Starburst Klondike Bar Taste Test | SNACK SMASH | Mythical Kitchen

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What would you doooo for a Starburst Klondike Bar? Today, the Mythical Kitchen team is fusing together Starburst and a Klondike Bar. Will it be a smash or a pass? Find out on SNACK SMASH! SM #008

Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Baylee Allred 9 days ago
"Get back, demons!" Why do I feel like Josh is a small lesser demon in disguise as a human? And as such he can't actually banish or protect from demons?
Bailey Niemann 9 days ago
trevor looks like he would hang out with a goth girl who practices witchcraft
Hope 9 days ago
I love the Brad Leone (Bon Appétit test kitchen) reference, “wourder”(water), when josh is making the caramel! 😂
M. Javier 9 days ago
Oh no, Trevor is taking after Josh. *We're getting TWO of them.*
Albin Haglund 9 days ago
”Wourder”. Not only a hot ones fan but also a brad Leona fan. This is amazing
Logan Cromer 9 days ago
2:20 Brad Leone wants to know your location
RitzyElephant 66 9 days ago
Who makes the packaging for these snack smashes? They're done so well!
Wildheart Razorfang 9 days ago
"Or you can stir with your hands." "We're going with hands" Recorded before Covid 19 you say?
Random Guy 9 days ago
I seriously love this trio. Their different personalities is hilarious together 😂
m a 9 days ago
when quarantines got you not knowing what time it is and it turns out you're still awake at 3am
Becca 9 days ago
Yeah, Trevor does look like the kinda dude who would accidentally get in with a witchy goth girl
Saul Kage 9 days ago
“No one likes yellow” when yellow orange and red are your favorite in that order. Then you eat the other ones.
Kitana T 9 days ago
Josh: We add a little bit of wourder. Brad (BA): *has entered the chat*
AJ Rayo 9 days ago
The chaos of this "cooking show" is surprisingly refreshing.
MrFace Bacon 9 days ago
It's 3 am and quarantine is hittin different.
kirrahasariddle 9 days ago
With every episode, Trevor and Nicole become more and more chaotic. One day they might even match Josh's levels of chaos.
〉IllioWorks〈 9 days ago
But I like lemon flavoured candies :(
Avi Soncino 9 days ago
Is it just me, or is Trevor like every other akward teenager in a Disney show?
SoneDiadem 9 days ago
i have a feeling that the interview to be a GMM crew is just " how weird are you?"
Patrick Höll 9 days ago
I love Trevor. Like, he's Josh's little brother, but not in his shadow, instead a real chaotic deity on his own. This show is just everything I needed today.
Vera S 9 days ago
I like pink and yellow starbursts the best. What does that make me? A person with the best and worst taste at the same time? Or the best taste anyways?
AaronTheBlackDragon 9 days ago
I feel like there is an overarching story going on and one of this videos there will be a riot breaking lose.
Rosa Del Monte 9 days ago
Who got the Lady Marmalade song reference. Just me..... K I’ll leave......... 4:20 if ur curious
BadJokeCoke Comedy 9 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen... JOSH "THE ROCK" SCHERER Also, fack ya all. Lemon is the best flavor. If ya don't like it, fight me. 😏
Osena565 9 days ago
"this is not a cheer-ocracy this is a cheer-tatorship" the only movie I can remember this being said in is "Not Another Teen Movie" which means Josh has excellent taste in movies
Carmine Graves 9 days ago
chick chef: hOw iS hE in ChaRge of us? also chick chef: im a masochist!!! i believe you answered your own question chica
Dat Puss 9 days ago
Yellow is my favorite. Then red and then the others.
Brandon Bassett 9 days ago
Mythical Chef Josh: Everyone's Favorite Internet Sociopath❤
hideyourloveaway128 9 days ago
Uhhhh, Josh just asked us if we want to go to bed with him... “voulais vous couche avec moi” 😱😱😱
Julia Braga 9 days ago
A little bit of wurder — please bring Claire and Brad one day once this madness is past!
Justin Malin 9 days ago
Did Josh break out a brad Leone "wourder"?
Daedaez B 9 days ago
I didn’t sleep last night so I made it here early 😬
J K 9 days ago
"No one likes the yellow starbursts." Well then Brad Leone now takes my number 1 spot again for chefs. haha
Traci T 9 days ago
josh’s mouth: don’t touch it even tho you want to. josh’s brain: eat it tho.
