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The Weeknd - He Was Never There

Director: Joachim Johnson
Producer: Rebecca Hearn
Editor: Dylan Coughran
Scoring: mybestfriendjacob

My Dear Melancholy, available now from The Weeknd.

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Candy Fernandy 2 years ago
Angel's voice + Devil's words = The Weeknd
Mackenzie Drake 1 year ago
words can’t describe the love i have for this man and his music.
Laurie Holmes 1 year ago
The more heartbreak he goes through, the quieter to the public eye he is, and his music becomes more and more raw. Almost a window into his mind.
Maamoun Ammar 2 years ago
Remember when this channel was our little secret?
Angel FromThe6 5 month ago
Mans went from Heartbroken to Heartless
honeyash 2 years ago
the mysterious to the weeknd is what made me fall for him & his music
anna 2 years ago
What makes a grown woman wanna cry? Abel
Fernando Mikell 1 year ago
Selena isn’t even that interesting to have this man caught up like that
LeBron James 5 month ago
Abel is the type of man to turn a cat into a panther just using his voice.
Jessica Marie 2 years ago
I love how he is so private in his life. But through his music he is raw and open.
xotwod 7 month ago
I come back here everytime i need to get inspired
Hellomynameis 2 years ago
King of dark R&B. Don't @ me
Pablo Martinez 7 month ago
the 1,300 dislikes are justin bieber fans who are jealous that abel's album's are better than bieber's album's 😂😂
Mo 5 month ago
1. Trilogy 2. Kissland 3. BBTM 4. MDM 5. Starboy
The Dark Passenger 1 year ago
4:37 why tf didn't they include those vocals in the song?
Naomi James 2 years ago
Why would anyone dislike this tf
Valerie Alobaidi 2 years ago
Hottest man on earth
Yamely Rodriguez 2 years ago
This is something so different and I’m finding myself loving it!! Abel has such a vibe!!
Miriam Rojas 2 years ago
Selena deserves ZERO credit. People need to stop hopping on the "Thanks selena for breaking Abel's heart" bandwagon. He has been able to create soulful masterpieces from DAY ONE no thanks to her. 👏🏽
oneir raza 2 years ago
Idk why but I think Lana Del Rey and Abel as a couple would really work. They both have an artistic side along with this mysterious aura that surrounds them and their music is mostly deep and meaningful.
D a r l e n e 2 years ago
3:43 "She speaks of love and breaks each man into her will"
Kristaps Melkis 2 years ago
I love The Weeknd but something makes me think he becomes quiet.. Weird mysterious silence.. His songs gives me this feeling. 🖤
Crxpas 1 year ago
Jackie Chino 9 month ago
this is now in my recommended... i guess this means something
Justin Nunez 1 year ago
Top 3 albums in my heart 1. My Dear Melancholy 2. Kissland 3. Trilogy
Blake Harris 2 years ago
When He Sings The Snippet Of “Call Out My Name” Acapella, It’s So Much More Touching & Beautiful
whore 1 year ago
i can't wait until we get an actual album... it's gonna be amazing i know it
Uzair Ahmad 2 years ago
Had to break up with my girl to get the full effect of this EP
Ziya Bhatti 2 years ago
Jensey J 2 years ago
I’ve been a fan of his since trilogy and hearing this new album really brings me back to a trilogy vibes. Don’t get me wrong I still love his music but Starboy was just so different than his old music I was really disappointed. Now I am happy than ever and hoping he will have a tour😩
No One 2 years ago
I had very little enthusiasm for modern music, stuck to classic rock a lot. Then Abel happened. I feel blessed to be young and alive in this very moment, going through the vibes his music gives. This latest album is far too relatable and beautiful all at once, it couldn’t have come at a better time.
acebloxy04 9 month ago
3:02 that scared the shit out of me, i had my headphones on full volume
anastasia christina 2 years ago
I hope he's fine. I mean depressed Abel makes good music but has a sad soul
SaraZ 2907 5 month ago
He promise nothing but loving and breaks you into his will
Gary Amador 1 year ago
her long blazing hair her almost perfect body walks down the street as the same sun falls upon the flowers
dizzy fox 11 month ago
Devils word + Angel's voice = Abel Much love from Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹
Christian Boorman 1 year ago
NJASZN 2 years ago
When I first heard “I Was Never There” I left a comment on the official YouTube audio video that got upvoted alot surprisingly lol I jokingly said “this shit makes me want to get into a relationship just to break up and then feel this way 😂”. Since then I’ve met someone. And I’m terrified that the universe is about to fuck with me 🤔
dandean 1 year ago
i just come back here once in a while because this is too good
NiNi Wright 1 year ago
The Weeknd is an Aquarius and the way he sings is mesmerizing but yet its so dark and addicting. He is so mysterious and private but his music and lyrics shine a light for his life and he feeds is his emotions raw. Such raw talent that he has. He lets you into the dark and consoles us and lets us listen to it and feel out emotions and once he is done, he gives us our lives back and lets us keep our emotions. Plus, he takes the time out to really listen to his fans! Kudos to him. A really underrated artist and his music as well.
chekk onetwo 2 years ago
You can't get more authentic than that. xo till we overdose 💋
Ornella Nicole 2 years ago
I´ve never loved someone so much... you are so talented Abel, such a creative mind. You never dissapoint us with your new tracks! For the first time in my life I feel related to an artist... every single song you perform! you´re a new drug ! XOTWOD
Luis Ibarra 10 month ago
4:34 his vocals are fucking insane Abel is most definitely one of the most talented artists of our generation... his lyrics and voice just leaves me speechless
