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Yo, Son Goku and his Friends Return!, Plan to eradicate the Saiyans, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece and Toriko crossover and finally the Episode of Bardock short story. I'm finally done!

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Totally Not Mark 6 month ago
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Should I attempt to review GT? Leave a like for yes and a like for no!
Jorrel Doe 6 month ago
"There's not a single thing left." Wait but what about GT- *Dan Dan Kokoro plays*
AntiTcb 6 month ago
"There's not a single thing left." GT: Prepare for trouble SDBH: And make it double
that one strange guy 6 month ago
Mark: finally watched everything Dragonball. SDBH and GT: allow us to introduce ourselves
dead memes 6 month ago
Mark: I've seen every DBZ movie Viewers:*There is another*
Noel Rodriguez 6 month ago
Christian Cinnabars 6 month ago
“There’s not a single. thing. left.” Dragon Ball games: *Blocks your path*
Mysti Kal 6 month ago
"I've seen everything dragonball and reviewed it...nothing left, I survived" *Step into the Grand Tour begins to play* "Why do I hear boss music?"
SuperVegito001 6 month ago
Mark: “Luhhffy”
Vegito Instinct 6 month ago
“There is not a single thing left” *Dan Dan Korkoro-* “Oh god no!”
Kaihedgie 6 month ago
"Cutscene" Mark, that's because they _are_ cutscenes. The video snippets are for the game of the same name.
ThereIsNoTry V 6 month ago
"I think he's a *tarble* idea" had me laughing so God damn hard. Thank you, Not Mark 🤣
Azzylito 6 month ago
The way he said Luffy bothers me.
Aaron Moreno 6 month ago
"There's not a single thing left.." Dbgt: aw hell naw
Charles Champ 6 month ago
"I have watched everything in Dragon Ball" What about traffic safety?
Tittie Sprinkles 6 month ago
“Luhfy” Yuck🤣🤣🤣 love you mark
Robert Bishop 6 month ago
As a one piece viewer hearing you pronounce Luffy hurt my soul
AlphaRKA 6 month ago
"I have watched everything in dragon ball" SDBH: *HAHAHAHAHA*
ItsAppleJuice 6 month ago
“I think he’s a Tarble idea”
Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons 6 month ago
Everyone saying he still has GT left. I'm here to remind you about... Live action movies. HmhmhmhmhahahahaHAHAHAHA *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA*
TwoBrosGamers 6 month ago
Mark : I have watched Everything DB GT and SDBH : Are you sure about that
GamingManiac TV 6 month ago
You forgot the original "Bardock: The Father of Goku"
Dank Wazowski 6 month ago
“There’s not a single thing left” DBZ Televikko advertisement: am I a joke to you?
Dane Bowe 6 month ago
Mark: that's it! I've officially seen all that Dragonball has to offer! Fans intensity chanting: DAN DAN KOKORO HIKARETEKU
Super holy Mexican dolphin 5 month ago
Mark: I've literally watched every piece of dragon Ball media Gt: I'm I a joke to you Mark:yes
Jaden190 the hedgehog 6 month ago
He walked himself into a corner, now he HAS to talk about GT
Mith-a-Tastik 6 month ago
"Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!" Probably has the perfect modern Dragon Ball art style. The characters aren't shiny like Super (primarily the solid coloured hair looks better than Super's 3 toned hair) and it just looks like if the old art style was cleaned up a bit and put in HD.
Stevie 6 month ago
Mark: "There's not a single thing left....." After that, I was honestly expecting Evolution, but GT works too.
Master 6 month ago
Me: Review another anime Totally not mark: DRAGON BALL GT!!!
Cobalt Sanderson 6 month ago
“Throwing us and Bardock into the future. However Bardock doesn’t know he is in the Past.” Nor do I at this point, you’ve said both
The New Satinbobcat 6 month ago
Mark: "theres no more." Fans: "but wait theres more."
Shinnin 6 month ago
5:24 - The original Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans was a game first, then an OVA. That's probably why there's context missing in just the OVA.
Carmine-Heat 03 6 month ago
Mark: There's not a single thing left! Me:What about GT? *GT opening starts playing* Me: yeah I thought so
Alassandros 6 month ago
Has he seen the live-action "Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins" yet? I feel that's mandatory to avoid any talk of illegitimacy.
carlackersii 6 month ago
Fun fact: in the Manga EOS Toriko could actually give Goku a run for his money. Though it helps that the power scaling is easier to grasp in Toriko
The One 6 month ago
"There's not a single thing left." wild GT has appeared.
