I Turned Old Wewd into a Giant Hat

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Ok guys, I know this video is a little bit different but it had to be done. In this video I show you how to make a giant wewden hat with William Osman.

Go watch his video where we try to make it always face the sun. Its hilarious!
And subscribe to his channel! You wont regret it :) https://www.youtube.com/Williamosman

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William Osman 1 year ago
I just want everyone to know Bobby gifted me that PBR shirt (kinda weird I know), but I'm wearing it out of respect. Also sorry about defiling your salad bowl Bobby.
Wait What? 8 month ago
Wendy's: '' Sir, Your Not Allowed To Walk Through A Drive through'' William: '' BuT i'M oN a HoRsE ''
Iam Rodyn 11 month ago
"Im riding a horse" "and im being abduct by an alien"
Herzen 11 month ago
"You're not supposed to walk through the drive through" Fun story: my friend once walked through the drive through although everyone else was sitting inside. There were cars in front and behind her. I honestly don't know what she was thinking but she didn't get into trouble so that was cool.
limelight elizabeth 11 month ago
One like for the camera guy to get a high-five
RAIN REDDE 1 year ago
Bobby please make Doctor Strange’s Eye Of Agamotto
Yellow bananago 10 month ago
I'm not afraid of anyman, but that thing Hat: **has termites** It scares me
CJ aka DirtyBrit 1 year ago
Planet is dying. Ppl crying over trees being cut. Here we got a dude turning trees into hats. Why do I love it so much? 🤣
thomas benz 1 year ago
You should make a wand like in Harry Potter
I need a house 1 year ago
Michael Reeves : WHAT THE FU- bobby : that's not gewd
Phoenix Playz 11 month ago
*that moment when you know you have the same Bob Ross shirt as Bobby*
A random Ditto Named spam 6 month ago
“It’s not very gewd to waste wewd” -Bobby Duke, 2019
Ez. 11 month ago
@0:49 The captions say "It's not very good to waste Weed" instead of "It's not very good to waste wood." XD
Saige Harrison ._. 1 year ago
“Oh by the way this isn’t sponsored by Arbortech, I just like their tools”... proceeds to use DeWalt tools for the entire video 🤪
Charlotte 1 year ago
this is the most bobby duke thing I've ever seen
oodles of doodles 1 year ago
Can we just take a minute to appreciate his wholesome Bob Ross shirt like that ish made my day.
ThUnamed 9 month ago
you've essentially made Eustace's hat from Courage the Cowardly Dog... Bobby, you mad genius.
Joelie Terry 11 month ago
"But, I am on a horse", " And, I am being abducted by an alien."
MrWoulfman1024 7 month ago
1:35 "I just realised I can't read the tape behind my head" I do the exact same thing hahaha
Luna Grey 1 year ago
”if life gives you wewd, turn it into a giant ridiculous hat.” -Bobby Duke Arts 2019
Miraculous M 9 month ago
8:16 Me and my one friend turning up to Area 51.
Muneera Alyaseen 10 month ago
no one: literally no one: him: i’m making a giant hat out of WEWD us: YASSSSSSS👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 him: 1:35 me: YASSSSSS👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣 everyone else: 😑😑😑
Banana Puddin 1 year ago
You should carve out something like a life sized dog. I think that would be really cool!!!!
Emma Hamilton 5 month ago
“That’s not really gewd ,to waste wewd” - Bobby Duke Arts 2k19
GamerGod88 1 year ago
0:49 "That's not very Gewd, to waste Wewd* Put that on a T-shirt!!!!
Wolf Thorn 1 year ago
"Stupid is, as stupid does sir." And you my friend ...... GENIUS!
Wolf King 11 month ago
10:33 **high five 🖐 the camera man** *Nobody else did so I will*
that thing in a place 10 month ago
"That's not very gewd, to waste wewd." My favorite quote ever.
Evan Shoulders 6 month ago
“It’s not gewd to waste wewd” -Bobby Duke Arts, 2019
RICHEY099 1 year ago
Next make a replica of your own child out of wewd
Santiago Monsó 1 year ago
1:31 he's crazy Dave!!! (Plants vs. Zombies)
playman5000 3 month ago
PrettyKitty123 1 year ago
I wish the hat design was Clementines’ hat from The Walking Dead Game ;-; RIP
Scarlett Churcher 3 month ago
The people who disliked are jealous of the talent that was put in this peice
Insert Name 4 month ago
0:49 "It not good to waste weed"(captions)
kenton coble 6 month ago
6:50 and that children is why you don’t play with wheel chairs.
