Coronavirus Coverage: Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m.

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Continuing coverage on the coronavirus outbreak in Washington state on Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m. More at
frankiedanx 10 days ago
Who is checking for these restaurants about using masks to keep droplets out of food?
FMJ Berg 10 days ago
I have been staying at home for well over two weeks. I am broke but we’ll 👋
Tv2079 Valenti 10 days ago
The Sky is getting so beautiful again!!! That should teach us that we really need to change our ways just by seeing the beautiful sky again.
Bill Barrios 10 days ago
I'm going to be mindful of everyone,piroshky sounds good to me
Muffy Chao 9 days ago
Will pot shops and smoke shops be open?
Iquey 9 days ago
I guess I'm fortunate to live with my parents who have a back yard. If I'm stressed I can go out and attack the weeds.
Darkness Fallz 10 days ago
It sounds like you guys are trying to get rid of the nursing homes
vegacool1 10 days ago
Ask the Governor if he minds paying my mortgage while I can't work.
JVONROCK 10 days ago
Can you imagine what L.A., S.F. , Port. And Sea. will look like in 8weeks of poor ? The rats live off waste, when not feed, lawlessness will be the fear factor.