Italy Records Deadliest Day Of COVID-19 Outbreak | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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NBC News' Matt Bradley reports from Rome on the staggering new number in deaths reported by Italy on Wednesday. Aired on 03/19/2020.
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Italy Records Deadliest Day Of COVID-19 Outbreak | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Honey Blue 21 days ago
Doesn't matter how advanced the medical system is if it's overwhelmed.
Ren Marie 21 days ago
Starting to sound like medieval times when the plague took over.
borg386 21 days ago
Willful ignorance is gonna get masses of folks killed in America! DENIALISM was rampant In Italy 2 weeks ago.
DAILY BEAST 21 days ago
*Americans would not adhere to a lockdown of any sort. theres a real troll culture here where people would spread the virus just for the sake of spreading it.*
NXT 4X4 21 days ago
Unfortunate it's time the whole world work together to fix this. Hopefully we can
Fredy Rojas 21 days ago
Lessons about what biological wars can make and how we need to change
Sean Sopata 21 days ago
Might I suggest we start with pushing all the spring break idiots out to sea?
Oba*** Man 21 days ago
Young Americans on spring break in south beach are going to spread this disease. Italy coronavirus rise to 3405 death, 6 hours ago it was 2984
Bunny Bubs 21 days ago
Give our grocery cashiers gloves masks and protection here in U.S.! Wtf ! It’s ridiculous
Da Cha 21 days ago
Testing..testing...& more testing...
Afghanistan Bananastand 21 days ago
Rick Scott says it's abysmal that the Spring Breakers are gathering but he does nothing officially to control it. Complete lack of leadership will lead to many deaths.
psmitty6790 21 days ago
In the number of **officially recorded** deaths
Cosmic Charley 21 days ago
Create a cheap covid test: can't get on plane, resort, cruise, hotel, university, assisted living facility without one
Afra Crum 21 days ago
Limiting the grocery store hours concentrates the amount of customers into a smaller window of time, and will result in overlapping contact.
Alicia Kreisler 21 days ago
This is just too surreal, people take their lives for granted. Tomorrow is NEVER PROMISED🥺. Stay safe and strong 🌍♥️
DNC Blog 21 days ago
*Young Americans on spring break in south beach are going to spread this disease*
建宇同学 21 days ago
Ten years ago, during the Sichuan earthquake, Italian experts came to China for assistance. Ten years later, Chinese experts volunteered to help Italy.
Suemack24 21 days ago
So dreadfully sad that once a loved one enters hospital and then ICU in Northern ltaly they must die alone and the family can’t be with them to say goodbye or hold a funeral.
tamalama ding dong 21 days ago
A few days ago this was a Dem hoax and fake news according to your president!!! The economy is screwed so c"mon All Trumpers.... Wake Up! 😷 Good luck
Azee Gabby 21 days ago
Who's ready for the world to shut down.
Roo Hamm 21 days ago
Musa Fawundu 21 days ago
There should be isolation and treatment centres set up that should be separate from existing hospitals. Virus patients should not mix with other patients. Isolation centres should include vacated places like railway stations, schools, stadiums, indoor public halls etc.
aquacrystal 11 21 days ago
In Massachusetts. I had all the COVID-19 symptoms except fever, so I called after a couple of days. They said they would check my eligibility. A week now, and no response. I have been in contact with people who traveled during February break to Italy, and a couple of other places.
FEAR 21 days ago
Hope a "cure" comes sooner than later.
maria booboo67 21 days ago
This is not comforting at all. Kudos to all drs. and nurses on the front lines.
Ray El 21 days ago
This report got me. I am speechless, feel totally powerless and I really have no words how to describe how sorry I am for the Italian nation. They don't deserve it, we don't deserve it ... none of us. I really don't know what to say, how to help, I just know I love them...
Estrading Co 21 days ago
I am telling you.... Spring break in the south with all these crazy kids is going to be the trigger of this war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop those idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Thomas 21 days ago
Remember Trump said it was a hoax, then he said they had a cure.
