Best Contrast To Trump Is Someone Like Me: Sen. Amy Klobuchar | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar discusses uncertainty among Democratic voters and how she contrasts against Mayor Bloomberg and President Trump. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Best Contrast To Trump Is Someone Like Me: Sen. Amy Klobuchar | Morning Joe | MSNBC
boston bevo 1 month ago
she'll finish 4th tomorrow
Andrew Hawes 1 month ago
"The midwest isn't flyover country. I'm going to be able to say that to Donald Trump on the debate stage." Ooh that'll be a sick burn.
Matthew Longo 1 month ago
Amy's entire message is about how she is from the Midwest, female and basically a Republican. YAY! Color me excited.
Wizard of Oz 1 month ago
She’s the mom from That 70’s Show. Can’t unsee it.
berdboy 1 month ago
prometheus5700 1 month ago
Amy "Dead Eyes" Swalwell
Kathleen Austin 1 month ago
I will vote for anyone!!! Get the mob out of the government!!! Save our Democracy!!! Vote blue!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Richard Head111 1 month ago
She is a big time hypocrite and very abusive to her staff.
Chase 1 month ago
Lmao what about Bernie then? The one you all are ripping your entire platform from? 🤦🏻‍♂️ this country is on the midst of war
Michael Dunson 1 month ago
These people act like the leader in the NH polls Sanders don't exist.
Slopat 1 month ago
She gonna throw staplers at the WH staff if elected?
wojtek S 1 month ago
Is it just me or the whole panel and all interviews are about dealing with Bernie" problem". Did you get at least 1 of his voters to talk? ONE?
RoseMarie Strumecki 1 month ago
Malevolent Moscow Mitch - good one Sen. Michael Bennett!
Custis Longly 1 month ago
You know she was caught eating food with her hair comb.. 🤭😲
Legacy of Free domain 1 month ago
I can’t understand her. She should run for mayor of South Bend.
Glynis Joseph 1 month ago
Great WORDS Srn. KLOBICHAR😃🥂👏👍! I'm beginning to keep an eye on you too! I especially like what u said about Bloomberg!👏👍🥂! God's blessings to you! Ur doing GREAT!
Sylvia Brooks Funchess 1 month ago
Good News: From the interview, it looks like the reporter is going to run for president or long winded champ. Next.
Bret H 1 month ago
These people are in the bargaining stage of denial I think I could sell them deck chairs to rearrange on their own Titanic 😂🙃🤣😂🙃🥤🍿
Johnnysabboy 1 month ago
Bernie is the best contrast to trump.
Don Lawrence 1 month ago
Bloomberg/Klobuchar 2020
Todd Irving 1 month ago
I Think Amy is Awesome!!!!!!!
William Baker 1 month ago
bingbonga binga 1 month ago
Two weeks and gone.
suicide alone 1 month ago
can I get your egg bacon recipe aunty amy
D W 1 month ago
Contrast to where we're at now: Unemployment at all time high; taxes at all time high; housing market at all time high; GDP at all time low; deficit at all time high; etc; etc... No thank you.
Ivan Sample 1 month ago
CaptHowdy 1 month ago
Trumpenstein 1 month ago
Amy Klobuchar isn't afraid of Bloomberg, she's counting on him. She's angling for a VP spot on the Bloomberg ticket.
James Froehlich 1 month ago
Top 4 commenters are all bots!
Eve Ihlone 1 month ago
Forget the 'Goldwater Rule'. Mental health professionals need to warn the public about Donald Trump's condition.
Lord Vader 1 month ago
Vote for me and you'll get a free salad comb.
Cam E 1 month ago
Goofy human being.
Anna S 1 month ago
She is sooo charisma whatsoever!
Citizen 1 1 month ago
She always looks like she's been sniffing glue.
Shawn Corbin 1 month ago
robert mccully 1 month ago
Are the democrats desperate or what.
Shaun Whalen 1 month ago
Turn around. No body wants to look at your back
Douglas Lees 1 month ago
Klobuchar isn´t long for this political world...
pc 1 month ago
so this is the next potus... right???
Terry Bonnell 1 month ago
Democrat clowns couldn't even run a circus without destroying it.
Allex Gibbs 1 month ago
I want the rich to get richer, combine the way he is keeping companies from out sourcing jobs, along with how he is making it easier for wealthy businessman to expand their business MEANS more Americans get employed. Any hard working american knows that for you to make a paycheck your boss has to make much more.
Nana Muskuri 1 month ago
Rob Styles 1 month ago
Aint nobody voting for you AMY go sit down somewhere
casey massey 1 month ago
Next Amy will do a tap dance and karaoke.
Ron Wuerch 1 month ago
What A Loser...Just Look At Her Facial Expressions You Know What Kind Of A Person She Is.
Emsley Wyatt 1 month ago
Michael Bennett-Forgotten but not gone.
big jabaz 1 month ago
if you are undecided on who to vote for just remember this anyone is better than trump ANYONE!
