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We're making a game! This is all I can show for now, but it's almost 1 year into development and we have about 10 people on the team kicking ass and working hard.

Follow the official twitter for more updates, sorry I was gone for so long! I'M BACK!

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MasterKcoop 1 year ago
bowlbo sounds like one of the many names oney would make up on the spot during a character creation screen
Goblin Slayer 1 year ago
If that witch isn't voiced by zach I'm going to sue oney for abuse, zach has to voice SOMEBODY
Matt Lothe 10 month ago
Please, PLEASE make Freddy Freaker a secret boss.
zeoxdragon 1 year ago
The Nostalgia Critic just made a review, he said "I DON'T UNDERSTAND, IT'S NOT FUNNY, I DON'T GET IT"
superboy0085 3 month ago
“It’ll be out when it’s out” -Linkara
Epicdemic 6 month ago
The story is an autobiographical account from the childhood of Chris.
I play Bass sometimes 5 month ago
I’m sure this will be a fun game when it comes out in like 10 years lol
Hyptic 9 month ago
I really hope there's some kind of secret level in the game that turns into a cringy Creepypasta.
squidking 191 1 year ago
Ah yes. This is 100% true. Im irish. I go down into my local woods and see a witch taking my dog. Thanks for replicting irish culture xD
Cameron Hay 1 year ago
Is this a true story from Chris's childhood since it takes place in Ireland
Handmade Stick 10 month ago
Lyrics: Twas normal day on planet eartho when a young boii and his poochingus snook from their mahmey and decided to frohlik into the nearby woods, alas... what they found... would change theyr lifes.... forever.... [Visible scare] [ugly gramma visibly abuses dog] [Dog whining] [dog barking and child screeming]
Cell Eater 6 month ago
I expect a new trailer at the Goty Award Show.
L.A.M Productions 4 month ago
Going by how earth is called eartho then bowlbo is actually called bowlb
Mojo Kor 1 year ago
If there was ever a title to a game that just SOUNDED like OneyPlays, this was it. Fitting it was made by the man himself. That said I'm interested to see the game in action!
Ricky Berwick 1 year ago
here is my money now
EVAN 7 month ago
Weird in a way, ugly-cute vibes, the subtitle being “the quest for bing bing” ye I’ll buy
Shahar Aragaoo 7 month ago
my lil brother: **opens my room door for the dog to come in** ME: 0:31
Una Clarke 2 month ago
Who’s here after seeing the gameplay trailer?
Random kid With hat 5 month ago
So I heard this is what you spent 4 or 5 years on *click noice*
Crazy Canuck 1 year ago
Good god, 3D rendering consumed Chris. He’s evolving...
aaron glass 10 month ago
Now for the sequel “Bowlbo 2 Autism Rising”
TheSkullKid 10 month ago
I like how some of the clouds spell out “Oney” if you look carefully. When the planet first appears.
shaunthesheep24 3 month ago
I'm predicting the first time we see the witch of the woods she say: "HELLOOOOOOOOO WELCHHHOME!"
Sir Mumbop XIV 9 month ago
Some of the NPCs had better be of Ding Dong's kind
Marek MMK229 1 year ago
Hope there's a character that kisses the screen and you will never be able to remove the kiss mark. xoxo
frostdragon64 1 year ago
The remake of Heart of Darkness looks great
Brunko Sproogle 6 month ago
I flipped shit because I saw this in my recommended and thought it was a new trailer
Kaperezo 4 month ago
I hope they realse this on the Nintendo switch.
u mad bro? 1 year ago
The legend of Bumbo is looking great!
Devon Palmer 1 year ago
Zach better play the witch, they have the same nose
nernerman 9 month ago
This is the Oney-ist game I've ever seen!
Serek Levison 3 month ago
0:32 I don’t remember Gruntilda looking like that. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.
Lizzie Pen 10 month ago
0:33 they found zach!!
dumpster Slvt 10 month ago
if creepypasta nostalgia critic shows up as a boss i will buy 4 copies and force the friends i dont have to play it
Asaptaco 1 year ago
I swear to god the Witch needs to have the laugh of Julian and the screams of Zach. Please Chris, I will pay anything for this to happen.
Xavier Barnes 11 month ago
For the love of god make zach the voice of the witch
goblinounours 10 month ago
That Asshole in The Comment Section 5 month ago
I feel like Oney just makes noises with his mouth, and people will give him money.
Cicatrixgamer 10 month ago
the title is like when they choose a name for a character i think is the same creative process
RoachdogJr 1 year ago
If Zach doesn’t voice that little green creature with a foul nose I will be sad
Arkadiusz Molęda 4 month ago
Man I love how Plankton does his job as the narrator
Mr Snipee 6 month ago
I’m starting to think this was cancelled
The Kings2758 10 month ago
*GOLDBO* (the quest for bling bling)
Pixel Pancake 10 month ago
Bowlbo-Bing Bing are oneywaring to go!
Social Absence 1 year ago
Imagine a AAA game title with Chris in charge.
