We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course

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James Charles joins us as we attempt to run a Military Obstacle Course!
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Unus Annus.
Unus Annus 10 days ago
Sorry for the delay, the audio sync issue has been fixed. Fortunately, there's another error in the video for you guys to find! It's like an easter egg hunt! First to find it gets an hour shaved off their timer!
Art2mis 9 days ago
everyone: talking about Mark being proud of Ethan me: wtf is "James Charles' subtitle #1"?
Nezumi 10 days ago
Mark: "It's all in the description" The Description: "..." Me: Alright then. Keep your secrets.
Itz GigiYe 10 days ago
Ethan: He's a raging lion ABSOLUTELY destroying this course Mark: being a loving and supporting dad James: gay and trying But fr can we appreciate the fact that James DIDN'T break a nail??
Lucas Thompson 9 days ago
Are we just gonna not talk about how the supposed “weak one” of the channel did a backflip on a slippery pole?
Retro_ The_Nitro 9 days ago
Ethan: " _I am SPEED_ " James: "Where did everybody go?" Mark: " *MY BAWLS* "
gay_childhere gay_childhere 10 days ago
Ethan: vibing and finishing the course with no problems* James and Mark: am i a joke to you
Gabriel Booth 9 days ago
Ethan: small, agile Mark: strong, slow James: trying his best 🥺
hydraS 13 9 days ago
Alternate title: Mark and James bullying Ethan for 21 minutes and 9 seconds
LiturateSweets 9 days ago
Nobody: Ethan in a white shirt: STEP ON ME
Konniptionz 9 days ago
Mark: *Makes jokes about Ethan thinking he's better than the Marines.* Marines: " Uh-huh..? " Ethan: *Respects them, but also does his best to keep pace with a marine up until about the middle of the course and in a way earns their respect for having such a good time on his first attempt as a civilian* Mark: " Shit. " Also, man.. James Charles pushes, I gotta give credit where it's due. James Charles is out there and we're not.
Gacha__Maker 9 days ago
Military guy : **calls ethan an egotistical prick** Me: if only you knew
Ben Elsbury 9 days ago
Ethan and James are Mark's kids. Mark is an encouraging father to James, meanwhile Ethan just tries to prove to his dad that he's worth something.
Jacob Racette 10 days ago
Why did I almost start crying every time Mark was being real and expressing himself on how proud he was of both Ethan and James?? It's so sweet!
Blood Dreamer 9 days ago
Honestly I'm impressed with James. I'm not a fan of him but he actually did his best and did really well for his first time full on running it.
Agrima Mathur 9 days ago
Mark: Imma make sure you don't die Me: Aww sweet friends Mark: I don't think i could survive that lawsuit
Edge Lord 9 days ago
5:31 Mark: Ethan, let him step on you. James: Nh- Ethan: Okay yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah James: No, NO! Ohmygod no Ethan. Ethan: STEP ON ME. James: No! Mark: Step on him! Ethan: Step on me! Mark: Do it, step on him. James: Are you serious? Mark: _y e a h_ step on him. Ethan: Step on me. I mean, not like- Don't like **aggressively curb stomps the dirt** but like ya know. Mark: *_s t o m p h i m_* 7:34 Ethan: Do you wanna step on me? Austin: Yes. Mark: Yes, please. Austin: Oh. James: I guess so but not really. Mark: Yeah, I got excited too. Mark: *_In the mud._* Ethan: In the mud. James: 𝚂𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙴𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗.
Theo Naval 9 days ago
me: *glance at thumbnail* I maybe misread the word James Charles me: *read the thumbnail again* *EYES GOT WIDENED IN SHoCK*
Caro Le gay bearo 9 days ago
proud of ethan for finally showing his skillz and literally just bein like: "this is easy" for at least half of the video and i love this.
Schwefelfell 7 9 days ago
We Forced James Charles To Run A Military Obstacle Course? More like two army men falling in love with Ethan for 21 minutes straight
Nazareadain 9 days ago
Was this whole thing just an excuse for Ethan to get stepped on by James Charles?
Ash_Dies_Alone 9 days ago
Ethan: *gets shat on because he's good* Also Ethan: the only thing about being faster than light is that you can only live in darkness
Kabir Sanghadia 10 days ago
The video where Ethan has confidence. We've waited a long time for this
Daniel Keys 9 days ago
Mark: Don't die, so I don't get sued. also Mark: Let's rub our sweat on each other.
