UFC 249: Post-fight Press Conference

1M views • 26 days ago
Watch the UFC 249: Ferguson vs Gaethje Post-fight Press Conference live following the event (virtual media questions).

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Manny T 26 days ago
Just when I started liking the king of cringe he retires 😂 what a night.
Junior 26 days ago
henry: im out dana: don't you want that 145 gold? henry: surprise surprise mf, the cringe is back
flexathillcrest1 26 days ago
Ferguson shook his head like Gerald McClellan when he fought Nigel Ben.
Bboy Cosmo 26 days ago
Top ten houses sold by Henry Cejudo is coming soon.
David Erdman 26 days ago
I've never been to a UFC event with an exited, raging crowd, so I can imagine what it must be like. AND I understand that Dana missed that element of the "show", but for me, listening to the fight with good headphones was mind-boggling [because] the crowd wasn't there. Hearing Gaethje and Ferguson fight was incredible . . . best fight I've ever seen.
Joel M 26 days ago
I knew tony shouldn’t of taken this fight man. His brain is strawberry jam after this one.
Wheeler Visuals 26 days ago
Tony didn’t throw enough sand in Justin’s face :/
Alexander Supertramp 26 days ago
I'm just glad I won't have to hear Cejudo talk about Henry anymore
lolimfalling 26 days ago
"Gate was 0, attendance was 0" lol
Maybe, maybe not. 26 days ago
Huge congratulations to Gaethje. I am heartbroken for Tony though, watching him take that much damage was rough, that guy is one of my heros. I said before the fight though, Justin Gaethje with the coaching of Trevor Wittman is a powerful pairing, Look at what Wittman was able to do with Rose's striking, clean and powerful and all of his fighters dominate with footwork. Does Gaethje have the wrestling IQ and strength to beat Khabib though? I guess we're about to find out.
Nigheist00 26 days ago
32:25 was my favorite part. Cmon Dana. And also, pay Jacare
Kevin Cloonan 26 days ago
I knew Tony was fked when he went to the stool all beat up and he only had Eddie Bravo trying to give him instructions !
Nation Gamer 26 days ago
tony ferguson needed a-bit of humbling tbh he was like how he never spars etc... how his perfect and always used 2 brag after beating his opponents he needed it...
Govinda Timilsina 26 days ago
Finally Him, how he throws interm belt & wants khabib 😂😂❤️🤘🏿
Mark K 26 days ago
“Brushes his teeth with bad intentions”, nice one
I know you're right 26 days ago
I'm sad for Tony 😞💔
Alison Ciupa 26 days ago
"good thing im fighting humans" "tony ferguson is not human"
Jim Clarke 26 days ago
Cejudo the type of guy to call out Rey Mysterio
Mark K 26 days ago
“Brushes his teeth with bad intentions”, nice one
javier ortiz 26 days ago
Damn i had no idea cejudo was an Olympic champ until I watched this interview.
Jonathan 26 days ago
Henry Cejudo is definitely friends with Ben Askren.
rob isselbaecher 26 days ago
"Humans appreciate max effort" This is why Gaethje is my favorite fighter!
Gg Buddy 26 days ago
Tony is the type of guy to shake his head no when his brain decides to shut down
Roel Horemans 26 days ago
Is it too early to say that we might have the most sincere and sympathetic (interim) champ in the UFC now? I rooted for Tony given the circumstances and really felt for him, but Gaethje: what a guy.... 👌
Montenegro Montenegro 26 days ago
I like this kid. Humble. Him vs Khabib is something I’m really looking forward to.
Thats Lit 26 days ago
Cejudo had a graceful retirement speech until he started making baby screaming sounds 😂
Lionheart 26 days ago
Henry: "Im retiring but money changes things" Dick Reporter: " Is your retirement a ploy for renegotiation on your contract" Dana: "Peter Yahn will be fighting for the title we are going to make that as soon as possible" Dick Reporter: ............................................................................................................................... Me: "Hey Dana, Peter Yahn fighting for the title asap is it a ploy for renegotiating Henry's Contract"
gururajms 26 days ago
I feel for Tony, but it's his fault. He didn't have to show off that initial weight cut when the fight was cancelled, that was really unnecessary. Hope he gets a shot at the belt at least once. Cheers!!!
master brewstir 26 days ago
I Love uncle Dana 😂 savage of the first degree 😂 he really said "just look at him" 😂😂
Supreme Court 26 days ago
Heartbreaking for Tony He is still the best fighter for me! What a chin,what a legend.
xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx 26 days ago
Now I can say with confidence, Gaethje easily has the nicest Left hook in the ufc.
Saifuu 26 days ago
This was Cruz’s comeback fight after 3 YEARS and you couldn’t let it go 2 more seconds really???
Caleb Mullner 26 days ago
The smirk on that man’s face when he said “it did very well. They’re very happy. Should’ve listened to me last month.”
