Dr. Fauci: I Expect More Cases And I Expect An Acceleration Of Testing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Morning Joe to say things in the U.S. regarding coronavirus will get worse before they get better and why he says in the coming week he predicts an acceleration in testing for the virus. Aired on 03/13/2020.
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Dr. Fauci: I Expect More Cases And I Expect An Acceleration Of Testing | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Greg Raines 27 days ago
Really? The only thing this country prepares for is war.
Razvan Zamfir 27 days ago
So, how long till Trump gets him fired for speaking the truth?
Open Mind 27 days ago
Trillions of dollars of Tax Payers money for US military & nothing to Protect US tax Payers from a outbreak .Well thats Fine Capitalism for you & thats how Your politicians working for you
Mister Horse 27 days ago
It's telling how inept of a president we have when the NIAID Director is more reassuring in these times.
Frans van Mook 27 days ago
Again : More tests within a week. Same message the government got out last week. Next week: More tests within a week. Americans love fairy tales.
James Baker 27 days ago
Now I understand how trump bankrupted all his casino's. He is just inept!
Lampu Malam 27 days ago
God bless Dr Fauci. His voice is breaking because he has to explain non stop.
Frans van Mook 27 days ago
The Doctor tells you that you should hope on improvement. Keep hoping.
Killroy was here 27 days ago
When the tests come out....... the truth to this cover up will be exposed!
Lynne Wine 27 days ago
I hope no one believes that man didn't get tested. He just doesn't want his moron followers to know.
Will Be Jamming 27 days ago
Saying there was a bit of a disconnect is like saying there was an incident onboard the Hindenburg.
Cid B. 27 days ago
Q:"So what's changing, Dr. Fauci?" A: "The president threatened to fire me if I contradicted him."
Biggus Dickus 27 days ago
I love the irony. Corona will give germaphobe dotard the recession he has long feared. Bye bye, casa blanca.
Kevin Williams 27 days ago
Ottawa Canada has now started its first drive through testing at an area hospital and we only have a 100 or so virus cases in Canada
Channel Twenty Five 27 days ago
Social money was fine for a bail out when the banks gambled away trillions of dollars, but to use social money to give every American healthcare.... No way!. Greed is king in America!
Brett Orlob 27 days ago
When we get through this we need to take the people who bungled this based on politics out on the national mall and put them in a guillotine.
Maudie Icrochet 27 days ago
BS. I have a coworker who has been exposed to a positive covid-19 person and he cannot get a test. Nor can I since I have been exposed.
Six Kidlets 27 days ago
So you’re saying that private FOR PROFIT organizations have been called in to help....after trump turned down tests from the WHO back in January?🤔 hmmmmmm
Sarah AAA 27 days ago
China built 14 hospitals in days. Are we capable of doing that? Did we try to learn from their experience? No, we’re the know-it-all🤢
Field of Stone 27 days ago
For a Super Power thanks to trump's incompetence, a third world mud hut village, would have done a better job of handling the virus.
Bad Hombres 27 days ago
"Should the president be tested?" The answer is yes, wtf...
Peter Henrichsen 27 days ago
Does anyone love the karma in Mar-a-lago is infected, too, bc of the visit of the infected brazilian aide?
The Blue Arrow 27 days ago
This could have happened under literally ANY other president, and it would have been handled far, far better, with competence and intelligence. But just our luck that Dopey Donald had to be president at this highly critical time, whose best response to the coronavirus was accusing it of being a hoax.
Pepper Grinder 27 days ago
LOW-Empathy Trump could care less. He's going golfing this weekend.
James Baker 27 days ago
It's terrifying watching a Racist, Game Show Host destroy our Country!
Lilly Maney 27 days ago
I love Dr. Fauci. I have trusted him from the get go.
Xuan Ngo 27 days ago
Don’t you think the doctor needs some kinda fluids to ease his throat.?
barry Powell 27 days ago
3 years of lies is crazy
Adam Aroeste 27 days ago
Our medical system is profit centered and disjointed. This pandemic shows how we would benefit from a Universal Healthcare System in order to coordinate services from federal to state through to city and town levels. Sanders 2020.
wel1968 27 days ago
80% have only slight symptoms 20% have bad/heavy symptoms 2% die *You will get this virus* good luck all
panicbutton 27 days ago
The reason there are no testing kits is because Trump shunned the WHO kits so he could give the contract to his big pharma buddies. And they screwed up. That's the private sector for you.
ClearPolitics 27 days ago
First thing Trumpf did, he dismantled the pandemic agency and fired all the staff. Great call from a stable genius. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO in November!
mark collins 27 days ago
Who would have known doing something for other people was so difficult (trump)
Doug E 27 days ago
Jan 22 first US case. 51 days later, only 10.000 people tested. South Korea tests 10, 000 in one day! Trump has failed us.
Seb 8969 27 days ago
7:42 They weren't able to contain the laugh. They know he's should be tested, so the doctor.
