Decorating my Cristmas Tree with my Nail Peelies

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Gather round, it's time to decorate the Cristmas tree like a normal family!!
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Lee Kim 5 month ago
*Cristine’s entire youtube career has lead her to this exact moment*
Serendipity McG 5 month ago
it physically hurts me when she says “what do you think?” and she doesn’t play the old montage. 😩
Robert Pedraza 5 month ago
Cristine: “I just don’t really care if you click the like button” Me: *clicks the like button*
TheRealTallGirl 5 month ago
pewdiepie just called you a kids channel: Ben vs. Pewdiepie boxing match 2020
Meraki 5 month ago
me: *hears the words"what do you think?" Also me: prepares for impact *nothing happens me: *weirdly disappointed
Angie B 5 month ago
2019 was the year that Ben and Cristine’s relationship became even more wholesome and they spent much more time together on camera. It was super fun to see them both together, and I hope it stays that way in 2020.
Vo Noodle 5 month ago
Cristine: “You guys have wild imaginations.” Also Cristine: **Puts her nail peelys on a tree**
aola wili 5 month ago
Christine :almost never ask for likes Everyone watching: ( hits the like bottton
Jane Cronkhite 5 month ago
Christine should have garlands made of peelies, Menschie fur and used tea bags.
Michelle Alvarado 4 month ago
when she put the peelies on as earings it reminded me of five min crafts when they be making the weirdest and dumbest stuff.
AG Random 5 month ago
First few seconds: “I don’t know about you” My mind: “But I’m feeling 22!” *also disappointed when she doesn’t say that 😞*
Just another goat 5 month ago
Am I the only one who didn’t expect the peelies to be hard?!
yoGELLY 5 month ago
When Ben answers Cristine' phone call with "well holo there" I cry
sienna dowd 5 month ago
cristine: like my tree? beyn: *i rather have a stripper pole* me: 👀
Hana Sarajlić 5 month ago
Hearing “What do you think” without the montage is like cristmas without present
Morganne McKee 5 month ago
Cristine: Should Holo Taco remake the cat's polishes? *sips tea* Me: *heavy breathing* yes plz
Leonardo Lara 5 month ago
"Who said trees have to be green?" Chlorophyll Cristine, Chlorophyll
Teddali B 5 month ago
Nobody: Pewdiepie: Epic, a kids channel
Kara Marie 5 month ago
Y’all should totally have a podcast. I can’t think of two people I’d rather listen to for an hour of my life each week. Happy Holodays :)
Empress of the land 5 month ago
chrisTEAn: "So what are you all asking for Christmas this year?" Me: "A life." Everyone else: "Same.." (sorry I can't spell to save my life...)
Zoey Cooke 5 month ago
It was the day you posted this that I tried out for America's got Talent. I love you lmao❤
ChimChims Jams 5 month ago
*Cristine has been doing “nail art” for a long time...and now she’s umm...doing this*
Alyssa Cobb 4 month ago
Cristine: This is what happens when you're 31... Me *is 31*: *vigorously nods head*
Jenn Skaggs 5 month ago
Why didn’t you just tape the hook to the back of the peely?!
Sofifi _150 4 month ago
I think the only “H” that Cristine Enjoys is the “H” in Holo
Whoopie Whoop 5 month ago
Wouldn't her peelies technically - hear me out - be pornstars
Sam D'Agostino 4 month ago
I like how many different beds Menchie sleeps in and she just doesn't care.
Dani-mite Bakes 4 month ago
The fact she said she doesn’t beg for likes made me want to like it all the more because Bravo. We stand.
Debangee Das 5 month ago
Cristine: What have you done with your decade? Me: **cries in corner**
MacAttack17 5 month ago
It's crazy fantastic how far you've come Cristine. I remember finding your channel through your hair styling video and binge watching all your videos and pee laughing at every one. Now you have your own company and are still funny as heck. Your geniune and warm personality offer a nice escape from the hectic world. Love ya Cristine, you're doing and will no doubt keep doing amazing things.
