Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods (Official Video)

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“Man of the Woods” Official Music Video directed by Paul Hunter

Man of the Woods – An Album By Justin Timberlake
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Micoola 2 years ago
you're a man of the woods because your name is literally timber lake
Keto Lifestyle & Vlogs with Alvina Rayne 8 month ago
I love that his wife Jessica is his dancing with him, how sweet!
Shane Ryan 2 years ago
That was his wife dancing with him!! That is freaking awesome!
rich19727 5 month ago
JBP boys brought me here?
Poopy 4 month ago
There’s something off about this song lmao.
Iza Meelo 2 years ago
This is sweet. The whole album is dedicated to jessica and his son. His son's name is Silas in latin meaning Man of the woods and he is also featured in of the tracks (Young man) and many songs are inspired by jessica. A lot of people seem to dislike the album but its obvious justin has evolved he is a married man now in his late 30s and he wants to change sounds. I applaud Justin for being so daring and i also love the new album.
Evans 2 years ago
I honestly don't know what the critics are bitching about. This album is heartfelt and honestly coming from someone who cares about his work, his family, and his fans' expectation. JT does not want to just put out something that would make the critics happy. Those are the albums that are "commercial". He dares to try something new, different, and unconventional. So what if his songs sounded like pop+funk+hip hop+country, or whatever the critics said. I love artists who are creative and dare to say "what are you going to do about me being different?!?" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
Aryan Rubianto 5 month ago
I love JT In Justified, he's like a bad boy In futuresex/lovesound, he's like a cool guy In the experience 20/20, he's like a gentleman In man of the woods, he's like a timber-man
He definetly made this song thinking on his song & wife.
Robert Foster 5 month ago
Here because of the joe budden podcast lmaooo
Jake Ells 2 years ago
This is the greatest old spice commercial I have ever seen!
Bleumoon 1 year ago
Awww!! they look so cute together!! You can tell through his eyes how happy he is with her. Its adorable.
Lawless Collective 4 month ago
Who’s here after listening to the Joe Budden podcast?
Deidra Blevins 6 month ago
You ain't no man of tha woods you a city boy
Sarah Garcia 7 month ago
My daughter is 2.5 and can she and I are watching videos. Me: what next? Her: the man in the pajamas. The red ones. Me: thinks about it for a min. Do you mean *sings man of the woods* Her: yes that one that one! 😆😂😂🤣🤣
Josh Salamun 2 years ago
best old spice commercial I've ever seen.
neol07707 1 year ago
When I first heard this song I was like WTF but it does kinda grow on you after a while lol
rahil ganatra 11 month ago
Drug addicts by lil pump:139 mil views Man of the woods by jt:33 mil views Amazing world we live in
Priscilla Luna 1 year ago
I cant believe this is the first time that I am not only hearing this song, but seeing this adorable video. Super happy he included Jessica. Good gawd they are adorable together. This is the cutest, most fun video i have seen in a long time. I had to watch it over. I didn't realize I was sitting at work with such a goofy grin on my face until a coworker wanted to know what I was grinning about. lol. love love love it!!!
Unibunny 821 3 month ago
I just found out that this man supposedly "knew Michael Jackson "
Alex Brunton 2 years ago
The background sound reminds me of Spongebob music when he arrives to the beach
Tha Blunt Roller 4 month ago
This sounds like a song that would come from the 2010 yogi bear movie.... which is *TRASH*
Handsome Gunner 4 month ago
Weak ass beat, quiet whisper singing...hard pass for me
shonenlad one 5 month ago
When your real life wife is finer than any music video chick for hire, you know you've done something right.
Drew with American South Designs 9 month ago
This is the first time hearing this song and seeing the video...I don't know how anyone could not like this...just wholesome goodness.
Kairo 2 years ago
So far, this album just sounds like an identity crisis with a melody.
Wallace Fernando 1 year ago
The best singer in the world. I love Man Of The Woods.
pixie riot 1 year ago
When I wake up in the morning, i check inside my pants: "I'm a man of the WOODs" and it's my pride.
njeri njuguna 2 years ago
listening to this like twenty times a day......its stuuuck in my head
Its your boi Fresh 1 year ago
2:20 best part of the song. Classic justin amazing voice
Elianne Nascimento 2 years ago
This is going to make me sound pretentious, and I am prepared for the backlash: It's honestly disconcerting how out of touch people are with music. This is not experimental. This is not 90s. This is not out of the norm music. It's only seen that way because most everything we listen to now is so filtered, invasively autotuned, and stuffed with EDM/House qualities that people don't know what's what anymore. This is some good ol' fashioned southern style funk with a kiss of hip hop. It's AMAZING work. That's not to say that everyone is going to like it. No one is expected to like everything. But to say this is a garbage and a joke is just... ignorant.
