago
She's so dang boring. Also, why do publications still do these idiotic "what celebrities eat" videos. Who gives an eff?
alice alice 4 month ago
Her advice with the apple is truly intelligent.
Peppie Tree 4 month ago
“Is ThAt A ChIcKeN”
Ambzer Ambzer 4 month ago
The way she says "I'm either cooking for myself or stormi" she's thinking "my chef is cooking"
RBL 4 month ago
The way she said “In-n-out” damn Kylie!
Perla Valentin 4 month ago
Nobody: Kylie: SOOO
Sana Ali Khan vlogs 4 month ago
So she basically eats food 😆
Bob Bob 4 month ago
Hi, I'm Kylie Jenner and you're gonna be hearing a lot of vocal fry for the next 5 and a half minutes.
Aditi Shah 4 month ago
She looks like young Kris Jenner....with that maturity.
naina james 4 month ago
Why does she sing while talking? She's damn cute though
Charming nowhere to hide 4 month ago
I’ll eat this and if I don’t have Kylie Jenner’s body by two weeks I’ll go back to eating like a pig
2 Am 4 month ago
Why’d she mention Oat Milk, it’s all going to be sold out now 😭😭 and we just recovered from the last drought
Ted Bailey 4 month ago
Kale salad and jalapeños and croutons is weird. She’s a monster!
Aryana Desai 4 month ago
No one: Kylie: they have like a really bomb tuna saMwich 2:10
mae m 4 month ago
People find the smallest things to unnecessarily bash her for.
Holly Lou 4 month ago
She literally looks 30 years old
JustPrincess 4 month ago
Kylie seems like a nice, chill person. However... she seems (physically) much older than her years. Like at least early to mid 30s.
Kordelia Von Hauffman 4 month ago
No one Not a single soul Kylie: Burritooooooooo, Chickeeeeennnnn, Letttuuuuuuuce, TacoooOOoooos
Runitup Monte 4 month ago
Why does her face look natural until she starts talking?
S Kriticos 4 month ago
“Dreaming about bagels” - I feel you, Stormi
Rock Styler 4 month ago
Why does she look so old? Must be all the plastic surgery.
Amukta _14 4 month ago
nobody: kylie: shu-shee (sushi) [ it's kinda cute tho ]
I Marie 4 month ago
Her s’s are kind of annoying lol is it just me ? 🥴
Nyla Malik 4 month ago
Kylie at 22: eating all healthy food Everyone else: Ramon every day
bofooit gojo 4 month ago
I’m not even gonna lie I lost it when she said her daughter woke up and said “ bagellll” 😂😂😂😂
Rashida Keen 4 month ago
I just remembered why I don’t watch them they talk to slow and drag everything out 😂😭
ScarlettP 4 month ago
It's kinda weird seeing Kylie talk about food instead of makeup 😂
Lei* Loa 4 month ago
“My jam, that’s bomb, swerv” tf decade she from lol I love miso and I like those seeds too but frozen !
Pink Bettas 4 month ago
Can't believe she didn't mention her famous grilled cheese sandwich
Res Croft 4 month ago
Kylie: Eats food Me: Doesn’t eat because I’m too poor
MunchMedia 4 month ago
Kylie gotta stay away from the surgery room looks like it’s catching up to her
Elee zz 4 month ago
She srsly needs to do asmr at this point. Her voice is perfect for it ahh
braden 4 month ago
oh look it’s content that literally no one asked for but here we are, watching what a billionaire eats everyday
Chewy 4 month ago
I can't imagine drinking celery juice every morning
Felisha Marie 4 month ago
I would literally die of hunger.
Super Simple Saver 4 month ago
Y’all commenting about how she talks, my guess is because she comes from a family full of women. I’m the same, and all the gals in my fam talk the same. We have to. It lets everyone know we’re not done talking, but we need the time to think of what we’re gonna say next!🤣❤️
wigconic 4 month ago
me: ***sees what kylie jenner eats** also me: **cries in broke**
philo ignatius 4 month ago
Does she copy kim's thing? Her talk and everything...she sounds like kim...
Lissa M 4 month ago
My diet: eats chocolate cereal. has more chocolate for lunch. Then has pizza for dinner, then cries when gains weight. Kylie jenner: "I drink bone broth"
Blue Tea 4 month ago
I’m happy that she’s actually being honest about what she eats.
Lemonhope 4 month ago
Its crazy how she is a billionare nd doesnt have a cook or maid. God bless her hahaha
rebeca batista 4 month ago
I'm so glad to hear that we love the same things: coffee, peach tea, tacos, sushi, white wine, and Corona light! Now I just need to become a billionaire LOL
Eulalio Guerra Garza 4 month ago
Why all make-up girls and “beauty gurus” always try to look cool saying the huge lie that “I am the biggest eater, I am always eating, I love eating tacos every day”? Yeah right 😤
Adila 4 month ago
I'm looking and I'm looking, but I just can't find her forehead.
Anger1337 4 month ago
4:28: Talking about how she wouldnt eat anything that has legs or is alive *shifts to talking about corona* i see what you did there, editor
Saturnreturn123 4 month ago
She has soo much of her sister’s mannerisms and voice tone. It’s crazy! I see Khloe and Kim’s mannerisms.
Nicole Lori 4 month ago
Dreaming about bagels lmao that’s my kids too