Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log

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apamburn 6 month ago
My 6 year old son (pointing at Greg): "is that the singer?" Me: yes My son: *how can he be so old but his voice sound so good* Me: *glaring* I'm proud of you but go to your room. :-|
Matt Kimura 6 month ago
Thank you Jesus for giving us Bad Religion 😄👍🏽
Patrick Raab 6 month ago
00:00 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 01:58 - O Come All Ye Faithful 04:03 - O come, O come, Emmanuel 06:11 - White Christmas 08:00 - Little Drummer Boy 10:04 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 11:44 - What Child Is This? 13:37 - Angels We Have Heard on High 15:45 - American Jesus (Andy Wallace Mix)
David Martinez 6 month ago
The only good religion is Bad Religion!
Hayl J 6 month ago
Sitting here enjoying Bad Religion with my children. I've dreamed of this moment my whole life!
Catthias Meowington 6 month ago
*Christmas Album:* *20% of all proceeds donated to* *SNAP Network – (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)*
Jakob 6 month ago
Calling Christmas Songs Volume 2
Timothy O'Neill 6 month ago
This is like a Bad Religion Rickroll.
Jeremy Karpenske 6 month ago
Best Christmas present I've ever received from a punk band. Greg's such a character - even reading a book he's interesting as hell.
Capri Law 6 month ago
The one time Youtube's algorithm got me right.
nikoma 6 month ago
There needs to be a Bad Religion Cross Buster emoji 🚫 ✅
Brian Glover 6 month ago
Greg: If I have to do this, I'm bringing my Darwin book.
Pennywisdom Dome 6 month ago
About the book: “Cabinet of Natural Curiosities” - Albertus Seba
Vash Starwind 6 month ago
#BadReligion One of the greatest bands ever, forever. Yea. 🤘🎶🎸🥁
pelado pelado 6 month ago
6:12 i wanna be sedated?
Pw10576 6 month ago
- *Starts a circle pit in the living room* -
Leroy Funkafied 6 month ago
The 15 people that disliked this are joyless and need to find happiness in their life.
Nate Landherr 6 month ago
Greg always said the only good things Religion brought was art and music, lighten up people!
JC Korn 6 month ago
Bad Religion: How could Hell be any worse? Also Bad Religion: Remember Christ, our savior, was born on Christmas Day.
Chuck Norris 6 month ago
Did we all just get trolled by a band of dad punk?
Dibwitzle 6 month ago
The only Christmas carols I wanna hear.
last chance blueprint 6 month ago
1:59 Brooks Wackerman will forever be remembered in Bad Religion. I miss that drum machine.
Jay Dub 6 month ago
What’s funny is that I believe Greg was exposed to worship songs when he was young because I have seen similarities in his music throughout the years to some worship songs. some young people who’ve never been in church etc. might not realize this but Greg has always used worship song influences and the Bible to promote his music
Matthew Propps 6 month ago
Maybe I've been listening to BR too long - this whole thing makes perfect sense.
bad brain 6 month ago
Michael Keaton look great !
S2KTom 6 month ago
Greg Graffin is my personal lord and savior
Jason Birdwell 6 month ago
In my house we have a tradition of listening to this album on Christmas Eve while we drink and wrap presents. Now I can play a festive video instead. YA-HEY!!!!
Timothy O'Neill 6 month ago
What actually is happening right now? I'm confused. Lol.
D3ath8yBac0n 6 month ago
Ironically one of the best Christmas albums ever!! Cheers mates.
Erin E 6 month ago
This is hilarious
rahbro 6 month ago
Need to know the name of the biology book. My daughter wants it now
下関ふぐ 6 month ago
The feeling of Bad Religion that hasn't changed from the past is very cool! I want everyone in Japan to listen! !
spkrcity 6 month ago
O Come Emmanuel is my favorite.
Abraham Herrick-Rough 6 month ago
40th Anniversary Tour announcement pls 🔥
Mariano GDS 6 month ago
Even the greatest agnostic of our time enjoy a hot coco... and a toy train...
Ross Fischer 6 month ago
Top tier trolling guys. But seriously, play Chile. The people need you.
musicchick85 6 month ago
I love that it’s just Greg drinking by the fire and reading. 😆🖤
Dawn of the Thread 6 month ago
🚫This will be on repeat this Christmas🚫 10:06 😁
dustin jones 6 month ago
Some may call this a sell out but I call it a Christmas miracle lol
Always Honest 6 month ago
God enjoyed it I'm sure... & remember, people are stupid... I assure you, God is NOT.
Julian Rodriguez 6 month ago
Greg graffin is just reading a book chillin drinking coffee
JaytheSelector 6 month ago
Listen to this every year! Just need to make a playlist w "Father Christmas" after "American Jesus"
GrayWoIf 6 month ago
I like the production on Greg's voice more on this than age of unreason
Jack Kuehneman 6 month ago
Move aside Mariah Carey
it'sDOTcom! 6 month ago
ya hey what a way to start the day
We’re all fucked 6 month ago
Be cool if Heston stopped by for the Holidays...what?,,just sayin 😬
David Ferrand 6 month ago
Best. Christmas. Album. Ever!
A G 6 month ago
Me in 20 years
Robington Badowski 6 month ago
I need more holiday songs from Greg Graffin. Damn
Shay lynn111 6 month ago
BR has always been my all time favorite band, and Im sure they will be still when im in my death bed. Thank you for some good old Christmas music to set the mood, and an extra bonus....this is my daughters first experience with Bad Religion, and shes just like her ole mom, a fan forever. Brian B, Lori L says hi and Happy New year.