Killroy was here 27 days ago
Where did the Pandemic budget go? Or the CDC budget, when did our government know?
markivrimusic 27 days ago
This is what I am disgusted with the most..... The fear of not having the freedom to speak the truth because you know you will be fired... and you want to serve your country the best you can so you don't say what you should Because we all know the President should be tested plain and simple as a human being not because he's the president. Because we all have the same rights as he does and you shouldn't be telling us what we should do if you want tell the president
Chris St Clair 27 days ago
new goal in life . live long enough to see trump die
MVVpro 27 days ago
Don't leave it to the president's physician to judge if he should be tested. He lied about Donald's weight and health status, and Trump will do anything to deny his health could be at risk.
Spanky 27 days ago
Fact: most viruses are orange
tesla H 27 days ago
yes, and getting the “private” sector involved in something normally the government would be doing....is going to costs taxpayers MUCH more money, as these companies are charging the government up the wazoo for their services.....and making lots of Washington politicians a boatload of money as they have stock in these drug and medical companies. It’s all a scam and setup by them to make money....we are literally dying for them, just as they start wars that we die for so they can make their blood money
Ani Bell 27 days ago
Dr. Fauci is in his late 70's. He's not even going home anymore. He's essentially working 19 hour days, every day, & he's doing that for all of us. I'm so thankful for him & all the medical personnel all over the world who're helping us through this. Hold them in your thoughts & in light. FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE. That's the best way we can help them. Please isolate as much as you can. If you're well, offer to make a grocery/errand run for someone in your neighborhood/community who is elderly or medically challenged, so they can stay home & remain safe. Be well.
AUTONOMEN x 27 days ago
And another 1.5 trillion dollar giveaway for BANKSTERS! Priorities that DON'T include the American people.
a xx 27 days ago
"figure out a way to get safely tested" sounds a lot like you're on your own, we have no ability to make sure you get properly diagnosed and treated
Frans van Mook 27 days ago
Isolation for Trump would be a major blessing for America.
Suzanne Reiser 27 days ago
He keeps talking about getting tested but there’s no tests! I don’t get it.
Karlos Khaos 27 days ago
Dr Fauci bless you, you told the truth I commend you, honour to you You should be in command at this time Decisions with reason
lopezb 27 days ago
He's good, unlike the other idiots. Straigtforward, not a politician, not a Trump butt-kisser.
1harperaj 27 days ago
Sorry, I smell a rat in the comments your Dr. Fauci is making! On the one hand he is saying that you are not prepared then moments later he is stating that you have a wonderful system in place. Think that ”his hands maybe tied” and cannot tell the whole story?
Bruce Hughes 27 days ago
PLEASE PROTECT DR. FAUCI! We need him healthy. He’s starting to look tired.
Don France 27 days ago
Dr. Fauci is a great doctor with integrity in his announcements if he can keep it real and keep out the politics.
Mastermind 27 days ago
December 2019 Virus broke out / Only in the last 3 weeks did the governments react.! Idiots
Robert Summerfield 27 days ago
Until money is worth nothing, nothing will ever be done about this. Got it? Good God be with you all.
Dennis Dietz 27 days ago
Major testing should have been done weeks ago, it’s here now, calling it a hoax weeks ago was the major mistake
Tom Mole 27 days ago
A lot of intelligent coherent Americans out there....this guy is one....how come they never get to elected into office?
P N 27 days ago
Remember only a few weeks ago, this administration was still trying to argue whether it's going to be a pandemic.
R. Sokol 27 days ago
The famous doctor sound scared of saying what needs to be said. No more hauling crap for Trump, please!!!
GoGreen1977 27 days ago
This country's "immune system" has been weakened for 3 years because of the virus living in the White House continually wreaking havoc. No wonder we are so vulnerable to coronavirus.
roselotusmystic 27 days ago
GetLuck getting "tested" Yep, Go 'FreeMarket' HealthCare!!
Vida Baky-Cabatbat 27 days ago
Dr. Fauci, please take care. I see you everyday on the news. God bless you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mika 27 days ago
He's gonna be fired by Monday
JASMIN SIVAC 27 days ago
What a difference to listen a human instead of a politician. Thank u Doctor
Vera von Weltin 27 days ago
Bolsonaro just has tested positive! Karma!
incipidsigninsetup 27 days ago
This whole scenario begs for a single payer system. Leave corporate motivations out of public health.
crowdancer5 27 days ago
Thank you thank you...this is the only man to be trusted for truth!
L Z 27 days ago
Take containment seriously! That’s how we are going to fight it!!
UsJoe 27 days ago
Why do I feel like this is a cross examination in court with the witness being led?
Tim Dog 27 days ago
How many died Because trump lied?
Progressive Humanist 27 days ago
Turns out reality, truth, facts, science, experts, preparedness, responsibility & "deep state swampy bureaucrat nerds" are all fundamental components to a functioning gov. in the modern world. (Any sensible person has always known this of course, which leaves out all the 45* cultists).
Youngstown529 27 days ago
Dr Fauci - can anything be done to cure Trump's syphilitic addled brain?
O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 27 days ago
N Gup 27 days ago
don’t test fake 45! let his whole family get ill🦠🏌️
Mika 27 days ago
Where will we be if he is silenced?
