A Robot That Picks Tomatoes Out of Your Salad

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Pretend I'm not completely losing my mind and look at this robot I built. Tomatoes are yucky, cruel jokes played by god on humanity, it picks tomatoes out of salad with a big metal spike.

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burbank - sorry i like you
S U B W A Y S - アイスクリーム
elijah who - i'm tired of feeling this way
despapeepee sr. 1 year ago
me: has a sunburn big metal piston spike: b i g t o m a t o
Fireballme 5 month ago
Michael isn't dumb, he's just smart in the worst way possible.
NightXslash 32 5 month ago
The most stupid part of this is that he expects us to believe he eats salad
Veaguefam4 Your Mom 5 month ago
Make a TV that gets louder every time somone talks during the movie
MythicDEX 4 month ago
This guy has the power to make military weapons and the fact that he is doing this, is the funniest shit ever
Kjca 7 month ago
*“It smells like carbon monoxide”* That house is full of the dumbest smart people on earth.
Your local FBI agent 5 month ago
This guy shouldn’t be allowed to even buy a big ass metal piston spike
Colby Fletcher 5 month ago
Yeah, well, some people don't like vaccinating their kids. -Michael Reeves
bigman9490 4 month ago
Someone said it well elsewhere: "Michael is proof that mad scientist still exists as a job."
Griffin Tarampi 5 month ago
"I'm the Elon Musk of bad ideas, if he were 3ft tall and dumb." Well, Musk is half way there.
DColacchio 10 month ago
If it stabbed u it would detect the red blood AND KEEP STABBING
Cephalon Equinox 4 month ago
Wait until he makes a laser cutter that just vaporises tomatoes
TH3 D4NK3ST 4 month ago
It’s like if Deadpool, Peter Parker, and The Godfather was one person, it would look like Micheal Reeves
Son Akamoto 5 month ago
“Alcoholism but less productive” This is why I love you Michael
Blue Cobalt 5 month ago
He coulda just said "Hi, can I get a salad with no tomatoes?"
Cactus Jack 3 month ago
Literally no one: Not a single soul: Michael Reeves and Elon Musk: *laughs at their creations causing mass destruction*
Kole Nowacki 4 month ago
The funny part is....I love tomatoes but... My parents legitimately didn’t vaccinate me
Rexxxy 5 month ago
Sees Francis of the filth "I see you are a man of culture"
falloutnut0907 3 month ago
not liking tomatos = not liking people that don't vaccinate kids yes those are equal also the enemies used tomatos as land mine like BOOM
And Bordi 11 month ago
Elon: **sees dead deer** HAHAHAHA Michael: **sees a metal spike stab an apple** HAHAHAHA yup, the same person
COUGH 5 month ago
Micheal: ima get you some cereal Me:ok Micheal: PUTS MILK IN FIRST Me: Why
MikePlayzRoblox 4 month ago
Michael: I hate when they put tomatoes on salad Me: how about you just ask them for no tomatoes? Reality: shatters
Orange Juice 3 month ago
Michael: has the ability to make powerful military weapons Also Michael: *makes tomato remover*
Slippy Dippy 5 month ago
I love it when he’s scared of his invention, that’s how you know it’s a success
Eric 8 1 year ago
He should make a table that moves to stub your toe
Lepwkan 4 month ago
anyone come back to this vid after he yelled at Lily for liking tomatoes
itimelord 4 month ago
I don’t know what’s more disturbing...his genocidal hate towards tomatoes or the fact that he casually reads out loud.
ΣTHΔN 3 month ago
Nobody: Micheal: Big metal piston spike! Hehe! Bing Bang BOOM!
PandaYoyo31 5 month ago
I like how his screen is literally their house on fire
THE FARQUAAD STAR SQUAD!!!!! 9 month ago
People who hate other vegetables: I dont know, they're just not for me People who hate tomatoes:
Franke 5 month ago
He technically just made an AI Claw machine with tomatoes and a big spike. And its fucking amazing.
monkey king 5 month ago
He read francis of the filth while he was wearing a Joji hoodie... Nice
MacKay Motorsport 3 month ago
Spends probably 5 hundred dollars on pats for this. Even though we have something free called hands 👌🤚
Felyx 5 month ago
Make a machine that cheers u up when ur having mental breakdown
Patrick Demko 1 year ago
You know what could really improve the world? A robot that uses voice recognition and predictive text to constantly interrupt you and try to finish your sentences
Izzy Works 5 month ago
"Tomato Detection Software" best quote of the decade
Toni Macaroni 3 month ago
This man is the Elon that laughed at the dead animal
Elijah Shin 4 month ago
This man is a 13 year old nerd that is picky and sad in life and will stay that way... I love it
Aaron Tamayo 3 month ago
When the spike stabbed the tomato it gets tomato juices on it the goes back into the salad which returned the tomato juice into the salad
Naj Rekceah 6 month ago
This guys genocidal hate on tomatos really got me hooked
CLASSICK 5 month ago
Make it say “genocide complete” after it picks all the tomatoes out
anthony62490 4 month ago
6:18 William's snack napkin is the cutest thing I've seen all day.
Konstantinos Alexiou 3 month ago
This would be a very effective torture machine. You tie someones hand on it, pinch it just a little bit with a tiny pin and let the robot do its magic. Damn... i am a sick person
King playz 4 month ago
Oh you're half Filipino? So that explains why you swear so much
toastii 1 year ago
oh my finger is bleeding computer: thats a small tomato
Jubilee X 4 month ago
Lol was just watching Lily’s live stream and they were talking bout sandwiches with or without tomatoes
Chief Quabble 3 month ago
The worst part of this video is that he put the milk in before the “cereal”
Just a Random mimikyu 4 month ago
You should remake this machine, but instead of having a big metal piston spike it has a plastic straw and instead of and stabbing tomatoes it stabs the nostrils of sea turtles.
