I dropped my Sculpture

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Well guys, this has been a crazy journey. From "part 1" when I carved the bucket and hands from a bloke of wewd, to gluing up thousands of colored pencils and spending HUNDREDS of hours working on it just to have it shatter in the end. Its ok though, because I will turn it into something even cooler then what it originally was. So subscribe if you want to see what I do with it! yaaay!

Thank you so much to Brandon Cunningham for helping me with the end sequence. Hes an amazing photographer. Go check out his work and follow him on IG @snapjudgementphoto https://www.instagram.com/snapjudgementphoto/?hl=en

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Bobby Duke Arts 9 month ago
Holy crap this took forever! Now do you understand why lol. Go follow me on Instagram @bobbydukearts if you want to see more pictures. Yaaaaaay!
Lucas Rezin 1 year ago
You should repair it in the kintsugi style, with gold filling the cracks. That way, the break becomes a beautiful part of the history of the piece
Onyx Houseki 7 month ago
I swear every time Bobby walks into a store all the employees are just like "Oh god it's him again"
Abi 6 month ago
“you know how it turns out you’ve seen the thumbnail” me: nervous chuckle
Zoë Griesmyer 5 month ago
Why is he everyone’s Dad but like way better
σlσғ мειsтεя 8 month ago
Moral of the story: *use a table*
Gray Lee 9 month ago
I would’ve have a mental breakdown.
Summerr 8 month ago
Me: *Reads title* Nobody: Me: *Gone, reduced to atoms*
Shawn Teske 7 month ago
Nobody: No one in the universe: Art: *plays muffin song*
Travis Marsh 5 month ago
would have been cool to see him wire the pieces together showing the cool separation look.
Ben Dover 8 month ago
Intro: with moustache. Rest of video: without moustache. CONFUSED SCREAMING
Ozelot 117 1 year ago
I like that this channel never did click bait. The thing just broke after months of work, and its not even in the title, this channel really is breathtaking Edit: You guys have to chill! This comment blew up!
Sarah Chvalná 8 month ago
Just heard the “oof” in my head when it fell
•Dazzlinq• 7 month ago
1:02 Me when my mom finally buys the art supplies I want instead of the cheap and kinda crappy versions
Teague jelinek 7 month ago
13:07 I lost my rent money during a motorcycle ride recently so I really needed that pep talk too bro thanks....
Grace Colley 6 month ago
3:57 He says that we have seen the thumbnail and that it's epic Me: yeah I've seen it shattered on the ground
Alison Morgan 1 year ago
Oh my heart. I was so hoping that was a joke or a prank. My heart shattered just like your beautiful beautiful wewd.
SHAENA WAENA 7 month ago
Bobby:i wish i could look into the future Nobody:😐 Me: No you don’t
eliz w 8 month ago
When you cut your hand I said “aww” aloud and frowned :( but then ur wife came and saved the day so now I’m :)
Nugget the great 8 month ago
12:56 the moment where it feel off This button is for sell , cost: 1 like
Leonard_0325 5 month ago
No one: Still no one: Art he has spent multiple days on:ight imma head out
Whintel 1 year ago
It literally physically hurt my soul when I saw it fall😬
Zarir Inc. 8 month ago
Nobody: Art piece: Ight. Imma commit removing oxygen out of my pores
Leah Daniel Blackthorn 8 month ago
Who am I kidding? Captions: I’m Bobby Do Guards
Revenger 211 5 month ago
That broke my heart, imagine the artist who created it
A G 5 month ago
* sees your dog * SO CUTE EEEEEE! *Alright the dog is now the star of the show, like every time a pet is introduced into a youtuber’s channel-*
Lucía Tarazaga 1 year ago
Sculpture: breaks* Bobby: well, that sucked! Me: screams*
ImTotally Creative 5 month ago
Bobby: *makes masterpiece for months* Sculpture: I'm finna end this mans whole career
Lol 5 month ago
"the sculpture fall" Me:no no no no no ow no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Mau Mau 33 7 month ago
Scince I am an artist as well, I was so scared for the piece, and when it broke *I felt that *
i’mgonnafindyourfamily 4 month ago
Bubble Teaდ 1 year ago
_"I want th..."_ *Saw it fall* _"NooooooOOOOOO"_ My heart shattered.. With all that hard work and money spent, I would have burst out crying. I could imagine the pain you're going through. All the cold sweat and literal blood was poured into this.😥 BUT! Can't wait to see what you are going to recreate with this masterpiece!😁
Legendary Productions 4 month ago
Duuude I know how this feels dude I press "f" in chat
Laura Dark 5 month ago
I feel like there should be a "YEARS OF ACADEMY TRAINING WASTED!" Meme somewhere.
