MHW: Iceborne - Brachydios (Original vs. New)

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Brachydios is as explosive and deadly as ever in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! ❄️ Available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and coming to PC / Steam on January 9, 2020!

O N-L 4 month ago
When a rhino mates with a dinosaur whilst they are both snorting gunpowder
Son Gopaul 4 month ago
Fun Fact: In it's first appearance, the Blast ailment was originally called Slime, thanks to Brachydios being the only monster who could cause the status condition.
Zato 4 month ago
Everyone talking about Raging Brachy but no one realizes this video is truly an Agnaktor reveal
Flygon2626 4 month ago
They are pushing out these comparison videos in close succession unlike before... is something coming?
Phillip Percell 4 month ago
Raging brachydios would be awesome I haven't fought him since 4u
Captain Soldier 4 month ago
I really hope they add Gore and Shagaru to World, it would be interesting to see how the Frenzy affects Iceborne's endgame...
TheVideoGameManiac 4 month ago
Imagine getting fisted by this monster.
Thraben Innistrad 4 month ago
We need Raging Brachydios :c
AnonyBro 4 month ago
Cel 4 month ago
Old Bracydios: New Bracydios: *oink*
Simon Martinez 4 month ago
the grand father of bomb blight, eat your heart out bagelgoose
Sam Th 4 month ago
PC modding community stand-by to mod Brachy into RAGING BRACHY
Diego S 4 month ago
Michael 4 month ago
Brachydios is my absolute favorite monster.
Fir_33 4 month ago
Hey cap cap, still waiting for that fatalis reveal.
OmegaRage 2099 4 month ago
0:16 -0:22 I miss agnaktor 😔
Railen Kai 4 month ago
Last video doing this was Zinogre, shortly after they announced styg. So... do we have an angry boi coming soon?
Keelerkumster 4 month ago
“Smacks lips” “Licks arm tips” B L A S T
Outcast501 4 month ago
at the end of all this are we going to see the fatalis version
Lagia 4 month ago
I love his new theme, I enjoy his fight. There are a few questionable sound design aspects on Brachy in Iceborne but overall he's great in Iceborne
Dave Chrome 4 month ago
Everybody says that they miss Agnaktor... but who remembers Glacial Agnaktor? That monster was awesome
Leon Scott Kennedy 4 month ago
We need Agnaktor and Lagiacrus in MHWI.
Paul Cornejo 4 month ago
I bet they paid Michael Bay to bring this monster back.
No u 4 month ago
He seems a lot more slimmed down in IB.
Thomas Vlekke 4 month ago
3u was amazing, cant wait to play against this beast in world
Toad’s Mixtape Factory 4 month ago
This thing is the only monster that gave me problems in MH3U
relinsander 4 month ago
Damijan Khebal 4 month ago
I miss agnaktor
Matheus Freitas 4 month ago
We need Eva brachydios from MH Explore, there's even Evangelion 3+1 coming soon too.
Ouin 4 month ago
Now I just need a quest with Rajang, Deviljho, and Brachydios at once.
RoxaLink Larocque 4 month ago
isocryd 4 month ago
Nullberries? Like you're gonna have the time for that.
Abiss Reaper 4 month ago
Monster Hunter X Dark Souls <3
zerf sefo 4 month ago
So sand barioth and raging brachy incoming right?
One Triggered Zeno Boi 4 month ago
Nu I dont care, I still feel proud ofy nostalgia >:(
Zerx 4 month ago
Really good Monster with really epic weapon designs, so a big fu for fukn up the weapon designs for so many weapons in mhw and iceborn :(
Heartless Owl 4 month ago
Astonishing work from Capcom. Counting each minute before the PC drop. Yet there is still something sad deep down my heart, since it was hard for them to introduce leviathans to the game. Hope they will make their return in the next part of the series
Jason Lobo 4 month ago
Men the remaster of his song in world is a beauty
TheRileyss 4 month ago
I've been saying brachydios wrong for 7 years....
Salwa Ahmad Z 4 month ago
Please Fix the Brachydios Long Sword Design 😭
Super S-ky 4 month ago
A advice I want to be come a role as a monster, use skills as monster, it’s boring to be just slayer monster.
DanteDarkWolf 4 month ago
Wait... You can eliminate blast ailment with null berries!?!? I just roll and that's much more cheaper
東方外人 4 month ago
Original. Weapons actually looked good.
Shaheen Mohammad Shah 4 month ago
Capcom, please bring monster hunter frontier z z to Middle East and west, please I beg you Capcom
The WindyREDPanda 4 month ago
Should hav ehad this video voiced by a woman fangirling... Guildarm.
Mukuro Ikusaba 4 month ago
Unfortunately we lost Slime element >:/
jimboy de juan 3 month ago
Just A Coffee Stain 4 month ago
I've been calling him Snot rocket due to his gross explosive Flu he's been fighting for like what Two years?
廖Andrew 4 month ago
Can we get a weapons before and now ?
Merik Lobo 4 month ago
Why does this sound kinda like the guy from Slopes Game Room? Right down to his inflections.
Cosmic Orca1808 4 month ago
What would happen if we shot loads of nulberys at brachy?
Potato Dude 4 month ago
So is this for hype mhw? The last one youll show is fatalis right in this before and after :3
Hotsticks Gaming Shinwolf 4 month ago
So when are we gonna get all the monsters from the Online games?