RooT_A _TooT 6 month ago
Mark: I’ve watched all the dragon ball movies Dragon ball movie 3: am I a joke to you
Princess Trunks 6 month ago
Me: Is not the biggest fan of TNM TNM: I think Tarble was a *Tarble* idea Me: Subscribes
Sergeant Mituna 6 month ago
I'm disappointed some of these OVA's never got a English Dub. Though that's how it is most of the time.
Alebrije Moderno 6 month ago
What about that movie when Chiatzou it´s a prince and cover three full arcs in 45 minutes in his own way?
SK 3 6 month ago
Hate how the special tried to make Goku “even” with everyone else😂
YouSoRusso 6 month ago
malhar mutha 6 month ago
Your pronunciation of luffy makes me want to hurt someone
Meem Ain 6 month ago
9:07 Look at Vegeta lmao.
ltloxA 6 month ago
"Ignoring the TFS one" did not deserv that voice.
roastedmongoose 6 month ago
TNM: "There's not a single thing left" And now your channel dies. (Dragon Ball GT theme plays) *And now your channel dies.*
MJ the Photographer 6 month ago
12:52 GT: 👏🏼I’m bout to end this mans whole career👏🏼
Kaio Blazin' Blue Pursuit 6 month ago
0:27 I know a TFS reference when I see one.
VenHur 6 month ago
Mark: "[...] There is not a single. thing. LEFT." Dragon Ball GT: *I'ma have to stop you there, boy.*
131Leonardo 01 6 month ago
1:24 “story takes roughly 2 years after DBZ...” i dont believe thats accurate unless u SPECIFICALLY mean after Majin Buu b/c DBS takes place AFTER Majin Buu but BEFORE the epilogue of DBZ let me know what u think
Carlton Carter 6 month ago
Totally Not Mark: When I thought I was done....THEY PULLED ME RIGHT BACK IN!
C Vox 6 month ago
Man I remember that crossover Shonen jump was really trying to push Toriko so hard Sad that in the end it was still rushed
Von D 6 month ago
5:48 I love how there was only one name left to be said and Turles is just an "et cetera" to Not Mark. Fieza was never even a movie villain at that point in DB history.
Triple M and Co. 6 month ago
Mark: I've seen every thing about DBZ Me: Time for review Videogames!
CMF _moonlxght 6 month ago
GT : Theme song Mark : OH GOD NO I laughed so hard 🤣😂🤣
24 Klassics 6 month ago
Luffy's name is pronounced "LOO•fie" in case anyone got misdirected here
jaden smith 6 month ago
Mark: I have watched everything dragon ball has released Dbz Kai: DRAGON SOUL
GuY oN iNtErNeT 6 month ago
Mark: I have seen everything Me: But what about the Dragon Ball Original Anime Nippon Ijin Taisho 2007?
Gabriel Filippetti 6 month ago
Mark: “has Reviewed every single thing in db,dbz ,dbs “. Me: Laughs in sdbh and gt
Taylm 6 month ago
Question: why does everyone hate GT so much?
mohamed elhedi issa trading card gamer 6 month ago
The collaboration ova was really weird
Wijin00 6 month ago
*Totally Not Mark not watching every Dragon Ball content* DB Fandom: YoUr NoT A tRuE DRagOn BaLl fAn!
ComiXProvider FTW_02 6 month ago
00:26 When I thought 2020 was gonna be my year and WWIII begins
Extreme Boi 6 month ago
Mark: I've watched everything Super dragon ball heroes: There is another
DBZimran 6 month ago
Plan to eradicate the Saiyans has different endings and routes you can take. The story takes place during the animated segments and the gameplay segments, hence why it can feel jarring by just watching the anime version on its own. There are alternate anime moments too which you can find, but they aren't really worth anyone's time. You haven't mentioned the Dragon Ball Fire Rescue Special... Traffic safety Special... Oh and the Telephone (Terebikko) Game DBZ Special... And if you want to be really nit picky, the DBZ summer vacation special... Also One Piece and Dragon Ball have a crossover animation which aired during a amusement event in the 2000s. Luffy and goku team up and fight around in the Japanese Skyline. It is better than the Dream 9 crossover.
StickySlap 6 month ago
Mark there's actually one more thing. It's an original animation made for a Japanese toy phone. Just sayin.
