The Day After Christmas

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they didn't stop after helping that one guy

hey Show More and mobile folks. hope you are having a good vacation if you are having a vacation. i also hope you're having a vacation at all i guess. have a vacation. and i hope it's good. okay. think we covered that well-wish. have a good day! damnit im doing it more
laskieg 5 month ago
Might yoink "ghost of the futche" as a gamer alias.
TheScarvedInsect 5 month ago
Past: is overly negative about life Present: has no idea what's going on Future: realises that the other two ghosts are idiots and just wants to have a gaming pal Best adaptation ever!
Jonathan Murphy 5 month ago
"Don't you guys communicate with each other?" "Ha, no." This is exactly what it's like when two different departments at work don't communicate with each other.
Keithdrew 6 5 month ago
It turns out that Christmas Joy is the friends we made along the way
Stable Voices 5 month ago
Wow, the War on Christmas really escalates in 2020.
Max Gierke 5 month ago
I’m so excited to click the notification every time you post, you’re a genius
AEmilius Resurrection 5 month ago
Aaron Sorkin's masterclass ad began so suddenly, for a sec I felt it was part of the skit.
Josiah McCarthy 5 month ago
This was good Phil, but it seems like they did stop after helping that one guy.
It's cold outside 5 month ago
Ogs remember when this was titled "another christsmas carol"
anavi 5 month ago
tag yourself im ghost of Christmas past
Pluike 5 month ago
cant wait for February!
Penelope Smith 4 month ago
Whenever you play a character that fades out of existence you lean back as you’re fading and it makes me die laughing every time. A magical touch
whyilee 5 month ago
thanks for making me laugh once again, phil!
Leopoldo Petrieska 5 month ago
Dont you guys talk to each other?"
Karyotype 5 month ago
Yooo I think I have that exact same flannel. Jachs, right? It's really nice.
Heinemann Gaming 5 month ago
Halo Twitch Stream Confirmed
Dr Doug 5 month ago
I think this one is one of my new favoriteso
Olivia Rose 5 month ago
First 9 seconds was me last night.
lostcrusader1 5 month ago
Ho ho, This was a good sketch
drew13600 5 month ago
Moral of the story: cancel Christmas
Fardy Cakes 5 month ago
This was pretty sick
Pmeaney1000 5 month ago
You look like a pretty asian woman, that hair is gorgeous.
Musty Crustard 5 month ago
Lol so meta it's naughty
Richard Luzum 5 month ago
Robert Ronning 5 month ago
Hi there 👋
Fergus Pitcher 5 month ago
I love you Phil
reverant tangent 5 month ago
X-mas sucks.