Maximillian Veinhardt 4 month ago
Get ready to dodge roll. A LOT.
James Gaisano 4 month ago
I smell a subspecies
Daniel Fraiz 4 month ago
Bring clashing fists back. I dare you. Bring that quest back and send hell upon us
BlackDeast 4 month ago
he's slow as hell :/
Spit Maste 4 month ago
Just 3 days left!
FurNekko Creations 4 month ago
the old one was better, this one is just like a zelda bomb
troyisfilming 4 month ago
Looks tight!
Shart Bake 4 month ago
Brachy tail hammer was pretty sweet until I got the safi shatter crusher.
Fret D P 4 month ago
Raging brachydios incoming
Zuhua Peng 4 month ago
This thing was a real challenge in 3G...not so much in the other games...
AzyPebble 4 month ago
Nike has a colorway of him aint got da money to cop it yet
Sentogan 4 month ago
0:11 That filter ugly ! He was not included on the game at the origin !
Zed´s Zone 4 month ago
Comments are full with monster wishes, that really shows the lack of content monsterwise in world, i hope they bring lots of monsters to the game. Iceborne brought many cool monsters but people still miss raging brachy, agnaktor, fatalis trio, akantor, gore/shagaru magala, chameleos and so many more.
raven's funhouse 4 month ago
can't wait to make the dildo dual blades
Jamie Sutton 4 month ago
Hi I know this is irrelevant to the video but I baught monster hunter world : iceborne so I started the main campaign where you have to kill zoragh magdaros and I haven't got the clutch claw or trail raiders do I get them once I start iceborne?
Zatroon_ Golden 4 month ago
A new monster pls
Reginald Downs 4 month ago
imma just say this capcom please give me a new swamp map with a bunch of bug monsters and a interesting elder dragon or returning crustacean to hunt. I feel like were still missing a few areas...or at least a old friend who can give the B52 a run for his money. you know slashing away at his bombs in a dog fight in the air.
BUCKETGEARED 4 month ago
Dank_Souls 4 month ago
Which one is angrier
rasmus bertilsson 4 month ago
Bad game. Fix input stutter.
Twisted Bonnie 4 month ago
Can you do one for rajang please
Meme Master James 4 month ago
So title update 3
Moxer 4 month ago
B12 aka bazel juice + Mr Slime Boxer = WW2 All over again
Its Hawx 4 month ago
Good job this time you actually managed to not show the better weapon designs of brachy from the previous games
AltriaDarkness 4 month ago
His 'new' theme is awesome!
bruno ninho 4 month ago
Mhw: brachydos john cena edition.
proxcom0 4 month ago
Stop spoil for the pc players 😠
Assweecaan 4 month ago
give us raging and the ability to upgrade his weapons to unique models please
Luc The Nerdy 4 month ago
Good 3U Days
franco salinas d soy autista 4 month ago
Now next rathalos
Ridley217 4 month ago
RoughJuff 4 month ago
imo Raging Brachydios wouldn't be as fun because Beezulguese exists. They'd have to change RB up a lot.
Kink 4 month ago
Raging Brachydios in Iceborne please. :)
Chaos Xeloc 4 month ago
I hate what you've decided is the correct pronunciation of Brachydios' name
bob boby 4 month ago
Brachydios critique ?
DerEisman 56 4 month ago
Draven Thorson 4 month ago
ThatHomestar 4 month ago
bastard punch dino
Farouk Harvey 4 month ago
What’s a nullbreeze? I’ve heard of null berries but that’s one a new one.
Nudelauflauf9f MBP 4 month ago
I think armor and weaponary are not the problem that make this game is not adicting and challanging to play. Restock while in mission make this game so ♥♥♥♥in uncomfotable in every difficulty in this game. By giving a gap in items maybe could make this game more interesting...For what managing items while in a hub/base if we can restockin items in the midgame? As my experience in the previous Monster Hunter series, Preparation is the number 1 factor to win a game., now, we just need to restock and eat bad man
Gogmazi os 4 month ago
TerkoizeGaming 4 month ago
Please boost the drop rates for "Great spiritvein Gems" soon. I literally already uninstalled my game because Im not going to WASTE my time on your trash RNG drops after fighting ten straight elders and getting nothing out of it. Fix the trash and maybe I'll re install the game or actually even spend extra money on it. But for now there is literally NO POINT in me continuing to fight endlessly for literally no reason in the Guiding Lands against a bunch of broken "Tier 3 Monster" hit box ass lazily made pieces of shit that never even drop the "Great Spiritvein Gems" in the first place. I've used Geology Decs and ten elders later not ONE Great Spiritvein Gem.... Um, HELL NO. I uninstalled the fuck out of this shit, good bye monster hunter just like ALL of the OG players that have been leaving the game in DROVES lately, until you maybe get a fucking clue and fix your piece of shit trash game.
Hallowed knight 4 month ago
franco salinas d soy autista 4 month ago
And rajang
FinalDragoon 4 month ago
Back in my day Blast was called Slime.
ThanosCar Eltonbeans 4 month ago
I kinda feel bad for anyone who believed (because of the 4chan leak) that Capcom would release a new trailer these days
Archyval 4 month ago
Pls relse the dlc 1 day before