R.Thomas Lee 26 days ago
11:53 Dangggggg... who can say that about his/her life, in general? I wish I could...
Nate Bozeman 26 days ago
"When you're good, you'll tell everyone. When you're great, they'll tell you."
Penny Ott 26 days ago
He's such a true human being!!not many people hold true to themselves always love it!!!
Lt. Price 26 days ago
Waiting for Ferguson to post a comment from his YouTube channel.
AlphaPokemon 26 days ago
Chuck "Early Stoppage" Liddel LOL
Electricalwork 26 days ago
Tony’s been waiting forever for his chance and now Justin will be fighting for the belt within a couple months. 🤬
male person 26 days ago
Sounds like Henry is moving up to Philly to take that real estate crown from Al Iaquinta. Quadruple C!
blazing a j 26 days ago
Herb gave a great stoppage in that fight it was honestly getting hard to watch but damn what a fight it was
Steve Schmidt 26 days ago
Who broke The Boogeyman, Justin gaethje, you want to know why, cuz he's good bro
G Vonta 26 days ago
This menas Fergusson vs McGregor?? In that case hell YEAH!!
Noah alexander 26 days ago
He’s just a creepy little dude 😂
Mark James 26 days ago
Love that kid! For a young guy, Gaethje has his head screwed on straight. Rocky vs Drago!
Rafael Alvarez 26 days ago
Cejudo I'm retiring I have a girl now... Cejudo girlfriend: we are over
Karl Hudelist 26 days ago
Justin deserve a fight against khabib! After make tony look weak! Unreal. I am still shocked
Kevin 26 days ago
We need Tony vs Conor next. That really makes sense. I want to see that fight
Andrew B 26 days ago
To all up and comers: Justin is a good example on how to rise to the occasion.
mick baillie 26 days ago
23:16" they'll never be another triple c" "Thank God" 😂
Joe Rico 26 days ago
Told y’all.. they’re turning this into an “Entertainment” business.. JUST LIKE WWE
Harley Davidson Breakout Vlogger 26 days ago
Joe Rogan's face went full red after touching Justin Gaethje's blood.
Dan Armando 26 days ago
"There will never be another Triple C!" Uncle Fester... "Thank god."
User Anonymous 26 days ago
Tony has always relied too much on his chin. And now he got really tested. Hes getting older. He needs to fight smarter. He shouldnt have tried to outbox justin
AK 4o 26 days ago
Does anyone else think not having an audience helped Justin ? He seemed way more calm.
muff patrol 26 days ago
40:13 Dana is so happy with himself for the event going well and ESPN saying the numbers were phenomenal. And of course they wee going to be, we've had so long without a fight and to come back with card like this when we're all stuck at home with fuck all to do. "They should've listen to me 3 weeks ago" He knows what's up, Dana has a great mind for this sport and makes great decisions. So glad to have him at the helm of the UFC!
IloveBaklava 26 days ago
Gonna miss Cejudo. His Petr Yan impression made me burst out laughing. Dude is hilarious.
Arecks Taune 26 days ago
12:04 made my cat jump then leave
Abul Hussain 26 days ago
Henry Cejudo. I forgive Dominic Cruz and I hope they forgive me too. You just climbed that last step on Mount Rushmore. What a legend.
Gnob 26 days ago
57:01 is me everytime I get up from a chair. Justin such an honest person, hard not to like him.
Steve 26 days ago
What a performance by Justin I really like that guy he delivers all the time his attitude his mindset. He was really well prepared he was smarter fighter in a lot of different ways he’s spectacular and really fun to watch I give him all the credit he deserves I wish him not to get too high in this victory and to have the right approach the best mindset possible when he will fight Khabib. Stay humble we love You’re really understood what it takes to be a champion event if you still have ... huge obstacle in front of you with Khabib
Len Xiang 26 days ago
Feel so bad for Tony but..... GODDAMN WHAT A FIGHT Justin is a freak of nature
DiamondLifer 26 days ago
36:34 We all know it, but to hear Dana say it is still heartbreaking for us as fans who have waited so long. 😭
Fumyea 26 days ago
I also at some point in time want to see McGregor vs Gaethje. That would be interesting
SHURIKZ 26 days ago
Justin "I've trained for this fight since I'm 4yo" Gaethje
Sly_Spirit 26 days ago
People been sleeping on Justin, anyone who’s been following him knew that if he hadn’t got complacent at the end of his fight with Dustin and let Dustin steal it, Justin would’ve had a title fight over a year ago
Fat Bomb 26 days ago
Man Gaethje looks so uncomfortable, like he's in pain. Anyway congratulations Gaethje. Good fight.
Love Yourself 26 days ago
Did Cejudo seriously just say that he can’t wait to get into real estate?
