Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Developer Diary 4.5

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ATTENTION HUNTERS! Here's an important developer update on recent discoveries in #Iceborne.

Developer Diary #4:

rotolotto 5 month ago
"You will receive a number of awakened weapons" UGH "You are guaranteed to get at least one of the weapon you are currently fighting with" OH
Dustin Lapatak 5 month ago
Stop capcom I can only get so erect
Laughing Boi 5 month ago
Hunter: Takes damage and heals Safi’jiiva: Also takes damage but also heals Hunter: *Wait a minute, that’s illegal*
Omega 3,3 5 month ago
Almost everyone: “Safi’jiiva is confirmed” Capcom: “It has to be named yet”
Chihiro 5 month ago
“styngian” community: *Triggered*
Hassan X_X 5 month ago
Safi'Jiiva be like: "May the Sapphire Star guide your way... TO HELL!"
Francesco C. 5 month ago
"Guiding lands" has left the room.
Areima 5 month ago
The music suddenly stopping while Safi'jiiva uses its signature move is so hype
Aero 5 month ago
Barely a minute in and this mf has already said "Styngian".
Arekkz Gaming 5 month ago
This new system sounds awesome! Love that armor too! :o
Crowbarfish 08 ZeroEight 5 month ago
Holy shit, They’re taking Weapon Augmenting to a whole new level
StrikeCaptain121 5 month ago
Devs: We'll see what the Guild comes up with. YouTube: *SAFI JIVA*
James Lau 5 month ago
just one last thing that i want in this augmenting system: weapon design augment
mi7sen95 5 month ago
"Guaranteed one weapon of the same type you have equipped" Oh dear lord thank you. I don't care about anything else as long as I can get my bows.
Aaron K. 5 month ago
I love everything I'm hearing about this! The devs really listened to people's criticisms of the Kulve Taroth Siege mechanics and gave us something that sounds actually fun. Cant wait for Dec. 13th!
Kenny Smith 5 month ago
Bro....these super customizable weapons and the fact that we can specifically farm for a type of weapon by making sure we go into battle with it, omg my body is sooooo ready!!!!!
Richard Cranium 5 month ago
"It doesnt have a name yet" Chorus is screaming Safi'jiiva.
A- 5 month ago
I like this iteration on the Kulve-style siege rewards system. Sure, there's randomness involved, but there's WAY more player agency this time around. I'll have to get my hands on it to know for sure, but it seems like they've struck a good balance.
VideoGamesAndGameplays 5 month ago
How complicated do you want this monsters weapons to be? Capcom: Yes.
Connor Ryan 5 month ago
This sounds really cool. One guaranteed weapon of your equipped type. All weapons start with the exact same stat line, and then you can augment it a ton of ways. This sounds way way way way way better than Taroths rewards system. Thank you Capcom. This siege sounds far more rewarding
Eternal Memeage 5 month ago
“Styngian” Bro where the hell do you see an “n” in the middle of Stygian 😬
Shiny Ford 5 month ago
*After this video* Meta: I don't feel so good....
Robert Young 5 month ago
This would literally be charged dlc if handled by any other company. Capcom, you're breathtaking!
Lightning 5 month ago
Well, getting randomized weapons but hell, i don’t mind farming this beast all day long. Epic sound track and mechanics, with epic environment. Can’t december 13th come faster? T-T Edit: Another thing that I like about the soundtrack also is it stops for a brief moment before the nova blast really makes my heart stopped a bit as well. And anyone notice, soundtrack changed if you’re targeted by him. Damn i love this!!
SlowRkers 5 month ago
I am pretty sure after the Siege there's a Cut scene where Safi Jiiva speaks to our hunter " Well Done Arison, you may have driven me away for now but i shall return again" 👀
The Doctor 5 month ago
Everyone: “safi jiva!” Capcom:”it’s not named yet.” Me:”this monster looks exactly like Smaug, I’m calling it Smaug.”
Brian Leon 5 month ago
I really like these videos, feel like a Monster Hunter Direct.
LinusaursRex45 5 month ago
Idk about other solo players but I’m praying this will be able to be done solo within a realistic ability
Santiago Troconis 5 month ago
Kulve Taroth: Very big Golden Jagras Adult Xeno: Very big Energy Rathalos
Professor Dragonite 5 month ago
Well, this sure as hell beats Kulve Taroth for complexity.
AnimeAustin1 5 month ago
Just wondering can we stop doing timed events?
SpardaDVLKing3 5 month ago
5 skills in one weapon. Guess they added another way to get op in this game again. lol
Chronicler J 5 month ago
Ahhh they have unique designs. Thank god
BlackAdam 5 month ago
This just changed everything. 6:23 Teostra's Technique/Master's Touch on your weapon. BRUH!!!!!
