Meet the Queens | First Day Feels | RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5

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These 10 Queens are BACK for the #AllStars5 crown in the most legendary competition yet!

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stop i dont want to feel rn 28 days ago
team almost everyone omg this cast is **chef's kiss**
Abcflc 28 days ago
Let's be real: Juju went from working at a mall to working at a high-end boutique.
Andrei Gutierrez 28 days ago
Rumored All Stars 6 cast •Ornacia •Asia's butterflies that survived •Monet's sponge •Monique's wig that is still stuck in the ceiling during the Emotion lyipsync •Derick's Hem •Opal mythed •Ariel's lost wigs •Milk's Delusion on AS3 •Leslie Jones •Aiden's Black wig •Shangela again.
Ongina 28 days ago
To my Filipino Fans. I'm sorry for messing up the explanation for this outfit. The last thing I wanted was to embarrass you. But I was SUPER NERVOUS but please understand I only meant to represent. To clarify this is inspired by a number of different costumes and silhouettes in our country AND Darna to represent beauty, strength and individuality. Very super hero like. Please see my Instagram @ongina for post. Im super proud of this outfit. 😘
Sakamoto Des 28 days ago
Who else is Filipino here? GO ONGINA! 💞 #PinoyPride
Erra 28 days ago
India: Call me Justin Me: INDIA YOU'RE MARRIED
Pumpkin Cupcake 10 28 days ago
I was shocked when Ivy Winters didn’t enter
chogiwa chan 28 days ago
Miz cracker, jujubee and shea in the same season? yES.
Fitz Mariñas 28 days ago
India talking about being unique with her color and then Miz Cracker’s clip just went on like that THE SHADE
Sam Wilson 28 days ago
blair can’t answer the question about school cause she’s not old enough to go yet
Get Frighten 28 days ago
tammie brown popping up randomly is my religion
Ivan p 28 days ago
Giulia Pareti 28 days ago
If JuJu doesn’t win this season I’m gonna riot in the streets.
Tim Stifler 28 days ago
Americans spends hundred of thousand on the knives to look young, but everybody makes fun of Blaire for looking young? I don't get it. Shes clearly blessed
RetroFalconPilot 23 28 days ago
Producers: What are you gonna do after you get out of drag? Everybody: Get clean, eat or write in a journal. Blair: Scratch my balls
Baby Alchemist 28 days ago
The Amanda Lapore reference by Miz Craker gave me life
Isabella Méndez 28 days ago
If ongina isn’t on the top, this is Rigga Morris girl
Phantom Jade 28 days ago
Blair is going through her Miley Cyrus "I'm not a kid anymore" phase and it's amazing
Cameren Stepp 28 days ago
Best AS cast since AS2, easily. Heavy is the head that will earn the crown! I’m confident that it’s Shea’s quick win but I’d also be very happy with Juju or Cracker as the alternates.
Axel Leon 28 days ago
Im team ongina, a bow of rice is like EVERYTHING also jujus makeup came such a long way and she looks so opulent with mall owner look, we stan <3
Naim Hastings 28 days ago
Imagine Laganja being on all stars 6 and coming in like “COME ON ALL STARS 6. LETS GET SIXNiiiiiiiNG” *shablam*
Alex Karehu 28 days ago
Derrick: Claims the Britney impersonations affected her performance in her first season Also Derrick: first day back uses two Britney references Ooops she REALLY is going to do it again
Claire Victoria 28 days ago
I LOVE that there are more older season queens this time around and not five queens from like season 9.
Rago Alasa 28 days ago
I'm as lazy during quarantine as Derrick's right lash LMAO
E. R. H. 28 days ago
India: "This color is so unique". Miz Cracker seconds later wearing the exact same color xD
Samantha Gisser 28 days ago
miz cracker’s twirling story was adorable lol
Xiomara La Gordita 28 days ago
Girl, if the teacher told your parents “talks too much in class” you’re gay now. I’m sorry, that’s just how it works
kawaiiotakuable 28 days ago
Ongina's Filipino references makes me so much more excited for the looks she'll be serving ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️
RedLabrado13 28 days ago
Qeisama 28 days ago
Derrick, Mariah, Ongina got casted in AS5 Kimora: Wait, Whaat?
