When 'The Next Michael Jordan' Came Face To Face With Michael Jordan

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Aldretch Rendon 27 days ago
Only kobe is close to jordan no other than that . His styles , the scoring ability , shooting form, even his fadeaway shots is very similar to jordan .
Sterlin Jordan 27 days ago
They forgot Kendall Gill who was built exactly like Mike he’s the 1st Wanna be Jordan before Kobe and Harold
hismajesty653 27 days ago
Harold Miner looks like Gary Payton's and Evander Holyfield's lovechild.
LSmallCatL 27 days ago
Jordan mode is like the 9th gear on a race car while everyone else only has 5.
Kyle Jarvis 27 days ago
the reality is this: empty, mainstream, sensational media can make or break a professional athlete's career. and it is the bane of our modern existence. i say this as a former journalist.
Tube Shit 27 days ago
“I’d don’t think he every became Harold Miner” Great quote...
Daniel Leão 27 days ago
Michael was a competitive animal. The closest thing we've seen to Michael was Kobe - mentality wise that is.
CT 23 27 days ago
I think Jimmy deserves to have his own show or at least narrate a basketball documentary, he has a nice voice for it and knows a ton
josef rootgum 27 days ago
Media: What do you think of Baby Jordan? MJ: The kid is not my son
The Mongoose 27 days ago
Of course they called him baby jordan - hes a miner. I will show myself out.
rejeanthomas0324 27 days ago
Theres a song called "I wanna be like mike", he has his number retire with the Miami heat. Yall favorite player lebron wear 23 for a reason. Goat
erfansvideos 27 days ago
Moral of story: Don’t compare ANY player to the GOAT.
Peppered 27 days ago
I'd say Kobe was the closest to the title of "the next Jordan"
Ziz 27 days ago
Miner : Got the comparison he didn’t want Also Miner : Wore number 23
The Last Air bender 27 days ago
You know Jxmy getting serious when he ‘s not playing the trap sax
Johnjohn Braxton 27 days ago
I member this . Totally member people saying Mike was dogging the kid on purpose to prove a point.
Billy Houle 27 days ago
I would say Kobe is exactly like MJ, his game is wayyyy too similar and was a great scorer and has one less ring than the man himself
Batman 27 days ago
Harold retired early. He is a smart man though I believe he’s a successful entrepreneur. I think he owns car dealerships.
HeadshotTatertot93 27 days ago
Every MJ story follows the same formula “I took on MJ and I was cooking in the first half he was in single digits I was on top of the world. Then he turned it on and filled up his stat sheet quicker than I could take a breathe”
Ramstine 27 days ago
Well if you think about MJs sons, Miner can be called Jordan Jr.
Jack N 27 days ago
"baby Jordan vs the Jordan" really thought he was bouta call him daddy Jordan😂
weener 27 days ago
people forget how dominant mike’s defence was. no way miner even close to his overall game
African Mamba 27 days ago
There's something about his voice it's just makes u wanna listen to him for hours
Gan D. Orf 27 days ago
When it comes to Baby Jordan.... Michael... you are NOT the father
mikeruck2888 27 days ago
He was probably tough for MJ in the 1st half because he was a crazy athletic lefty. Once MJ got used to it (quickly) Minor became every other player to MJ lol
Joseph Sumbi 27 days ago
Jay-Z "Worry, I'm not, the Mike Jordan of the mic recording It's Hovi baby, you Kobe, maybe Tracy McGrady Matter fact you a Harold Miner, J.R. Rider Washed up on marijuana Even worse, you a Pervis Ellis You worthless fella"
boosie 4l 27 days ago
Who knows if Zion is going to be a bust, or Ja will have a generic career. This vid really put things to perspective that the future is mysterious af
nKosi Ama Kosi 27 days ago
To Jordan’s you ain’t see, shout out to Carolina To all baby me’s, I see all y’all Harold Miners -Fabolous “FvJ Intro”
Thomas 27 days ago
I thought Brain Scalabrine was the next MJ
Ase GT 27 days ago
Derrick Rose is different He carved his own name
Erik Hernandezzz 27 days ago
Micheal Jordan is his own man and same with these other players. Y’all do too much with these comparisons
Corona Might 27 days ago
I remember the phrase in the court "Just like Mike" Now its gone
C Mel 27 days ago
jordan had 4 gears, his first gear was like a good players 3rd gear, his 3rd gear was unstoppable and he always let you know about it, his 4th gear - watch the "flu" game
Lucas Huess 27 days ago
Kevin garnett didnt get compared to jordan
Marshall Street 27 days ago
I’m from Philly and when the Sixers drafted Jerry Stackhouse, the Philly media was saying Stackhouse was supposed to be the next Jordan. When the Sixers drafted Clarence Weatherspoon, he was supposed to be the next Charles Barkley lol
Gia Nguyen Pham 27 days ago
moral of the story: YOU CAN'T TRUST THE SYSTEM!