Quentin Gibb 27 days ago
I trust what this man has to say. He sticks to facts and doesn’t butter them up. Nice change from the current precedent.
MsLansones 27 days ago
Thank you Mr Fauci! You’re our saving grace!
QuickNotes M. Donahue 27 days ago
Thank you Dr. Fauci. You’re the only true credible source we can trust. I appreciate how Dr. Fauci doesn’t play the puppet for Trump.
lopezb 27 days ago
Murdoch, Trump et al: all these rich people depend on many minimum wage people - cooks, servants, cleaning ladies, golf caddies, servers, cooks in restaurants, private airplane staff...and THOSE people will get infected- their money will NOT shield them-
Nathaniel Anderson 27 days ago
I am ready to take my children out of school. I don't want to wait for a parent to get sick and die, and then decide to shut down the school.
TheWOLFMAN6220 27 days ago
The CDC should have test run this virus. There should have been test stations set up in every state or town.
Innis Mor 27 days ago
Trump: "15 cases going to zero, soon." COVID-19: " Check that. 15 cases going to lots of zeroes, soon." Dr. Anthony Fauci: "What COVID-19 said."
Innis Mor 27 days ago
Trump: "15 cases going to zero, soon." COVID-19: " Check that. 15 cases going to lots of zeroes, soon." Dr. Anthony Fauci: "What COVID-19 said."
Innis Mor 27 days ago
Trump: "15 cases going to zero, soon." COVID-19: " Check that. 15 cases going to lots of zeroes, soon." Dr. Anthony Fauci: "What COVID-19 said."
Carl A 27 days ago
Ya'll voted him in with the help of the media. Slow in catchin' up ain't cha? Chaw time (SPIT).
Divot King 27 days ago
Hope all the people of the World pull together and help one another. May your God bless us all.
mayank kumar 27 days ago
Pls listen to dr Fauci not to trump lie to help your self
Ann Moore 27 days ago
Joe you should have this doctor on at least once a week! 🤔😘🤗
Birdley B 27 days ago
"I expect more cases" -Captain Obvious
KarmicVibez 27 days ago
Community contagion is spreading the virus on domestic flights. All commercial travel must come to a halt. Unless people want to be quarantined for 37 days. Many are asymptomatic and pass it on during temperature and tests returning to the country or other states. All commercial travel must be banned, all countries aside from Antarctica are affected.
John H 27 days ago
When Fauci started spouting the "private sector" crap, I became so angry I had to stop watching.
joris suffurt 27 days ago
Has Fauci been keelhauled by Donna Tramp? his tone has shifted remarkably
MIKE M 27 days ago
Dr. Fauci feeling delusional with his "aggressive measures" speech here in America... If you wanna talk about "aggressive measures" how about... built a hospital in... I dunno, 10 days!?
Mzladylocks 27 days ago
Thanks Doctor for helping us understand this virus, so we will be able to take care of our families. God Bless You and This World.
pinky Harris 27 days ago
I thought he did pretty good I think most of you guys are just reading the heading and not actually listening to what the man is saying
KRISTA LEEANN 27 days ago
Shut down the schools
adscri 27 days ago
Somebody has got to this guy. His message has changed from yesterday - it’s unclear. His statements are illogical - ex. he says only take ‘close down measures’ if your community is seriously affected - but how is this to be determined if there are no testing kits available? Then two minutes later he agrees that we are flying blind! Followed by ‘if you think you’ve got it, get tested’ - hard to do if there are no testing kits available.
Gary Bonacci 27 days ago
Dr. Fauci always sounds like he's got a frog in his throat.
Klekar 27 days ago
"Our testing actually sucked until now which means that we have no idea how many ppl are actually infected... now let me just talk for five minutes what we're doing and how good is what we are doing based on the number of confirmed cases."
a human 27 days ago
"[1.5 million test kits available now] is accurate. The difficulty was the connection between the people and the process and connecting them with actually implementing the test was the reason [people can't get tests]." Fauci 7:59 *FALSE* What's available in bulk is just kits, i.e. basically just a q-tip and a test tube used to take a saliva samples from the patient. The actual test occurs in a lab, where the sample is analyzed. Public and CDC labs have a maximum throughput of about 1400 samples per day, total across America. So the difficulty is the capacity of the labs. Test kits are a red herring. Why do we keep hearing this distraction from people we are supposed to trust? I know everyone seems to love Fauci, but is he trying to be deceptive? America is FAILING far worse than any other developed nation, and even compared to China. Superpower? Great again? 🤬 Get out of the way, foot-dragging Trump lackeys, and let America's states, cities, and scientists get to work! Edit: And near the end, Fauci's argument for the European travel bans contradict health experts I have heard who are not beholden to Trump. The Chinese ban early in the epidemic progression was a good move (although I'm pretty sure Trump's eagerness to implement it had nothing to do with public health). The current ban is nonsense. Fauci does not impress me one bit.
Michael Dennis Tooley 27 days ago
Remarkable brother right here thank you for the wisdom ☮️
Micro Manager 27 days ago
I see what's happening here - they want to cause a recession with the fearmongering