VOIP Portland 26 days ago
57:00 when Justin does a Fred Sanford getting up all sore from damage - no hiding it, complete humility.
Mr Lee 26 days ago
Cejudo is a beast. We all will miss him DONT LIE to yourselves 😭😭😂😂
Dr. Minority 26 days ago
32:17 - "whats the situation of jacara and Roel of getting paid". - Dana White: " well we get that figured out". Look at him biting his lip. He clearly didn't like the question.... i tink they ban the reporter next time.
Dadson worldwide 26 days ago
Hey id take and build on the brand and turn the money won into something more also. Still think it was a terrible stoppage though. Agree with Cruz he was on all four progressing up. It was a flurry of grazing blows not overwhelming power that made you scared for Cruz health. Never felt like Cruz was at risk of any serious damage.
therealbyrdman86 diego 26 days ago
Henry Cejudo thinks he's the greatest after one title defense and retires 🤦🏽‍♂️
Seymour Cox 26 days ago
If you've been watching Gaethje since the early WSoF cards then you know how awesome it is to see Gathje at the top of the UFC. Also weird to remember watching the last time Tony lost was 9 years ago.
Aaron Burrell 26 days ago
If there is no “gate” there is no “prize”. It may actually be a sport now and not just prize fighting.
Sean Baron 26 days ago
So ends the reign of Tony Ferguson, I still think as a stylistic matchup him vs Khabib will always be exciting
Maureen Callahan 26 days ago
Dominick is a prick, that's why we love him. He knows the fight game inside and out. Congrats to you.
Luke Peterson 26 days ago
52:32 and so the mythical creation is born Special place Gaethje
jflo069 26 days ago
They let tony Ferguson get brain damage yet Dominic Cruz is still fighting and they stop it .... this ufc was disappointing to say the least
LongJesus Plays 26 days ago
Plot twist : triple c becomes the king of class. Well done champ
1 Subscriber Before 2021 26 days ago
Just when I started liking the king of cringe he retires 😂 what a night.
Rehan Khan 26 days ago
Finally, a good American representative (Justin) against the Russian Super power (Khabib) They have the same maturity, respect and honour in my opinion. That's going to be another great match just like Dustin vs khabib... but this one is going to be more exciting because Justin is way more special that other fighters... I guess it will be 29 - 0 but if any fighter beats Khabib then I guess only Justin has the real fighter's personality to do so I don't see him winning but he is a streak ender for sure 😅
andy rojas 26 days ago
Few months ago when justin sat out for only a title fight I thought he was crazy!. And here we are.
Fabio 26 days ago
Cejudo is lovable when he’s himself
DayVJones 24 26 days ago
Gaethje is so humble man, as real as you get, he's gained alot more fans after this fight and shouldn't be the underdog anymore.
Johnny Zed 26 days ago
Henry is definitely one of the GOATs. No damage too, so he could come back for a big title fight at any time.
Joe F 26 days ago
Was a tough fight. I said weeks ago. I thought it would be a different fight. I believe tony feeds off the crowd. With no crowd it's a different fight. I thought justin would out class him. It's a shame they did this. Bc it took out another contender for the eagle. I believe the ufc should do the right thing by tony and give him conner
clayton davidson 26 days ago
Bryce finally got his camo shorts. I had a feeling Reebok would do it after seeing some Sean O'Malley shirts.
Monkey Games 26 days ago
I'm curious to know what henry and his coach fight about lol
Lindyann Watson 26 days ago
The sound quality was amazing with headphones in you could hear the fights proper raw a thought
Newfie-Dean 26 days ago
Tony’s the type of guy who gets a 10-second knockdown count from the ref while he’s still stood on his feet.
Steven Carrier 26 days ago
The king of cringe.... says he walked away, embedded says different. “If I dedicate myself, I bet I can still make the team.”
Ryan Sharpe 26 days ago
Triple CCC finally wins me over & retires 😂
Sgt. Budz 26 days ago
All these comments talking about how crazy it was to hear all the noises with no crowd..... ya’ll never watch a prelim fight? 😂
TB 12 26 days ago
Henry thinking he is an all time great, no one will remember him. Saying he is going to retire do get more money from Dana bring in the numbers and the PPV's and you will but that will never happen.
jon burgess 26 days ago
He has to be one of the most down to earth fighters I've heard speak.
gregthesplintercell 26 days ago
Without the crowd it's like those Japanese fight organizations where there is silence. I hope it's always without a crowd from now on.
خالد العتيبي 26 days ago
"See you SON, BOI!"
Disco Shrew 26 days ago
Every time I see Gaethje on camera I like him more and more
Fly8oyAviation 26 days ago
I LOVED the silence in the arena.. sure the crowd reminds me when there's been a sig strike.. but hearing the blows, breathing, coaches and kicks ... it'l never be the same without those RAW sounds again .. LOSE THE CROWDS :D