Took My Uber Driver on a Date (pt2)

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Shooting my shot w/ an Uber Driver... again.
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Extremeredfox 1 year ago
The real question is what kind of businesses did this lady start up and is running. That's what I want to know.
LUCAS CERBINO 1 year ago
I feel like we need another part to this. So many unanswered questions!
Braxton Durley 1 year ago
So you're telling me that you took an uber to pick up an uber driver???
Brad Van 1 year ago
Fr fr this could’ve been a horror story if swoozie changed the music and everything lol
Fladoodle3456 1 year ago
RIP plant taking the shots for Swoozie 😂
ChocoGamin3 1 year ago
Take notice young brothers and sisters. This proud, young, black man almost got himself caught in human trafficlightkidnappingshenaninigans, but luckily he quickly scanned the scene, and upon noticing that not a s i n g l e one of them was a homie, he proceeded to pre-dip and successfully fled the scene. Remember kids, If they not a brother, call your mother. if they hit you with the whips, it's time to dip. If you getting feeded, you bout to get yeeted.
TimmytheSquirrel 1 year ago
1.) Trying to traffic you 2.) Take your organs 3) Oh my.. um and orgy (from replies)
BoyZee 1 year ago
Indigo 12 month ago
Human trafficking 100% The 'husband' was definitely in on it to Sob stories are a big part to trick you into trusting her
Tink Tink360 1 year ago
That whole thing sounded hella suspect. I would’ve dipped immediately if I was in that situation.
CroexPlayz 1 year ago
Things i learn in school: 1% Things i learn on sWooZie's channel:99%
AniJam 1 year ago
You could've used the information from your experience at the club to warn the police. If those suspicious actually were drugging women and taken them home to do God knows what, you had the chance to save them.
Sky Aranda 1 year ago
Smartest rule ever to not drink drinks that you didn't see get poured from the bottle, you neeeever know "Smells like roofies to me" (scary but hilarious) lmao!😂
iitzjoe 1 year ago
I'm pretty sure they were meeting people. getting them drunk, taking them to their place, stealing their shit while they were intoxicated, selling/taking peoples things to buy expensive things i.e. the cars.
Yennie Fer 1 year ago
"No alcohol for meeee..This is a Christian hotline..Byeeeeee." XD
"Are u drunk?'.....GET OUT.....GET OUT
Drew Menck 8 month ago
6:33 “A girl that smokes cigarettes, an instant turn off” Swoozie 2019 AMEN girls (and guys ) take notes!
newson1177 1 year ago
"Not today Satan!!" Dat had meh rollin
w0W3s 1 year ago
The plant was probably the MVP of the club
Infernape 1 year ago
But what happened to Justine? Where did she go in the end? We want part 3!!
nisa rojas 12 month ago
“Hmmm nope nope this is a Christian hotline, byyyeeee”
Koolinokell 1 year ago
Get Out Swoozie edition Edit:😲 I Made this comment before 10:02
ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna 1 year ago
Brave to take an Uber to escape them They probably know where you are but just waiting👀
VroSkii 11 month ago
The plant had so many drinks It probably turned to weed.
Andrea Pare 1 year ago
It is actually really creepy what the people did, glad you went home instead and didn't drink their drinks!
what'sanelwine 1 year ago
When the voices Swoozie makes sound like the blue and purple horses from Charlie the Unicorn... I know I'm showing my age lmao
BruhItzLuigi 9 month ago
1995: don’t get into a car with strangers 2019: UbEr
Jubert Hubberly 1 year ago
"Dios mio again" 😭
Meme Man 1 year ago
This could’ve turned into Get Out P.S Can anybody tell me if the ending to the video was a reference to Get Out
Karmarni K 1 year ago
I just love how his Uber rating is what he was worried about not the fact that he just heard his date was his Uber drivers wife😂
LaVa RoSe 1 year ago
*"NOT TODAY SATAN"* lmao I'm dead
RaveneCrow 1 year ago
Black sense was tingling so hard. I was watching and mine was going off. Good job bro!
C C 10 month ago
"This is the Christian hotline byeeEEEEE" Dude SAME. Good on ya!
Anele 5 month ago
When they first got to the club I was legit thinking “wait... who are these people again and why is Adande with them again?” 😂 he said when he’s suspicious he assesses the situation, I RUN.
Shauna Copeland 1 year ago
Im glad you didnt get into that car, hun. That was sketchy asf.
EvieE1002 1 year ago
they were probably going to beat you up and rob you. I'm glad you followed your instinct and you should probably sent a complaint to Uber because she sounds like a scammer.
crazyify 12 1 year ago
(Zat is my wife) top ten anime betrayals
Lauren D. 1 year ago
“No no, no alcohol for me, this is the Christian hotline, bye”🤣
Dawn K 1 year ago
"Not today SATAN!" 😂😂😈
First Name, Surname 10 month ago
I got a ijustine notification as soon as it said “that is Justine”
Jay Rose 1 year ago
$300 and you didn't want nothing on that menu xD
C C 10 month ago
Also this is legit terrifying. I am so glad God kept you safe!
XEROxSmoked 1 year ago
Who else thought that the first sec of the vid thought it was an ad😂
Square Studios 1 year ago
4:45 you ain’t taking me to no secondary location
Chris the Leavittman 1 year ago
Stacy still works at Blockbuster in 2019.
Nick Luna 1 year ago
I just wanna know her instagram 😭
jonathan cazales 1 year ago
We need more Stacy from blockbuster
CardiUno 1 year ago
Smells Drink👃🏾: *“Smells like roofies to me”* 🥃🤨 Lmfaooooo 😂
itachifanatic1621 1 year ago
Definitely shady AF!!! You must ask yourself sometimes once your home, like how did I find my way into ‘ insert random not so good senerio’ . I’m just glad you got out man. The universe man, it’s crazy sometimes what it just puts you in.