Barry Lucas 1 month ago
So MSNBC has decided to back amy....good for them....and their paychecks
Goohuman 1 month ago
They all have great one-liners. Look at our current president. I want to vote FOR something for a change.
altitude illume 1 month ago
#AMYKLOBUCHAR did mark THE REPUBLICAN'S #RUSSIAASSISTEDscj, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, putin assisted 2016, our supreme court justice, #KAVANAUGHtheRAPISTscj, prejudged by graham, burr, grassley, +. gulp?
esj8341 1 month ago
Its 2020. Why are we still considering a cys white female for president? ♡caitlyn 2020♡
David Hale 1 month ago
These democrat senators should be grateful to republicans senators that AQUITTED President Trump. Otherwise they’d be in the senate still and wouldn’t be campaigning. So ungrateful
Laura Lafauve 1 month ago
I like Amy better than Pete. But I'm still voting for Bernie.
Victor Johnson 1 month ago
President of the Midwest...
Hannah 1 month ago
You got this Amy stay strong 💪
Jay Torpe 1 month ago
All these people are so self absorbed. Only Bernie cares...
yourfreedom isinyourfeet 1 month ago
Her family got a $10B Pentagon contract. A defense contract auditor found and posted the supposed warehouses holding the goods were abandoned...she's a swamp creature and probably thinks running for Pres will save her...Nothing can stop what's coming!
Trump Debate Live 1 month ago
What the heck was this? A handout for free samples of polygrip? Where was Nancy? Everyone in the audience looks like a senior citizen. How many people are there like 40? Get real. Amy never had a chance.
molly cruz 1 month ago
Amy looks like she has a headache all the time. Unfortunately, politics is THEATER and she is simply not entertaining. She is also surprisingly temperamental according to her aides, unpleasant to work with.
BraapBraaap 1 month ago
Hilary Lite™
Dan Tanna 1 month ago
About as inspiring a speaker as a substitute teacher after lunch We have two corporate right-wings in the United States the GOP and the Dinosaur Clinton Dems the agenda must move to the left.
SW Alexander 1 month ago
I realized Sen. Amy Klobuchar true leadership quality when Kavanaugh became belligerent.
Just A Guy Production 1 month ago
Nobody cares about this woman. Bernie and Pete are the front runners
Bambina L 1 month ago
I DON'T TRUST HER. I THINK SHE'LL FINISH LAST. Vote for Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang VP.
Cam E 1 month ago
Amy is a delusional embarrassment to the state of Minnesota. She is weird and unserious.
Trumpenstein 1 month ago
Got news for you folks. MSNBC is NOT your friend. Unless you are a Neo-Lib Corporatists that hasn't a true progressive bone in your body.
Seoul Man 1 month ago
dream on
KillerQueen1 1 month ago
I like Amy and she will do very well in NH. However, I don't really see a path forward for her. Ir's going to be Bernie and Bloomberg. Frankly I don't give a sh## how much money he spends. He said he'll support the nominee and that's fine with me. GO MIKE!!!
Elvia Yribe 1 month ago
Amy seems like she only represents the Midwest. I never hear her talk about larger cities. Largest cities that bring the product to your Midwest you never acknowledge us..
Steve B. Warwick 1 month ago
"Orange man bad, so vote for me."
Tessmage Tessera 1 month ago
Yes, Amy is a huge contrast to Trump: he's very exciting, and she puts me to sleep. No thanks. *BERNIE 2020*
Mister Sturm 1 month ago
Hey didn’t they find a dead intern in joes office when he was a congressman? Is the sketchy coroner that said it was an accident still around?🧐
Rene Rigney 1 month ago
I like you AMY...please start hitting Trump where it hurts! You won't win on policy, you will win by having a vision and pointing out ALL of the ugliness that is Trump!
Vanessa Knox 1 month ago
What people don't understand is that there are those who are trying to make this country a communist country. That's why we are acting like Putin and Kim Jong own with all of the discrepancies in law
Trap Town NCS 1 month ago
Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
The Wolf 1 month ago
Again, she isn't being attacked by Trump n she isn't attacking Trump either.
Robert Millar 1 month ago
I think Amy is a good and decent person ... unfortunately I don’t think she’s the candidate, at this point in time, who is capable of winning the presidency.
sharon olsen 1 month ago
Klobuchar needs to GIVE IT UP ! She is NOT going to be the nominee ... and that's a fact !
justin 1 month ago
Trump 2020
Kathleen Sapiro 1 month ago
“The heart of America is bigger than the heart of this guy in the White House”? This guy is President Trump. He has done more America than the Democrats in the past twenty years even as they try to divide America. I’d like to see you debate President Trump.
Si ms 1 month ago
Beijing and Shanghai are locked down with Coronavirus Pandemic. 80 cities now under quarantine in China, impacting hundreds of millions of people. The number of people under quarantine lock down in China now exceeds the entire population of the United States of America.
Leon Jimenez 1 month ago
I can't support someone who curses and throws objects at her employees and defends that action by saying she just expects a lot from her staff. If she treats a human being that WORKS FOR HER with such disregard than what does she think of people who don't work for her?