4DIZZYGIRL 6 month ago
Still looking classy as always. Merry rocking Christmas!💕
idleave 6 month ago
New music vid from “age of unreason” I’m guessing!!
B Ward 6 month ago
The only version of Christmas songs I'll ever listen to. Thank you!
jay dayrit 6 month ago
This is amazing!!! 🤘🤘🤘
Vladimir Markiev 6 month ago
Where's the 19 hour version?
Dreamster399 6 month ago
This is so great. Not only my favorite band, but my son's, too. Hometown heroes! 818!
Brad Cramer 6 month ago
This is so very awesome. I love how he's reading some sort of ecology/zoology book.
emanrov emanhcan 6 month ago
At the beginning when he smile in the Camera! Killed me xD
Luis Santos 6 month ago
Albino Rhino 6 month ago
I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time. Been sick of the slow Christmas songs every single year. Thanks guys, tastefully done!
Cameron Sykes 6 month ago
I’m very intrigued.
cptbrito 6 month ago
Merry christmas everybody! Greetings and eggnog from Brasil! 😂😂
TK Street 6 month ago
This is pure genius.
B Rugh 6 month ago
Love the look on gregs face at the end
andrea lb 6 month ago
Ahahha with Darwin aside and evolution before the eyes . Myth!!! And A little train going around. Myth. So ironic he is!!! 3:30 ahah and 5:14
Alan Gillingham 6 month ago
This is great! I listen to this album every christmas and now I have a Yule time video to watch of "Old Professor Punk" Thanks Bad Religion
offsrx 6 month ago
Owning! BR are living legends!
LA13EMSGV 6 month ago
Wheel Trouble 6 month ago
Oh the irony
Jeff Farley 6 month ago
I've been along for the ride for the last 30 years so far. Here's to many more. Happy Holidays to BR, your fam, and the entire Epitaph extended family and theirs.
Nikos Poulos 6 month ago
American jesus near the end.I was just wondering that all of this seemed too good to be true.
Toshio Yamada 6 month ago
been loving BR since the 80's, Greg has always been a cheesy nut, gotta love him! 😂🎄
Steve Mares 6 month ago
Subparseraphim 6 month ago
best christmas gift we could’ve gotten
nikoma 6 month ago
The Approach is one of my all time fave songs
Petrarka 6 month ago
40th aniversary tour?
Awprod2000 6 month ago
I remember getting Against The Grain for Christmas after having borrowed it from a friend for a couple of days. I'll never forget the feeling of finally owning it myself, like being reunited with a lost child.
Martina BadReligionTina Brito 6 month ago
Can’t wait. Announcement coming up on my bro’s bday too. Hell yes I’d have him tune in/make him listen to Bad Religion if he were still with us.❤️ Chur BR and Epitaph Records family. ❤️❤️
Namri 6 month ago
Thank´s for uploading this album! Merry Christmas to Greg and the whole band and to everyone else enjoying their music!! BTW, what was Greg writing (or crossing out) in the book?
Dennis Higgins 6 month ago
Irony brought me here.
Emmy Arellano 6 month ago
I love BR! How the hell did I miss this one!? That's it! This will officially be our family's xmas morning jams from here on out! Can't wait to have Chris hear this, he'll freakin' flip! ❤💛💚
Mike Lee 6 month ago
Everyone in this group kicks ass but DAMN!!! Brooks Wackerman is amazing on this album.
_chasingrainbows 6 month ago
nz doris 6 month ago
So Christmas came early! Still buzzing from their concert last week! Thank you!! Ya-hey!!
Merry Christmas from Indonesian WorkingClass..peace and love on the earth..✌💞💕❤
Chris Brown 6 month ago
Epitaph. What's the name of the book!!!! Can I have that one signed by Greg?
Matthew Schiavi 6 month ago
Happy Birthday to the man who was born to piss off the established elites. Merry Christmas all!
BRUC 6 month ago
Come to Chile. We need you.
SMIshroomery321 6 month ago
Now I can play some real renditions of Christmas songs for my daughter that have serious intention untarnished by the demented religious aspect of the world... Thank you 1 Million Hugs or Moshings ... Bad Religion makes any song awesome ... BTW
Dario 6 month ago
Venga joder! 🤘🤘
Der Hof 2007 6 month ago
Anyone else go to Amazon and spend $160 on Cabinet of Natural Curiosities after watching this video?
GrayWoIf 6 month ago
Good people need to listen to this album these are legit good songs whether you are religious or not you gotta admit musically the songs are good and are even better when done in a punk style.
Authentically ACR 6 month ago
Ummmmm can we get this released in vinyl and cd format?
Katherine Robertson 6 month ago
I love this so hard
leah russell 6 month ago
I have that book, it's beautiful 💖 merry Christmas dudes
5kidmonty 6 month ago
3:40 loved greg showing the amphibians
Nugget IRL 6 month ago
So much better than it has any business being. ❤
Jenni Dillard 6 month ago
I read JUST like that during the holidays! 🤣
SpazzyCupcakeGirl 6 month ago
Me: I'd like to introduce you to my (Bad) Religion *shows this video* Them: I'm interested
AdMerin 6 month ago
The train is wonderfully random. Music is amazing. How do I get this on my ipod?