Getting Philosophical... - Game Grumps Compilations

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What does it all mean?? Is there a point to everything??? The answer is yes and the point is to watch Game Grumps Compilations

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Johnny Vector 3 month ago
Ah the great philosophers of history. Plato, Socrates, Danny Sexbang
Paris Evans 3 month ago
This coming from the men who sent hot wheels down a track covered in lube.
RTP 3 month ago
“They say it don’t be like it is, but it do.” -Black Science Man
BoodloopFPV 3 month ago
“That’s why I haven’t smoked like weed or anything, I think I would like it” He in fact /did absolutely not/ like it
AdmiralAmpere 3 month ago
"it's a Chinese proverb, it's been around for probably several hundreds of years" Yeah
Samuel Lowe 3 month ago
Getting philosophical : dose Bruno Mars is gay
Jonathan Reiland 3 month ago
Also the Breath of the Wild episode where they discuss world peace and tossing salad like his name romaine
Jessica Landeros 3 month ago
“What if.... I DO become the video game boy that always wins? What will I do then?”
Pyro Ronpa 3 month ago
Coming from, one who sharted himself playing Parodius, and the other who fell for updog Love you two btw
Alexander Inoa 3 month ago
Is there a point to the universe...? No. Everyone dies. Eat your Arby’s.
Rain Bigsby 3 month ago
"At the age of six I was born without a face" damn that's deep...
mayathepsychic 3 month ago
I know everyone is just memeing in the comments, but 36:10 is honestly maybe my favourite Grumps moment ever. Such a cute, genuine moment of friendship <3
RocK' Volnutt 3 month ago
Sorry, I just couldn't make it past the part where they said Columbus burnt his ships so no one could go back to *England* 🤦‍♂️
"Dont worry, theyre probably dead" -Gamegrumps 2013
Jonathan Reiland 3 month ago
Hey you forgot that Ocarina of Time episode where they discuss the nature of evil.
No Signal Pictures 3 month ago
36:08 is almost tear-inducing
jamesonknott 3 month ago
“ I don’t know the historical validity of this. But I heard that when Columbus got to the New World, he burned all of his ships so that nobody would go crazy and wanna go back to England.” ...Boy, where to start...
Collin Herbert 3 month ago
Aww I miss kirby’s dream course. It reminds me of junior year sitting in the hall after school
Zee Bunch 3 month ago
Dudes - /dudes/. Y’all give me so much hope and inspiration and I love and appreciate you so much. You stay humble but you keep me humble too. Life isn’t easy, as much as we wish it would be. Looking at how far you’ve come and wishing I could get to that same state of mind where I have hope and happiness most of the time??? Yes, it is doable - but it’s gonna take a lot of hard work, just like it did for you, and it’ll probably always take a lot of hard work to stay...good. But it can and does happen and you guys are the ones I look up to most in that sense. You work the hardest and you’ve done incredible things - so I want to work hard and do incredible things too. 💕
pretend im funny 3 month ago
Lowkey right now i just need a compilation of Arin and Dan saying "itll be ok"
Flapjack69 3 month ago
GoldnDusty 3 month ago
4:08 supposedly that was Hernan Cortez
Moonbox Films 3 month ago
Honestly, the best part of GG
Istnet 3 month ago
"Um, Okay. That was actually slightly philosophical. You might have a brain hiding in there somewhere."
Jake Jordan 2 month ago
Dan, while looking at a Mii: “That’s a sexy emoji”
greenking1115 aka Shawn 3 month ago
A wise man once said, "stop thinking."
Morgan with an Eevee 3 month ago
"If ya could change yor NOID faed... Would Ja?!" Saw the title, immediately thought of that, for some reason.
BlazingFury 3 month ago
“So they can’t get back to England” well I would hope so, Columbus was Spanishiwiwisjdnrnjwjakpp
Liam Sweeney 3 month ago
*Columbus burnt all his ships so his men could go back to **_england_*
IceSunset LPS 3 month ago
Why do I want you two to play SCP now...
dallonvlogs 3 month ago
"I did my best. I have no regrets."
NintendoWolf 3 month ago
You don't watch Game Grumps for entertainment, you watch it to be enlightened.
Robb Mitchell 3 month ago
8:15 no not really, but I’ve been watching for years even if I don’t like a game you’re nice to listen to.
BdogDoes Stuff 3 month ago
I really hope game grumps doesn't change or end. I love the grumps just how they are.
The Name is Will Yum 3 month ago
Arin: I love failure. - it masks the fact that I'm alien...
DjBuBbLeGuM 3 month ago
The thumbnail gives me Neon Genesis Evangelion flashbacks
IanSpace71 3 month ago
Oh god not the existential crisis.. OH GOD
Time For Pancakes 3 month ago
"Is a baby without a brain even alive?" A baby without a brain is _President_
Sheila 3 month ago
"People dont think the universe be like it is, but it do" -Black Science Man
SlamDuncan 3 month ago
This should just be the entire “Everything” playthrough
Dylon Robertson 3 month ago
The moments when they get real are my favorite
SWRve 3 month ago
The compilation I've always wanted
MightyChurros 3 month ago
I suppose I'll just keep this on repeat for the rest of my life!
McBehrer 3 month ago
4:24 So the actual origin of the phrase: there were a bunch of sailors, and eventually it became time to retire. But by that point, they were all so accustomed to sleeping on the ships that they wouldn't actually integrate into the town, so the captain had then burn the ships so they could all move on with their lives.
