What's wrong with London's boroughs?

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Written by
Jay Foreman @jayforeman
Paul Kendler @kendlerpaul

Edited by
Jay Foreman

Director of Photography
Paul Kendler

Camera Assistant
Urs Robbe

Props, Costume and general brilliance
Jade Nagi @jade_nagi

Chris Walker @BigDamnArtist

Political maps by
Matt from @ElectionMapsUK

Additional (invaluable) research
Ian Pleace @lccmunicipal
Further reading: https://www.lccmunicipal.com

Font vocabulary/opinions
Gareth Stranks @strnks
Further reading: https://typewritingblog.wordpress.com/

Bollard vocabulary

Bromley sign
Ryan Griffin

Game Show Host
Mandy Dassa @MandyDassa

Game Show Contestant
Paul Kendler @kendlerpaul

Margaret Thatcher / Vox Pop 3
Jade Nagi @jade_nagi

Vox Pops 1 and 2
Sorry, I’ve completely forgotten their names. They approached us while we were filming, so we asked if they wanted to be in it. If you know/are one of these two people, get in touch!

Man from Hounslow
Matt Lucas @realmattlucas

'Lemmings' by Brian Johnston, Anthony Williams and Tim Wright
'Skin Sofa' arrangement by Spud Smith

Thanks to:
New London Architecture at The Building Centre
Pipers Models - creators of the New London Model
Aldey Wahyu Putra 29 days ago
Jay: “this is all very interesting” Invisible cheerleader: 📣 N o i t i s n ’ t 🌸
SteveXP 29 days ago
The boroughs logo rhyme is now my second favourite thing after “The nations of the world" by Yakko Warner
Wintana Tesfay 29 days ago
As an Enfieldian I feel strangely over represented but very validated.
Ben Kelly 29 days ago
The Matt Lucas part was hilarious. Absolutely none of us in Hounslow actually LIKE being in Hounslow at all hahaha
Matt Fry 29 days ago
"The 'sort of' Labour leader, Tony Blair...." Brilliant.
LQC 28 days ago
"We've all got thyme on our hands nowadays" really got me.
Hilfigertout 29 days ago
8:43 I love how it’s just “North”, “South”, and “Harrow”.
TheLordWillis 29 days ago
Lmao he’s so weird no one’s gonna comment about him doing a section acting as a traffic warden?
Linus Boman 29 days ago
Jay, I love this series, but clearly at 1:28 – Tower Hamlets use a rather ugly variant of *Monotype Goudy* with slap-dash inconsistent kerning pairs. Please immediately destroy this video and all of the immaculately researched, brilliantly entertaining work you've uploaded to YouTube over the last 14 years. Thank you. x
DJ 28 days ago
"river river river leaf, Text with website underneath, Foxes head with eagle's palms, Lots of boring coats of arms, Flower tree, tree, tree, Stolen from the BBC, Very nintys, Round and bold, Painted by a five year old, Flappy triangles appeal, Happy crown and water wheel, Circle, skyline, painty, lame, Looks like someone signed their name, Swirly B and swishy N, Boring coats of arms again, Eight blobs no one understands, That completes the... Oh it's hands!" 🎵🎶🎵
E U A N 29 days ago
Ok but can we talk about Matt Lucas and his unrivalled love of Hounslow
Ben C 29 days ago
Sounds like London has NIMBY on steroids.
Jack Loughlin 29 days ago
Jay, we recycle Tetra-paks in Southwark. You've given a lot of hipsters panic attacks right there.
Juan Alberto Vargas Mesén 29 days ago
Hmmm, grass?... splinters?... what's going on, where is this goi... "We've all got thyme on our hands nowadays..." I swear I'll watch every sponsorship of yours till the day I die.
Kryst Genson 29 days ago
I’ve never heard anyone else talk about font types with that much knowledge and opinion If anyone else knows anyone else who does please tell me bc I need more of that in my life
Enfield of Ui Maine 29 days ago
Fun fact: my icon is one of those "fox's head with eagle's palms" right now! I've loved the Enfield since I first learned of it in 2008, and it's been my handle since.