Mac Dawg 12 month ago
1:31 look at the license plate *UCYIMD1* Get it *you see why lm da one* ;)
Tactikool 1 year ago
This sounds like some kind of Grand Theft Auto DLC...
Switch Fan94 1 year ago
6:58 This is a Christian Server
Kiwi & Rocky 1 year ago
I’m pretty sure they were getting ready for an orgy not a murder 😂
Pige0n 12 month ago
2:35 swoozie and Justine got banned from server 10 days 🤣
Francheska S 11 month ago
I love how they all knew you had alcohol in your system, they are willing to give you the keys to their car! Proud of you swoozie for not drinking and driving ❤️🙌🏻
Grey Way 1 year ago
4:45 -flashbacks to first job hunt- oof yeah I didn't know what that place was till I found out 😅
Kaizo Ken 11 month ago
That Plant Is GoNe! 🌱🥃
Shaila Scott 1 year ago
If you were supposed to be drunk. Why were you given the keys to the fancy car 😂
Sherlyn Maria 8 month ago
“That is my wife” I wasssssss dead down laughing
grxmesgirl 1 year ago
Ngl I thought the intro was an ad 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 And the get out reference at the end got me dead💀
Luis Garcia 10 month ago
When I Hurd Wife my mouth drop I bet swoozie was shook 😂
Ultramarine Waters 1 year ago
How did swoozie drop a video and I didn’t know???
Amigo Rigo 1 year ago
Uber Driver: Swoozie: Fine I'll go out with you
theñameìsćhi 7 month ago
They were probably part of the kkk smart move adon
Evan Woods 1 year ago
I don’t know how you be gettin all these females as your Uber driver. All mine are very nice Indian men that don’t stop talking.
Cringy_ Weird_gurl 6 month ago
That’s my ringtone that ringed in the beginning of the vid
Esaias Snipe 1 year ago
So uhh, yeah I don't wanna know the timeline where swoozie hopped in that car, but in that timeline this video wouldn't be here.
Natalia Sanchez 1 year ago
He called a Uber to pick up a Uber driver 😂
Mae Orion 1 year ago
I am going to need Stacy from Metro West Blockbuster to make regular appearances.
Jim 1 year ago
How Do I GET this story about MORRISSEY to you? Youll love this!
Peter Myers 12 month ago
Funny how swoosies a YouTubed and he’s always taking Uber’s😂
n a 11 month ago
8:02 FN>APEX 😂 The real maths
Time Made This 4 month ago
"Okay next up we have Adande. Do I have 2 million?" Lmfao.
JRVBG 9612 1 year ago
Ya’ know you want some good when you want soft tacos tho
Yeplayaisaiah 0229 1 year ago
Me: I wonder when swoozie is going to make a new video? 100000000 years later: swoozie has uploaded
Louis TWD 11 month ago
He Did The Thing CoryXKenshin does With That Start The Video All Ready
Brennan B 1 year ago
This man really goes out here risking his life just to give us some juicy stories. Respect.
Ella Klarich 1 year ago
I was watching the “space between us” and there was this guy in it and I was like yo that looks like swoozie and then I looked it up and he was really in it Bet no one even cares but me😂 Or everyone already knew but me
ZitroStrike 4910 11 month ago
8:54 “Hopping out like Jack in the Box” plz tell me someone else though of this also lmao
Bryner Joseph 11 month ago
Y’all don’t peep in the beginning of the video of the price for the uber💀💀💀
Carl Leo 11 month ago
6:02 young men this is the most important part of the video we can all learn something form this .... if swoozie drank that nxt thing you know hes on the cnn accused of some kind of sexual assault
Katy Lim 5 month ago
“That is my wife” 😂😂😂
Shree Malla 5 month ago
This seems like a hustler/robbery ring as well
shallow gamer 12 month ago
“Not today satan” that’s a dashie games reference 😂😂😂
Jonathan Louey 1 year ago
The fact that swoozie turned the te video from scary to joyful, and publish it to YouTube like it's a normal thing to have surprises me! Swoozie you dodged a bullet
Marts 1 year ago
Smart move ma dude. When strangers act too friendly like that definitely red flags are going off like a race track XD
Luis Garcia 10 month ago
The get out part 💀 I’m weak 😂
SOB308 1 year ago
Swoozie sent me then pulls out a badge
TheFangirlOtaku 1 year ago
"You're drunk right?" **grabs hand** *NOPE*
Da Good Vybe 7 month ago
7:21 this is the Christian hotline 😂
The Big Eazy 1 year ago
Lmao that blockbuster girl cameo was amazing I was so weak 😭😂😂😭😭😂
FIL MV 9 month ago
I laughed when you said the abbey. I actually went to there but I liked it
Clarajean Muhammad 1 year ago
Dat is my wife!!!
Diamond Lucas King 4 month ago
Swoozie Detector : Active : Expensive car : Unknown Drinks : Expensive Food : Unknown Location Conditions Met : Human Trafficking: *Plausible*
Ty Holcomb 6 month ago
6:29 i literally said it with you
Patrick Star 1 year ago
Low Key that plant was getting WaStEd 😂
Hunter Richardson 1 year ago
love you swooz but i just didn't feel that "swoozie" love in this vid. Lookin forward to the next one tho
Nick S. 5 month ago
“First of all, he says it like an assassin.”
Erzgamon 1 year ago
Kinda reminds me of Get Out but like in LA xD