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THIS IS L&S 5 month ago
Steffie Lalchan 5 month ago
Im loving Shyla's aura after having the baby. She's more happy, funny, smiling a lot and less attitude. 😅❤️
Dash Doll 5 month ago
I swear everybody just popping our babies like it’s nothing.
Arieanna Marie 5 month ago
Some of y’all just can’t accept the fact that some people want their children super close in age so they grow up close
Jennifer Diaz 5 month ago
“The soul of L&S” would be cute!
Mk 5 month ago
The newborn stage is the easiest, wait until she starts teething & moving around.. that’s a whole different ballgame 🤣
ebony Mainzz 5 month ago
Soul is so cute I think she’s going to look like shyla
Army Blink 5 month ago
Shyla: ..100% she’s gonna scream Soul: screams*
Crystal Lesinski 5 month ago
The only thing I don't like is how rude he always is or annoyed he sounds when you call him or ask a favor lol. Men lol
Felicia Jenesis 5 month ago
shyla is the prettiest woman i’ve ever seen, just her body shape, her face, her personality... everything just matches so good and she’s just perfect.
Jujubee 5 month ago
Can you imagine how exhausted their parents are?! It’s like a baby shower every month.
Chelsea D 5 month ago
something about ur facial expressions/mannerisms here reminds me of kylie jenner lol
Monsie Luna 5 month ago
It takes 2 years for your body to fully recover from a c-section, you should heal & just focus on your babygirl for now
Milan Hood 5 month ago
every person who’s apart of the mcbroom family “i want my kids close in age”
Aimee Ayala 5 month ago
Damn landons been hella rude w u lately 🙄 first... “wHaT” when he answered ur the last time and now he just hung up on u. That’s really ducked up.
sarina zaragoza 5 month ago
Your body isn’t fully healed until a year after giving birth , and having a C section probably even more . Definitely don’t rush it and enjoy your time with soul !
Rashae Jackson 5 month ago
“you better be serious because tonight it’s going down.” *~Landon 2020*
Mariaaa DeLaRosa 5 month ago
I think “The Mcbroom’s journey” or like “Our journey” would be nice
Jackie H 5 month ago
It should be like “L&S FAMILY” = you guys as family + us “followers” also ur family. We all are “L&S FAMILY” ❤️
Princesa Mimi 5 month ago
Ok so now that Austin is having another baby now you guys want one. It’s a cycle
Yuliana Marquez 5 month ago
why is it that Landon is so rude sometimes? When he hangs up without saying bye ?
Merf Luv 5 month ago
Wait till she’s a toddler then your gonna say F*** NO
Andreya WP 5 month ago
I had my daughter just 10 days after she had Soul and I can’t believe she wants another so soon! Newborns are so much work.
Ashyell Gentle 5 month ago
Pls do “The Soul of L&S”😩💗
CiaFamBam 5 month ago
Shyla: “so we’re just gonna tell him that weeee” Soul: *screams* Hahahaha cx she’s probably like “no momma, not right now” ☺️♥️
Charly Kay 5 month ago
“Landon and the girls” or “Landon and shyla’s family”😊😊
Perla Cabrera 5 month ago
When I look at Landon's mouth I just keep wondering if his breath stinks lol
wtaahine 5 month ago
Chizzy MSP 5 month ago
CHANNEL NAME IDEAS: Our Story Life and Soul ( it has l and s in it as well as baby souls name ) Our Journey With Us We are the McBrooms
Oks 5 month ago
I guess rich people don't care about their waste and that the world literally is bleeding, get a Brita and some glassware.
Monique Castillo 5 month ago
Let me tell you ... newborn stage is the easiest 🤦🏽‍♀️
CiaFamBam 5 month ago
Omg Shyla saying “act natural” & not knowing how to act is totally me 😂😂😂♥️
Falak Naz 5 month ago
The channel should be called “Soul L&S”🥰😍♥️
Mayanesse 5 month ago
"L&S family" would be cute!
talia guerrero 5 month ago
I love how they haven’t changed, like with a baby they stay true to who they are and their channel. Loving these playful pranks 😂❤️
Unknown 5 month ago
Someone is dying to have a boy.
Deborah Russell 5 month ago
She is so adorable, she has Shyla's eyes and she looks like Landon.