16 subs 0 nubs 5 month ago
Bobby: I think we can turn this negative into a positive Me: duck this shit I'm ducking done. What a piece of ship
Gwee 6 month ago
When he said "oh shit" I felt that
Lachlan R 1 year ago
Bobby: uses lots of sharp tools, doesn’t cut finger Bobby: hits plastic cup, makes hand bleed We expect no less
Asuken Uchiha 5 month ago
If that was me I would've beat up that pedal stool after I stopped filming
AngiShy 5 month ago
7:35 i automatically went "TOPOFDAMORNINTOYA LADEEEZ" XD
TheGamingPro 8 month ago
I really wanna hear you say "I've been expecting you"
Nochopotato4u 4 month ago
The positivity Bobby has is so beautiful, he's a God and he's the best man ever. Weud time
Courtney Cardinal 1 year ago
Erica avila 7 month ago
"Im Bobby duke arts" ** drops sculpture**
mochi 6 month ago
endm 6 month ago
3:53 “lets see if this works, I have no idea if it will. But you probably do because you’ve seen the thumbnail.” *looks at thumbnail and title of video* “You have no idea Bobby
Kendra chloe 7 month ago
When his artwork was falling me : ×starts to cry× my friend what's so sad IT DROPPED NUUUUUU
Red Book 6 month ago
3:55 um yeah it um broke...
• Marlena Smith • 6 month ago
I wouldn’t just say “oh sh*t” I’d say: AAAA SWEET BABY JESUS LORD WHY DO YOU HATE ME FHDJSJSJ
Name Last 5 month ago
Arts: I wish I could see into the future Me: if only you could so you don’t make that mistake that sad sad mistake
SneakyEnchalada 5 month ago
7 months later this video is such a brilliant inspiration. You’re honestly such a great person, Bobby, you’re incredible.
crazyboopants 1 year ago
My daughter is laying in bed next to me when I gasped and said “Oh no!” But then you went on to say that it is just a thing...and it’s people and memories that matter. She’s fighting Stage IV neuroblastoma and this really hit home with me...and her. She’s six and she said, ”Mommy, he’s funny.” and then rolled over to watch Ryan’s Toy Review. So while you are second on her list, you are first on mine! Thank you for such beautiful work and spirit.
Nielieboy44 6 month ago
1:01 'mommy, daddy is doing that weird thing again'
Aphy Hentai 8 month ago
Even if i watch the whole video with in my mind "when this will fall" At the end i don't know why i've being sad to see the art falling and breaking.. ;_; its very weird..
M Ld 6 month ago
Also, you shouldve had a cushion like pillows or seat cushions on the floor in case it fell, which it did
Masked Foox 5 month ago
Bobby Duke Arts: makes really elegant sculpture Gravity: *no*
Ash 5 month ago
The only time I've ever wanted a video to be clickbait
Dirtbag PW 5 month ago
Honestly I know you’re not gonna see this but just watching your art Beautiful it’s amazing and I love it but RIP that amazing piece of art
Amaze Me 8 month ago
I can't even imagine the horror, i'm so sorry for your loss man, but i'm glad you got to take pics first
Masumi 4 month ago
It really do be like that sometimes.
Chloe Elsa 4 month ago
This is so so funny because at 2:07 I farted when Bobby Duke said "In order to get this FARTY started..." :)
SovereignJarodKwan 5 month ago
12:57 Hank, "God dangit bobby..."
yunotastic 5 month ago
Strong glue: *why are you starring at me?*
Victoria Meduza 8 month ago
I was watching this and forgot that it broke, my heart stopped when it fell because I forgot why I clicked on the video.
Insane Mokey 8 month ago
I'm realy felt like Kakyoin reciving the punch of The World when the art falls.