Robert C Hodge 1 month ago
Senator K. makes an excellent point about hearing from everyone possible. Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer, and Mike Bloomberg are real self made American success stories unlike Comrade Bonespurs who is a fraud and a thief. Minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open. I declare Andrew, Tom and Mike as better friends of the Nation than any GOP senator except Mitt. Hear them.
Anthony Gulla 1 month ago
The way Amy handled Kavanaugh really impressed me. The little punk needed his face slapped.
Andrew Smith 1 month ago
Sorry Amy. But the opposite of Donald Trump, is an Asian man that likes math. 😏
Dems in Shambles 1 month ago
Gymnasium round table DEMS 😂😂😂...... they’re in shambles
Archi Teuthis 1 month ago
Klobuchar is a watered-down version of Trump, that isn't contrast
Conservative Californian 1 month ago
She's delusional, she offers nothing but more democrat malfeasance.
Adam The Great 1 month ago
Who's the young man in the green?
Johnny Johnstone 1 month ago
Maybe not in this conversation but Democrats like to talk about their success in the midterms, which was even less than the success the Republicans had in the midterms against Clinton and Obama. Both times Republicans gained in the Senate and more in the House then the Democrats did against Trump. They don't like bringing that up. Especially the lying activist journalists who are democratic fans on MSNBC and CNN. Another thing they don't like bringing up was the fake bomber, the October surprise just before the midterm elections that fraudulently helped the Democrats. Another thing they never bring up is the constant cheating and voter fraud that the Democrats participate in even against one another. If they do such things to the ones they love imagine what they do against the Republicans whom they hate. We need to go back to paper ballots and legitimate voter ID across the United States and the Democrats don't want this because they know they would be trounced. If we did that the only places Democrats would win would be in giant shitholes. Like the city of Washington DC, the city of New York, the city of Chicago, the city of Los Angeles and fagsville USA, San Francisco. And then just barely simply because many of those liberal residents are concentrated in there and they're completely and totally insane and they would vote for Castro, Hitler or Stalin if they rose up from the grave and ran as a democrat in those cities. My dearly beloved grandmother, Meemaw was a long term Democrat. May God Rest her soul. From the FDR era. My dad's side was nuts over being Democrats and my mom's side was very calm about being Republicans. And when I look at the world today, that's pretty much how it really is. I took my dad side up until my mid-30s. Then I slowly began to grow up and face reality. Now I wouldn't vote for a Democrat if they swore they would bring peace on Earth, more money in my pocket, free health care and especially less expensive but more streamlined public education. That one right there is a giant lol. Neither side keeps their promises hardly ever, President Trump has kept half of his. And the Democrats have moved so far left over the last 60 years that what used to be the center, they've gobbled up and no real genuine sensible liberals remain. They even classify Christians, legal law abiding gun owners who've never committed a crime or shot anyone but deer when hunting, most all white people who voted for Trump or who believe themselves to be National Patriots in the sense they're against globalism and for secure borders, the left has classified these way more normal American citizens then themselves as far right radical racist fascist white supremacists. I hear this insanity and pure venomous slander coming from the leftist media, leftist "politicians" and the lunatic fringe of the general population and I pause at first and think, they are just joking ? Then I realize they're not joking so are they morons or imbeciles or both ? Sometimes they are. But many times I have to say, there are just hateful evil people on the left. Way, way, way more than on the right. So much so it's not even close.
VladI 1 month ago
A quiet achiever - temperamentally would be a perfect running mate for Michael Bloomberg.
Grim Reefer 1 month ago
Traitor Trump will never have my vote or support!
Witty Name 1 month ago
Trump is very productive so that means Klubber will do nothing for America. Got it.
sal been 1 month ago
Another HUGE Trump rally tonight. These clowns hope for 100 people!🤪
Michele Antoinette 1 month ago
Amy Klobuchar 2020
Virginia B. Britton 1 month ago
The fascists are also mysoginists, they are just waiting for a woman to shred. Bernie! !!
Hester Higgins 1 month ago
IDK, Senator, Secretary Clinton, dam near was killed in the presidency race, challenges she had to overcome within and without to win. Had not of been for a misstep, electoral college, eye off of; she'd be president, still a majority of the people chose her. Big Shoe's.
Joe C. 1 month ago
Why hasn't any of Amy's consultants informed her that minorities in the west coast will not vote for her?. They can't care about her campaign even if they tried. Minorities young & old, definitely know and support Bernie Sanders.
Greg Malkiewicz 1 month ago
Her proposal for student debt is refinancing your existing debt and lowering the number of years you need to spend in a teaching or government position until your debt is cleared. If you’re in your 20, 30, or 40’s and still carry a lot of student debt then refinancing doesn’t really work unless you want to pay off your loan at 65! Make college more affordable and provide more scholarships for non athletes.
Mad Hatman 1 month ago
Yeah! The best way to defeat Trump is to run a corporate centrist! That why Hillary is presiden....oh wait she's not president.