Julian Boutwell 9 days ago
Y'all sleep on Lemon, Fools. This Comment is sponsored by Citrus Gang 🍋🍊
Eric Purcell 9 days ago
As someone who enjoys lemon candy, I feel ATTACKED
Kayla Riley 9 days ago
I love the yellow one... I feel personally attacked..
Discordia Dingle 9 days ago
Josh: NO ONE LIKES LEMON ME: Lemon is my second favorite
Marc-André Demers 9 days ago
Mythical kitchen: *uses water-based food colouring in their chocolate* also Mythical Kitchen: *complains that chocolate is finnicky*
Robin M 9 days ago
Will Josh ever stop licking his fingers then handling the food that everyone is going to eat 😂
Justin McCabe 9 days ago
"Wourder". Ah a man of culture I see.
Michele Pan 9 days ago
josh: Nobody likes yellow me:*sad yellow loving noises*
TurboMotoBro 9 days ago
“What happens to these rappers when they grow up” *starts naming rappers.... * Lil Peep * sorry josh we already lost Peep 😩
Kwalitee 9 days ago
Josh: "What happens when all the guys who named themselves lil grow up, lil xan, lil pump, LIL PEEP"
Lady ESPer 9 days ago
Josh: "Nobody likes yellow starbursts" Me: *narrows eyes*
Leo Willenberg 9 days ago
2:25 little bit of wourder, eh? Someone's been watching it's alive
João Miguel Rodrigues 9 days ago
I never knew Klondike was an ice cream, I always thought it was just Jack giving a stupid name to his dog Now it makes sense that his second dog is named Sunday
tweediestcoma90 9 days ago
Does Trevor have a dog named scooby? He looks like shaggy
Heather Hogan 9 days ago
"When my mom was pregnant with me, she ate 3 Klondike bars a day" I guess I know what my quarantine diet is gonna be. I'm pregnant, and I stocked up on Klondike bars. Is this a coincidence or is this a normal pregnancy thing?
I wanna Be tall 9 days ago
I only got here now bc I woke up at 2:00 in the morning.
harry potter 9 days ago
i didn't realise it was 3 am dang quarantine is screwing up my sleep
evan ls 9 days ago
4:20 means do you want to sleep with me
ProofByColor 9 days ago
"No one likes yellow." You're really tempting that dislike button, huh Josh?
Matthew Leto 9 days ago
I'm offended, I unironically like lemon starbursts. I also freaking despise cherry starbursts.
Alonzo Edwards 9 days ago
COuld NoT SleEp so saw the vid and clicked love the vids
ClassicalHeroes 9 days ago
ok but lemon starbursts are my favorite here in the us, we use candy as a reward for doing well in the classroom, and my teacher always gave out starbusts. one day students were complaining about getting lemon, and i said i liked lemon, so u got everyones yellow for the whole year
Johnny Fines 9 days ago
I believe the chefs would recommend to eat this one skinless there Trev 😂
wolftitan 9 days ago
I feel like this would be something sold at Disney World.
JoeFalcone 9 days ago
Idk why I just liked the Josh only episodes way more. I don’t like this show quite as much now
Brandon Pho 9 days ago
“ It may not be the safest way, but it’s the way I did it “ the wise words of Josh
David Zock Stop 9 days ago
We need an episode where Josh gets to make ice cream delights with liquid nitrogen.
Brad Miller 9 days ago
I love lemon starbursts :( I feel attacked
daniel parry 9 days ago
When I ask the cashier at 7 Eleven “How are you doing?” 5:36
QuantumTale Sans 9 days ago
Invite Gordon Ramsey to the show for a fancy fast food Edit: Or maybe food fears
RJ 9 days ago
4:21 Uhmm.. That actually translates to "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" but I guess it's close . XD
SullyCub7 9 days ago
According to josh, “No chunky caramel” in French is the same as “Do you want to sleep with me tonight?”
Harry The Ripper 9 days ago
"No one likes yellow" Yellow is my favorite rip
Lori Evarts 9 days ago
You’re killing me Trev. Lemon is the best. I love every kind of lemon candy.
