This Facility Created A 1950s Town To Care For Alzheimer’s Patients

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A facility in California mimics early memories for “reminiscence therapy”

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Tyler Buck 10 days ago
“How many kids do I have? Probably, probably about 4” Bless this old lady’s heart ❤️.
De Rp 10 days ago
I worked at a homecare facility for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. This is awesome. They sometimes are living in the past
Jake Provniiik 10 days ago
I really appreciate this. This is what makes living awesome seeing people care for others
tropbellepourtoi 10 days ago
This kind of innovative thinking about how to approach quality of life for those suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia is a blessing.
Danielle King 10 days ago
I’m a nurse and I work specifically with the elderly. This. This is what we need in every state ! Build one in northern VA !
Randomly Interesting 10 days ago
i will work my ass off to be able to afford this level of care for my mom. this is truly amazing. greetings from germany
savagedragon79 10 days ago
This is the story captain America didn't want to talk about.
G Reyes 10 days ago
This is so beautiful and yet so sad for me
Christopher Kent 10 days ago
We need more of this nationwide, this was such a cute and wholesome video thank you Vice
Jackson Ripley 10 days ago
All fun and games till the round ends and their town gets nuked
Dr. Apollo 10 days ago
The relationship between these two is so wholesome 6:02
*Dreams* 10 days ago
1:58 - 2:01 HOW PRECIOUS! 🙏😊💙 She Blew a kiss when she realized there was a camera there 🙏🤶🏻💙
Ashley Gross 10 days ago
My Grandpa suffered from Alzheimer’s and it was so sad to see such a strong man wither away like he did 😢
Vasectomy Fail 10 days ago
do they need a radio DJ? i know all the hits from the 50s and early 60s
Yeezus Bhrist 10 days ago
"who's girl are you?" Girl: yours "that's right" I see how she got down🤣
Ms. Elite 10 days ago
Lol for me they would put 90s and early 2000s era😂
Warrcoww 10 days ago
When I’m 85 these are gonna be an internet cafe where everyone is playing League and CoD and a movie theater that’s always showing Endgame... maybe they’ll have an art gallery with the ancient memes
Jake Malin 10 days ago
Love the 58 thunderbird
Twisting Dervole 10 days ago
This is amazing!
jujia7 10 days ago
What a great program. “I’ll keep you” 💚
Seadaddy 10 days ago
Heartbreaking considering the active pandemic. I hope they make it out OK.
Ground Chuck 10 days ago
Guy talked about how his wife’s dementia/alzheimer’s has gotten progressively worse when he literally just called her daughter Kenya not Tanya
キティニャー 10 days ago
this is sad and happy at the same time.. damn
Scott Stewart 10 days ago
Don't forget the "colored" seating area and the cigarettes everywhere
aslomski 10 days ago
I want to live in the reality of the 50s. With real food and sound money, made of gold and silver.
SuperIntendent Corey Thomas Palmer 10 days ago
The idea of alzheimers or parkinson's terrifies me so much I have no intention of living past 70 years old. Going to bill it exhaust fumes style
Michael Mccarthy 10 days ago
My 89 yo mother is in assisted care in LA county. It costs almost $10K a month. The Cost of growing old is nothing to be ignored.... we're not even allowed to see her because of the Coronavirus.
kylie reeder 10 days ago
doctor: “you have 8 minutes and 33 seconds left to live” me:
Linwood Holloway 10 days ago
Thats so great!💝💞💝
AGydell 10 days ago
I'm here for all this wholesomeness
My Opinions 10 days ago
National City 👏🏻😝
SlantedLand 10 days ago
Very interesting. And sweet.
ibro khan 10 days ago
Aw this is so cute
Unknown Unknown 10 days ago
awe man im going to miss these two when they pass on
bigunity 10 days ago
adorable cringyness brings back memories @3:54 "who's girl are you" I can still recall going to work with my grandmother on days off from school on the upper west side in manhattan, I would often wonder why this lady was calling my grandma "her GIRL" even though granny had to be 10-15 years older than her.
alexsander eastmond 10 days ago
bless all and love i feel for this love story i took care of my grandmother who suffered from it and i gave her all the love she deserves
joel M 10 days ago
This is the kind of stuff we need...good for the heart
Sebastian Alba 10 days ago
This is great, I just hope that when im old I can live with this much care.
ed rage 10 days ago
If pop´s die before her it´s going to be really sad
AmahMasBoy 10 days ago
This made me cry. This is so beautifully tragic.
Andrea l 10 days ago
Amazing!!! I just wish there was one in every state. I as well worked at a care facility. Thank you to everyone and anyone that is in or was in this field. 💜
Daniel D 10 days ago
Oh. My. God. This made me so sad watching this... I'm crying now
Skrooge Lantay 10 days ago
I wanna live there just to live out my Fallout dreams
achackungal 10 days ago
This is great reporting by Vice. Thank you for bringing this to light
Theather Hawkins 10 days ago
3 years working in an Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit. I know what it’s like for the patients. This warms my heart.
matty 10 days ago
good for them. if they did this for me when i'm their age, it'll look like skid row; homeless people telling me to stretch my hammies and people who's language i don't know calling out Bingo numbers! oh, and constant iraq/middle east war debates. those are always a pleasure.
