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K CAMP’s track, “Lottery,” is a bonafide smash thanks to a dance popularized on TikTok called “Renegade.” It was created by 14-year-old dancer Jalaiah Harmon, who only received credit after pieces in Vox and The New York Times highlighted her work.

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Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer
Hillary Crosley Coker, Senior Producer

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E 3 month ago
Why is it titled as “dance beef” when the girl just wanted some credit for the dance she created and didn’t get any profit from until now? edit - btw I knew it was for clickbait, I was just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️
Zion Lawrence 3 month ago
She deserves to get credited for creating the dance after months of not being credited sorry not sorry🤷🏾‍♀️
Imzo 3 month ago
I hope that girl gets more attention cause she invented
Hercurlzrbadd 3 month ago
SHE IS OUT DANCING EVERYONE THAT TRIES! She is amazing! I hope she gets all the endorsements!
Bruh Moment 3 month ago
The last time I was this early , corona was still a beer...
hxney bee 3 month ago
Finally she got what she deserved Charli out here getting on my nerves
20 Dollar Gold Piece 3 month ago
I'm getting too old for these dance moves The last dance move I learnt was the millie rock
Tre Narcisse 3 month ago
They be putting the lyrics like it's hard to follow 😂
Storky 3 month ago
When ur so early that there are 60 likes but 4 views
Flyco 3 month ago
Here’s a question... *why is there even such a thing as Tik Tok stars???*
Yxng Noah 3 month ago
I know that a lot of people like TikTok dances and songs but TikTok kind of ruins the hype of the song for us rap fans. We still respect you guys for liking the music and having fun but still!
Clarice 3 month ago
No beef. Just reparations. Congratulations Jalaiah, you deserved this babygirl.
Samuel G 3 month ago
Unpopular idea: Tik tok makes great songs and dances well known😐
joanna 3 month ago
The tik tok kids changed the some dance moves and i remember when like month ago 2 girls made a video of a "og" renegade which looked nothing like jailiah's dance,and took the credit for it(that video has over 500k likes)
Tyler J. Castle 3 month ago
Giannis isn’t the background at the end getting hype 🤣
Esco beats 3 month ago
Dance beef... Really.. This is what we do in 2020?
KrystalKreeper56 3 month ago
Fr all of the females in my class are doing this dance no cap lmao
PharaTrill 3 month ago
I remember when this song came out before it had renegade tagged in the title
Roman Hazell 3 month ago
Jalaiah goes to my school lol when she first told me she made it I started telling everybody like a month ago but looks like she didn’t need it lol
GVC Pipe 3 month ago
I never believed charli invented the renegade dance I knew she had to have stolen it from a smaller creator and I’m not surprised it was taken from a black girl
Svpreme Xay 3 month ago
my girl getting ha credits ♥️🔥
Jacob2x 3 month ago
y’all see giannis in the back at the end 1:39
Blue Ryai 3 month ago
Like if ain’t even kno this was k camps song
Bless Gillette 3 month ago
Imitation is flattery but stealing is unacceptable
Micheal James 3 month ago
This song is every where
Ex 3 month ago
And Reazy Renegade still not getting credit for the reason this song is called the Renegade
King Kunta 3 month ago
Every Footlocker employee: ಠ_ಠ
choya gillis 3 month ago
Hey I love this song I have tiktok and I know the dance
CLOTIC_KAM 3 month ago
RIP pop smoke
27ip Vito 3 month ago
I’m glad Kamp back some many people counted him out
shelbyshells 3 month ago
There’s no beef 😭😭
Шустрый Родригез 3 month ago
1990s - beef on the streets 2018 - beef on twitter 2019 - beef on instagram 2020 - beef on TikTok
HOLASHEEPLE 3 month ago
My uber driver was bumpin this I had to ask wat song is tht catchy af
Kurtis Wagner 3 month ago
It sounds like a dying parrot! 😂😂😂 everyone is singing it in school...
FrenzyBoi 3 month ago
Remember the times back when dancing included legs?
Tajay Alston 3 month ago
But that’s now how everybody body doing it when they get to the ha ha part it’s different😭 I’m confused
Deisel 1 Time 3 month ago
If you have a talent of any kind you need to be on tiktok fr
Its Lyriccc 3 month ago
She does deserve credit 💯 she created it 🤷🏽‍♀️ y’all out here giving Charlie dalemo or wat Eva all the credits
Infamous Child 3 month ago
I got click baited on this one 😂
SweetButter GemiNine 3 month ago
1:14 breeeeeh I'm laaaaate 😩 is that Bailey !‼️! ⁉️ !‼️!
