I Carve a Black Window into a Billiard Ball

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In this video I show you how to carve a realistic Black Widow into a billiard ball that I found in the creek (wink wink) I also incorporate a REAL egg sack into it! don't worry, it was empty :) Love you guys

Also, the winner of the hand cast is @fraserotaku from TikTok!

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Bobby Duke Arts 10 month ago
Hey Dukeys! Sorry it's been so long since my last upload. To everyone that is saying I forgot to add the hour glass. The hour glass on a Black Widow is located on the underside of the abdomen not on the back :) Also! If you want to keep up with what I'm doing in between videos, go give me a follow on IG @BobbyDukeArts and Twitter @BobbyDukeArt also I'm going to try and upload more frequently. yaaay!
Elliot Wlasiuk 10 month ago
Can we all just appreciate the small stop motion edits he puts into his videos? Those probably take forever
B Smith 8 month ago
**2 weeks later** *Update:* The egg sac that I thought was already hatched, wasn't. I now have spiders everywhere in my office..
Cooper Smith 7 month ago
"Patrick stop watering the poison ivy"
tristan cisneros 6 month ago
He's laughing til he finds out the egg hasn't hatched yet
Chicken Little 8 month ago
Did anyone else notice how it says black "window" instead of black "widow"
Nathan Farb 10 month ago
"It's really hot here in Texas" (spends an hour filming stop-motion skating sequence)
Løłus 7 month ago
“So she can raise her tiny satan spawn in peace.” -Bobby 2019
『 Cookie Potato 』 6 month ago
4:23 The daughter: WTF DAD Duke: This is normal
Master Roblox 7 month ago
Madeline R 5 month ago
small children: "I want a pony" mom: "but we have a pony at home" pony at home: 1:42
Jenna Jean 10 month ago
“No matter how busy life gets, I can always watch them swim :D” *camera pans to dead fish*
Leon LJ 9 month ago
Did no one notice the title says black "window"
Abdel Elnour 6 month ago
“I Carve A Black Window Into A Billiard Ball” Me: Ehh 🤷🏽‍♂️ Also Me: Wait A Minute
Isabella Grace Browder 7 month ago
Bobby : Sees something he can make something out of “I make a a plant sculpture out of a random bone I found in my attic”
Shrekiscoming foryouronions 9 month ago
"I carve a black window into a billiard ball" -Bobby Duke Arts 2019
Gen Dawg 9 month ago
*Goes our finding spiders* *Gets bitten* “You can make this too” *faints*
captainchaos56 8 month ago
“I carve a black WINDOW into a billiard ball”
Female! Izuku Midoriya 9 month ago
"the water pony goes for a trot" that got me I'm dying!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Lager_Bier 5 month ago
Family: Wants to get dog. Dad: I dont want to get a dog. Family: "gets a dog anyways" Dad and dog:
AmeseyPop 10 month ago
Bobby: *Finds Black Widow and egg sacks* 'Ooo better move these to a safe place' Spider: 'It's free real estate' Edit: I have genuinely just woken from a night of nightmares about black widow spiders...*shudders*
Adam star 8 month ago
Me:(look at thumbnail) holy f*ck it's a spider! Also me:(watches video)" I wonder how he gets veiws
kaia derenzy 7 month ago
Nobody ever- Bobby duke arts-finds a weird “monkey brain” licks it
Goruto 4 month ago
Can’t wait till the egg hatches into his house then he’ll remember
Hannah Thoma 8 month ago
Ngl this freaked me out to the point that I couldn’t really breathe properly but nice video lmao
Bintang Pramudya 10 month ago
The title says black *WINDOW* Like if you watch before the title changed
Laural ローラル 9 month ago
0:07 I thought he said, “Pantry!... *Wow you’re so fat!”*
Fenix Elite 9 month ago
9:22 Featuring Dante from the "Devil May Cry" series 🤣
Alpha Døge 4 month ago
The second my ad finished: Bobby: “hello again”
Brad Miller 8 month ago
"So, we're gonna poot it in this glass."