Willie Charles 28 days ago
India Ferrah - "This color really drew to my eye, its so unique, its so different...", cut scene to Miz Cracker... SAME COLOR! RuPaul your editors are hella funny :)
Dominador B. Punzalan 28 days ago
I love the fact that Ongina is EM👏BRAC👏ING👏 her every inch of being a Filipino! I am so happy that she's finally in the All Star season. FINALLY! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Abigail K 28 days ago
Ongina's look made me GASP. No doubt she's an All Star!
Sarah Wilson 28 days ago
Nobody: The AS S5 cast: *We talk too much.*
Tom Wildeman 28 days ago
Ongina is an absolute mood, she’s so cute!
Matti Watrin 28 days ago
Blair being like im gonna scratch my balls is EVERYTHING 🤣
RayisOkay 28 days ago
Miz Cracker twirling is the energy I need in my life
F o x x 28 days ago
nobody: all star 5 cast : talking too much......
Isabelle Annett 28 days ago
Omg if that is ongina’s entrance look imagine her other looks 😳🤚🏼
Rony Ramdan 28 days ago
Am I too early to think that Shea is gonna be the Winner? I mean, most of them are strong contestant, but I can only see Shea. I don't know maybe it's just me.
Lyv David 28 days ago
"It's me, Miz Cracker, I am 35... *UHM* miles from the nearest telephone booth, but I feel safe because they gave me a sandwich" ".... I think that children are the future" "... but now I'm against that, because the environment *soft moan* " "I got in trouble for twirling" I can't stop laughing, she's delightful
Jack L 28 days ago
"But I feel safe because they gave me a sandwich!" Queen of snacks.
we're not going to have a promo look for meet the queens, or a promo look at all, that's sad.
Isabelle Annett 28 days ago
Blair literally looks like a biological woman 💅🏼
Just Edge 28 days ago
Sarah Ichi 28 days ago
Team Shea but 2010 me is SCREAMINGGGGG JUJUBEE 👑
Derril KA 28 days ago
My Entrance Rank : Ongina Shea Coulee Miz Crackers Jujubee Alexis Mateo Blair St. Clair India Ferrah Mariah Balenciaga Mayhem Miller Derrick Barry
MemeLord69 28 days ago
Y’all sleepin on miss mayhem because she’s gon let y’all have it
Prakash Shrestha 28 days ago
This is how many people have been waiting for ALL STARS 5 🌟??? 👇🏼
arilisas 28 days ago
Sasha Blouse 28 days ago
Nobody: Derrick: oOpS I'm Britney again
Joan of Arc 28 days ago
Everytime the camera goes on Mz Cracker, i feel like she's actually the host and they're just asking her the same questions as the contestants 😂♥️
kenneydking 28 days ago
Imagine mizcracker, Shea, and Blair in the top three omgg the are my top 3
Shiela Alovera 28 days ago
Ongina giving so much PH representation! Yes queen. 🇵🇭
Isabelle Annett 28 days ago
This cast is stunning I can’t
issa mak 28 days ago
Blair said “scratch my balls” lmaoooo
James Gaming 28 days ago
Miz Cracker: I got in trouble for twirling * twirls *
Brandon512k 28 days ago
softella 28 days ago
Me: Im bored Youtube: yEs
Playlists 28 days ago
Everywhere I look there is a hem
Abbey T 28 days ago
Omg when Derrick said she was into Justin Timberlake. Legend.
PUNMPKIN 28 days ago
*"I'm 80 pounds soaking wet-"*
Brighton Pacific 28 days ago
Okay, I like Blair, but is she on coke the whole time here...??
Pearl smoking a cigarette 28 days ago
chakravardhini J 28 days ago
"Hey everybody it's Miz Cracker I'm 35 -ahum- miles from the telephone booth" omg I love her.
Willie Charles 28 days ago
I love how the editors put in clips where Derrick Barry was talking about "stepping outside the Britney box" and he literally steps back into the work room as Britney.... What have we learned?
Martin C. 28 days ago
Derick's outfit looks unpolished and messy
Shocked Hamster 28 days ago
Derrick on S8 : " i try my best for get out of the britnez box" Derrick on AS5 : "oops i did it again" (literally)
Sincerely Eccentric 28 days ago
I love all of these queens! I want them all to win. But SHEA COULEE for the crown.
