I Hate Your Robot Ideas

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maybe someday you'll run out of robot ideas

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Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Tank!
El Savahay 4 month ago
Who else is waiting to see Darren r in the comments
Rogers Animated 4 month ago
Michael’s pure unbridled hatred towards us is the greatest thing ever.
Trey boogie Wit Da hoodie 4 month ago
I believe it’s pronounced “ejecto seato cuz”
austin bickmore 4 month ago
i don’t know about anyone else, but i sure am looking for hard for Darren R
Anna Holland 4 month ago
Microwave that, instead of beeping when it's finished, does not stop beeping until it's finished
Cold Wasabi 4 month ago
I love how they keep him in the garage, like they're avoiding him at all costs
Olivier Dols 4 month ago
Chairs : invented to sit down on and rest michael reeves: NO
random person 4 month ago
Why does Michael look like he’s going through puberty backwards
iManuelvideo 4 month ago
Imagine all the ink he’s wasting on all you’re amazing ideas
Jack Shipman 4 month ago
Rename the pneumatic chair to the “yeet seat”
Kyelle Bantog 4 month ago
Damn, michael be really looking like a witch over here
Alfred Claimor 4 month ago
How many pimples do you need to quit noticing it? Michael Reeves: YES
nossody 4 month ago
1:10 I like how your monitors are flickering
Mr. Yeet 4 month ago
Make a airplane model robot that whenever it sees a tall building it flys into it
Sarp 4 month ago
Make a girlfriend so you can stop being miserable Then make one for us too
Ezekiel Rodriguez 4 month ago
Make a robot bed that wakes you up every time you’re about to go to sleep.
Jenga 4 month ago
Eventually Michael is going to evolve into his true final form, a pepperoni pizza with wires sticking out of it
Jon Greer 4 month ago
One of the benefits of Michael living with OfflineTV is that he has test subjects 😂😂
Yee Yee 4 month ago
You have an acne beard, no joke, just a fun fact.
Mordred 3132 4 month ago
Make a table that randomly pushes your stuff off when there's no one near it.
Papa Smurf 4 month ago
Build a chair that just breaks after sitting on it for 30 seconds but then rebuilds itself for use later
ObnoxiousCancer 4 month ago
how does he have more acne than he did a year ago hes like 50 years old wtf
Jordan Fish 4 month ago
How about you make a machine that says “nightmare nightmare mightmare” everytime you try to go to sleep
SomeHuman 4 month ago
make a robot that doesn’t let you leave the room
coinscarf 4 month ago
robot idea: whenever someone says "why" the robot cuts the power of the house or whatever
Qualified Cornstarch 4 month ago
Robot idea: Make a vibrator that quips lines from Monty Python.
Frogg The God 4 month ago
Good robot idea : A toaster that toasts bread in custom patterns. Basically what a printer does with ink, it’ll do with bread and heat.
Sean Duraes 4 month ago
Magic Idea: make a beer glass that refills itself when you finish drinking from it!
Nexus TF2 4 month ago
Make a cereal box that says "Fu*k Of" when you touch it or like any other food items
not olivertran 4 month ago
Michael laughed when Fed rested the Taser-Table, proving it is, in fact, a good invention
EthanLyons12 4 month ago
A bed that kicks you out/wakes you up right when you’re almost asleep
Shiftydifty 4 month ago
"'Create a door that moans when you open/close it' I get it! It's funny because it moa- you deserve the death sentence."
SpleenBreaker 4 month ago
This may sound crazy, but what about a tazer that shocks people?
Jellojelly12 4 month ago
Something that isn’t a shi**y robot idea.
I eat Cereal with Water 4 month ago
Make a pressure gun that shoots sausages, and moans every time you open the reload chamber. edit: instead of sausages, dildos could work too. Now let me see you suffer.
Freakin'Usernames 4 month ago
When he cares more about protecting the chair with the cushions than the precious human test subject's head.
Jayks 4 month ago
Make a table that purposely stubs your toe
Mark Bach 4 month ago
Ok ok hear me out, code something that sends a controversial tweet out every time you say a key word like “the” or “salami”
Benjalum chocolate 4 month ago
feds reaction to the desk is like hes on a rollercoaster
Raphael Lauf 4 month ago
Imagine watching one of their streams only to hear mechanical and taser noises
Beast Force Gaming 4 month ago
Imagine how much this dude could accomplish if he wasn’t spending 12 hours a day building a chair you couldn’t sit on
Capped Pluto 4 month ago
Michaels laught when he electructes people is calming
Yahir Aguilar 4 month ago
“Build a Dad detector”
saddly he 4 month ago
Make a robot that dips a Oreo in milk and takes it out at the perfect time
Karma Kills 4 month ago
Build a robot that's like a suit but has a built-in jet back... _I want you to build the Iron Man suit_
Katie's Corner 4 month ago
Build a robot that stares at you, but turns around whenever you look at it.
Zammyr Ruiz 4 month ago
Build a robot that pokes you in the eyes everytime you speak
Val Rose 4 month ago
A robot that senses your heart rate so when you get scared, your friend gets tazed
Jimmothy Johnson 4 month ago
Will got wise to Michael's antics so he moved somewhere else with more test subjects.