Angel Camilo 10 month ago
“The water pony swims majestically into the river to finds its supper” Discovery Channel Bobby Edition
Yan 8 month ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: I mean it, nobody: Bobby: *Writes WINDOW instead of widow* Fantastic.
Apep’s Book of Stuff 4 month ago
me when i realize that creek looks like the one from IT 2017: Not every f*cking plant is poison ivy Stan
Jennifer B 8 month ago
XD the title says “black WINDOW” XD
I’ll Be There 9 month ago
Oct 1, 2019- Twitter says your account doesn’t exist.
William Glendenning 10 month ago
Chiaki!¡ 5 month ago
Daughter: **nicely and peacefully doing homework** Bobby: *T o g e t T r a d e c l i c k t h e l i n k i n t h e d e s c r i p t i o n*
thePredman#9 lol 7 month ago
Bobby has NO fear when it comes to the creepy crawlies!
Roblox XTREMES 7 month ago
Everytime Bobby sees something "I WoOnT that"
Foop The Hoop 6 month ago
When he said “ah nature” I was getting some big spongebob vibes
Sam Ashbloom 10 month ago
"Patrick, stop watering the poison ivy."
captainchaos56 8 month ago
0:28 spot on sponge bob narrator voice, you need to do that more often.
Robert Yebra 8 month ago
It says “Window” instead of Widow. 0.0
Hewo Husky! 6 month ago
Bobby Duke: No Matter How Life gets Busy I Can Always See They Slim Random Fish: *Acts Dead* Bobby Duke: Well Not Always
Sean Kim 7 month ago
when he made those sounds at 1:36 my dog started freaking out 😂
Eitan Woolworth 10 month ago
Black widow egg sack in the ball: *hatches and theres a million tiny black widow bebes* Bobby: *surprise pikachu face*
Sven Wissink 8 month ago
This was the best nature documentary i’ve ever seen Oh wait, it was about carving, of course
The Real Sans 7 month ago
I love me some good weed Edit: Welp, that got autocorrected to weed. (I meant to say wewd...)
Let'sArt 8 month ago
"OoOoKkAaAy" Hollow Ichigo????
La Princesita Regina :v 9 month ago
Si, soy tu comentario en español :v. Este wey: Weno, agarró esta madre que vuela, y también una viuda negra, por k no. Xd Yo: -ve una hormiga roja- MAMAMAMAAMMAMAAAAA AAAA A AAAA AA A A A A
drift lover 4 month ago
him : lets go to the shed its realy hot here I texas him after getting in the shed: I could really use a hot cup of coffee me : WAIT WHAT YOU SAID ITS HOT THERE AND NOW YOU WANT COFFEE TO MAKE IT HOTTER
Jonelle ‘s 8 month ago
I saw the BTS poster in your daughter’s room 😂
Ethan Thomas 4 month ago
I have never laughed as hard as this in my life. Your editing skills are amazing and hilarious.
pinkpelicano 4 month ago
I love how he tells us how to do the it as if we’re actually going to
Faith Sparvier 10 month ago
Bobby: finds black widow *my composure has left the chat*
Seth P 6 month ago
2:13 it’s a Panic! At The Disco
Victoria Knolton 7 month ago
I can’t get over how you introduce your tools like a makeup channel XD
AIZEL PAYABYAB 4 month ago
Imagine your daughter come inside and she said will you never stop working?