Motivation Man 21 days ago
This is the absolute worst time to work in the medical field
C S 21 days ago
Restrict the grocery store hours so everybody can crowd in tighter when they're open. 👍👍
Quel Yap 21 days ago
They imposed lockdown way too late so they can't feel it's effect yet.
Saturated In Love VIP Tarot 21 days ago
Zion Yahsharahla 21 days ago
Well, it ain't over yet!
catalinacurio 21 days ago
Please someone wake me up! 😢
grytlappar 21 days ago
Northern Italy is where most of its industry is located – hence more business travelers.
Vida Twynham 21 days ago
I wonder if the deaths are due to virus, or lack of staff, respirators, beds, medicines?
XcxPrince 21 days ago
China would usually be a disaster, but it's actually Italy, in a different continent.
Laura Walker 21 days ago
All these Italians dying from the democrat hoax.
Cosmic Charley 21 days ago
European people including men, need to stop kissing each other, right now:)
NBA FANBOY 21 days ago
Americans at the beaches lol they in for a epic suprise in a few weeks
Malca's Grace 21 days ago
Clown trump disbanded the Pandemic USA team from the CDC We have no support or supplies no protection We are on a death spiral because of trump
Nedews 21 days ago
2:20 wearing mask, touching his eyes 😩
Melanie Greufe 21 days ago
I saw a video of an English woman swimming in a hotel pool. The cops had to pull her out
Jefferson Johanes 21 days ago
Okay this is legit like something that we usually see on movies....
Peter Solar channel 21 days ago
It feels like we are all part of a big global experiment. The financial impact will be huge and devastating for every country. It will take years for the economies to recover. Pray for Italy
Blitznstitch2 21 days ago
The Italian govt needs to step it up and get more ventilators.
Erin 21 days ago
Italy, I'm so sorry. 💓
Marco Mendoza 21 days ago
That green screen masking though...
Perry Winkle 21 days ago
I feel sorry for Italians... 😓😓
FanonX Rogers 21 days ago
It’s sad. I remember like 2 weeks ago they had their tomato festival even when the virus was running rampant.
Erica Foster 21 days ago
I'm an over the road trucker here in the USA and I wonder how much of this is being spread by those of us who are constantly moving from place to place in constant contact with countless people. We can't just not do our jobs as moving the needed products across our country is essential but I have to wonder just how much of this is being spread this way.
Gracie Jiu jitsu 21 days ago
I seen a dude yesterday saying I don’t care if I get it I just want to party 🤦🏻‍♂️
E Johnson 21 days ago
Matt Bradley voguing in that thumbnail! He's so doable! 😂
The Apollo fraud will be exposed soon - Stay tuned 21 days ago
Hi from Italy, just wanted to say that the reporter has described the situation accurately, it's nice to see reliable news well done MSNBC. Good luck US hope you stop this virus quickly.
Knoxx King 21 days ago
Meanwhile in Miami there having huge lgbtq parties
DangerDave 21 days ago
I'm walkin' here!
MJS G 21 days ago
Sad day for the Italy and it is spreading very fast there.
Differential4201 21 days ago
My friend in China said the quarantine is hardcore compared to the west. It is literally martial law. You can't enter certain buildings without your temperature being taken. Not having a mask out in public is incredibly socially frowned upon and most outdoor workers are in makeshift hazmat suits. Police frequently do checks to see where you are going.
Franky R25 21 days ago
Please start wearing mask. Face mask is proven to help slow the spread of the virus.
Sterling Pound 21 days ago
it's getting like Chernobyl. Many of these student doctors will get sick. Some will die.
Ruth I AM WHAT I AM ! 21 days ago
What is that "nose" sound???? 😠🤫
Taher Almurisi 21 days ago
God please be with Italy. Our heart from saudi to rome😭💓
Melissa Mathews 21 days ago
The Light Of GOD Surrounds Us The Love Of GOD Enfolds Us The Power Of GOD Protects Us The Prescence Of GOD Watches Over Us Wherever We Are GOD IS And ALL IS WELL IN JESUS NAME AMEN🙏
all the racists in the world are dying. CORONAVIRUS, just doing its job!