Bob Marley 4 month ago
4 goddam years then this
lost 3 month ago
When the teaser trailer is 11 months old
Bendy Fish 8 month ago
davsab 11 month ago
*mah man you gotta put big penny as a boss in this game*
Pikseli 1 year ago
can't wait for watchmojo to rank this game's "pouring boiling milk on someone's head"-part as the number one in their top 10 weirdest gaming moments
Sandude 10 month ago
Chuba Taco 2 month ago
time to go back into hiding for another 5 years
Blackbird 8 month ago
Watch out Chris, the ADL just put the Bowl Cut into their database as a hate symbol!! You could get cancelled!! :o
Shekel Snatcher 4 month ago
I really hope someone in this game will kiss my screen and i can never wash it away.
StrJn n 1 year ago
Haha wow I hope OneyPlays does a playthrough of this! He would love it!
C-HasArrived Lad's 1 year ago
As it turns out DingDong was the witch this whole time
Eddible Shiba 4 month ago
I don’t wanna know who Zach voices yet, I want it to be a surprise when I play it
Jellybean STUDIOS! 7 month ago
i would pay 99,000 cents for this
A14418525 12 10 month ago
0:38 e la vamos nós
Daniel Sambar 1 year ago
Oney Uploaded? _There is a god._
Jed Rayne 2 month ago
I want to guess it took Chris like .05 seconds to name him
gas 33 515sxh 10 month ago
Everything is perfectly autistic and i love it lol
Hirohito Araki 10 month ago
you are so incredibly talented i wonder why you haven't done this at a higher level like a tv or comisión art
Mr. Otaku 9 month ago
The art style looks AWESOME! Good luck to you!
Sandrock 306 1 year ago
AddistWasHere 9 month ago
When is this coming out, it's been forever
Cody the random dog 10 month ago
I thought this was going to be a moive short
The Toxic Dragon 6 month ago
When he posts for the first time in four years
vlogsforfrogs 10 month ago
i love the art direction, it looks like a child’s play-doh creations come to life, but like it actually looks good.
Island Boy 1 year ago
Knowing Chris, the game will become more and more disturbing and surreal the further you play it while still maintaining the cutesy style. And I'll love every moment of it EDIT: unlike other games the surrealness will probably be very funni
KazootyScott 1 year ago
This game takes place in Ireland. Neat detail I hadn't noticed until now
Mamodokod 3 month ago
Curious what's been going on. I know they're still working on it tho.
Milktraap 9 month ago
And he was never heard from again
GR3Y_D4Y_ Vevo 10 month ago
We all just want zach in this
Frderf Da Ant King 10 month ago
Animation looks pretty cool man, I see why you got too many fans in YouTube. I watched your most popular videos and there are very hilarious indeed. Congratulations for this work.
Michael Ince 3 month ago
I’m very excited for this
Flop 6 month ago
I’m just now finding out about this because it was put in my recommended
Lida Bosnia The Object Thingy / LBTOT 2017 VGCP 5 month ago
Led to be like that offings for this running fielding
BananaMate 1 year ago
Is this just an artistic retelling of the first time you met Zach?
Gavin Parish 3 month ago
The quest for bing bing 😂😂😂😂
HumbleRumble Savage808 7 month ago
The Kings2758 10 month ago
*I replayed this TOO many times....*
ebolaman 7 month ago
0:33 Grunty is revived, again.
Ami Yamato 1 year ago
This looks lovely! Everything looks so soft and squidgy!
Edoardo Sabatello 10 month ago
THIS LOOKS AMAZING!! How didn’t I know about this until now?! I wish you the best:you’ve always been a way to survive my middle school years with your videos Keep up the great work!!!
James Stethem 4 month ago
If I dont have the option of having a permanent kiss mark on my screen im reporting you.
MrPoofn 10 month ago
This still coming out
sans50 skelebro 8 month ago
*"twas normal day on planet eartho"*
Bottom Text 1 year ago
The names are just various doorbell noises
viperstrike0 7 month ago
Im gonna need my shillbo app to help me with this game.
Sirtified CrAzY 5 month ago
That kid I think just stole my soul, yep there it goes.... I'll miss u
corndog virus 6 month ago
Alright, *See you guys next year.*
Richard Cantu 9 month ago
Chris, man. You have some great skills in cinematography and editing. Not to mention the music; I know that was you :D
Robert Mcfry 1 year ago
In order to get Bing Bing back the witch will ask a series of questions that start off with "what would you do if"
mk1 proto boi 7 month ago
Can we just appreciate how high detailed everything is
Jack Vaughn 10 month ago
Please tell me he’s voiced by Zack?
Dippity Deuce 7 month ago
if this is like heart of darkness I will give you my lifes savings right now.
Link The Fox 10 month ago
i really hope nintendo or microsoft ask you if they could publish this on xbox one or switch id definitely buy it
A person u found Gamer 10 month ago
At last what they found would change there lives forever *sakuri appears*
Almond Milk 10 month ago