Connor Hilzendeger 27 days ago
the miner-jordan comparison is like the mgk-eminem comparison, “i would rather be 80 year old me than 20 year old you”
Clips 36 27 days ago
What can possibly go wrong Me: the 2nd half
Brother 2theNight 27 days ago
Grant Hill: Injured Vince Hill: not the pure scorer or defender MJ was Kobe: damn close Miner: Who?
Sunny Rothmiller 27 days ago
Mike ended him with the Jordan 11s on!
Jonas Juarez 27 days ago
He literally had a switch in him that he just flicked and it was over for anyone. The stories are all the same... You never ever hear these anecdotes from other players about anyone else other than MJ's....
miitube 27 days ago
Everyone forgets Jerry Stackhouse smh
Michael Pun 27 days ago
He forgot “OJ Mayo”. He was suppose to be like a next jordan with his jump shooting and midrange. Edit: You finally added him later
Celo B 27 days ago
How does jimmy find all those deep analysis I mean hi did he know that minor faces 480 players in his NBA career that is some deep info
AD27 OnedayNBAPlayer 27 days ago
Jimmy should be an NBA analyst and Kobe is the closes goat to Michael jordan
DavidDunn81 27 days ago
Michael Jordan could channel his anger into positive action, I think he’s a Sith Lord.
Marky Mark 27 days ago
Grant hill was really good, his health wasnt..harold minor had massive media pressure to be next michael Jordan, the miami heat did a poor job with him.
I Graham 27 days ago
Look Harold Minor was never "the next Jordan" he was just said to have Jordan dunking abilities or something like that. That's it.
Craigslist Reply 27 days ago
Harold miner would be james harden today. That's how soft the league is now
Nick Kennedy 27 days ago
Jimmy: Look at these dope charts. Me: oh shit that is pretty dope.
Ahmad Khan 27 days ago
We really need to send all of Jxmy's Michael Jordan videos to Michael Jordan.
Optimus Prime 27 days ago
Did i see OJ Mayo in there as "the next MJ"? 🤦‍♂️
Jensar Joey Sayson 27 days ago
Miner: I'm feeling it Jordan: gotta do my first round playoffs switch!
Devin Eats Spam 27 days ago
Basketball/NBA: Does anything Jimmy: Yeah, I've got a chart for that
Mr. Reese 27 days ago
Why did Miner stop playing? btw, the red color is a bad choice for a font when not having good contrast backgrounds.
Yefren Ortiz 27 days ago
Kawhi is literally the closest thing to Jordan without a doubt
MBA COF 27 days ago
Its a curse when every player compared to MJ....
Apple Pig 27 days ago
"When being compared to the Goat, you become a kid instead"
Nautis Haven 27 days ago
That one office dude that beat mj 1v1 to 3 Is the goat
Gomenty 27 days ago
Khris Middleton, Kyrie, Buddy Hield... are compared to Michael Jordan too... with their fade aways
Wayne Brady 27 days ago
Michael Jordan Meets Michael Jordan Michael Jordan there can only be one
Nick Sexton 27 days ago
Jerry Stackhouse was also compared heavily to mj
leonard 27 days ago
Harold who? Olol Damn im tired of seeing james
TakingFlight Sports 27 days ago
Hollis Sherfield, Jr. 27 days ago
Kobe is definitely the closest to Jordan, almost the entire universe knows that by now and it's been like that for a very long time.