Epic Kyanite15 8 month ago
For a second I thought he was going to cut his 🖐🤣
Penny 10 month ago
Bobby: *finds an actual super dangerous spider and take it out in the wild* Me: *find a mosquito flying around the leg and start screaming in terror*
Your Son 4 month ago
I found this dude in my recommended and I’m amazed at his sense of humor! I love his stuff so far and I subscribed halfway through the first video I watched lol
potatomanboy69 4 month ago
"I carve a black widow into a billard ball" *vigurously starts drilling black widow*
Project Mayhem 8 month ago
"Trust me!" Bobby 2019
Wijdan 8 month ago
Hilarious montage, always makes me laugh😂😂😂
Rhiannon Clarke 10 month ago
me: **reads title** title: (with real egg sack) me: im gonna pretend i didnt see that
Skippi 93 5 month ago
His daughter has a Bts poster she’s my favorite!! 💕😭 and I wish I could crave like Bobby
FTF.Eli 4 month ago
5:43 to just get to the carving 🤘🏽
Austin English 5 month ago
5:21 idk why but I fell on the ground laughing I love it
【! just kermit !】 8 month ago
You could trick a lot of people into thinking that’s real lmao
When Geeks Craft 10 month ago
my jaw dropped,I curled into a ball, and slowly moved from the screen as he CALMLY PULLS A FREAKING BLACK WIDOW OUT OF HIS GARAGE AND LETS IT SURVIVE ON HIS PROPERTY. "they are 15x more poisonous than a rattlesnake, I'm gonna put it by this tree"
M Ld 6 month ago
"Black window"
Dustin Fay 8 month ago
I want to see more of these billiard ball carvings
Apex Ian 4 month ago
Wait what actually was that green brain thing in the beginning? To me, I see it as MoJo JoJo’s brain from Powerpuff Girls
Jameel Wells 8 month ago
5:42 i laughed way too hard at this part 😭
Hat and Cane Productions 10 month ago
"Honey can you go take the dog out for a walk" Bobby: That's free content.
Epicwolfchillli。 4 month ago
I just found this dude and he is hilarious
Svving Svvong 8 month ago
Amazing!! This is honestly one of your best videos! Although, you did spell “widow” like “window” in the title
Catharina Hollander 9 month ago
Oh my gosh 😂 you make me laugh so hard, I so appriciate your humor and your awesome Art Work!
yeet productions 6 month ago
Jenn Wojack 10 month ago
_Quote Of The Day_ *"Patrick, stop watering the poison ivy!” -Bobby*
TGG 103 4 month ago
I like the title saying "Black window"
Kaydence Tripke 9 month ago
literally 54 seconds in i subscribed. i love how weird he is. reminds me of me and my friends
matt wood 4 month ago
"Here in my garage"
finn chiss 4 month ago
11:28 me: *pours gasoline in the jar and throws a match in it*
Socialus 10 month ago
I Wonder how Bobby's recording sessions looks from a watching standpoint.
SweetAsSugar 6 month ago
11:30 It's not just a boulder *sniff* it's my babies 😂
CajunRose 1313 9 month ago
This is AAAAMMAZING!! We love Black Widow Spiders. 🕷 My husband and I had one for a while, in a container. I'm so glad you didn't paint the hourglass on the back.
Aliengamer 4 month ago
That stop motion was amazing (and so is the coffee)
Laken Tegrmeier 4 month ago
This is my 10th time watching this in a row this is my favorite episode I laugh the hardest at this one and when ever I feel sad or crying I watch this and I feel great after
crimson scarlett 10 month ago
"We will leave her alone now, so she can raise her tiny satan spawn in peace" Loved that quote, is mildly cute
Tuesd Ay 8 month ago
5:19 Here’s when the video actually starts. どいたします。
Ben 7 month ago
I started watching his videos when he only had about 30k subs and I can say Bobby one of the best youtubers; funny and original!
Savage Gamer 4 month ago
“1 week later we find out a little boy sat on the tree next to the black widow, and got bit.”
jonne vitu 9 month ago
5:20 that rock shape in the desk will be there forever lol
Seth Holt 10 month ago
0:21 Bobby: points camera at his feet Me: *Aw shit, here we go again*
Nathaniel Weaver 6 month ago
9:21 His hair reminds me of Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening
Emily 5 month ago
i love how patrick always just looks so hecking concerned
Colonel Boris 8 month ago
The first 5 mins of this video feels like stalling for time
Δߜ Mythical tea-Tree 4 month ago
1:52 we saved a life in this video bois
Roosy the tiger 10 month ago
*"Thats a cool looking stick!.... it could be turned into art"* **YEET** Edit: Why did people like this comment... :^?