Daniel Saucedo 9 days ago
When Josh talks about all the “lil” artists growing up and mentions Lil Peep 🥺🖤 RIP
Queen puffywillow the 3rd 9 days ago
Mythical kitchen really be out here uploading a video at 3:00am. Respect.
Austin Winters 9 days ago
The entire episode, from the intro to the end, was chaotic... and I loved it so much. P.S. Yes, Josh. BIRDS AREN'T REAL.
mmaeb 9 days ago
“Wourder” I see you with the Brad Leone reference
Blah Blahsen 9 days ago
Nicole "Fun fact: When my mom was pregnant with me, she would eat 3 Klondike bars a day." I believe it. probably why she turned into such a tasty snack. thank you, Nicole's mom. Whatever you did, it worked. gat damn did it work't.
meme cop bad cop 9 days ago
My whole family watching the show my little brother and my dad my grandma and my grandpa don't talk about sex
Zarasouraus 9 days ago
"Little Red Riding Hood, the original flow spitta" lol 😂🔥💯
UFO Specialist 9 days ago
7:24 That was actually funny as hell lmao
Lola D 9 days ago
Every episode I fall more and more in love with Trevor. Wasn’t expecting that.
h7opolo 9 days ago
2:46 I can't deny that that suspicion has occurred to me time and again.
Destiny Heero Prime 9 days ago
I love yellow lemon, then orange and strawberry pink. I just toss the nasty red pieces into the garbage Edit: anyone who likes red like josh must be psychopaths and he is pretty crazy
Cardinal 9 days ago
2:20 Brad Leone reference! The collab we need!! Josh & Brad!!
colincreates 9 days ago
I made the world's largest Oreo and nutter butter on my account and both are over 12,000 calories
Harry Wompa 9 days ago
4:19 Fred thinks it's a useless skill, and I should have learned something like French. But I don't need to know what "voulez vous couche avec moi" means to love that song!
Peyton Suiter 9 days ago
Lemon candy of all flavors is delicious, including starburst
Zach Douglass 9 days ago
I actually like the yellow one it’s my second favorite behind the pink one. I hate the red one though
Elizabete Sniedze 9 days ago
1:13 did josh just quote Bring It On omg 😂😂 good job, appreciated that
Jessica Spence 9 days ago
“WOAH NELLY WE GOT ME A LIVE ONE” god these videos wouldn’t be the same without Josh
Sharon Murray 9 days ago
So glad GMM found the three GEMS of Mythical Kitchen - Josh, Nichole and Trevor! This episode is a GEM too!
CaronDriel 9 days ago
Lemon is phenomenal! I've never been so incensed. But at least Josh agrees that cherry is the best.
Jake Orrock 9 days ago
“What’s gunna happen when all these rappers grow up?” *mentions Lil Peep*
Madison 9 days ago
What if... get this: me and Trevor we’re friends. Crazy idea, I know. But like, watcha think?
Maggie M 9 days ago
I've watched this video twice... Everyone's saying that he says water like how Brad says water. I don't see it
Ryan Sanders 9 days ago
"wurder" i absolutely love when one channel i watch references another channel i watch. big love to brad and the rest of the BA family.
Marshall Harris 9 days ago
Did Josh just say “arrnge” for orange?? 1:17
Robert Stack 9 days ago
@3:22 Lil Cuz From Da West "Xancakes"
Q 9 days ago
Oh my god, I'm so glad I started watching this.Not even 5 minutes in and I'mn already laughing so hard. I frickin love Josh.
Austin Rearick 9 days ago
i was skeptical at first because my anxiety fears change and the unknown, but this squad is very good.
Donald Blevins 9 days ago
I like lemon starburst, i also like mixing the pink with the yellow like its being turned into strawberry-lemonade flavor starburst. Other lemon flavored stuff I Iike: Lemonade Limoncello Lemon Drop Pickled Lemon Preserved Lemons (with honey) Lemon cake Lemon Panna Cotta
Dead Inside. 9 days ago
"lemon is the worst flavored starburst" Good, more for me lol. All of them are good
Craftdidy Crafter 9 days ago
Lemon is the only one I like. Guess my dreams of ever being friends with Josh is dashed 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😭
Samantha Leo 9 days ago
I really need the rock on this show now. As soon as this pandemic is over.