SAVED! Prehistoric Bird Escapes Extinction!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mario and the crew are in California to work with some bizarre yet magnificent Prehistoric birds.. critically endangered California Condors! Watch as they assist in pulling biometric data and perform health assessments on these incredible birds!

Get ready to meet the Prehistoric bird that was saved from extinction!

Thank you to Molly Astell for hosting us and allowing us to showcase the California Condor recovery program! If you want to learn more about the California Condor or contribute to Condor conservation, head to: and

Meet Coyote and Mark in NYC Feb 25th! -

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Adam Lakeman 3 month ago
"We got one cornered" he says as it starts to eat the net.
Chhay Tour 3 month ago
That look like a flying turkey,eagle,vulture
Ryan Manit 3 month ago
At first I was like what happened to Coyote’s Voice. Then I realized it was Mario when it showed him.
Cash Money 3 month ago
The last time I was this early, the dinosaurs were outside my window
CreatureCal 3 month ago
California Condor: As you can see, I am not dead!
Joaquin Ballon 3 month ago
I hope that the Philippine Eagle could be saved too
super random outcast 3 month ago
Lol he was talking about the bird like a Bob Ross painting!
fon_ keng 3 month ago
the camera man on the right's face when the bird flew over him😂😂😂😂😂totaly killed me 9:26
MrNightmarekill 3 month ago
9:25 The camera mans face after the condor flies over him lmao!
Spanky 3 month ago
So glad they are getting a comeback. Such an amazing bird.
A D 3 month ago
What happened to coyote is he ever going to come back on
JJ's Gecko Diary 3 month ago
7:16 "I've lost all my head feathers" So sad...
Nature Imposter 3 month ago
Aww condors are so beautiful In my opinion they are so grateful when flying as a kid I was always interested in these large birds. Thanks Brave Wilderness team and *SAY THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD WORK THOSE PEOPLE DO TO HELP THIS SPECIES OF ANIMAL!*
Crystal Wu 3 month ago
Looks like someone shaved its head ewe And wow, only 500 of these cute birbies in this world, sad. ;-;
Cyan Dee 3 month ago
The last time I was this early, dodo birds were still alive Anyways, i hope knowing that theyre very few, people will take very good care of these burbs
pedro esparza 3 month ago
I’m watching there show on animal planet!
Shiny Sylveon 3 month ago
Wow I'm early. Look at that BIRD!
franklin reyes 3 month ago
I remember when coyote had below a million subs, now he has 15 million and now he is on national television
Storn Olson 3 month ago
That girl was a badass. I liked her hair. Also, Mario episodes are always good
Daniel Bryant 3 month ago
Bird is the word
Jonte Stevenson 3 month ago
I love how you guys are still finding animals that are not extinct keep doing it 🔥
Vens8 3 month ago
4:00 "It might look *Coyotic*, but the team paid close attention to the birds..."
Shanine Jackman1998 3 month ago
I'm getting teary-eyed just watching this,its beautiful birds & it's sad story 🤧
Texas Jungle 3 month ago
I love animals that’s why I started my own outdoor channel thank you so much for supporting and sharing God’s great creatures
CreatureCal 3 month ago
I once saw these birds at the San Diego Zoo. They were so cool! *Be brave, stay wild!*
Robert Honkomp 3 month ago
Can you show more critical endangered and endangered species so we can see how there doing with there numbers
Dragontamer05 3 month ago
Since you like looking at/for endangered species ever considered coming to Canada and looking for/doing a segment on the Timber Rattler? It's not a snake/animal I've seen many talk about.
Ch Fam 3 month ago
No one: Me: gud burd
Dutchess of Cyber 3 month ago
Great job, Mario!
Akotski1338 3 month ago
Every time they say condor, I keep thinking they’re about to say condom
Matias Rosales 3 month ago
Ecuadorian Condor: Am I a joke to you?!?
LoveSolvex 3 month ago
You should have name this episode as “dinosour escapes in the wild!” It would attract much more attention:)
Ivan lawrence Trinidad 3 month ago
"a wild legendary pokemon has appeared"
Risshen Raj 3 month ago
Molly looks like those “thug life chose me” type of people😂
Idris Tyler 3 month ago
Him: I lose my tail feather's sometimes awkwardly smiles at condor. Condor: this guy's a weirdo....