Nayelis Adventures 11 month ago
That AD⚡️HD shirt is the best thing I’ve ever seen🤯
DJ’s VlogEasy 9 month ago
Mom: What are you watching, sweetie? Me: Hand carving!! Mom: Oooo, let me see darling! Me: Ends up at 0:37
Kimichi Fubaki 1 year ago
Boby duke is what happens when you mix together bob ross and Weird Al
Kelsie Arville 10 month ago
“At least he was wearing his seatbelt” love that 😂
2578 Vikk 6 month ago
“That’s not very gewd, to wade wewd.” -bobby 2019
Miles Rice 3 month ago
i found out how that guy died he was rididng that cart and forgot the seat belt and fell ote and died thatsa why he uses the seat belt now R.I.P. sceloton
Chad Gouza 1 year ago
“Your a flap” “thank you” 😂
Nate Huskey 1 year ago
I'm honestly surprised that Michael Reeves was on Bobby Duke Arts with how much he curses
Olivia Martinez 12 month ago
"I want that" Bobby dukes 2019
Nkat 11 month ago
nobody: bobby: wears a giant wewd hat outside of a hat
Nathan Reaperz 8 month ago
0:49 "because.. that's not very gewd to waste wewd" - Bobby Duke 2019
Wonderland Family 11 month ago
Two videos so close I'm so freaking amazing I'm so excited rn💓 I love you and your videos wewod is me favorite think now my mom won't take me to Lowe's because I say it so much 😂😂😂
Martin Michaels Drums 7 month ago
Hahaha you should also make merch that says “Oh shat” and “Blouke” 😂
RumbleAgentsReborn 10 month ago
I need that electro swing-style song near the end when you're painting. That was so good. Please? :D
Edge Lord 6 month ago
4:08 I had to replay this so many times XD *what the fU-* _we'll be right back_
Lucía Tarazaga 11 month ago
4:40 “Hey you almost- OH SHOOT!”
꧁༺štiky༻꧂ 1 year ago
*CHALLENGE 1:* Make a big wewden tree (fully detailed with branches and leaves (maybe even roots) from a big block of wewd. *CHALLENGE 2:* Make a wewden blowke of wewd from a big wewden blowke that is made out of wewd. Edit: sum grammr
wadduck67 9 month ago
“You know your not supposed to walk through the drive thru.” “But I’m on a horse.” “aNd I’m BeInG aDvIcTeD bY aLiEnS!”
Robert Wallace 5 month ago
No one : Not a single soul : Micheal Reeves : *exists*
A Person 11 month ago
3:07 me, a stupid child, thinking he said rotisserie carver
Dakoda Swan 11 month ago
"Avengers: Infinity war is the world's greatest crossover" 4:10 "Hold my beer"
Oof _ Katheryn 10 month ago
When I saw Michael I almost screamed.... you and him should definitely make a video together 😂
Alpha-Pathetic Tm 11 month ago
*Sees giant pencil* _"I want dat-"_
Kyla Granville 1 year ago
I can tell Bobby was THAT guy in high school, and still IS that guy 😂😂 i love ur vids Bobby😂♥️
try again 11 month ago
Hey guys!! This dude JoHannes Michelson does wood cowboy hats & more!!! I just thought it was relevant to the video wood hats n stuff yknow
mckenzie patrick 1 year ago
"That's not very gewd to waste wewd" -Bobby Duke Arts 2019
unknown being 6 month ago
"oh and i got a cool shirt too" hi i'm bob ross, welcome to the joy of painting. so glad you could join us today.
Chaotic-Good Artistry 1 year ago
"you're not supposed to walk through the drive thru" "but I'm on a horse!" "and I'm being abducted by aliens!" I can just imagine the lady at the drive thru's expression after they said that 😂
Double Nuggets 10 month ago
Michael Reeves: What the FU!!! We'll be right back
baby 7 month ago
6:27 😂😔 ah yes the story of almost every artists life ( ( p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n ) )
Alana Casper 8 month ago
MICHAEL! I love Michael Reeves bro. He's awesome and cusses like a sailor just like I do ☺️☺️
Yurkovich, Parker 5 month ago
I need that shirt that says “AD~HD”!!!