Jeremiah Krug 27 days ago
Harold Miner seemed like his right hand was competely useless
Bruh Alert 27 days ago
You know it’s not gonna turn out well for Miner when jimmy says “in the first half”
FlameVille B.I.C 27 days ago
Ahh yes the great "next jordan" goldmine where damn near anyone with a pulse who could hoop 🤣 this video was great. There are some names for sure🤣
Analytical Chick 26 days ago
They'll be saying "the next Jxmy Highroller" about basketball YouTubers....
Drew James 27 days ago
Makes me sad what the trap sax instrumental has become.....
kinleim 27 days ago
it kinda sucks that the media did that to him, he didn't do enything wrong he just wanted to play basketball
Samrajya Basnet 27 days ago
Let's just appreciate the fact that Jimmy has the most detailed and quality content, EVERYTIME!
vunoevdue 27 days ago
Nobody: Jordan: TRIGGERED !!!!
///AMG 27 days ago
Where is Eddie Jones lol u remember watching a game and seen them say he I’d the next Jordan
Southcidal Music 27 days ago
I believe Wade was the closest thing to Jordan when he was healthy...
MeeZy StudioZ 27 days ago
I remember when everyone was saying that O.J.Mayo was the next Lebron...
Athereall 27 days ago
Imagine if it was possible to get jimmy to post every day life would be amazing
CryoTheTeaSipper 27 days ago
Harold Miner? Who is this casual, never heard of him in my life. He's a 10 day contract player, he'll be out of the league soon. *smiles* Look at Curry, man! So inspirational :D
Xin Gaming 27 days ago
They are all the next MJ until they faced the guy ^^ Luckily Lebron didn't get to face MJ lmao.
two_capitol_ts 27 days ago
9:12 how the beat pauses, and the announcer laughs right in it😳
Ramone P 27 days ago
This reminds me of all of the Bruce Lee clones and lookalikes that came after he died...
SteeZy_008 27 days ago
the fact he aint have derrick rose on generational talent pisses me off lmao
bauhausera 27 days ago
the space between Jordan and kobe/lebron should be eons apart, no one has ever thought about coming close
Jeremy Acosta 27 days ago
So basically you’re saying MJ is the goat
Hus Qua 27 days ago
Grant Hill was Lebron before Lebron.
Mataya Kurzuk 27 days ago
The next M.J tier list I remember all of them being called the next M.J special the middle row with grant and Stackhouse
Koji Attwood 27 days ago
Ronnie Fields was an absolute beast in High School.
Logan theballer 27 days ago
When the commentators say "Jordan with the steal" you already know something is gonna happen
J. J. 27 days ago
Stackhouse had the SI cover with a whole spread about him being the next MJ. He even went to North Carolina.
Robb Noble 27 days ago
No excuse for having Penny and Hill a tier below Mcgrady, Carter, etc.
ChildofYAH 27 days ago
I was a Harold Miner fan when he came into the league. I always wondered what happened to him. Great video, and thanks!
jz wong 27 days ago
This is quite a stretch, he didn't play Jordan every night of his career and his stats against everybody else just showed that he is simply not good enough.
Marky Mark 27 days ago
Kobe was closest thing to michael jordan we have seen...
Izabella Scariot 27 days ago
The fact that an idol to many people (MJ) acted so ruthlessly to someone who idolized him wasn't very nice.
Angelyx 27 days ago
the iconic nexpo song plays, im ready for a horror story, wait this a Michael Jordan video
RICHARD GARCIA 27 days ago
Looks like Harold was the 1st James harden...dribble dribble dribble
Diego Carrillo 27 days ago
How’s he gonna say miner had 10 and Jordan only 9 😂
Asad Raza 27 days ago
Jimmy ill never forget you were the one to introduce me to that song Industrie before tiktok
whobitmyname 27 days ago
Jerry Stackhouse is also on that short list of once future Jordans.
Cahlil Mapson 27 days ago
I would’ve told coach I’m sick every time I see MJ😂😂😂