Lil Skies - More Money More Ice (Official Audio)

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Lil Skies - More Money More Ice (Official Audio)

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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.
Ale Meza 9 month ago
Who else has been supporting Skies for a long time?!
Trusty Traytor 8 month ago
Like - Lil Skies Comment - Trippie Redd also comment if both i like them both
Sean 9 month ago
He actually sayin something not like those other rappers 🖤🖤
Bazik .Yt. 7 month ago
“Lil” does not belong to him he is too good
Julio Villela 9 month ago
Still waiting for a Juice Wrld collab with Lil Skies
Zaf 9 month ago
who else in school rn ? 😂🔥
Dre Natte 9 month ago
“I ain’t running from my problems imma face em I promise.” 🔥
Tristen 9 month ago
Lil skies got the perfect rap voice🔥
3nergyx 9 month ago
Who's better: 👍 Lil Skies = Like 👍 👇3nergyx = Reply👇
kezzi2 9 month ago
Autumn is coming. Nobody: Lil Skies More Ice
Jeremy Santos 9 month ago
This sound like the old skies 😷🔥🔥
chris roling 9 month ago
Lil skies and uzi would be awesome ❌🧢
Looney#Guy#Gamer 13 8 month ago
Epic collab Lil skies, trippie redd, Lil Uzi Vert, juice world, and X if he was alive
Jared R 9 month ago
Lil skies never ever disappoints🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️💯💯💯
6dogs 9 month ago
I see Skies, I click 🔥 Already know this is gonna be fire 🤩
ibrahim Hawa 9 month ago
I lowkey think hes droping some lit songs drip bro
Anthony Carpenter 9 month ago
Keep the bangers coming out 🖤🤙🏻🦋can’t be stopped 🦋
Eoghan Jones 9 month ago
I was literally was just watching the video for this when this dropped
John William 9 month ago
I’m a simple man I see lil skies I click right away🔥🔥
Juan Mejia10131 9 month ago
I can’t name a bad skies song, they all too lit🖤🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mr Dark 9 month ago
Turn this blue if you love lil skies
Chillz 9 month ago
Ngl but I like his new hair. I think he cut it because he wanted waves but love the song 🦋❤️
FL1CK 9 month ago
Я ж не один сначала прочитал "Моя"?
Ryan Rodrigues 9 month ago
Who got the notification when you were at school???
Geo Snipez 9 month ago
I think my Youtube is broken, mine say's no views but 176 likes! Anyone else here early asf?
BonuZ 9 month ago
Lil Skies didnt dropped bad song yet <---- and that's a fact
RLG 6 month ago
This song underated afffffff
Gary Daniels 4 month ago
Y Rios Romero 7 month ago
Lil skies: like Dababy: comment
#22JacksonSterling 3 month ago
When will skies release new music?
Munira Ahmed 8 month ago
who's wish in this year before ended gonna be billionaire wit MORE MONEY💰💼
Atc_Reaper 9 month ago
This is how many bangers lil skies 👇
Boston Dean 3 month ago
I didn't know that i could hear rappers Your the first lil skies good job
GokuFN 9 month ago
The official music video came like 1 hour ago bro chill
ItzYaboiCarlos 9 month ago
Currently boutta watch this for the first time and I already know it Gonna Be Heat
Mert 999 9 month ago
Who clicked on the notification and went straight to the comments aswell😂
Johnny Ramirez 9 month ago
Who got here without notification?like if u did
presley 9 month ago
Omg how did I not know he posted this
Trusty Traytor 9 month ago
We need a Lil Skies ft. Ski Mask!
Hailey McMillian 9 month ago
i was so happy when you announced releasing this! always hype for new music from you!
Krisztina Gáspár 9 month ago
⚡Real energizing elixir music doping.⚡
Edwin Vasquez 9 month ago
Still waiting for a collab with Nav. Like so skies can see
Lucia Garcia 6 month ago
“Granddaddy🦋 in his grave🥀, I gave my heart ❤️to my momma✨”
Mekah Daniel 9 month ago
I love this to be honest and I love him he is my favorite RAPPER and I hope he sees this i saw him from the beginning you grew alot...😁😁😁🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Krisztina Gáspár 9 month ago
I like this music more than money.🔝
Aylin 9 month ago
Alle Deutschen Liken 😂♥️
BRIAN Čhävêz 9 month ago
When u see a notification from skies u already know it’s bout to be fire🔥🔥
Tega X 9 month ago
Daaaaaang bro I was blasting this in class and my teacher to put this on the speakers🔥🔥
Callista Muncy 8 month ago
💛💛😍😍😍💛💛 Lil Skies music is... I have no words
xanax 8 month ago
am i the only one waiting for this to get on spotify
Flip Around 5 month ago
Hey skies. I'ma twelve year old and ur my favorite rapper of all time and i want u to know that u are my biggest inpiration and that i hope to meet u one day to have the best day of my life. Ur the best and thank u for everything u have done in your career
Im Sethurrito And I have a burrito 9 month ago
Lil skies deserves the ice more than most rappers trashcan rappers these days. The goat 🐐
aa litty 8 month ago
I’m a day late🥺but I love lil skies sm keep grinding🤞🏽🦋
Garrett Kirby 9 month ago
I love skies bro he’s the realest rapper out of this generation 💯🤷‍♂️
Katherine Argüello 8 month ago
no one: more 💰 more 💎’s beat: 🦟 🤧
Bot Xplayer 9 month ago
Like to be a rapper...