Indigo Gollum 1 year ago
2:38 someone in my history class at school has that shirt
ғʀᴇɴᴄʜ ғʀɪᴇs 8 month ago
I dont know why Im here, I dont even like carpentry shits, but damn! You act so hilarious thats why I subscribed. Your wewd is so ICONIC. Keep it up!
RoseGamer2018 1 year ago
"It's not very gewd, to waste wewd" - Bobby Duke Arts 2019
akrobeau 12 month ago
6:51 when you’re a villain with a cat in your lap and your chair spins too fast
Ryovash 9 month ago
The random moments when he sounds like Freaza from DBZ dub makes me enjoy it even more.
Altastrofae, High-Star Spirit 3 month ago
1:32 I'll use my trusty frying pan, as a drying pan UwU
Ellie Brooks 1 year ago
Could you please design and sell a shirt that somehow says “wewd?” My life wewd be compete with that shirt in my life.
nwhite06 1 year ago
"you're not suppose to walk through the drive thru" ".....but I'm on a horse" 🤣🤣🤣
XxPURPLE_FOX-xX 11 month ago
This reminds me of my neighbor he is always carving wood and its so loud! I wonder how your neighbors feel 🤔
Aushi 10 month ago
I came for the art, I stayed for the funnies xD
Mia Minnie 8 month ago
When the dust flew into his face Mmmm delicious wewd
Ben Films 7 month ago
Where did “A Unicorn Dies” go!? Me and my friend watched it almost every day for over a month
GAY GOC 10 month ago
"is that blood!"
Jesandra Ronje 1 year ago
I like his shirt that says, "Pants." 😂
Minty Boi 11 month ago
this stuff, like your art stuff almost always helps me fall asleep at night when im not particularly sleepy. its so calming and chill and relaxing, like haha yeah a dude making things out of a tree cool no yelling no cognitive thinking just creativity and tools! its cool, you're cool, i appreciate you and your art, thanks :)
EmeraldAlpha 5 month ago
When my little sister saw this she pronounced "wood" "wewd"
Tae and Suga Kookies 1 year ago
When the skeleton's head came off and the jaw was laying on the ground I immediately said, "Jaw dropping!" 😂
Lois Hunter 9 month ago
When the skeletons head came off that was very very jaw dropping lol get it ? Huh huh? No? okay.........😟😂😂
monkey man 1 year ago
0:21 Why did that make me laugh so much 😂
Sailor Thomas 11 month ago
2:43 *When the neighbor comes outside.*
Chilli Pepper 11 month ago
6:50 Me: ~insert hyena laugh~
Shaelyn Gorman 1 year ago
GeekyQueen 7 month ago
"You're not supposed to walk through the drive thru" myeh myeeeeeehhhh kill joy
LLAMAgreen ! 3 month ago
Bobby: makes great art work Me also an artist: boogers are yummy
Raging Adam 9 month ago
Law and Order: Special Victims Units *dun* *dun*
Lucky_9arlic 7 month ago
XD just started watching this channel, I LOVE William (IMMA LIL' WILLY!), that was a nice surprise.
I can see the Matrix 1 year ago
Ya know what would be cool? If you make Loki’s helmet!!! That would be so fun to watch!! Also I love watching ur videos! Ur super talented!
sparky gacha plays GACHA 1 year ago
How are you my favourite YouTuber XD I remember it’s because your the funniest YOUTUBER I know XD
ryan plonkaa 10 month ago
Wait, I didn't know Bobby has adhd, I'm also not surprised, I don't mean that in an offensive way
joeegucci 8 month ago
This is literally the greatest comedic duo ever!😂🤣
Hunter Hughes 10 month ago
Michael is one of my favorite YouTubers and it excites me seeing him there
BumboJumbo 05 1 year ago
When your house in entirely made of wewd...... "Son, why are there 30458 giant wewden hats in the yard? Also, why don't we have a house anymore?