Joumby 3 month ago
K camp - Comfortable Will forever be a vibe🧡🔥
ScrubTheNub 3 month ago
Record Labels are gonna start using TikTok to boost their streams.
Lil Tru 3 month ago
Bro i jus want da deconstructed of da beat
Blue Ryai 3 month ago
*GO, GO , GO*
Scarlet Beautiful 3 month ago
How 3 people gonna be first
Lily Williams 3 month ago
What beef though???
SSJ- ROSE 3 month ago
Gabrielle union always want some attention
Truly Tamir 3 month ago
it wasn’t even beef
Mark Mallard 3 month ago
That’s my friend I just saw
Kyrelian 3 month ago
All I want to know is the name of the bald girl in camo pants
bluefalconn 3 month ago
Sincere Abdul 3 month ago
y’all lost a subscriber with the title
Jamarni Tv 3 month ago
_"Don't lie who's a ``` ~HUGE~ ``` fan before 2019"_ 💫 (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)👍
TheDotFace Beats 3 month ago
Gaming with Dasani 3 month ago
this is just amazing
Eanna O'Sullivan 3 month ago
First comment
Dad 3 month ago
Literally a lottery
FCB Tori 3 month ago
I still understand why tik tok stars are a thing honestly what good are they doing for the world other than dancing
FR1NE 3 month ago
kinda popping off :D
Simply Titi 3 month ago
He fine 🤤
Lemont Burnett 3 month ago
My baby can do that it's pretty cool. #21Burnett
Lsi 3 month ago
I'm first one to like and comment like rn
Mostwantedjk 3 month ago
Man the Soulja boy was so much better then these dancing today it just like um ok
Iso-Dxmon Fly 3 month ago
Charli punching the air right now
She started getting flowers
Revic 21 3 month ago
Ecklectic 3 month ago
ok but what about the producer? people are all dancing to the producer tag lmao
king will 3 month ago
Nikki Babyy 3 month ago
Alaya Wallace 3 month ago
Was that bailey in the music video !!
Imperfect Nay 3 month ago
BlixstarBlitz 3 month ago
I must be Indian cause I see no beef here
Saya Infinix 3 month ago
Dam I’m early
ii_omqkingmoro 3 month ago
Tik tok ruined the All Star game
Shawn G 3 month ago
off topic once again genius
Marcello Canenan 3 month ago
All she did was use a song too dance to and she need all the credit wtf is goin on😂😂
CEO's of WEIRD 3 month ago
She better get what Charli got
Jacobi Watson 3 month ago
Diego Osorio 3 month ago
Rip pop smoke
Wagwan.Shennel 3 month ago
What about the other girl she’s dancing with in the og vid? Did she not also make the dance? Or was she just someone who learned after?
ItsKaspa Hoe 3 month ago
For yall that dont know. Renegade is a beat producer that worked with ace hood back in 2010 and they both blew up.
GD Freee 3 month ago
Love the vids
ur mom is the bomb 3 month ago
Coutzera 3 month ago
the flavor
M J 3 month ago
Black excellence!!!
Takunda Ralph 3 month ago
This chick literally just ripped off that Waka Flocka’s deaf interpreter
Bass Town Ncs 3 month ago
amazingly epic
Amber Phillips 3 month ago
Charli who?
sickle 3 month ago
Johnny Fisher 3 month ago
Tik tok has got to go.
joel is sobad yah 3 month ago
o c 3 month ago
most of thier favorite "rappers" dont pay homage or openly give credits so why would you expect their trend following clout chasing fans to do their research and do the same??? ya'll probably still think soulja boy made the superman dance and the dougie started in cali smh
real talk 3 month ago
you dont own a dance you put on the internet for free
Alyssa Sheffelid 3 month ago
Zeyad Gaber 3 month ago
1st comment
J.JA1 3 month ago
Like everybody is on the dance but the song is fire
Derick Harris 3 month ago
Early af.
Carter Jernagin 3 month ago
11th Comment
superflyguy231 3 month ago
typo @0:41? flowers instead of followers
6079 Smith 3 month ago
K.Camp is a real life Muppet