KurashiDragon 5 month ago
Capcom: *Reveals Safi'jiiva's name by accident in the very last dev diary before this so now literally everyone who knew of this siege before this video knows what its name is. Also Capcom: "It HaSn'T BeEn NaMeD, YeT!?!?!?!"
Tomas Senn 5 month ago
1. Open google 2. Type in "how do you pronounce stygian" 3. Listen to the correct pronunciation 4. Pronounce it correctly Its that simple
Key Strix 5 month ago
This is the most happy fandom/community I've seen in a while.
The Womping Wampa 5 month ago
"Safi'Jiiva will be a siege that 16 Players in the Gathering Hub can join." Me with my Internet which has a heartattack if I try to join a session with more than 2 people: Sigh.... Guess it's back to farming the Grinding Lands T-T
RedDeadRussian 5 month ago
I like how they implemented both RNG and the ability to choose what you want. I’m really glad they listen to the community.
CathyCatsville 5 month ago
The best of all though is that you always guaranteed to get at least one weapon of the weapon type you have equipped! Thats so much better than Kulves complete random system!
haha huhu 5 month ago
I guess another 6 hours of fighting siege solo The random rewards has mixed feeling. Does it need great spirit vein gem? Take care of your health developers.
drake565 5 month ago
Is it weird that I'm more upset about the mispronunciation of Stygian than the fact that I'll be forced into a team for Safi'jiva?
James Daniel Villanueva 5 month ago
LoL they already leaked Safi' Jiva in their previous Dev Diary. 😁
OpteX GD 5 month ago
Now THIS is a proper siege with proper rewards, freakin love you Capcom!!
izuru kamakura 5 month ago
Loved everything in this diary besides the limited time thing like why does it have to be for a limited time
Robert Jones 5 month ago
I hate that it’s limited time. This is holiday season so I’ll be busy traveling with my wife and daughter. Oh well, I guess I’ll try to make a HH before Jan 5th.
HerpDerp1909 5 month ago
It's like Kulve Taroth and Behemoth had a baby, that is actually good.
Black Dynamite 5 month ago
Y'all smell that 👃🏽 smells like a whole lot of grind and I fuckin love it. Capcom( the people who make monster hunter specifically) is one of the best game companies of this gaming generation.
Kokoon 5 month ago
Siege... well looks like I'll not get any of this sweet gear. :(
Night Dragon98 5 month ago
Holy shit these weapons are going to be amazing, i can definitely see literally everyone using them by the end
TheMightySwooj 5 month ago
“We wanted to keep one of the monsters secret” Also Capcom: One other monster added on the patch notes when you login and armor in the last diary
lilfuzzballa 5 month ago
This game deserves to win every "best ongoing game award" this year. MHW: Iceborne is easily up there in the list of TOP DLC of all time. Next to Bioshock 2's Minervas Den, Fallout 3's Point Lookout, TES: Oblivion's The Shivering Isles, Dark Souls Artorias of The Abyss, just to name a few.
DrEko 5 month ago
This is the earliest I've been for a youtube video lol
xXN00bG4merXx 5 month ago
I really love the thought and appreciation the developers put into this game I would gladly give all my money to capcom
PhantomProgrammer 5 month ago
Holy cow, the customizations on those weapons look amazing, and the fact that you’re guaranteed at least one of the type you have equipped makes farming so much less grinds and more worthwhile feeling! I can’t wait to snatch up some new gear once this comes to PC!
Wooper :] 5 month ago
Afro Shinobi 5 month ago
Love how the armor transforms when you unsheathe your weapon. 🔥
Kegaran 5 month ago
I really hope we can get the first two dracolite in the guiding lands, that would give us an option to just the boss over and over and over again once we have the weapons. With the two more potent ones from the siege we still have an insentive
A- 5 month ago
Great job with the stealth drop Capcom! It was a lot of fun to discover it for ourselves.
Sad Boi 5 month ago
Fun fact: Safi video in the MHWI gallery is titled "The Perfect Being"
Dun Dun 5 month ago
The dev's of this game are amazing! They may not always add things that are amazing right off the bat, but they listen to people's concerns and problems and do all they can to fix it. Cant say that for too many games! Thanks so much cant wait to hunt it!!!!!! Also we already saw the name you dont have to act anymore hahaha.
Seles 5 month ago
I hope it's doable solo in a reasonable time tho, else I'll have to wait till it comes to PC
Urcovered 5 month ago
Can't say I'm thrilled about another Siege. Everytime I join one I've been insta kicked for no reason. Hopefully this one goes better
Brent Rombouts 5 month ago
Is the weapon designer getting fired?? I mean: "Is his soul going to get burned by LITERALLY SIVA-JIVA!?!?
MonStarDrakoSaur 9000 5 month ago
My only complaint: it's a Kulve Taroth style siege. "But it lasts till January!" That's unsatisfying in MY eyes.