Some username 10 days ago
At that point I'd rather die than live with dementia/alzheimer's, I would've lived a pretty good life anyway
onthenext23rd 10 days ago
I love this. Such a great program.
Chris Gray 10 days ago
I don't have Alzheimer and I want to live in the '50s and '60s. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
A 2227 10 days ago
What an amazing progressive idea. This is wonderful.
DMEseter 10 days ago
God bless them I rather never get that old
Victor 10 days ago
Good work!!💪💪💪 these are the heroes of our society!!!
rodi nunez 10 days ago
Can I have her as my grandma. She's so sweet
M0HAWK HMS 10 days ago
Wow it's must be extremely hard on the family 😪😪
Vanessa Thomas 10 days ago
Loveeeeeee thissssss❤️
Mugzy Hillbillie 10 days ago
This is amazing!
Jennifer Boyd 10 days ago
That's just awesome. Thank u to town square for what they do. Just awesome
Lupita Alcaraz 10 days ago
I just want hug her 😭😭
Sindy J 10 days ago
Aww this is so sweet and wonderful
Lorne Beck 10 days ago
So heart warming! What a wonderful woman!
Spen of Spen's Law 10 days ago
Let's see if these unions brought together by memes will last fifty years😏
Lana Campbell-Moore 10 days ago
Love this💕
Stella Star 10 days ago
North Florida Fungi 10 days ago
I saw this somewhere else just a couple days ago
J C 10 days ago
Sad to see someone becomes likes this. My grandma had it when I was a young kid, and I didn’t stand at the time what was wrong with her. All I remember was my mom providing care around the clock and struggling with my young siblings. Now with lots of information awareness and support, people in these situations have better quality of life.
Russell Henry 10 days ago
What a great idea! Good parents deserve the best care. Bad parents?...they don’t deserve anything.
Angel Tenorio 10 days ago
Y’all cry too ?? Started bawling eyes chuz ima have to care for my parents like this to and I just going be sad watch them forget who they are 😖😖😖
Jeremy Kelly 10 days ago
Now here’s a novel concept ✨
Chris Bruggers 10 days ago
I'm 35 yo now, so for me it's gunna be TMNT, Ghostbusters, and NES/SNES all day when I'm old and senile... and we'll communicate on AIM. Have to dig up my old screen name, haha
Open Sesame 10 days ago
they must think they went to heaven
Matthew Shaffer 10 days ago
Incredible. ♥️
Marc Lau 10 days ago
The attitude and positive energy of that lady is so precious, and you can tell her family and the support workers at the facility genuinely care so much. It's scary to think of my parents one day developing Alzheimer's since my grandparents all went through it, but I'd want nothing more than for them to be able to reminisce and recall their better times as they struggle through it. It's not a cure, but it'd give me peace to know that they can find comfort in being able to remember something, and that they will always have some of their memories always intact :')
Sean Cross 10 days ago
What an amazing daughter
Mycel 10 days ago
I wonder if it's intentional that the young caretakers at that place dress modern.
Rachel K 10 days ago
Kill me if all I am able to do is live in the past.
Junne 10 days ago
Kinda reminds me of San Junipero.
Carmen Santana 10 days ago
This is proof that true love exist..💑
Christy Smith 10 days ago
Tai Tasso 10 days ago
What’s the price tag for all this
Kordell Chambers 10 days ago
Who ever disliked this video clearly doesn’t have a heart
JONEDOG 10 days ago
This is beautiful
adv 10 days ago
I live a block away from a alzheimers and dementia facility and I wish they were even 10% as nice as this. I pray I never end up like this.
HunterShows 10 days ago
That isn't a town; it's one building with a set. :S
Chris Houde 10 days ago
First 10 minutes here!
mpye 10 days ago
the facility only open 1 hour a day?
Frank Zavala 10 days ago
I saw something like this on a show called kidding
JOEYWHO 10 days ago
Cosmic Rider 10 days ago
Id move there.
Nolan Pahmahmie 10 days ago
So beautiful.
Manchester Cityzen 10 days ago
I live with and have lost loved ones with Alzheimers. It is one of two things that always happens. Either people become child like and docile, or they turn really, REALLY mean. I think this is wonderful! I wonder what they will do for the 90’s to make me comfortable, should I need this care?
Fred Bread 10 days ago
This is so sweet
SUB TO schngstbr ABBONIERT 10 days ago
We need some of those in Germany !
mina m 10 days ago
what a wonderful program
James 10 days ago
nice content keep up the good content
the facts 10 days ago
Alzheimers especially the late stages is the most heartbreaking disease in the world.
Jack St.Clare 10 days ago
Im a plumber.
Zaya 10 days ago
Beautiful service
only one Mr X Only one Mr y 10 days ago
1950 ? Nice ?
pin55head 10 days ago
Hello Corona my old friend
Juan Dough 10 days ago
Great video Vice.