Turn Clay into Sonic the Hedgehog (movie version)

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I'm to tired to finish the description now, I promise I'll do it later. Love you guys

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Bobby Duke Arts 3 month ago
Come over to Twitter to find out what the soy sauce cat food really were :) https://twitter.com/BobbyDukeArts?s=09
lunarski419 3 month ago
I thought he replaced the soy sauce with something else but when he ate the cat food I started to rethink my existence
That Dude 3 month ago
First seeing him “refresh” himself with soy sauce Me: Oookkayyyy seen weirder Then he starts eating a “snack”..... cat food Me: Don’t do it plz..... dam he did it, ight imma head out
Meredith Hagan 3 month ago
Bobby how much soda did you drink to burp during your “hey guys?” And how much soda did you let get flat so it would look like soy sauce? Oh god I hope that’s what you did.
Kami Duz Art 3 month ago
3:27 Yeah we don’t have souls we steal them and store them in our frick frackin freckles True ginger fact
SCRUB KNIGHT 3 month ago
"let's go to the gay station to get a snake" -Bobby Duke
Stuart Edge 3 month ago
“Unlike redheads” 😹
GLiTCH-Rpersonal 3 month ago
6:22 "So let's go to the gay station and get a snake." I thought you'd never ask, Bobby XD
FuturisticHub 3 month ago
Anyone else in here catch that this guy sounds a lot like the Movie Sonic?
Hell Angel Gaming 3 month ago
RarePinay206 3 month ago
Bobby: downs a whole cup of soy sause Asains : tHaTs NoTHinG!
Mr. Lawyer 3 month ago
I literally started crying when he drank all of the soy sauce out of the cup
Pixel Paranoid 3 month ago
Bobby: rolls up Gas station employee: oh no he's here again
Cristopher Jimenez 3 month ago
0:42 why is there’s shadmans sonic drawing there on the left
Alex Toonz 3 month ago
I literally went, "Holy shit that looks good..." When I Saw this
Aiden Wooley 3 month ago
“Let’s go down to the gay stayshun”
lesly portillo 3 month ago
*nervous laugh* “salTy”
EonCat Gaming 3 month ago
“Adding another worm around the shoe to give it s sole, unlike redheads”
XXswaggygunner 3 month ago
3:26 which one of y’all red heads broke my dudes heart lol
Stoopid Cecelia 3 month ago
"To give it a soul, unlike red heads" XD
João Maverick 3 month ago
Bob: **Downs a whole glass of soy sauce** Hypertension: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Giedrius Paulauskas 3 month ago
1:43 OMG that's the cutest thing I've ever seen
deep mind 3 month ago
"so let's go to the gay station and get a snake" Is code for, "i want a bunny that's cute and fluffy, because i am having an existential crisis"
can old man jenkins reach 10,000 subscribers? 3 month ago
can we just appreciate the fact that he ate two whole spoonfuls of cat food and chugged a glass of soy sauce for our entertainment! ....Respect😂
Danica Wong 3 month ago
2:39 he's wearing a hetalia shirt
FatGoose 3 month ago
All I can think of is ACE OF CLAY this entire time (Edit) also, Bobby, please collab with Ace of Clay 🙂
werthy is my name 3 month ago
“To give it a soul Unlike redheads “ 😂 classic
Cody L. 3 month ago
When he started pouring that soy sauce I thought he was going to try that new trend....
Mark W 3 month ago
Me: sees Bobby drink soy sauce as a nutritional drink.....he chugged the whole thing.... Hey mom, you have some of that sauce.....
Matthias Curescu 3 month ago
When he said “This vidÉo is sponsored by audrbrl” I felt that
SONICJENNYZ 3 month ago
I want to purchase this statue it’s a masterpiece!
mc broz 3 month ago
Me Watching my favorite YouTube Him: giving him a soul unlike red heads Me a red head: ... bro why the call out ... I mean your not wrong but why
That Dude 3 month ago
First seeing him “refresh” himself with soy sauce Me: Oookkayyyy seen weirder Then he starts eating a “snack”..... cat food Me: Don’t do it plz..... dam he did it, ight imma head out
Pix Master 3 month ago
Take out the laughs for a sec. Bobby is literally such a good inventor/engineer. How does he make his creations so good?! Props to you, Bobby Duke. 👏👏
Edercito López 3 month ago
10:17 I was not prepared for remember that scar!
Orly Z 3 month ago
"Adding another worm to give them a soul, unlike redheads." Thank you, from a redhead.
Ayano Aishi 3 month ago
He is a dad, right? Imagine this scenario: (This is from his daughters view) Her friend: „What does your dad do for a living?“ „Uhm...eat cat food and drink soy sauce with his friends...“
Brooke&Madi 3 month ago
AnimateAlex 3 month ago
Most commonly bought together: Jar+Vaseline+Clay
Hyper Vidrex 3 month ago
Meanwhile I can't turn a clay sphere into a perfect square.
Lynix 3 month ago
"adding another worm to give it a sole unlike redheads" this KILLED me
s k Y 0 d 1 n E 3 month ago
"ooooh SALTY" 😭😭☠️ had me laughing for a straight 15
ZeldaFeb 3 month ago
How are you so skilled in literally any hand-crafted media???!!
Zac Fitzgerald 3 month ago
Part of me wishes they made that static grass in blue and tan so you could actually put fur on him! Either way, awesome job as always Bobby!