Lige Wachter 1 year ago
Jessica Biel is JT’s perfect match in Heaven. I bet they do it a lot they’re the perfect couple.
TeflonDon 5 month ago
Damn you Joe Budden I was content going through my whole life never hearing this song now I have, can't un-see that now
Crazed Worgen 11 month ago
Is it "I brag about you to anyone outside" or "I brag about you to anyone I sight" lol
Lucy Vivian Sousa 1 year ago
Jessica Biel was my first famous actress crush, I'm in Love with her!! She's so beautiful, damn, Justin you're so lucky!!!
Paige Collison 2 years ago
1:50 *Justin* is sitting on some *timber* in a *lake*
Fergus Nicoll 1 year ago
I’m just really confused how he is a man of the woods
Connor Thompson 3 month ago
This track is not good.
Rahul Yadav 6 month ago
Dec 2019... Like if you love this song❤️
Kinia 1 year ago
His wife looks so elegant, charming and delightful!
Sakata Samig 2 years ago
First time- Hm, meh. Second time- This sounds interesting. Third time- I am Man of the Woods. I brag about you.
Bernie de guzman 1 year ago
anyone hear Lou Reed Walk on The Wild Side in this song?
Ray Fish 5 month ago
Thank you, Justin! This was my signature song before being validated.
Dae Dae 7 month ago
I had no Idea ANYONE disliked this, I love everything about this video and the album.
Sabrina Ayu Fitria 1 year ago
It's cute seeing you and jessica biel dancing lovingly
kathleen ng 2 years ago
I'm so confused by this album.
Theronizer Thesecond 8 month ago
Looks like Tennessee if you haven't been there but most likely West Virginia
lara jouli mosta 6 month ago
Mirror💝Suit and tie💝rock you boddy💝what goes around💝cry me a river💝ma of the woodes💝can't stop the feelings💝my love 💝tunnel vision(lyrics😂)💝 Anjelina jolie and justin temberlake💝💙❤❤❤💙💙💙💝
Foreign Music 6 month ago
I saw an odd movie he played, and it was the best movie in my life to watch, thank him very much, "IN TIME", I always support him.
Nabin Pariyar 6 month ago
I am also women of the woods just love the nature more than any thing😄
Demitrival 2 years ago
This is what happens when you get married and become a dad lmao
Jai 8 month ago
He's so underrated.
rafael Nadal 1 year ago
This man is a great talent hes right behind Michael Jackson as a greatest performer
Dr. Debdut Bhadra 5 month ago
Reminding me of days when the name 'Justin' stood for 'Timberlake' ❤, not Bulshiter (a.k.a. Bieber) ... What a decade the 2000s was! A decade when Timberlake was the king of both rock and pop. Wish I could re-live those days ❤
MegaAshWilliams 1 year ago
Smokin' hot wife.
mmikula137 2 years ago
Is this an Old Navy commercial
Amanda Collins 8 month ago
I’m sorry I slept on this album I absolutely loved it
Brittany Miller 1 year ago
Watching this in remembrance of what could’ve been tonight. R.I.P. Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix 11/29/18. 😞
tiffany audrey w 7 month ago
this song is so good, he deserves more
maxim kiz 1 year ago
I brag about you to anyone outside But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride I'm sorry baby, you know I tried But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride Hey, sugar plum, look at where we are So tonight, if I take it too far, that's okay because you know I hear the making up's fun Been a minute since we've had some time to breathe So if you see another side of me that's okay because you know I hear the making up's fun But then your hands talking, fingers walking, down your legs Say "Where's the faucet?" Someone's knocking like they know but Baby, don't you stop it, yes I'm watching Your hand slides down the light And girl you know I brag about you to anyone outside But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride I'm sorry baby, you know I tried But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride Well I got your sweet little twist of lime And this one's neat, well you know that's mine, here we go And do it twice because you know we like it And damn anybody if they disagree, they don't understand You're just like me, they don't know We do it twice 'cause we know we like it But then your hands talking, fingers walking, down your legs Say "Where's the faucet?" Someone's knocking like they know but Baby, don't you stop it, yes I'm watching Your hand slides down the light (light, light) And girl you know I brag about you to anyone outside But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride I'm sorry baby, you know I tried But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride How do I even explain what I've got with you I try to find the words but they hide and that's the truth And nobody will ever understand what we do There's only one me and you Come here, hold me, 'cause there's only one me and you, yeah There's only one me and you, uh There's only one me and you You know there's only one me and you I brag about you to anyone outside But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride I'm sorry baby, you know I tried But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride I wrote this to let you know And I let them feelings show I'm the man of the woods and you're my pride Ooh, I can't make them understand But you know I'm a southern man A man of the woods and you're my pride, ooh, hey hey A man of the woods is my pride Now let the beat ride like
Gym* 2 years ago
It's funny because on every single someone has said "finally a song I like" this is because each song is so different it will reach a different target audience. That is what makes JT different and that's how he will be a music legend. Other musicians are playing too safe.
