It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

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Great Scott! Things get heavy during Episode Two of “Reunited Apart” as Josh is joined by the creative geniuses behind the Back to the Future trilogy. Make like a tree and leave your YouTube page subscribed to our channel!

Directed by James Merryman
Produced by James Merryman and Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell

"Reunited Apart" Theme Song by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel
Sung by Kate Anderson

Opening Credits by Ryan Kravetz

Christopher Lloyd
Michael J. Fox
and Special Guests!

Clips provided by Universal Pictures


Back To The Future Theme
Composed by Alan Silvestri
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Power of Love
Performed by The Cast of Back To The Future: The Musical
Courtesy of Colin Ingram Ltd.

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Bill Morris 25 days ago
Lea Thompson must be a time traveler. She has timeless beauty.
GG GG 25 days ago
Need a reunion for the following: 1. The Breakfast Club 2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 3. Beetlejuice 4. The Lost Boys 5. Innerspace 6. Top Gun
Phil Haynes 25 days ago
This is great; Christopher Lloyd is easily in my top 10 favourite humans.
JustNess78 25 days ago
There had to have been something really important that kept Tom "Biff" Wilson away from this because he's a big BTTF supporter. He's at all of the conventions, is still very good friends with the entire cast and loves talking about the movie. He's also a youtuber. I'm subscribed to his channel and I talk to him every now and then on Instagram. He's great on social media. I hope he's ok because now I'm worried. He would've been a much added spark to this awesome reunion :)
gerardnc 25 days ago
If Josh would have looked out his window, he would have found Crispin Glover laying on a branch, looking in his window.
DM00SE 25 days ago
The best three films that have graced this world.
Woodyoncp 25 days ago
This is amazing. The gang’s all here. I wish Tom Wilson and James Tolkan could’ve made it. Maybe Billy Zane and the gang. Too bad things didn’t work out with Crispin Glover. Either way, this was amazing.
Cam Jo 24 days ago
I told my girlfriend the Back to the Future cast had a reunion on YouTube. She said, "What's Back to the Future". She's my ex now.
will 25 days ago
When Josh finished his density quote I was hoping Thomas F. Wilson would join and say “Hey McFly”
InvaderPet 25 days ago
Christopher Lloyd: "I loved you in Jumanji!" Josh Gad: "..... That wasn't me."
Serevarno 25 days ago
Michael looks like he’s doing better. That makes me really freaking happy. Lea Thompson is still a stone cold fox too. :D
figracula1 25 days ago
I really wanted to hear Huey Lewis say "You're just too darn loud" one more time.
halffulltome 25 days ago
This was awesome but Tom Wilson was a glaring omission. The trilogy wouldn’t be nearly the classic it was without Tom as Biff.
JediOfGotham 25 days ago
It's crazy how good they all look after all this time
Joe Garrity 25 days ago
I was lucky to see Back to the Future on opening night in Springfield, VA, having no idea what it was about--just went with a buddy who picked me up in his beat up, silver RX7. We saw the 10PM showing, and were blown away! After the movie, we go out to the mall parking lot, and see his silver car sitting all alone...The excitement got the best of me, and I ran to the car, and slid across the front, just like Marty--and put a HUGE dent in his hood! Far from being mad, he and I spent the next half-hour trying to get to 88 in the parking lot! :)
InvaderPet 25 days ago
Michael: "1955?!!..... I scared my dog." Poor dog.
Don Bellville 25 days ago
Two things, Elisabeth Shue is still a dream and so sad not to see Crispin and Tom.
Fabrizio Nicoli, MBA 25 days ago
I'm sure that I speak for all the fan: THANK YOU JOSH. you've just given us an incredible present. Fabrizio, Dubai.
Monarchist 25 days ago
This was fantastic, I'm on the verge of crying right now
Melissa Cameron 25 days ago
This series, is making *this* kid of the 80's, very happy. Everyone looks the script reads! Thanks much to Josh Gad & the casts of our favorite movie experiences.
Jonah Disky 25 days ago
everyone's asking wheres Biff but no one asked hows Biff and yes I know I'm not original
Adam LeBlanc 25 days ago
ryu_xtrme 25 days ago
How the hell am I just now finding out that Michael J Fox played his future daughter....!? 🤯🤯
Jason Todd 25 days ago
Seeing Micheal J. Fox reading lines makes me realize how much of my childhood he’s taken up and how badly I miss him on screen.
Jay Dub 25 days ago
"Reunited Apart" has been the best part of this quarantine!! Great job Josh!!! Amazing idea please keep it up!
Samantha Kelly 25 days ago
My dad showed me all three movies last weekend, it was my first time seeing them!
xDirtyHarry1971 25 days ago
“What are you looking at butthead” No Biff 😕
Jack Jackson 24 days ago
Could also do a sitcom Reunited Apart. Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends.
Jimmy 25 days ago
I've been watching these movies for the past 25 years and I've never realized that it's Michael that plays Marty's daughter. I feel real dumb now 😄
themanstrikesagain 25 days ago
Josh Gad represents all of us. The way he reacts is the way we would all react.
Hank Valencia 25 days ago
If Crispin wasn’t there, Josh’s George McFly impression was spot on!!
Squiggles 25 days ago
I need a breakfast club and stand by me reunion now! Get on it Josh! 😂
Chris Matson 25 days ago
Whoes cutting onions in here. This is amazing.
Maria Salomon 25 days ago
Please, a "Reality Bites" reunion: Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Renée Zellweger, Steve Zahn, David Spade,...
Marjorie Earl Dean 25 days ago
Christopher still giving me goosebumps with his online performance.
Sorcha2477 25 days ago
This and the Goonies, awesome. I would love to see reunions with the cast of : The NeverEnding Story (first movie, personally did not like the sequels) Willow Labyrinth E.T. Alien
The Vlogger Dude 25 days ago
Things I need after quarantine: a ticket to go see back to the future on broadway
Tommy Mac 25 days ago