Jackie Jones 5 month ago
"Should HoloTaco re-release the cat polishes???" *Me, nodding so vigorously that I snap my own neck*
Kittycat 6762 5 month ago
Cristine: grab a cup a tea Me: casually sips my hot chocolate
Helena Hay 5 month ago
My husband just walked in on me watching this, totally baffled “what is this sh*t” 😂😂😂 That tree is gloriously dreadful, love it!! Xx
Emily Fogerty 5 month ago
8:20 "If you do do this plz be careful" other people are hanging nail peelies on a Christmas tree 😂😂😂
Shaunise Mitchell 5 month ago
I love that she was recommended under the "leading women" section on the YouTube homepage like yessss girl, you made it!!!!!!!!
• Ro • 5 month ago
Ben at the beginning: never talked Ben now: asks for a stripper pole instead of a cristmas tree
AluraFrost 5 month ago
"Should Holo Taco recreate-" *YES*
My Name Bob 5 month ago
She's actually one of the few youtubers who kept it real all these years.
Fatima Ashraf 5 month ago
1:30 Cristine actually trying to explain what a peely is lmao 😂😂
Jaycee Ong 5 month ago
“I hope that when I die...” *WHEN* ? *I THOUGHT YOU WERE IMMORTAL*
Katie Clark 5 month ago
I kind of wish she wouldve threaded them together like a garlend
Vipul Jain 5 month ago
What if Cristine actually burries a nail peely and then a peely tree grows out?!?!guess she has a place to display her peelies now
Emma Love 4 month ago
When my mum saw me watching this video she was like what the oh my gosh what is she doing? And I laughed so hard omg
Emily Fogerty 5 month ago
Yeeesss. You should recreate the Menchie and Zyler polishes. I've been saying that since Holo Taco's release!
LineLi 5 month ago
Oh my god, Ben is sounding so different, how much confidence he has now on camera?
AJ FLOQFY 5 month ago
I don’t know about you, but at the end of the year I get nostalgic. And i want to look at the past year, by lookin through: *my peely bag*
Hockey Sisters 5 month ago
13:00 omg me what is my life. Then remember not an old person yet still good in a child. Yikes got that one off my back now. I'm ten was 7 when I first watched her but started with old Vida to new
Rebekah Ugenti 5 month ago
C : (all year) We don’t want another nail tragedy Also C : *stabs peeles in dangerous manner*
Joyce Atef 4 month ago
When I first started watching Christine's videos I was like : Ohhh! I think I'm not the only gross person who keeps her peelies!! 😂😂
Randi Chugg 5 month ago
Vote here: Who wants Cristine to remake Menchie the Cat and Zyler nail polish. I vote YES!!
Doggy 500 3 month ago
I wonder if Cristine answers the phone and says "HOLO!!!"
im kasia 3 month ago
Up next: decorating my Christmas tree with period blood (I’m sorry)
Aesthetic Potato•_• 5 month ago
i love that ben says “why holo there”
Oki Dokie 3 month ago
This would have been easier with safety pins love
Ms Medieval 5 month ago
"Christmas is so much simpler when you're an adult and you don't care anymore " - ain't that the truth
•ꪶꫀ ᥴꪮꪮkiꫀz• 4 month ago
My mom: What in the world are you watching? Me: A crazy woman who is obsessed with nail peeleis
Anna Kiefel 5 month ago
That one moment she had to think “wait, what am I even doing ...“
Patty Normoyle 3 month ago
I get concerned when Cristine says "what do you think?" and doesn't show the montage
Larilollipop 95 4 month ago
You have to her Flo Rida with his song "good peely" hahaha. I laughed so hard in this moment I misheard it.
Esther_V 5 month ago
"Who says trees need to be green?" Photosynthesis: aM i A jOke To YoU?!
Rainbow Nook 5 month ago
Holo Taco NEEDS to remake the cat polishes.
Dragongirl22 5 month ago
when Cristine said "what do you thin" my mind just went strated to trom trom saying "what do ya think" and I was waiting for the little skit of it XD
Levi Is God 5 month ago
I like how she had to specify 'the peelies'
Grandpa Bill 5 month ago
I can’t be the only one who dancing when the intro song comes on.... everyone dose that....right
Creative Caroline 5 month ago
”Normal” people: *Looks at photos of family* Cristine: *Reminisces over peelies* Thanks for all the likes!