New Jersey Aviation 29 days ago
Ah, we didn't have to wait 5 years after all
Chuck 29 days ago
"...the *sort of* Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair..." _Oooooooooohhhhh!_
Joshua 29 days ago
Can't remember anything about the boroughs after watching, but Skillshare seems to be good soap.
Joe Kelsoe II 28 days ago
"We've all got a little thyme on our hands nowadays," *close phone* That's it. That's the best punchline I'll hear today.
Mass Confusion 28 days ago
Mad Max 3209 29 days ago
Isn’t the song in the background of the sponsor “trousers”?
thewabbit10882 29 days ago
Imagine if Matt Lucas were to stand for Mayor! I, for one, would enthustically welcome an internecine conflict between the Boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing!
R Calvert 29 days ago
10:12 - I appreciated the old ITV “here come the adverts” warning 👍
Odst Inbound 29 days ago
Hounslow Means HOUNSLOW
Paper Book 29 days ago
This guy is so talented, I can't believe he hasn't done a documentary for the BBC 2 or BBC 4 yet! It is outrageous!
Dudeguygamer 29 days ago
Food actually isn't recycled in Barnet. They stopped about a year ago
sub if floor gang 29 days ago
*I love that you got matt lucas in this*
Gavin Vales 29 days ago
Just having a celebrity like matt in this video makes me even more reminiscent of older tv documentaries, from like the 80s/90s and early 2000s. i love your film style. and you even added that annoying stripy thing that always comes on my tv
Fire Walk With Meme 29 days ago
“Tony Blair, who was sort of Labour”
Trent N 29 days ago
The way the gentleman at 8:16 holds his cup has left me infuriated.
ethan fields 28 days ago
These are the only ads I'll actually watch on YouTube and not skip over because they're still good content. This man is a genius.
Organon 29 days ago
Jay, you misspelt Norf and Sahrf.
Emma Steinhobel 28 days ago
i'm such a type nerd that i so appreciated the details about each borough's signs haha!
Dominic Gamboa 29 days ago
This was a brilliant episode - from the section about the signage typography, the different mock interviews, the wrong bin tangent, the borough logo ditty. Even the Zimbabwean dollar at the end got a laugh from me. Great work! <3
Rat King 29 days ago
Croydon, do you want a logo: meanwhile inside croydon... stab wounds everywhere... NO Website
Aaron 29 days ago
For someone who is a borough enthusiast, this has been an eye opener even to me, and I really enjoyed this video more than I should have. I really enjoyed you last London Borough video too. Thank you so much for making this.
Dorkmax 29 days ago
1:11 Crossing a busy street without looking was way too ballsy 4:15 Wow ok so you wish to die.
Peter Bradley 29 days ago
it took me a unwantedly long time to get the "thyme on your hands" joke...… guess I need to go to skill share and find a course of puns.....
Huecalpixqui Jean III 29 days ago
I really appreciate that the map at 8:41 still has Harrow with it's borders unchanged. It's the little things
Dr Dino D. Diplodocus 28 days ago
2:14 Hey that’s from my island! The tiny island of Jersey gets some rep, the burgers at that shack at very nice if I do say so myself.
Eoghan Connolly 28 days ago
Those fun facts at 6:25 are brilliant. Maybe Thatcher should have got more sleep... the full 24 hours a day would have left the country in a much better state. Oh, and for proof of the Ken-Blur thing, check out this song, narrated by Ken Livingstone: https://youtu.be/IpOEE_bMDS4
Jed Beyer 29 days ago
4:22 As a northerner that cycling route looks like something out of my dreams
PimpleJThomas 29 days ago
small advice for non-English speakers: lower than Jay's crazily perfectly franticly articulate delivery to at least 0.75
helimonster3 29 days ago