Nikki Lyn 9 days ago
Ethan: *pretty much nailing it* Mark: *struggling man gurgles* James: *sad gay struggling*
Edge Lord 9 days ago
1:37 James: **hanging upside down violently** Mark: yuh gon break ya neck
KATintheBLACK 9 days ago
“I’m so much better than everyone else” - Ethan 2020 I remember him saying that. He’s said it multiple times actually
Fromk Iemo 9 days ago
the one who bases his image around being a soft boy is literally the one who can destroy you in an obstacle course
Mieszko Zdun 9 days ago
Ethan telling James Charles to step on him.... Sounds like something I'd read in a Bizzare fanfic
Calista Cole 9 days ago
Can we take a second for Ethan, he did that whole course like 2 times before his last and still did really well, I- he’s amazing
My name is your name 9 days ago
Ethan: Looking ripped and being a pro Mark and James: Having heart attacks
Lizzie C 9 days ago
Who else didn’t expect James Charles like sis popped out of nowhere
andrew gray 9 days ago
Bella Jade 9 days ago
I never watch James Charles but this had me in stitches
Megan 9 days ago
I'm so damn proud of Ethan :((( I was in awe watching him the whole time and I hope they all had fun despite the banter! I also hope Ethan had fun doing something he felt confident in like this and I think I can also speak for others when I say I'd love to see Ethan do more gymnastic type stuff to show off his skillzzz if he's comfortable with it! Like the aerial silks video mark did! That would be so fun to watch<333 Keep up the good work my fave bois
Ihnaya Cookie 10 days ago
I don't know why, but I felt so fricken bad for Ethan while he was doing the second course. If I was running a course, being out of breathe and having someone screaming at me to "pick it up" I would probably breakdown shaking from trying not to cry. Props the Ethan for being a trooper 😊👍♥️
Spirit Drop 9 days ago
I actually want to see Ethan do more stuff like this it was so cool watching him do this
brookle 10 days ago
"i'm an expert with D's trust me" WHEN I SAY I SCREAMED
Andrew Rosillo 9 days ago
Mark: "D's get diplomas" James Charles: "Oh I'm an expert with D's trust me"
FDS Dynamo 9 days ago
Ethan: this is my playground Mark and jemes : grunting noises through out the vid.
Loser Dino 9 days ago
James: *Im an expert with D's*
Nazareadain 9 days ago
3:37 I keep forgetting about this dude's ankles LMFAO
Kodyjay 10 days ago
I havent heard much about James since that big fiasco
AngieAnimations 9 days ago
"D's get a diploma don't worry" "Oh I'm an expert with D's"
Xhan 10 days ago
I love how supportive the comments are of James trying his best <3 I'm not into make-up videos but I'd enjoy seeing him back for another collab here
Nathan Roach 10 days ago
Whenever mark makes that struggling noise he sounds like a rubber glove
Syasya 9 days ago
I’m more amazed with James than any other person. He’s just so sporty and went with the challenge. Well done James
knightingtale 9 days ago
I love how Mark is such a dad to James while Ethan is just being impressive and doing amazing
Lia Meraz 9 days ago
10:57 Ethan: “you’ve done it! you’ve done it!” 🥺
YeeHawMacaw 9 days ago
Ethan showing off warmed my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible. I guess the moral of this is if you want to go to the military be a gymnast first
Himari Sasaki 10 days ago
James Charles: "Oh, I'm an expert with d's trust me" Im so childish😂😂😂
Aryiia Creator 9 days ago
Ethan through the whole video at James and mark: *a m a t e u r s*
Brooklynn Jolicoeur 9 days ago
I don’t like James Charles but this video made me see him in a more honest way that I hadn’t seen before- I wanna see this side of him
Probably Gay 9 days ago
I love how in the last race Mark, despite being competitive as he is, stays behind to help James when he probably could have at least kept up with Ethan. That and the speech Mark gives to James at the end. That's some supportive dad vibes and I love it.
Cutemønster 9 days ago
James is like the anime girl of the group
Catty Krazy 9 days ago
Alternative title: Mark babysitting his two children
hailey coppock 10 days ago
this was,, weirdly wholesome 🥺 also this is a collab that i'd love to see again,, it was so odd but they fit surprisingly well!!
yolo bitch 9 days ago
Mark and James helping eachother is literally the cutest thing ever
Epic gamer 9 days ago
By this logic we can make it clear anyone named "Matt" is a god at everything
Tyrone the Pyromancer 10 days ago
I'm so happy for Ethan. He finally gets to do something he's good at.
Dan Shaver 9 days ago
James: *does decent on legit everything* also James: needs a boost to get over a wall just 1 foot taller than it like bruh but also like DAMN ETHAN OK BRO FLEX ON THEM FOR A SECOND DUDE
Jake Tawater 10 days ago
"youre doing as good as you can do right now and thats amazing" i really needed to hear that right now so thank you mark even though it wasnt directed at me.