Milena Freire 5 month ago
No one: Cristine: I save every manicure in this bag
Victoria May 5 month ago
Ben: "Merry Cristmas with no h".... Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kp babu 5 month ago
"So sit back , relax and have a cup of tea . Me: actually bringing a cup of tea
Ana Jennifer 5 month ago
I thought the whole point of having your own company is having control over the branding? So you don't have to buckle to corporate conventions? And you won't even call peel porn "peel porn."
Diana 5 month ago
so we're just gonna ignore the fact that Ben answers his phone with 'well holo'
Wolfy Animations 5 month ago
Does anyone remember when this was a nail art channel 🤣
NoOdLeImPaStA 5 month ago
I like when Ben answered the call he went “oh Holo there”
PixelPotato 5 month ago
omg, what have you done this decade? me only 11 years old: ....lived
iskounen Nina 5 month ago
You should make a present for Ben out of nail peelies
Watershine of RiverClan 5 month ago
Nobody: Cristine: I don’t call your memories gross
Red Rose 4 month ago
Cristine: So it back, relax, grab a cup of tea... Me: *is sipping iced coffee* *knows she gonna hate me*
asmae derfoufi 4 month ago
Cristine s make up skills has elevated her to a whole new level of a beauty guru
Becca Gee 5 month ago
The Menchie color is so cute! I’d love to see a remake of it :)
Fluffy Cloud 5 month ago
*i don’t call your memories gross* Cristine 2019
applelovepear 5 month ago
Frozen: Water has memory Simply: Peelies all have memories
Sheepy Nugget 5 month ago
When she rants about hitting the like button it only made me want to do it more.....
Hannahuses YouTubeforever 5 month ago
Cristine: grab a cup of tea Me: I would... but I’m too lazy 😐
Dancer 2009 5 month ago
I read the title and I said "this can't end well" 😂
Nerdy Nugget 4 month ago
Is it just me or when she said "light this tree up" i thought she was going to light it on fire? 17:53
Rainbow Girl 5 month ago
Cristine you should do a holo polish mountain 💿💿💿💿💿💿
Deanna Cat 4 month ago
The subtitles couldn’t figure out what peels were once it said pelican 😱
Karley R 5 month ago
CHRISTINE I JUST SAW YHIS AD AND THOUGHT OF YOU THEY MAKE HOLO PONYTAIL EXTENSIONS 🤣🤣 even tho you probably won't see this it's worth a shot
shunying liang 5 month ago
I feel like her voice has changed i dont know why 😂😂😂
ReCoN Rush 5 month ago
Cristine in 2019: Decorating my Christmas Tree with nail Peelies Cristine in 2059: Auctioning my nail Peelies
sapphira21345 AJ 4 month ago
Ben: Like a stripper pole Cristine: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?
banger tea 5 month ago
Omg Cristine please, next time you do a meet and greet, GIVE AWAY ONE PEELY TO EACH FAN.
[•Ochara•] 5 month ago
-Someone looking at Cristine's tree from a distance: "Oh! I love your ornaments! What are they and where can I get them??" Cristine: "Oh, they're my nail peelies"
Snowy And Patch 5 month ago
Your new years resolution is getting more nail polish
wonderfulfun 5 month ago
Please remake the Zyler and Menchie polishes. I was so sad I didnt get them when they came out, the Zyler polish is especially unique.
RainbowKitten52 5 month ago
Simply: I don’t know about you... My mind: BUT IM FEELING 22! me agin: wait she wasn’t singing Taylor Swift...
Kirby Le 5 month ago
9:45 Lol, just gonna leave the Adobe Stock branding in that shot
Gacha Team 5 month ago
I watch simply nail logical when I’m bored😆
xdìåmøñdx Gåçhå 3 month ago
Simply hasn’t posted in a month is she ok
Nabooba W 5 month ago
"I dont care that YouTube didn't put me in rewind." *aggressively stabs peely*
_ ́Luciella`_ 4 month ago
Do a "Sorting my peelies" video where you make different bags for different categories of peelies so they're organized