Neil Lindgren 4 month ago
Here's one: a full-sized lamp that follows you around the room to make sure you have enough light to make your inventions.
Noah Thomas 4 month ago
Make glasses with lasers so that every time you look at someones eyes, they get blinded
Devin Muir 4 month ago
Mak a door with an alarm system the tases anything that walks through it while it’s activated
Jair Reyes 4 month ago
His face has all the scars of wearing the tazer helmet someone forced him to make
kristine kelly 4 month ago
Build a robot that will make my parents be proud of me and finally accept me for who I am
The ghost 4 month ago
Make a robot that shoots at tomatoes when ever it sense's them
BorkTat0 4 month ago
Build a bed that instantly kills the person when they lay down
BAD. ViggoLuke 4 month ago
Build a table that shakes things of of it when stuff is on it
Richard O'Farrell 4 month ago
Make an rc car that goes into your friends room and starts moaning when it senses the parents
lolchannel lel 4 month ago
everyone keep sending michael reeves robot ideas i enjoy him shaming you.
Mrinal07Beast 4 month ago
Build a robot that electrifies you when you do something good.
AWarframePlayer 4 month ago
Make a robot that opens a hentai site when someone comes into your room. You're welcome
Djay 4 month ago
make a robot that turns the lights off when you turn the lights off
LINK 258 4 month ago
So this was what you were doing when fed told Lily that you were tazeing him in on of her video
Slim Tim 4 month ago
Make a robot that listens in and tweets whatever you might be saying while you're going about daily life in the house.
Thefunnylife Pack 4 month ago
Build a mask that cleans your face when you put it on
Dobromir Yordanov 4 month ago
Wtf did I miss since when does Michael live in a girl gamer streaming den
Atty. 4 month ago
Like the drone swarm but with roombas that scream “Allah Ackbar” when they charge at you with full speed
Two Chopstick 4 month ago
You should have just surprised Yvonne by telling her to sit down while she closed her eyes
S R. 4 month ago
Here's one: Make a robot that helps you get better at landing skillshots in league (or any skillshots related game) by tazing you every time you miss.
Extra Toast 4 month ago
Half of Michael's content is tazing other people and laughing like a sosilpath?
aleee2002 4 month ago
Hey I like your background music called Wild Side. Wonder if tou watch anime. Make a robot that checks if you have watched anime and wildside soecifically.
Blake Iamasnake 4 month ago
Build a pen thAt whenever u pick it up or bounces away from u
ksawik 1212 4 month ago
I like how in videos micheal says he hates everyone but on streams hes so damn cute (no homo)
Mr Izaac 4 month ago
Build an acne removing robot That tases you
Mohammed Manneth 4 month ago
Tom Holland : who are you? Michael: I look like you but I’m not you
Ben Foutty 4 month ago
Curology sure didn’t sponsor this one 😳
comrade moyai 4 month ago
Make a door that has a random chance at screaming at you when you open it
Drew King 4 month ago
Make glasses that taze you when you blink
Dankkin 4 month ago
big talk about cyber bullying from someone that needs accutane
sargist 4 month ago
5:09 we all know why he wanted her to sit in the chair...
Maddognoob 4 month ago
Make a microwave that beeps really loud at night when you use it.
Poop Poop 4 month ago
Make a toilet and when every time it flushes it says YUMMY!
James Hubbard 4 month ago
Pillow that wakes you up every morning With a tazer
Grucio 02 4 month ago
His face got more dots than the normandies beaches in d day
jones cronin 4 month ago
a table that screams in agony when you apply to much pressure
Zippy Jet 4 month ago
Make a bed that turns your lights on when you lay in it. And turns them off +closes the door when you get off the bed.
Ben Smith 4 month ago
Make a lighter that when it lights up, it goes out..
Xander Macayan 4 month ago
Robot ideas: build a light that moan every opens
GalaxyYT 4 month ago
Robot Idea: include something about dissing gingers
Unknown Entity 4 month ago
Build a robot that whispers mean things to you whenever you are trying to sleep
Chuck 4 month ago
Make a set of glasses that automatically readjust themselves. And add a taser or something, I don't know. Make it quirky and "lol so funny haha yes I do like memes on my Facebook feed, especially minions!"
Oakley W 4 month ago
A microwave that screams when the scream powered microwave is off
Enragedboi Insta 4 month ago
Build a robot with a boxing glove that punches you whenever you move
M1_Legend mc 4 month ago
Why tf does he look like a rejected harry potter
o2_GlaZ 4 month ago
Build a robot that triggers a hammer to smash itself, ps love you QT
SALAVANTE 4 month ago
make a doll that moves its head towards you whenever you move
Andrew Deiotte 4 month ago
Robot idea! A mattress that constantly wakes you up every 5 minutes while on it
Lila Thompson 4 month ago
This is the first video I've watched from this channel and he's cracking me up 😂😂
JuaDietty _ 4 month ago
2:36 thats creepy 🥴
Antonio Colin 4 month ago
Make a robot that cries everytime he sees you