"you can tell your in Bexley when..." But that motorbike shop says Enfield 😂 we do have those bollards in Bexley tbf.
Mark Murphy 29 days ago
The cue mark in the top right hand corner before the ad at 10:09 had me feeling very nostalgic. Great detail!
James Cornwall 29 days ago
Since Mr. Kahn is now Mayor do we have to call them “Sadiq Cycles” ?
mrcraggle 29 days ago
We’re still feeling the effects of Margaret Thatcher decades on
Bluebird 003 29 days ago
I like when the "skin sofa" song starts playing at 5:55
Glen Grant 29 days ago
8:43 There is the North, South and Harrow - equal in size
occamssword 28 days ago
I know "fly tipping" is British for "illegal garbage dumping", but it just sounds like a pastime for a drunk person with incredible, Mr. Miyagi-like dexterity, pushing over resting houseflies.
sidharth cs 29 days ago
2:28 - 2:50 diss track
James Rice 29 days ago
5:41 - "Wait a moment, those are fake hands!"
Isac Calderón Sierra 29 days ago
I like how he sneaked in the cost of Skillshare in Zimbabwe at the end lol
p: 112112321 29 days ago
Can't believe I've seen every one of these so far and never noticed that the title has half the n missing
Callum Smith 29 days ago
I was't expecting the answer to be "Thatcher", but I'm not surprised.
Jaime Luisi 28 days ago
10:30 "We've all got thyme on our hands" that absolutely killed me.
Steven E 28 days ago
That “time” on our hands pun...🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Fat Bob 29 days ago
This is quality content defined
MICHL GameR 28 days ago
River, river, river, leaf, Text with website underneath, Fox's head with eagle's palm, Lots of boring coats of arms. Flower, tree, tree, tree, Stolen from the BBC, Very nineties, round, and bold, Painted by five year old. Flappy triangles appeal, Happy Crown and water wheel, Circle skyline, painty, lame, Looks like someone signed their name. Swirly B and squishy N, Boring coats of arms again, Eight blobs no one understands, That's complete the, oh it's hands! -Jay Foreman, 2020
Joey 29 days ago
6:24 - “Went mad in 2016”. I audibly laughed
Aldranster50 28 days ago
😂 I was born in Hounslow 🥰 my children were born in Hounslow 🤩 and my grand children will be born in Hounslow 🥳 I will do anything for the London Borough of Hounslow 😎I am Hounslow till I die 😜 yeah, *Hounslow for the Hounslowvians* 🧑🏿‍🎤 *yeah, Hounslow means Hounslow* 😍 *Death to Eailing* 🧚‍♂️ *Death To Hillingdon* 🥰
Levi McGlinchey 29 days ago
I'd say bin London and start again but I'm not sure if it can be recycled
IncapableLP 29 days ago
I find your lack of music, not from Lemmings, disturbing!
QP Parks 29 days ago
I love how the brits pronounce it "Burrah" and we freedom loving diabetics say it "burrow"
Jack Doesn't Like Cheese 28 days ago
HE'S BACK *see you in 10 years everyone or in 4 years when this get recommended*
Alec Motem 29 days ago
At 5:54 just as he finished saying history, I got an ad for uncle ben’s rice
wtfuchattin 28 days ago
Fun fact that literally matters to no one but me - 5:21 - My nan and grandad used to live in the third flat along on the ground floor. Thanks for reading this fun fact that no one other than me will care about.
Jadriel Laracuente 28 days ago
I didnt really care but the vid was executed well and managed to keep me interested in info that i did not care to know.
Minute-and-a-Half Monster 29 days ago
Everyone is talking about Matt Lucas but here I am vibing to the instrumental version of the Count Duckula theme song playing in the background
Crocodile DanD 28 days ago
Came straight to the comments after seeing Matt Lucas. Brilliant getting him in on the episode!
Firebird 29 days ago
No one mentioning Matt Lucas? Alright...
Tom Ryder 29 days ago
I like how this had no sign of coronavirus and he just carried on as normal.
im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username 29 days ago