DeAndre Senpaiiz 5 month ago
I’ve literally been waiting all day for this my thirst has been quilled
David Larsen 5 month ago
Imagine if we're going to be able to Augment Master's Touch/Artillery Secret/True Spareshot 5/True Crit/Crit Ele to any weapon now.
Saaci Necrozma 5 month ago
Capcom: Releases meta-defining customizable weapons that can be any element Me, trying to collect every single Dual Blades: Well now I feel like I wasted my time
ben bradley 5 month ago
This is how augmenting should have been implemented to begin with dudes thank god
Loading 5 month ago
Wait. You can have a full armor skill in a weapon? That's f*cking broken.
Can't think of A better name 5 month ago
I'm disappointed. I was hoping we wouldn't have more multiplayer monsters. I'm not interested in the 'make multiplayer fights reasonable' microtransaction known as PSN.
Keshaun Lawrence 5 month ago
Everyone: weapons glazed with whiteness* mmmm i had fun Capcom: packs up* see you on the next update
Aussie Puppet 5 month ago
Devs: ‘Releases new Stygian Zinogre’ MHW Community: ‘turns its back to look at Stygian Zinogre’ Also Devs: *Le stab*
The Lonesome Wanderer 5 month ago
is the siege gonna be like the kulve taroth again??? so i wont ever be able to kill it as no one in random lobbies ever does them and i have no friends that play MHW...…. great...…
Zuper_Goyz 5 month ago
The customization system reminds me of The Division
LocalMemeDealer 5 month ago
" *Campom please stop talking and just take my bank account already like i gave you the info several times already* " -Everyone
Leonidas1210vc 5 month ago
Sooooo.......I may be forgiving them for the "bits on sticks" Tho I still wish the PC version was released with the console version, cause I currently have nothing to do in base game........ aside from AT..... And kulve......... and behemoth.....but I'm a solo causal so I'm not going to be doing those anytime soon.
B F 5 month ago
"Yeah, it's quite the bone of contention" So true lmao
Captain Elsa 5 month ago
The monster hunter dev team is the best dev team. Change my mind.
Omar Moreno 5 month ago
Having the extra customization truly is what Monster Hunter is all about, great work!
Aki Serenia 5 month ago
PC: Grinding is life on Kulve *Waiting for Iceborne* PS4: wait..what Kulve 2.0
Tim Greenwald 5 month ago
Why did you nerf the poogie petting sound indicator... It was perfectly balanced!
Dan Festag 5 month ago
The only thing I'm disappointed in is we were told that our farmed KULV TAROTH weapons would be made useful in some way
digal321 5 month ago
The alpha set looks like my darksouls set in red
Luis Barrera 5 month ago
I would like to be able to change my character's name and my palico's too. I'll happily pay for it.
Sagredon REAL 5 month ago
Finally they actually explained how the event works.....HOLY SHIT U CAN ADD 5 SKILLS TO A WEAPON
Aby Johan 5 month ago
Thank you for everything, Capcom!
Ryaquaza 1 5 month ago
So it’s basically Kulve Taroth seige 2.0
Aurora Nightingale 5 month ago
Capcom you have truly out done yourselves I'm so excited my mind was blow when xenojiva reappeared in it mature state I'm truly enjoying everything in iceborne
Rumuel Nathanael 5 month ago
Still waiting for Nier Automata collab.
Shru1kan 5 month ago
This looks so awesome! Can‘t wait for the grind :D
Sterling 5 month ago
Kinda lame how Xenojiiva was so alien and unique looking, but its mature form just looks like a generic Fatalis-style dragon.
Joshua Celani 5 month ago
No not another seige monster oh God well rip solo player's.
NinAmuro57 5 month ago
It's a Siege. Of course. Eh, the armor is soooo sick and the weapons are borderline broken, so it'll be worth it!
KnottyTulip2713 5 month ago
during recon: i already love this monster nothing could make it better this video is posted: O_O
Instinctive Burst 5 month ago
Well Capcom, u guys are awesome. Thanks for the heart you've put into your work. Looking forward for iceborne's launch on pc.
Shay Ó Laoghaire 5 month ago
I'm not a fan of siege monsters. Most people can't even play them because we don't have friends
Luis E Morales Falcon 5 month ago
When Safi'jivaa smelled us I knew he was that one Xeno, it sucks it is another multiplayer siege as I have yet to even beat KT, so f---- it. To top it off I work from the 14-15 so yahooo for me.
Idekanymoretbh 5 month ago
This is amazing so from my knowledge you can run a full 5 piece set like teostra or whatever and have skill bonus’ like agitator on your sword
lafon02 5 month ago
This is great! I hope we get something like this if they ever bring back Kulve Taroth. I want It's master rank armor. But I don't like the weapon system they had for it.