Lily Gazo 21 days ago
Mario 21 days ago
All those partying spring breakers will have a chance to put their "immunity" and "bravery" to good use by helping out at the morgue.
Nathalie Dufour 21 days ago
You have a problem USA, you have Zero leadership. Be your own leaders in this catastrophy :(
GourmetGilda 21 days ago
Wuhan China four months latter!
Giacomo DeMattia Arnoldo 21 days ago
Here in Italia we see the Americans like watching a horror movie... we know the plot and where it’s going....
jeffrey1296 21 days ago
I am legend in real life. It's real, this IS REAL LIFE
Adam Cross 21 days ago
I can already see the "CoronaVirus" videos on pHub
Aeternuss 21 days ago
Strange how China is ''Ok i'm good... I let you deal with my mess now'''
BreakingReality 21 days ago
looks like the spanish flu documentary I watched last night literally the exact same situation
justsaying 21 days ago
I hope the Virus wipe out Italy's new Mafia. We don't need hard working people Exploited.
NBaimf 21 days ago
This is all about control.
Birt Douangkesone 21 days ago
Antonio Renteria 21 days ago
just because youre advanced doesnt mean you can meet the demand
LiDz _01 21 days ago
1918 all over again Nd this is only the beginning be safe everyone
a xx 21 days ago
I love how they're looking towards Italy when China was doing this 2 months ago while some media likened it concentration camps. The worse thing you do is tell people with mild cases to go home so they can infect their whole family. Keep the mild cases in one place and treat them so they don't overwhelm the real hospitals and to stop spreading it.
Shibli Rahat 21 days ago
Oh yeah this time they r gonna end European eonomy
Miguel 21 days ago
I am devastated
iLikeAnimals MoreThanPeople 21 days ago
i flew from mi to va yesterday and hardly anyone wore masks/gloves
B-Town Kid 21 days ago
Matt is simply standing in front of a Rome background
GGGlider 21 days ago
It was the tomato festival from 3 weeks ago. If you go back and watch some of that footage you see some of the same people in both videos.
TheDCGuitar13 21 days ago
I feel like the USA will be at a hundred thousand by next week and a million in 2.
Ken Marapese 21 days ago
Poor reporting, the situation in Italy is no worse now than it was 2 weeks ago, just different as the virus works through its cycles of those previously infected.
Johnny Pinkleton 21 days ago
It seems like there is a lot of old people in italy. Someone told me italian population was declining before the pandemic
姚、铭 21 days ago
Hold on Italy, must win Italy
Pingfu Hou 21 days ago
Trump:“It's just the flu, bro” He made everything worse.
Burningdaylighter 21 days ago
This is so sad
pjp88029 klee 21 days ago
This is the 06:22-06:28am EDT portion of the Thursday 20 March 2020 Morning Joe Show.
crikey8 21 days ago
On a cynical note: the "reported" death total from China!
Robert Wong 21 days ago
With your great President and the incompetent team? Your country is in great danger, no leadership or proper guide lines, always try to mumble and jumble his way through. He think he is such a genius!
Larry Wilholt 21 days ago
Italy Coronavirus Cases: 41,035 Deaths: 3,405 Recovered: 4,440
Alien From Andromeda 21 days ago
Boathousejoe D 21 days ago
Two questions:Where is Ivanka? Has Covid 19 been reported in North Korea?
Coloring With D 21 days ago
Interesting video but I feel guilty giving it a positive or negative rating. Thank you for sharing 🌞🌞🌞
claudermiller 21 days ago
Constricting the hours a grocery store is open means more crowded stores. They should be doing the opposite.
Gerald Arnoult 21 days ago
"Braking news" 475 deaths from coronavirus, one death is to many, 2017-2018, 80.000 Americans died, no braking news, not a peep. "explain that"?
Diego The Explorer 21 days ago
Is it me or does this guy sound like Pete Buttigieg