Malus! 9 month ago
Lil skies the best little? Like if so
Elite Fresh 8 month ago
Lil skies and lil tecca 🔥🥵 Like if you agree
cecilia bozo cortez 9 month ago
XcLp GAMING 9 month ago
PLEASE drop "Ice Water" Such 🔥🔥🔥 the snippet has been killing me 😭 PLEASE DROP IT!!
Braelyn Underwood 8 month ago
when 6ix9ine was blowing up people said lil skies was falling off whos the snitch now
Xflue 9 month ago
More money more ice..... I'm still waiting for ICE WATER!!!
Suety 8 month ago
When will this be on spotify bro
Kris Lopez 3 month ago
We’re the music at skies
iDemolishScrubz Psn 9 month ago
This fire, Skies never disappoints
Emssi 951 9 month ago
This is more fire than ice🔥💰
Shdz God5659 6 month ago
Everyone have a great day
Justin 4 month ago
This should have a million views🔥
Xanex_aleX .R6 9 month ago
This song is 🔥 Not only is the beat dope but the lyrics are too. This is the skies that we all need
Fxz OwenB 9 month ago
I love ur music ur a sick rapper and I am happy this is out sick song btw OMG THX FOR THE LIKES THIS IS THE LiKes OMG THX AGEN
YNW Legends 9 month ago
ZRENOx zrenoX 9 month ago
33 views 1.6 likes *ok*
River Peters 8 month ago
I've been supporting skies for a long time! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯
Lucas Podolski 9 month ago
Você é muito brabo irmão. O melhor rap que eu já conheci nessa geração 🌎👏
dosen 9 month ago
Lil Skies is 🔥
Dat1kid Arthur 9 month ago
This wat we neeeeedddeeeeddddd
timol213 9 month ago
Skies, bless us with a post malone collab please
D. Estephanie 9 month ago
Skies the best rapper ever literally love all he’s songs🤷🏼‍♀️💜
xeeneex 8 month ago
Lil skies 2017 = begin Lil skies 2019 = perfect singer
Noah Bjorge 4 month ago
Yo lil skies. There is a beat called healing goddess by Oddwin that you should use. I think you would do spit fire on the beat
Scuz 9 month ago
I’m simple. I see a lil skies noti and I click
Tyler Coggio 9 month ago
“when it’s time to ride u know i’m there , and that’s rare” 🦋
Joep Duijvestijn 9 month ago
Getting them old skies vibes back🔥
Cowvi N 9 month ago
The beat could be better tbh But either way Skies 🔥🔥
All Apple 9 month ago
This song this fire🔥
Saun67 9 month ago
Who ever disliked this song can run my fade
Types of hard music Chanel by Mary 8 month ago
Lil skies fly in skies🌏 Lil skies Dark rose💞🌹
sauceyandrew 9 month ago
That instrumental goes hard af 🔥🔥🔥
Exstasy 9 month ago
“I’m a man I won’t lie to you” 🔥🔥
Latschi Tschei 9 month ago
Fr your songs are lit 🔥 and tbh ur my favorite rapper , bro u better than Nicky 😂❤️
johxny 9 month ago
This gives me old skies vibes like from Mary kay !, you needa drop that song like so lil skies can see 😖
Bart 9 month ago
The back of Skies head said ☠️
We need this on spotify :)
Tagit 9 month ago
Lil skies XXL MAN 2019 FRESHMAN
Lowkey Breiah gaming 8 month ago
Anybody else been listening since “the SnapBack song”
BoChonny H. 9 month ago
Sending those daily positive vibes from Houston everyone!🦋🌊
Julio Cesar 9 month ago
Cade os Br??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️
Atc_Reaper 3 month ago
Who else is waiting for his new album😬🔥
Boo Phanchan 5 month ago
Pray for young legends who made music like x and lil peep and juice
Mena Wena 9 month ago
Hi lil sky’s I hope if you ever have a next concert I will be going but I can only go befor or after I go to the Jonas brothers concert in October