genna 2 years ago
5:38 is my favorite part idk why
Prub D 2 years ago
He's the perfect balance bw the realms of light and dark. A ying/yang in true human form.
Yash Sagoo 2 years ago
It sounds like the devil inside is trying to cry out at 4:43 when he is trying to show how his next journey that begins from now
Lena X'O 2 years ago
She speaks of love but breaks each men to her will...
Alejandro 1 year ago
everything after 2:15 maaaaaaaaaaaaan
Heavyweightsmker. Fourtwenyy 1 year ago
The twisted mysterious "Michael Jackson" of our era .. raw talent .!! Xo
Abel SV 1 year ago
"It won't matter babe"
Diana Sandoval 1 year ago
he was never there, and now hes engaged to another women... selena selena left an amazing man for someone who was def not worth losing a great man like abel.
smøl acc 2 years ago
melancholy abel is better than starboy abel
xoshar92 2 years ago
Im so happy the Old Abel is back, stronger than ever!! Trilogy vibes <3 XOTWOD
Alexa Hoover 2 years ago
This is giving me some serious “Sinister” (the horror movie) vibes. Love it! Anyone else?
Annelise Wunderlich 2 years ago
His Ethiopian roots are showing with these sick vocals. The way he hits emotional truth by creating a musical trance. He's laying the groundwork for real spiritual revelations that I know will come later in his career.
Jamyyah Gerring 1 year ago
The fact that this came out today last year😍
Machismo 2 years ago
"She speaks of love and breaks each man to her will."
xGenGamingTV 2 years ago
The ambience in this guy’s music is musical beauty.
NicNeverNick 2 years ago
2:25 you can really see his hurt man. I love the music, but at what cost to him to make it?
Lincy merin joy 2 years ago
1:25 😍😭
Angel FromThe6 1 year ago
Geez, after watching this, I just might buy an acoustic guitar and fuck around with my older bros keyboard and see where I go from there. Mans creativity just inspires me.
Juan Alba 1 year ago
3:43-4:08 is the best part
starleto100 1 year ago
Man you don't know how much I can relate to this album, especially after experiencing a break up, you question everything....
Taim Dahoul 2 years ago
3:03 when your friend makes you listen to a song and you act like its nice :D
Erica Lima 2 years ago
"She speaks of love and breaks each man to her will" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
SK Tv 2 years ago
Damn Abel 😭 now I definitely don’t want a relationship 💀😂
Maram Mahfouz 5 month ago
It was like he was never there ❤
Jose Sanchez 5 month ago
This is amazing i dont think he realizes the impact his music makes on us. 2 years later and im still here at 5am watching this video. It will never get old
ANYALATE 2 years ago
I wish this was LONGER!!! 🙌🏽🎶✨
Basmati Rice 1 year ago
From 0:45 to 1:12 and from 3:43 to 4:09 👌🔥🙏
alexis 2 years ago
the second half of this song cured cancer
iann_ 301 2 years ago
This beat is rare like this is I think the beginning of his true form like his actual feeling for his music
Joaco Cortes 1 year ago
4:44 i really love this
Evie 2 years ago
Abel finally listened to his fans and gave us that vocals and xo vibe we wanted for so long
Eesha Singh 2 years ago
Fell in love with him 4 years ago because of his mystery, and here it is again!! xotwod
Stephie Ilieva 2 years ago
He has really mysterious personality , love him 🖤
Midwest Miata 5 month ago
Is that the car from Heartless??
GGP_64 1 year ago
What type of car he is in and what is he using to film with that rectangle pls help
Oshun 2 years ago
How come every time Abel is in his feelings, we all got to be in our feelings too?
7нe.Black. Gøddess 5 month ago
Words are useless, feelings are everything and I can't describe them.
Oscar Meraz 1 year ago
5:46 I've been listening to that woman's voice at the end on repeat. Those last 20 seconds mean something...
Ow Ow 2 years ago
1:33 song for next ep?? 🤔🤔
Miradi O. 1 year ago
3:42 "She Speaks of Love, and Breaks each man to her Will." That quote is a PERFECT Description of what a True Narcissist Does. That's the kinda person that broke his heart and that Pain mixed with his Passion Fueled this new project. That's what i believe anyway. Thank you Abel for this Masterpiece.
Quite Kid 1 year ago
Watching this video gets me in a vibe, was she really into me like she said she was ?
Isaac Duran 10 month ago
The man, the myth, the legend. ⚡️💔🖤X’O🖤💔⚡️
lindsey dpt 2 years ago
Better than starboy, Abel is so stunning and interesting and his voice is hypnotizing
Midnixght 1 year ago
This is my favorite part about music. The process. The pain. The fuckin ART.
Sunny D 2 years ago
Plot twist: This video was never here and tomorrow we will experience the Mandela effect because Abel plays with our emotions.
HalloNSA Fickteuch 2 years ago
Abel, if you read this: I really love you, your music, your angelic voice, the poetry and philosophy. You make my melancholys sweet and much easier to carry since day 1. Thank you♡
rishigxo 2 years ago
0:01 - 0:19 best thing ever 😍😭❤️❤️
xxxcelxoxo 2 years ago
I want to hear the whole beginning session
Biggie 1 year ago
Did someone catch a message in this?
puvendran ragu 2 years ago
Everybody talking about the weeknd even when it’s only monday
Indira Passadores 2 years ago
2:25 mood since the album dropped🖤
BirdyIsPro73 2 years ago
Everything went right with this, weeknd never fails to impress
Nike King 2 years ago
Ppl that dislike jus dunno what real music is if it aint xo then it gotta go XOTWOD🔥
Angeline Cariaso 5 month ago
There's something in this man that makes me fall for him and his music more and more.
Louie 2 years ago
I love how he changed it from "I" to "He" 👀
gail eaton 4 month ago
Gorgeous beautiful eyes that voice WOW
jhaneil 2 years ago
he’s so delicious