Anonymien 4 month ago
when michael reeves was a pokemon he would evolve to rick
CaRloS 10 month ago
Poor roommates they constantly hear a little man in the attic ranting about his inventions
B4th W4t3r 5 month ago
Some year later i programmed a machine that removes the vegetables in my salad
Eamonn McNulty 3 month ago
He has so much chaotic evil energy and I love it
Nameless 5 month ago
Me: gets stabbed Big metal piston spike: *KEEPS FRICKING STABBING MY FRICKING HAND*
gh_3_2 4 month ago
"No, what I did was replace my entire bloodstream with monster and redbull and created a robot in a unconscious high resulting from my inability to sleep." Is what he meant.
My mom says I'm ugly 6 month ago
Michael reeves sounds like hes always out of context and thats scary
Jack Brust 5 month ago
this was in my recommended and immediately i was like "this is the video for me"
Chassan Zin 3 month ago
Damn imagine someone would play the knife game with it lol
Wackybb 5 month ago
I bet he asked the Costco Lady for extra tomatoes lmao
Big32Productions 5 month ago
I got way too hype when i saw he had the Francis of the filth book.
• Ro • 7 month ago
“If Elon musk was a 3 foot tall Filipino”
Krisha Millare 4 month ago
the only thing that courses through Michael's veins is pure sugar and carbonated drinks
Garrett Swartzfager 4 month ago
"Ah oop times ups you missed it oops, sowwie" - moonlight butterfly with 1 health left after it goes back up
Chimichamigo 3 month ago
4:22 I thot that was the table making the noise lmao
Feroze Khan 5 month ago
You pour your milk....BEFORE THE CEREAL!?!?.!!?!?!
Wackybb 5 month ago
*"And PLUCK them out with the might of ZEUS"* ~Michael Reeves 2019
Hoppy120 4 month ago
I think we can all be sure that Michael won’t be affected by COPPA
Doctor Pobreza HD 4 month ago
friend, that detects the red, imagine that if you make an improved version that can walk and stab with a more powerful spike, it would literally be a bloody machine due to the red it would detect in the blood.
Glitchard 5 month ago
6:10 the fact that he put the milk before the cereal makes me more mad then the amount of times he said f you in every video he has ever made
Gibby 8 month ago
“Hey, can I get a salad with no tomatoes?” “ Sure, just give me a sec. *pulls out completely portable metal spike machine* ”
Moth Man 4 month ago
michael without tomatoes in your salad thats just lettuce
KodiacPlayz 5 month ago
So this is where that meme came from
Kaden Renz 5 month ago
I love how you used a remix of magic ways in the background
Red Knife ._. 3 month ago
Somebody make a remix oh William saying “OH MY GOD!!!....
Caleb Griffith 7 month ago
Carbon monoxide a invisible,odorless, and tasteless gas “It smells like carbon monoxide up here” -William Osman
Neverending Ong 5 month ago
imagine wearing a red glove with that machine.
Zirkh 5 month ago
I cant believe it took me this long to notice the joji hoodie he wore while waiting for the salad to be cleaned
Memes Of the ree 3 month ago
11:38 the part that makes sence
Zane Meyer 5 month ago
I like how Michael is literally a downgrade back to being the entire world that thought tomatoes were poisonous
Darcy Hess 1 year ago
The way I code is I drink lots of monster and pass out for eight hours. It’s kinda like alcoholism, but less productive. -Michael Reeves 2019
tottalynotmagpie 4 month ago
you should make a machine that picks out the herbs in instant ramen
Carlos A. 3 month ago
0:50 I've seen this clip so many times in so many other videos, nice to finally see where it originated from
bertram spang 3 month ago
we sipped mønster at the same time!
Khai Quan-Nicholls 5 month ago
7:28 my favourite song of 2019
MasonMC 10 month ago
How can someone be so smart... But so stupid at the same time
Tata 4 month ago
I really, really, really love tomatoes I’ll eat them in any way possible, I even eat then like I would eat an apple, seeing so many baby tomatoes die in this video makes me hungry That doesn’t sound right
No Land 3 month ago
He puts the milk first. I'm unsubing.
thisisfine 5 month ago
"this could have some military application..." -Michael's FBI Agent
Spaghetti boi 3 month ago
I've never seen someone so passionately angry about tomatoes.
OldHarbor 1 year ago
A roomba that follows people and tells them to shut up
Jif 5 month ago
“Well have flying cars in 2019.” Breaking News: tamato spiker kills youtuber
Imanol Productions 3 month ago
0:50 Here's what you were looking for And I was refering to the meme, so give me my like
Copycat 3 month ago
I realized that I can break his machine with a red sticker
Darien Vazquez 3 month ago
This man motivated me to apply to engineering school, and I actually got in. Time to make my own big ass metal piston spike machine.
who dat boy? 1 year ago
Elon, give this crazy Filipino boy a job.
Miscolored Hub 3 month ago
0:55 bruh I’m younger than you yet 2 feet taller if thats true lol
ItsYeBoisch X 3 month ago
Michael sees one tomato Also Michael: get me my super nuclear auto extreme tomato extracter
Griffin Jacobs 3 month ago
He should’ve had it so after it picked up a tomato it fired again off of the tray to get rid of the picked up tomato
Brock Klipsch 4 month ago
“Tomato detection software”
Blair 1 year ago
*machine hits hand* *bleeds* *machine hits red blob of blood*
Thomas Hadji 3 month ago
3:25 does no one notice the title?