Madyson Adamov 5 month ago
Lol when he answered the phone this time he said 'yes' instead of 'what' hahahaha he learning slowly😂😂😂
Maria Eduarda De Oliveira 5 month ago
Please don’t change the intro song!! We’ve known it as the “L&S intro” for so long and we don’t want that tradition to change!!
Coffee With Abby 5 month ago
You should leave it as L&S. that’s literally what I put when I search y’all And Soul starts with the S so it makes sense
Nancy Ochoa 5 month ago
Omg she is her daddy’s twin 😇
alondra martinez 5 month ago
“Life with the MCbrooms” Or “Life with the L&S”
Adriana Calderon 5 month ago
I didn’t come up with this but I saw a few comments and thought it was super cute for the new name !! “The Soul of L&S”
DamoAshlynVlogs 5 month ago
12:10 “10 months old, you’ll sleep thru the night” 😂😂 Girl you’re in for a rude awakening! Not all babies sleep thru the night at 10 months old. Hopefully that was part of the joke/convincing.
Ashleigh Mesko 5 month ago
Shyla's smile tells everything! She truly loves being a Mom! ♥️♥️
Valeria Cuero 5 month ago
I really like “The L&S Story”
Melody Caraballo 5 month ago
I love that he wants to make sure that your body is ready first but even more that he wants whatever you want. Y’all are so cute!! I think you guys should definitely change your intro and your name!!!
breana robair 5 month ago
Don’t change the intro song !!!! It fits you guys perfect :(
Timindy Pearson 5 month ago
The Mcbrooms 💪🏼 I’ve been seeing “the soul of L&S” but after the 2nd baby they would have to change it again. Yes I know Austin and Catherine are Mcbrooms as well but they have their name soooo why not?!?! I love you guys!!!
Mary 5 month ago
“Our L&S Journey” 🥰
Jordan Dior 5 month ago
When Landon said you better be ready because tonight it’s going down 😂 I feel like y’all should change the channel name to The McBrooms
Nat 5 month ago
Too soon !! Wait until she becomes toddler 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yesenia Ramirez 5 month ago
“Life with love and strength” still shows you guys as a couple but now as a family. Love and strength can be the love and strength your family has and will continue to have♥️
Emelyn Mercado 5 month ago
“The Soul of L&S”
Berkley keeling 5 month ago
This is the happiest I’ve seen Shyla thru this whole pregnancy you look amazing girl keep being an amazing mom
LifeWEms 5 month ago
Everyone says she looks like Shyla but I see more of Landon.. Anyone else agree?
Macie Mabe 5 month ago
"souLS family "
shelby munson 5 month ago
#Soul-- Starts with S ends in L and short for your daughters name
Sadereia Zeno 5 month ago
"Souly Based Family" but instead of it being spell like "solely" it would be her name
Selena Mattai 5 month ago
"Life of L&S" Or "Life of the McBrooms"
Serena Landry 5 month ago
Girrrrl the newborn stage is the easiest! Wait till their mobile then your in for it 😂❤️
Monique Lenzi 5 month ago
The LS UNITY (the “S” can stand for soul and Shyla) 🖤
Bea Landa 5 month ago
With all the respect but you can’t have another baby when you can’t hold a baby’s head properly 🙄
Michelle VanGuilder 4 month ago
First Soul is just perfect ..Second his face was priceless haha... I love that he is worried about you and your health first .. he is so sweet.
Socorro Aguilar 5 month ago
Ingrid Marie I agree “The Soul of L&S” LOVE IT!!!!
Denéetion 5 month ago
Shyla: we can never break up Landon: I... wasn't planning on it Get you a Landon! Hes so damn sweet 🖤😘
Jahniyah Jones 5 month ago
I think a good name is “ Landen and Shyla’s world ”
LuxLiz 5 month ago
you’ve changed so much since first getting pregnant. it makes me so happy watching you grow c:
Danielle Wilkinson 5 month ago
I fell pregnant when my daughter was 4 month, planned. With another girl. They're now 3 and 2.. It actually wasn't as hard as you think. It's the best decision we ever made. They are BEST FRIENDS. They bring sooo much joy
Molly Dominguez 5 month ago
NO!!! Don't change the intro song!!! Its my favorite! I like the sounds of this is us. Or this is L & S Family. This is the McBroom family.