Blake B 28 days ago
Derrick is the definition of filler queen lmfao “I don’t want to be just Britney” *walks in as Britney, uses Britney lyric* Oops, they invited you again gorrrrl
daryl john gonzales 28 days ago
Am I the only one who clocked this 1:26 lol shady edittttt they're both wearing the same colors. Funny as hell 😂
Blurred shape 28 days ago
Before I heard Mariah's voice I thought she was Alexis Michelle 😯
Gaetan 28 days ago
i feel like there is multiples drag queen and shea SHE’S A WOMAN Y’ALL
davinxi 78 28 days ago
*the amount of memes inserted into this video just completes my life*
Jessica Frank 28 days ago
As if I needed a reason to love Juju more, we had almost the exact same celeb crushes! But I was Tommy the White/Green/Red Ranger and JC Chasez from *NSYNC
Blaine Manning 28 days ago
Why is Derrick there?! Oh yea that’s right.. they need someone to go home first! 😂
CiCi Nebula 28 days ago
I love Derrick but Britney is Britney’s brand like I’m just so curious what else goes on in her head that she doesn’t execute
mbr715 28 days ago
Miz Cracker and i would've had a blast in shul : at about 5 or 6 yrs old i leaned over to my mom and "whispered" ''The Torah looks like two big rolls of toilet paper"....
Lisa Riv 28 days ago
I’m so excited for Ongina, Mariah, Alexis, Juju, and Shea! 💖 🇵🇷
Julie Trett 28 days ago
So f****** excited for this season. I don’t know who to root for because I love em all.
Ash 28 days ago
“I don’t see you walking children in nature” what the frack
Felipillo 28 days ago
I was view past teasers of all stars and, BAM finally people Im going for the OGs #teamongina #teamjujubee #teamalexis
Simon T 28 days ago
"I just can't wait to get out of these shoes" YOU ARE WEARING FLATS DERRICK
Lil' Pumpkin 28 days ago
Nobody: Blair: The first thing imma do when I get outta drag is scratch my ballz...
Jer 28 days ago
Yeah my first celeb crush is jude law too, esp when he played the role of a guy hooker robot in aritificial intelligence. Hahahhah
Hong Kheng 28 days ago
Derrick saying he's still in trouble for talking *Cuts to him at the hater's roast'
FunWithTech RBLX 28 days ago
So nobody is going to talk about how Ongina’s outfit literally makes ASMR noises? It makes me tingle.
Deb Less 28 days ago
Blaire is so fishy I was caught off guard when she mentioned her balls. I'm like "you have those?" for a a few seconds.
Lars M 28 days ago
0:12 now, somebody ain't payin' attention. we all know that should've been a (dr) dill pickle sandwich :-P
Miss Giggles 28 days ago
Regarding Blair: She says Grace Jones, but I'm seeing Sarah Paulson in AHS: HOTEL.
Jennika 27 days ago
No baby , that outfit is more mid to late 80s business woman than 90s supermodel. I love you and the look though!!
John 28 days ago
Is it just me or Miz Cracker reminds me of OLAF when she was twirling and humming 😍😍😍 shes just so adorable and fluffy lol
Reece Hoskins 27 days ago
Nobody: Blair: Oh i'm gonna scratch my balls
Eduardo Sobral 28 days ago
Is Shea watching The Golden Girls because of a future challenge? Because I heard a spoiler of an episode that they will make a parody of The Golden Girls...Probably "The Golden Squirrels"? 😂
Santiago Ramirez 28 days ago
00:00 omg, just give her the crown..
Jonathon Douglas 28 days ago
"And I dont see you walking children in nature" Forever iconic
Shucks 28 days ago
But if you’re competing as Derrick now, why are you still dressing like Britney?
Sydney Jane 28 days ago
I still have report cards from the 80s that says “she is so smart, but she talks to much.” I think it’s the sign of either a genius or entertainer. WE HAVE TO COMMUNICATE!
Angelica Ramirez 28 days ago
When Miz Cracker said she got in trouble for twirling I thought of one thing, Leslie Jordan “daddy watch me twirl” 5:10
경린뱈 28 days ago
India Ferrah: I was really drew to this color, I wanted to wear something unique that no other queen was wearing. 1:28 cuts to Miz Cracker in the same blue SHADE (MC's is more greenish...but still shady 🤣)