E Moola 5 month ago
Who here from the jbp lol
Avery .K_A 1 year ago
1st: JT wasn’t lying to Ellen when he said he lifts his wife! 2nd: I love how he hit ‘em folks in all of his music videos for this album (though there are only two so far I know)
lara jouli mosta 6 month ago
I try to fi d the woords but they hide and that's t e truth~~~
MrLarrend 1 year ago
The beat is just so good!
Rajat Thakur 2 years ago
More like Justin Timberwood
lara jouli mosta 7 month ago
His the only who i do mike to his video😂💝💝💝💝
Shel Woff 11 month ago
This reminds me of like a early to mid 2000's song
Lappen TV 1 year ago
0:56 George out of the Jungle 😂
Jose N. 5 month ago
Joe budded has brought me here lmao ..
carolinabridge 2 years ago
Just gonna throw this out there. This album is named after his Son. Who is a toddler. He has already said many times his son listens to his music and was an inspiration for “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. So I’m guessing. This music and video are probably for his son and it has to be appropriate for his age. So the fact his mom and dad are both in the video prob helps. So stop trashing JT. He is 37 and a family man now. So the days of *NSYNC and Justified are over. And he is gonna write songs that he likes from time to time for other purposes besides what we think. 👌🏻
VicckyElizabeth 1 year ago
They’re so cute. Loved watching them together!!
shawn and dominic hedden 3 month ago
Love it I'm new to his stuff any other songs like this
Suzana Gentil 1 year ago
Justin e Jéssica beautuful couple #justbiel
Kimbee 5 month ago
I ADORE your playful, whimsical nature Justin, it matches the magic and dance in my heart :) I look forward to the day when I meet a partner to share life with who sees life in this magical way too :)
Alice Alice 8 month ago
this is the man that sang Sexy Back. its weird to think about it xd i am happy for him but i want also the old JT :D
Allan Jurkowski 9 month ago
He's still young than he was ! He's so pretty ^^
Kaelyn Washam 1 year ago
3:00 had me dead for a sec😂😂 Thanks for coming back with the hits Justin ❤
yardieee K-slay 1 year ago
Justin Timberlake u need to come to the Caribbean,u have alot of fan's here
Darrel Be 2 years ago
Unique sound on this record here. Glad the title track is awesome. Timberlake's evolution has been interesting to watch in real time
alwaysasmilingface 5 month ago
Omg this is awful JBP phuck u guys for having me come over here. So glad i ignored this album. Knew it wasnt for me. Dreadful
Brooke Starr 5 month ago
2:32 ...the way he looks at her. ❤️
Goofy Flan 5 month ago
(LoOks around) Psst. Don't tell anybody BUT....It's almost 2020 and I LOVE the bridge of this song. 02:20
Josh Stephenson 5 month ago
This is just Barney Stinson running a play in Tennessee
Annisa Febriyanti 2 years ago
-no sex -no nudity -plain nature Cause his wife is there
rocknroller1986 7 month ago
Jessica and Justin are adorable together!
James Olschlager 6 month ago
The short haired chic at 3:21 is cute!! Love this song!!
Shalom Heppner 2 years ago
I love this song!! *my roommate: “he’s still alive?”*
Mark Sims 1 year ago
she's a good lookin woman.... other than that ...eh
atkris 2 years ago
Every new video he puts out is like a new black mirror episode
GARY Paul Simon SHAW 1 year ago
I would love to see Justin Timberlake do a special "Songs of Michael Jackson" concert and available on DVD ... Would be a huge seller ... Ten percent of the gross please (-:
Darojat 5 month ago
Justified: He was a bad boy FutureSex/LoveSound: He was a cool guy 20/20 Experience: He was a gentle man Man of The Wood: He's a good father & good husband
Lindsey Gatlin 5 month ago
The one in the black at the end seems the most "Justin" of all these guys. :)
Latoya K. 2 years ago
I love this song and the music video is cute!
MrAnimator 2 years ago
Ppl absolutely love it when artists show sex money drugs political messages, but can't appreciate when they make fun music just to appreciate life itself. Smh at this society. JT you're the man.
Glen Cook 3 month ago
Boogie with wife in the wood. He know what up😂 boogie in the wood with man in pride.
Brittney Airgood 1 year ago
he literally is man of the woods, cause all i keep thinkin' about his last name is country, outdoorsy, timber trees by a lake lmao 🤦 yes, i know lmao
EcksRichEcks 1 year ago
Imagine being like "Yeah, that's my wife"
Martin Smith 5 month ago
Genius and soulful song!And creative! Thank you, Pharell!
Neyran Bilge 2 years ago
Go back to the woods and don’t ever come back