Agent Speedster 3 month ago
4:40 “Dude can you please let go of my beak I have something important to say”
Mr . Cool 3 month ago
Prehistoric Birds From The 80's
BabyBirdOfficial 3 month ago
i want coyote back :( i wasnt here for a while and i just came back and now this,not a good day for me :(
The Broval Office 3 month ago
Mario is like that substitute teacher that you love to see.
Gamer Goat9000 3 month ago
7:15 nooooo is that what I think he’s talking about?!
Youtube Explorer 3 month ago
Do a show with Robert Clarence Irwin. ☺
SkyRocketMiner 3 month ago
I love saving a species from extinction! I would love to see more of these videos :D!
Red Leaf 2 month ago
Oooooohhhhhhhhhh coyote, your gettin’ old. you remember when Christopher Columbus sat by you in class. Oooo coyote your getting old.
Diego Ramos 3 month ago
That’s beautiful how there saving them
The Truth 3 month ago
When I was a kid in the late 80’s I thought this beautiful bird was almost gone. So glad 30 years later these birds still have a chance. Wish this happen for the Ivory Billed woodpeckers in the 1920’s.
Michelle Chatton 3 month ago
I love seeing conservation work like this. How amazing to have brought it back from the brink! I’ve seen European vultures in the wild, they are magnificent to encounter.
Auden Shoemaker 2 month ago
I have a project on the California Condor, and I would like to know what it could theoretically kill, if it wasn’t a scavenger.
Dragonstumpstick13 3 month ago
My grandma goes there every year she’s saw one and she brought me a stuffed animal of one the money went to helping the cause😔😀😀😀😀
Josh Glover 2 month ago
Being scavengers, you would think they would hang around the city, where there are dumpsters to raid and intrigued humans to feed them...
Inky 3 month ago
Pretty Impressive To See Prehistoric Animals Survived...
Angelina Pineiro 3 month ago
They’re HUGE! I’m so glad these birds could be saved from extinction, and hope many other species will too!
Da Hu 3 month ago
Damn. Fifteen when it says one minute ago it was loaded
Yeetur McBeetur 3 month ago
Birb in air: *FLAP* Birb when caught: *big birb* *f* *r* *i* *c* *k*
PrivateOGITH 3 month ago
i'll BET That your Favorite TV Show is Captain Planet 😀
Carson Ridd 3 month ago
These are my favorite type of bird! I love them!
Carson Doenges 3 month ago
The condor looks like those things from the dark crystal.
Sarah Snyder 3 month ago
I haven't seen cyotie Peterson in alot of these videos really
Jose Cruz 3 month ago
I feel like Molly would be a great person to hang out with 😳 And those condors seem really, reaaally big.
Ushakiran Tonjam 3 month ago
What I thought I was the first one this when YouTube recommend to me🤔
MaskHero Zo 3 month ago
I remember doing a class presentation about the California condor back in high school in 2002. Still remember that moment till today.
Andrew Jeffrey 3 month ago
Thank you for educating me on these beautiful creatures, very intimidating in size but beautiful nonetheless, you are very right it is our responsibility as stewards in fact care takers of this planet to be more mindful of the animals we still have with us.
DAV charley 3 month ago
0:55 saw that on Twitter, I had to see it and now here I am 😊😎😊
WOLFO 3 month ago
*Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for another bird video! I love California Condors!*
Sinzarh 3 month ago
“Okay we got one cornered.” “No. I have YOU cornered.”
Mister Lostman 3 month ago
Mario speaks with such love when he talks about nature, it's wonderful 😊
khentea lincuna 3 month ago
We're is coyote I can't seem to see him on this vedio.
Jordan Hann 3 month ago
Holy crap when I seen him flying I got goosebumps
Kyron Klain 3 month ago
I live in Northern AZ, and it's amazing and intimidating to get close to these birds... especially in the wild. They're huge and ugly haha.