OddlyCas 9 days ago
I love this a lot honestly. James was an accurate representation of me doing any physical activity, Ethan was an absolute allstar and Mark is a great dad. seeing Mark assist James while Ethan destroyed them during the 'race' was really amusing and sweet. I love whenever they do fitness stuff on Unus Annus
GabThe CompassDog 10 days ago
Ethan: The Underdog.
Stardragon Star10 10 days ago
If y’all throw shade at James Ima throw hands, people are really trying to attack him for no reason. You don’t like him, big deal, get over it.
Yahoo Wierdo 9 days ago
Mark: Very supportive father James: Struggling child Ethan: Overly fit and skilled grandfather
Junk Goat 9 days ago
Them doing bunny hops over the wooden things Me,an intellectual,: *goes below it*
Alex 9 days ago
Surprised James didnt try to trick Austin into thinking he was gay.
Cory Jackson 9 days ago
Mark to James: ur doing so good Just sees Ethan running in the background
Crabs 9 days ago
I love how everyone’s just bullying Ethan
Blue Tube 9 days ago
Ethan: im winning. I must win I must win!!! Mark: let me help you! I guess the rules change. Marks the nice one and ethan the strong I wonder if both of them are happy about the new changes
Franka M. L. 9 days ago
Me being lazy just being a couchpotato and the moment I see this, I'am thinking: "It looks like a big playground. I want to do it!"
myn 9 days ago
mark: oh, even D's get diplomas! james: oH, i'm an expert in D's, trust me. *I'M S CREAMI NG*
Ani punk 9 days ago
James doing it inspired me.....ethan was getting a lot of hate😂 sad boi noises.....mark thrusted his way towards the goal😂
kristian vega 10 days ago
This looks so easy. They didn't have to do it AFTER getting smoked all day
Skaalyra 9 days ago
''I haven't been more hideoused by someone like this in my life'' LOL
HighWaffles 9 days ago
*Me being a really big fan of James like super excited to see him and believe in him* Mark being supportive too* awwww 😌
Help Me get 100 subs 9 days ago
I like how Mark just talks to/about Ethan like he's his dog Like: 'one more try and I'll let you stand on Ethan again'
Chris Cuningham 9 days ago
Can just imagine this conversation, Ethan: hey James Charles is gonna do a video with us what should we do? Mark: let's do the military training course with him? Ethan: What??? Mark : What?
Help Me get 100 subs 9 days ago
Ethan: -is better than mark- Mark and James: -still degrades Ethan-
TheSanitySeeker 10 days ago
Ethan’s actually looking pretty ripped
Owl Dev 10 days ago
"Shhh. You're on a military base, no swearing." You sure about that? Lol
Stormfh223 9 days ago
I like how James said: Unus Annus more like Unus Montshas or something like that. While Mark is Annus and Ethan is Unus lmao
Golden Girlol123 9 days ago
I only have one question: how? and i m g o o d w i t h d’s
mr phteven 9 days ago
James: Im an expert with Ds, trust me [happy bonercast noises]
Asian Thomas 10 days ago
is.. is mark acting like a dad?..
Lid3r 9 days ago
Mark: Ds get diplomas James: Oh I'm an expert with Ds trust me
Jenelco X 9 days ago
It's just 20 minutes of Ethan getting bullied
Mauricio Blanchard 9 days ago
“Oh trust me I’m an expert with D’s” -James Charles 2020
Foze Bling 9 days ago
James Charles - “I’m an expert as D’s not gonna lie.”
Dough Baby 9 days ago
"I'm an expert with D's trust me" -James Charles
Jacob Rodriguez 9 days ago
Say what you want about him, but shout out to James for actually coming out and doing this
IcedCoffee 9 days ago
Ethan: being better than mark in this course Mark: "wait that's illegal"
Kitten Lover xx 9 days ago
NGL, James, Mark and Ethan are so Sweet to each other! I love how Makr and Ethan are so supportive of James, even though James is saying to Ethan he doesn’t care about him. 😂
OofImDeadInside :/ 10 days ago
he went ‘i’m really good with Ds’ and i went *OOOOOP*
Karma Killer 9 days ago
"I'm an expert with D's, trust me~..." ~James Charles, 2020
Help Me get 100 subs 9 days ago
Us: Ethan: Mark: ohhh SHItt imA die Yep I'm gOnNa dIee oh wait... I'm alive...
Help Me get 100 subs 9 days ago
Ethan: already finished Mark and James, slowly falling into a romantic relationship: what..?
aqua_fell 9 days ago
Can we admire that Mark offered to pay for a Manicure because James was scared to break a nail- Mark you are truly so wholesome it h u r t s.
Christian D 9 days ago
"you're on a military base, no cursing!" Clearly you've never been on a military base.