5:55 Don't think I'd miss that Skin Sofa playing in the background
Eddie Van Horn 29 days ago
6:00 I really like that skin sofa cover!
Sussurus 29 days ago
3:09 I can literally make out all the landmarks from my area on this map.
RealityCheck 29 days ago
I love how when I start watching this guy while he was on his hiatus, he decides to upload again!!!
Andrew Baines 28 days ago
2:50 imagine looking outside your window Nd seeing this geezer strolling down the road
cornishcactus 29 days ago
8:17 we're just going to ignore how that animal drinks are we? ;)
Amirah A 28 days ago
Omg I learned that terrifying fact about the bike lanes first-hand during my trip to London. Never biking there again.
Hannah Miyamoto 28 days ago
The Skillshare ad is one of the best YouTube ads I've ever seen. Still chuckling -- "Thyme on our Hands." How very British!
*kas :* 29 days ago
richmond is twinned with the similarly named in virginia, the non-scratched sign is down my end in ham!
fullmetalwindbreaker 28 days ago
1:30 hilarious considering there's like 5 types of street signs in the entire united states and they're all white text on brown or green
Mattia Metzler 28 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how he looks like he‘s rolling and then suddenly walking at 3:39?
Kees Hovinga 29 days ago
Why am I watching this at 3 am, I'm not even from the UK.
Ty McCarthy 29 days ago
8:54 OMG IS THAT?! Write the theme tune, sing the theme tune. Dude, you've arrived!
deee dawwwggg 28 days ago
it was planned long ago it seems that it would eventually turn into a chaotic third world hell hole.
Emma Hunt 28 days ago
“Urgh I’ll have to email the council about that” is a big mood
ch4rl1e 28 days ago
I am amazed at how Jay manages to get people like Matt Lucas in on this stuff, but of all people, I imagine Matt would be absolutely up for this sort of thing
Richard Holst 28 days ago
When I was at primary school I remember being taken to swim in a blue bus which had the hardest seats known to man with the GLC logo on the side
Peter Smith 28 days ago
Mate the fact you got Matt Lucas in really shows how good this series is
Alex Moir 29 days ago
You look like a young Steve Mould
Rebecca Maynard 28 days ago
I used to live on a road where my side of the road was in H&F and the neighbours opposite us were in Ealing. They had great big lovely fox-proof rubbish, recycling and food waste bins and we weren't allowed to have any bins larger than a trash can and on every bin day foxes would rip through our rubbish and scatter it across our gardens. Also, all of the on-street parking on the road was on the Ealing side of the road and H&F residents weren't allowed to get permits for Ealing so if you wanted to park your car in residents parking you have to park it two streets away, around the back of the block. Eventually, I just moved to Ealing.
Silphaer 29 days ago
"Sort of Labour leader Tony Blair" Yep, sounds about right.
Ollie Watson 29 days ago
"we've all got thyme on our hands" ffs, that's atrocious - well played.
White Wulfe 28 days ago
Ow, ow... That joke at the end. But yup, got me a good laugh. Being an essential worker means I don't have spare time on my hands, sadly.... Well, this week. They're having us rotate weeks to reduce possible problems (aka if someone gets it, we can still keep working)
James Hambis 29 days ago
3:12: Rowley Way! My family used to live on that very road 🤣
Nekr0n35 29 days ago
8:55 Matt lucas, an actors from little britain, just filmed in his natural habitat :D
Nathan Tessitore 28 days ago
"Oops! That's the..." "*WRONG BIN!*" "Well Then! Off with your arm!" Imagine just hearing that on a gameshow.
Peter Nicholas 28 days ago
Lived in Camden my whole life and I never realised the green blobs were actually hands 😂