Carlos Nunez Orozco 2 month ago
Los Angeles California i live their is the best city in California thanks bravewilderness
Nicole Perra 3 month ago
6:32 it has teeth!
Alexandre Souza 3 month ago
This is probably how an alien abductee feels like.... Captured,examined , Tagged and released. We do this to less intelligent creatures everyday.
Trevor L. 3 month ago
This is one of my favorite birds. I hope to one day be able to find one in the wild. I’m a big birder, and I’m hoping to be able to find one before I graduate college.
Daniel soto 3 month ago
Did you guys know that the "odd1sOut" is subbed to this channel
Skarlecia TheDragonMaster 3 month ago
Ah, the California Condor. The largest Bird of Prey in North America. <3 So beautiful.
Cambuslang Colts FC 3 month ago
Mario I really just want to say what ur doing is amazing and i think it is awesome that ur taking time out of ur day to show us somthing amazing I really epreciet it like so he sees this
Grant Stone 3 month ago
Did you say "California Condor" and then "Russia wind"? I'm confused, are you in California? Or Russia? Edit: Never mind, you said you're in Los Angeles. Question answered.
SloppyCalebtan 3 month ago
I'm not an early bird unlike that Californian Condor. 😉
Sean Wilson 3 month ago
Maybe we could like, sacrifice a few cows and leave them out for the condors lol
Philip Vaughn 3 month ago
"Get your finger outta my eye bro!!!"
adamd664 3 month ago
The one in the thumbnail reminded me of my dad when he’s angry
Jax Rene 3 month ago
Hey Coyote and the crew great vid as always can’t wait to watch you guys on animal planet good job guys keep going
Tim Lettiero 3 month ago
This was genuinely an amazing video. I had no knowledge about these animals prior and to watch Mario hold one, help get data from it and let it go knowing theres not too many free and the fact it was 1 bird away from extinction is absolutely amazing
Jay Reiser 3 month ago
2:26 Molly ASStel
Cassie Beard 3 month ago
When I was in school last year I did a report on California condors.🦡🦔🐻🐨🐓🐔🐾🦡🦘🐼🐧🦅🦜🦚🦉🐢🦈🦛🦏🐘🦒
TheArmedDodo 3 month ago
This is why we need to put some form of "population control" in act everywhere to bring us down to nowhere near where we are today
Ryan Huang 3 month ago
Yo Mario’s got mad scooter skills xD
Raul Israel 3 month ago
I love condors once while I was still living in a rural california town I was just walking back home from a busy school day and I saw a California Cóndor I thought it was just a big turkey vulture but boy I was wrong as his Shadow past over me and I just gazed at it
Alfie Channel 3 month ago
We’re the guy
BearGuyH 3 month ago
“Beautiful yellowish hue around the eye” nah that’s just me in the morning
Goran Dubravic 3 month ago
Wow, I never realized that the California Condors are huge birds!
hi stanger 3 month ago
I'm happy that they made a come back
Brett 48562 3 month ago
Are we jus finna ignore that voice crack at 3:18 Edit:3:19 changed to 3:18
Notsilent-_- 3 month ago
7:10 was so awkward
nab 6215 3 month ago
It's hard to imagine just how big those birds are. Then I look at my living room. Their wingspan would take up all but three feet. Amazing.
Butter cup 3 month ago
I have a feeling you are underrated... Also this has the editing of a show, is this a show?
Jeremy DGM 3 month ago
Last time I was this early the California condor wasn’t functionally extinct
Smoosh Goo 3 month ago
I remember seeing a California condor at the LA or San Diego zoo when I was little! Didn't think much of it at the time, I forgot they were critcally endangered, and only now do i realize how big they are.
Margaret K 3 month ago
I think this might be my favorite brave wilderness video! truly inspiring 💖 great job Mario!
mackinator13 3 month ago
My 6 year old daughter loves this channel. She just asked me "Papa, why does Coyote Peterson look like Luigi?" 😂
Lana Deaton 3 month ago
I really enjoyed this video. I love to see you do more videos Mário. I love seeing conservation work! It is up to all of us as you said as stewards of this earth to help stop animals and plants going extinct in our life time! You don’t have to wear a hat due to You loosing your head feathers! 🐸