K. Pliskin 5 month ago
4:06 are we all just gonna ignore the branch impaled into Gohan's arm?😂 It's complicated, indeed. Gohan looks like he agrees
Javixk17 6 month ago
Misael Duran 6 month ago
13:08 you’re going to have to do it sooner or later lmao. 😂
danger gerbi 6 month ago
"the older one is from 1993 and the newer one is from 2010" - mind blown!
Josh Nunya 6 month ago
2:50 They've moved on Me who remembers Tarble: But not me, not me Most weebs I know wish Tarble would just show up again
Zombathin Lost Leg/Hacker Cat 6 month ago
2:24 Yo! I think I've seen this one!! I thought it was part of Dragon Ball Super!....
Saris Cross 6 month ago
"Three intellectual*zzzPRRRTLSH*" Yep. It exploded. Tho it feels unfair towards Toriko, there was close to nothing intelligent in those three.
Nicholas Leclerc 6 month ago
12:22 And we ALL know what those 2 shows are...
harlaquin666 6 month ago
Unless I missed it you still got Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure to Review
Ine Wulf 6 month ago
I didn't even know that last one was a thing, definitely gonna watch that.
Bad Vibes 6 month ago
12:20 you know he said that because no one really remembers or cares about that blue haired dude's anime
General Chris Gaming 6 month ago
5:36 didnt goku said something when he was a kid that gohan had to go. Idk my memory is dead lmaoooo
Arthur Vergolino 6 month ago
aaah GT. a weird questionable series of badly executed great ideas and owner of one if not the one best OVA there is for dragon ball.
Zozo 5 month ago
Gah! That jumpscare at the end! How terrifying!
Fibrosis50 Creations 6 month ago
Mark: Now that I've seen all the movies, I can- *OVA challengers approach* Mark: Ugh...
Dexo Plex 6 month ago
To be honest, i’m having trouble looking at dragon ball as a legitimate storyline in these OVAs, i see it as fan service (Bringing back Dragon Ball for Yo Son Goku and his friends return, Luffy meeting Goku, Super Saiyan Bardock, and bringing back movie villains for Plan to eradicate Saiyans). There is little to no emotion, cliche villainy, and continuous, continuous, obvious finishes like a Kamehameha or a combo of some sort.
RecklessGames1 6 month ago
Did he review the ova where Goku travels back in time and interacts with young goku
Breakfast food and dark haired women 6 month ago
Begins to chant "DO GT DO GT DO GT"
LemonGingerHoney 6 month ago
5:58 Stealthchu appears in bottom left corner!
rnp5324 6 month ago
Mark: I’m going to review the Episode of Bardock Me, who used to binge watch it religiously : _Sweats Nervously_ Mark please don’t hurt me-
Javier R 6 month ago
You haven’t watch “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” is a promotional anime for the video game of the same name in released only in Japan
Cydra 6 month ago
I've been having a rough few days, new year blues I imagine, so thank you for posting this today. I've really enjoyed this series so far despite being a very casual dragonball fan.
SFC mr Raccoon 6 month ago
4:14 Aww Yes The Floor Is Indeed The Floor
Diddle n Fiddle 6 month ago
I've gotta say, I've LOVE how the crossover was handled. Having no winner shows respect to all 3 ips. It doesn't take itself too seriously either so the winner/loser isnt important for it to work.
Trex 2402 6 month ago
At the end I was about to be like-" Oh Mark, think u forgot someit" But than the Gt opening started playing.
RobTheRich 6 month ago
The next review is going to be the story in DragonBall: FighterZ lol which I wouldn’t mind
crcoghill 5 month ago
Ugh~ the way he says Luffy's name is painful. Does no one every just listen to one clip to see how a person's name is sounded out? It's "Loo-ffy" not "Luf-ffy". I know there's a U in his name, but it's not pronounced with it.
Skylerz 6 month ago
12:51 Anyone asking the gt theme came from V0RA Music 💚
Ine Wulf 6 month ago
Anyone that went straight to listen to the GT opening after viewing this sign here!
Michael Haley 6 month ago
@1:07 Aah, I see you're a man of tastes as well. FalKKonE's my jam.
Abiola Olagunju 6 month ago
2:36 almost as tarble as that joke
Choc 6 month ago
10:52 Mark.. it’s Loo-Fee not Luh-Fee. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
Hellen Keller for SMASH 2020 6 month ago
what an absolute abonination that fustercluck of a "crossover" was/is.
Diabolical Biscuit 6 month ago
The end had me lol “oh god no-“