Tutorials Studios 3 month ago
5:40 not gonna lie that looks like tmnt from one of the older shows
Saltyette 3 month ago
“Salty” I bet that was salty Jesus-
Lps Spaids 3 month ago
You didn’t say “I want that” at all, I’m sad
Kobe Norman 3 month ago
"To give it a soul unlike red heads" lmfao I'm dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
phantom king 3 month ago
Me trying to figure out who married a man that eats cat food n drink sauce 😭🤣
Dogmon 552 3 month ago
6:16 when he said "OoOoooOOOkay" I felt that
Gabriel Bonfim 3 month ago
Bobby is getting rid of some "c"s from his thiccness
Tarantula55 3 month ago
Are- are we going to say "what the hell" to any of the food he eats in this or are we just going to let that slide
Oreothegreat 3 month ago
6:23 "let's go to the gay station" cause he's peckish..
David B 3 month ago
It sounded like he kept saying "Gay Station", and that's amazing.
Kami Wusch 3 month ago
"giving it a soul unlike red heads" I'm a red head....
Shaikh Raashid 3 month ago
*"Now let's give him a head"*
Dragon Heart 3 month ago
I just watched the sonic movie, the end was so disappointing, I thought you would see super sonic. *BOY WAS I WRONG*
Andrew Johnson 3 month ago
yeah eating cat food and drinking soy sauce was a 10:28
Nya Sabin 3 month ago
Please explain why everyone is talking about soy sauce when he literally just ate a can of friskies cat food with extra gravy lord help his soul.
ThekittyBurger :3 3 month ago
You eat cat food? Get on my level Dukey, Ive ate a dog biscuit. Love ya Dukey, just wanted to congratulate you from quitting smoking (again, you deserve more praise lol) Keep doing what you doing!
Lily Abrams 3 month ago
This was recommended to me thank you youtube algorithm for finally recommending something interesting
KINGRED 16 3 month ago
You did a hell of a good job and I’m very happy for you that you’ve gotten through your addiction. love u dookie
Agent Revenge 3 month ago
10:17 Me: looking good. 10:19 Also me: OH GOD!
TexSnavvy 3 month ago
“Let’s go to the gay station to get some snakes.” Yes.
Jordyn Birb_friendo 3 month ago
Bobby: Adding another worm around the edge to give it a soul, unlike red heads Me: Well I feel called out
XxNight CactusxX 3 month ago
Me getting a sonic ad right before this: O.O
Luca van Schilt 3 month ago
Im getting real uncomfortable watching him drink soy sauce and eating cat food
Logan Cunningham 3 month ago
Please tell me there was a cut in the clip where he magically didn’t eat cat food or drink soy sauce and he is really good at cutting videos
sam mair 3 month ago
I was speechless when he drank the soy sauce.
REVO Gaming 3 month ago
When Im watching ur videos , I feel like nothing is impossible.....
1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge 3 month ago
6:22 "So let's go to the gay station and get a snake." I thought you'd never ask, Bobby XD
Inky Animates 3 month ago
97% of the comments: HeS dRiNkIG sOy SaUcE aNd EaTiNg CaT fOoD!!! 1% of the comments: this one
Mattie Dumbrill 3 month ago
I can't stop smiling, watching this video sipping on my soy sauce while my cat is constantly bugging me. Couldn't be better.
Taffy is trashy 3 month ago
You now have: Sodium Poisoning
Lucas Ricko 3 month ago
When he adds the eyes to the head it lowkey looked like Ninja turtles
Gabriel Stevens 3 month ago
0:42 I was not expecting that one on the left omg
Janae Case 3 month ago
i love how you mentioned the old sonic before they redid it and called it a big mistake lmao
Kate 3 month ago
When you ate that cat food I wanted to change my like to a diiiiislike :(
Maurice-Mores 3 month ago
As always Bobby manages to bring the smile and laugher to my day
Kayla Weaver 3 month ago
after that intro i just paused it and stared at the screen for a bit while my brain tried to catch up
DismemberedHat 3 month ago
All of the memories I repressed from ages 12-15 just resurfaced after seeing your APH Prussia shirt
The Macabre Gamer 3 month ago
This was seriously amazing... We need more clay builds.
Void Anderson 3 month ago
The ending, A+ Me: claps
Lizzy Valencia 3 month ago
I'm mad the hammer to the hand in the beginning startled me a bit lmao
Scikotic Butcher 3 month ago
When I saw the Instagram pic of this it totally looked like an Earthworm Jim. Sonic turned out great!!
Micah Mobley 3 month ago
Dadgum, I'm gonna start drinking soy sauce now... That's the secret to creativity!
Idalia May 3 month ago
Definitely heard "Let's go to the gay station and get a snake." O.o
Quang Nguyễn 3 month ago
dude, you're the funniest talented content maker i've ever seen!!!
Gerry Hooper 3 month ago
bobby: doesn't pay for it my brain: YOU WHAT!
JY Sam 3 month ago
Ummmm I'm not so sure how I feel abt him drinking soya sauce
Koala man idiot thing 3 month ago
coachsam71 3 month ago
5:59 MEDIC!! also tf2 war flashbacks
Amanda Miria 3 month ago
I’m still waiting on a tattoo artist type video because I remember him saying in a video forever ago that he was a tattoo artist once!!
Clerlove 3 month ago
I’m hardcore Asian, and even I can’t drink straight up soy sauce. Too salty. Eat it was rice 😜
Rafael McLean 3 month ago
9:20 I frickin love that shirt
Fatima Isra 3 month ago
0:21 Since i saw this in your previous video, i went ahead and i put up papers with it on all the classes in my school (by all i mean 7-12 grade)
The Adventure Nerd 3 month ago
I started making characters out of clay too! I'll have to try the polymer clay and not the air drying one so I have time to sculpt properly! Love this <3
Dale Harden 3 month ago
Man, Sonic looking *D U M M Y T H I C C* in that one reference photo.
Gaia Donata 3 month ago
9:09 kudos to him. I like how Bobby is surrounded by people just as crazy as him xD
Pee In A Bush 3 month ago
1:18 how 5 year old me look tryna impress a girl