Roblox Gameplays 8 month ago
Nobody: Art: I have decided that I want to die.
Lola Koppang 8 month ago
Bobby: oh who am I kidding, I’m Bobby Duke Arts Me: little do you know-
Call me 911 5 month ago
Nobody: Art: imma commit su*wewd*icide
Husain Barafwala 4 month ago
Hey, loved ur last message after breaking the beautiful piece... Cheers.. Im inspired.. 👍
Oliver Venckus 8 month ago
Nobody: Art: Ight im a head out
Abby jedlicka 1 year ago
Artwork drops, breaks. Me: Did that really just happen? Bobby Duke: Yes, that just happened.
lisa small 6 month ago
Oh my goodness I cried. That piece was so magnificent. You’re amazing
Jennifer Canada 6 month ago
When he had the clip of the house the first thing that came to mind was “ la Rosa de Guadalupe “
Linda Conrades 7 month ago
I loved how you handled that whole thing, I can't wait to see what turn it into very much looking forward to seeing it become even awesome-er lol. Though as a fellow artist I feel an obligation to hunt down gravity and avenge your your beautiful sculpture! Lolz it shall be done! 😜😂
Sleepy Soul 5 month ago
0:12 at your own risk, paused perfectly at the wrong time
Bethie Boo 1 year ago
I think it would be really cool if it was glued back together but the cracks were outlined in gold. It is a Japanese pottery method called Kintsugi.
flaming mongoose 5 month ago
Bobbyduke: I'm going to take pieces of *burb* foam Me: okay Rick
NoRainNoFlowers 6 month ago
I love that Bobby goes from “well that sucked” to a speech about the importance of relationships over material wealth this dude is amazing
gaia35 8 month ago
"100's of hours of work gone in 15 minutes"
Ender Manani 8 month ago
When that impact happened it felt like I was dropping with it and I just felt the pain
Leela_ _Steele 8 month ago
Bobby: spends hundreds of hours making art Gravity: I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Alaina Bilow 5 month ago
"Dog looks concerned" lol
Code Name 7 month ago
I’ve seen this multiple times, I still yell at the TV every time.
Ecto Toxic 5 month ago
Awww man I could feel when it broke, that hurt Q - Q
Skipii_ 7 month ago
Art: and for my final act, I'm gonna kill my self. Inspiration, rocketman. I also love how you can hear him ever so slightly say shit
Galactic_Drawer OwO 1 year ago
My soul felt so much pain when it fell. And now I have to wait to get a bandaid.
Crazy Girly Gamer 77 5 month ago
I was literally just talking about this with my dad an hour ago... and it just now randomly pops up on mupy recomm3ndations.....
WOLFY - GMD 8 month ago
12:57: Piece of art: « I want to die, so bye...»
Kayleigh C.- Icy Dazzlers 8 month ago
Such an amazingly beautiful piece my breathe caught when the light came thru and tears came to my eyes when when it fell... wow I am sorry... knowing your amazing abilities you got this but jeez literally wanted to rewind and just pause it before it happened
Dance With Me Then 5 month ago
I can so relate with this. A piece I'd been working on for so long broke in half just before the review! Damnit, cruel art gods!
forgotten snecko 1 year ago
Me: hah I bet that falling was a joke and that was just a tiny replica Bobby: *actually says shit* Me: oh... Ohhhh noooooooo
Lapis Lazuli 6 month ago
This was both heart breaking and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for showing us that you can turn anything into a positive!
ryandontlikeyou 5 month ago
I’m not an art guy but omg that was amazing. My heart sank when it really fell
Milk Achoo! 8 month ago
When i see it shatter: *OMGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOOOO*
Sir Cringe 4 month ago
ya gotta tattoo on yo neck dat says "Love" in Chinese
Pithlyx 1 year ago
i wouldn't call it a fall, it's more like a sudden realization of gravity
Josh Carrie 6 month ago
Well that just make me feel like procrastinating
Jendra 8 month ago
I cried when it fell over. I can imagine the pain... AAAA
stick_plays 7 month ago
that one piece of wind must have been like: imma end this arts whole career
Melinda Lindsay 5 month ago
Noodle Soup 12 month ago
Bobby: *walks up to a cash register* "Mind if I film and make noises."