Bryce Harris 3 month ago
The beginning made me cry, the part about burning ships. I just got out of a 10 year relationship and haven't handled it well but them explaining the idea of burning your ships, it's helped me see things a little more clearly. Thank you Dan and Arin for always making me smile, no matter how bad I don't want to.
I Eat Garbage 3 month ago
17:48 “I used to enjoy being worried But now everything is fine I wish I could go back to a Happier time”
Jannis Tenbrink 3 month ago
Oh my god. What a thumbnail.
Hmph 3 month ago
I need more of these. I feel like these clips have a good impact on me. Thank you, Dan and Arin.
Virasman 3 month ago
Will the new House Party gameplay come soon?
FNaFDude EightySeven 2 month ago
"They were a ridiculous band" -Dan Avidan, the lead singer of Ninja Sex Party
Carlos Solorio 3 month ago
21:47 They should read excerpts on the next power hour.
No Signal Pictures 3 month ago
Omg they beat GGC to the punch lmao
Nick Montoya 3 month ago
Grumps: Palpatine were gonna get a little philosophical here Palpatine: Therapeutic!
ZXZ Demon 3 month ago
Surprised there was nothing from their “everything” play through
NsA eXHaLe 3 month ago
"It's not that we didn't invite you..." Danny sexbang 2018
Daniel Huneke 3 month ago
22:12 thanks I literally remembered to brush my teeth
DudeQuests 3 month ago
Compilations of the Grumps is honestly where we started to fall in love in the very beginning. Just 40 minutes of sheer quality. So happy to see how far the channel has come. ❤️
Tekosai 3 month ago
This is one of my favorite compilations.
Kenan Rodriguez 3 month ago
You know, I love these new compilations
QueenZiaBoss 3 month ago
9:01 Little did they know, they would be fighting Sans in the near future
Barry Bend 3 month ago
Arin, Danny please play Megaman Zero ZX Legacy Collection.
DrLipkin 3 month ago
Next April Fool's Day, they should each do an episode where they just read aloud from a book. Book Grumps.
Charleen Lamphere 3 month ago
Congratulations of your 5,000th video! What a journey it's been through the years. Not a day goes by that my boyfriend and I don't integrate a Game Grumps reference/quote into our conversations. Thank you for the laughs and always making my days better.
Eckitronix 3 month ago
I was gonna say something clever but the first thing I thought of was "life begins at abortion". Not even on the line.
killerphoenix gaming 3 month ago
This is a really good one I whana go back and watch super mario galaxy
Danny "Sexual" Bangston, & Arin "The Ego" Raptor
Eve Marie Post 2 month ago
Yes! They start off with a Nine Inch Nails reference!
WKS Art 3 month ago
30:47 was probably the best way possible to convey my feelings about Dan and Arin
Hutch2Much 3 month ago
i was waiting for a comp like this!
Kisdota 3 month ago
Daily request: can you give Wonderful 101 a try? 207
ultimadum 3 month ago
13:14 I hope dan and Arin realize that they have broken youtube's sparatic copyright system and they have survived past the huge fad wave of lets-players and the fact that they were able to survive this long is truely a testament to how a great and honest quality of something can sustain till the end of time.
PyroSteve 3 month ago
Here before 40 views
JC Holmanation 3 month ago
I feel like the guys should write a self-help book at this point.
x Miuna x 3 month ago
I hope one day I find the Danny to my Arin, cause their friendship is legendary 💜
Digital Ninja 3 month ago
Half this channels content is reuploads nowadays
Gunner jackson 3 month ago
1:24 OH god I want look too look but I dont at the same time! *That did not kindle joy*
elsquisheeone 3 month ago
I misread that as "Game Grumps Complications" and got really worried
Dingalow 3 month ago
8:13 12:57 Gee, if only they took their own advice
Nick Montoya 3 month ago
The Columbus line came from Clerks The Animated Series when Randall said it to Dante
hotaru25189 3 month ago
i miss the good ole subsnirb days :(
Ren Rader 3 month ago
damn missed opportunity not using any clips from their Everything playthrough
Dark Wolf 3 month ago
This is so deep 😂😂.
Elijah Greene 3 month ago
" the best content comes out when we're having fun " Arin Hanson Kirby's dream course THEN PLAY MORE GAMES YOU ENJOY IMBECILE
DOORWAY2FANDOM 3 month ago
The PS4: Everything with the philosopher was THE BEST! :)
ThatsWorms 3 month ago
Game Grumps Contemplation Compilation
coffeeguyd 3 month ago
13:33 Did Arin just quote a Dr. Katz episode? 🤓
Michelle Pond 3 month ago
17:48, I feel you Arin
MyArtsyWorld 3 month ago
i needed this thank you ❤
Tia Gen 3 month ago
1 of my favorite compilations^ 2 bad when you got ocd you cant stop thinking^%"
Chris - 3 month ago
I will forever love these moments
Keegen Bigelow 3 month ago
TFGB 3 month ago
So glad there are timestamps for these episodes
Dalhissinth Ragnarokta 3 month ago
Why does arin sound like rick at the end there? 😂😂
Jabril Grays 2 month ago
what happened to doing jazz i feel thats where he does the best
miseryschewtoy 3 month ago
This was wonderful and I enjoyed it a lot. :)
BigNameOne 3 month ago
How you gonna do a philosophical compilation and leave out clips from Everything?
Bluwasabi 3 month ago
I love this compilation! Please make more.
Adam Freefall 69 3 month ago
That drink burp at the end though... Talking Philadelphie in a nonsensical way and then you burp, spot on drunk guy! 😂
Fluttershy 3 month ago
*Sees thumbnail* Well it is official... Danny had become the sun.
xMischa [GER] 3 month ago