Kayla Coliny 5 month ago
“The Soul Of L&S” “The Mcbrooms” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ If you use someone’s idea you should totally shout them out!!
Amy Heritage 5 month ago
"This is The L&S Fam" should be the new name 💖💯 love you guys so much!! Enjoy your time with baby Soul girl!! It gets harder as they get older! But also, definitely can't wait to see you pregnant with baby #2 ❤️
Kesli Zunie 5 month ago
"LS24" L and S of course, 2 to make a Heart with the S, 4 for the number of family members plus possible baby. And best of ALL THE #24 TO HONOR KOBE!!😍😍🥰🥰 thumbs up if you agree!!
Yatziri Ponce 5 month ago
Soul is the cutest! 😍 In regards to having another baby I’d wait, usually c sections don’t get cleared until 6-8 weeks PP. Trust me, it’s going to hurt the first time. It’s recommended to wait at least a year to prevent uterine rupture. Specially if you want to have a VBAC. At the end of the day I’d say talk to your dr and go from there 🙏🏼 P.S I had a c section as well.
Th Xan 5 month ago
I love it when shyla and soul kinda "dance " in front of the camera haha
Evy Flores 5 month ago
Landon looking like somebody father with that mustache
Anthea Jabel 5 month ago
i love how shyla plays with her daughter, thats real happiness out there 🥺❤️
Fernando Saenz 5 month ago
The soul of L&S! Would be really cute
Shannon Roberts 5 month ago
She's precious. I can't wait to have mine and my husband first baby boy. He will be born in a week and 4 days 😍💕
lani guerrero 5 month ago
shyla you are so beautiful so is your daughter ❣️ god blessed landon you’ve seemed sooo happy recently 🖤🖤
mia moni 5 month ago
Mama Mcbroom- Can we get through this baby first?? You calling people for help at 1am is not ok!!! 2020 😂
Livingblessed Kay 4 month ago
I think you should keep one thing the same. At least the song, so you will always be l&s deep down inside.
The G Family 5 month ago
Landon is literally the sweetest to Shyla! 💙
Mallika Shrestha 5 month ago
She's starting to look more and more like Landon and his dad ❤
Ivalu Clasen 5 month ago
Keeping up with the mcbrooms, The gang familiá, intro song “giddy up” 😛😂😋
Ana Lezama 5 month ago
“Tonight is going down” type of vibes 😩💓
Zaira Cruz 5 month ago
“Life with the McBrooms”
Monica Johnson 5 month ago
The end of the intro should end with the sunset cs there is always a happy ending but a new beginning (sunrise)
Gabby F 5 month ago
wait she’s being dramatic by yawning...y’all im lost🤣🤣🤣
Jay Boo 5 month ago
Shyla: 100% she going to scream Not even a second later Soul: AGHHHHH!!!!!
brookii lou 5 month ago
Souled army SLS fam Mickey fam. (From mcbroom) Soulfully love Dream , love , soul Dream team SSL team Those are som of my thoughts on the new name
Rashae Jackson 5 month ago
Shyla’s so happy when Soul’s in her arms, i love it🥺❤️
Glory7433 5 month ago
My thoughts: Love, Support & Soul (LSS) and have Austin sing the intro lol. Hmmm
Brianna Douglas 5 month ago
“Livin’ with Soul”
x0 queenvee 5 month ago
Shyla hella fits the "MOM" role! You can hella tell she enjoys every second of being a mom. Her smile is outta this world! 💕 #lsGang
New Orleans kids for life Brownkids2018 5 month ago
When I had my first child I waited about 3 weeks to get pregnant
Jassetta Rios 5 month ago
“Tonight is going down” 😂😂😂
jaz gar 5 month ago
Shyla you look soooo happy 😃 do what will make this smile grow. I love seeing this mommy glow on you 💘💘😍😍💘😍
Zaira Maldonado 5 month ago
Honestly Shyla do what your heart feels❤️ i had a C-Section with my first born and my son was only a month old when i got pregnant again! The only thing is that you will have to have another C-Section but honestly just 10 months apart is the best so close in age and they are so close to eachother 💙 but whatever your heart tells you go with it i support you!❤️❤️😘
Yamilet SV 5 month ago
It’s up to you, your body, your family and your decisions. However, Soul is just one month old and if it’s hard right now imagine taking care of her pregnant. (with all that this entails)