It's kinda mind blowing that the girl I had a crush on in 1985 is an even more stunningly beautiful woman in 2020 and I'm crushing even harder. Lea , I love you. You are my density.
F. Kusuma 24 days ago
Josh Gad: and now everybody here's the original Marty McFly, ERIC STOLTZ!!! - Awkard silence -
Emman Amedzi 24 days ago
Tell my why this comes when I’m literally watching back to the future on Netflix right know? The government is watching 😂
boogie7778 25 days ago
Seriously this was great, actually brought a tear to my eye as this series is still 1 of my all time favorites! My wife can't stand that I'll watch them all the time.. Thank you so much
Robbie Strike 25 days ago
What ever you do, never set the time machine to 2020!
John Smith 24 days ago
I got a little crush on Lea Thompson every time I've seen the Back To The Future movies over the years. And she's as beautiful as ever. She barely changed. Sorry, don't want to sound creepy.
heyguyslol GAMING 24 days ago
Lea Thompson is still smoke'n HOT, damn...
Julie S. 25 days ago
"It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE" iDKHOW: Am I a joke to you?
Simply Tom 25 days ago
Iconic. Even to this very day, this movie is timeless.
Violet Rain 25 days ago
I seriously cried happy tears watching this. So satisfyingly good.
Sacred Sun 25 days ago
Whenever I see videos like this it makes me miss my childhood.
20sentryboy 25 days ago
I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched the back to the future trilogy. If I watch the first I have to watch the other two after it, I just can’t help myself, it’s the best trilogy ever committed to film and will be for a long long time, Indiana Jones is a close second then star wars eps 4-6. I’ve def watched back to the future trilogy more than any other films.
Mark Bartoszek 25 days ago
Loved this reunion except for two parts: no Thomas Wilson, and what the hell was that hack JJ Abrams doing in this?! They should've gotten Steven Spielberg.
Maya Majumdar 25 days ago
My friends just told me she never watched back to the future. I then informed her that we are no longer friends 😅
jedijones 25 days ago
Post your idea for Back to the Future 4 here. Mine: I absolutely think you need to take a millennial back to the 1980s. Just as there was culture shock going from 1985 to 1955, we could see the same thing going back 30 years from now. Just as the 1950s was seen as an idealized slice of Americana by people in the 1980s, that is exactly how the 1980s are viewed now. All those nostalgia buttons would be pushed from a completely different perspective. So I think in part 4 we learn that Doc has become a real time travel wizard and has zipped through time for his whole life fixing different problems with history and with the timeline. It is definitely possible that he's begun to lose his mind though. He may have come dangerously close to messing up the timeline by his own human errors and decides he needs to retire it for good. Marty has largely led his own life but has encountered Doc on occasion. Neither one has let the secret of time travel out to the public and Marty has also kept it secret from everyone in his family. But his kids, son and daughter, have begun to pick up clues and have a chance to spy on a conversation between Doc and Marty. They find out Doc is going to destroy the last time machine and decide they need to try it for themselves to find out if it's really real before that happens. They aren't quite sure how to work it but Doc had it programmed for one potential mission back to 1985 and those are the coordinates they go to. The son is kind of a nerdy type and the daughter is a popular girl. They get very excited and interested in the abilities of the machine and try making small changes, then looking at the daughter's library of cell phone pictures to see how things change in the photos. But they eventually mess with the timeline so much that they begin to see real damage being done. Suddenly they encounter their future selves who have become villains. They are escaped criminals who've made a one-time time jump to come back to this point in 1985 where they know they can steal a fully functional time machine from their younger selves. And in the end Marty and Doc have to come into the picture to help clean up the mess.
Diana Mitchell 25 days ago
The BttF theme never fails to give me goosebumps. Every. Time. Donated - thank you for doing these amazing reunions!
Sarah Freer 25 days ago
No Biff?! Other then that this made me so happy. I adore these movies so so much!
Becca Rind 25 days ago
Literally Doc saying where we’re going we don’t need roads has been in my head allllll day!!
DAMIEN MILLS 24 days ago
Gal Gadot: "Imagine" would be so much more fun if each person sang a line Josh Gad: Naw, Gal, hold my Huey Lewis.
Lyndsey Bartell-Tamayo 25 days ago
This was the absolute best way to start my day! I just watched the first back to the future on Friday to get ready! One of my all time favs and I was born in 1985! Thank you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Andrea Stringfellow 25 days ago
The musical is amazing, saw it just before lockdown.
Knorkooli 25 days ago
Back to the Future was the first movie I got to see in a Movie Theater and it was a very belated birthday gift from my dad (yes, we were poor). I was 6 years old and it was AMAZING!!!!!!
R. H. 25 days ago
22:00 Probably just sounds like the Ghost Busters future reboot, and a million movies like it, but this is how I would wrap up the whole franchise with a bow, there might be logic errors here but this is the idea that came to me at the spur of the moment: Doc travels into the future with his 'train' time machine and figures out a 3rd or 4th generation descendant of Marty's manages to create their own time circuit, apparently having discovered some documents about the flux-capacitor and designed their own variant, maybe a completely custom ride or something that pays homage to the past. Or maybe they figure out how to create a power source in the future that allows them to integrate the circuit into a suit? Doc can't see any negative outcome from it, literally, because they are on their own time line when using the time machine in the future, so he's naturally paranoid of there being a negative rebound from the future, but can't go after their descendant directly, so they have to find their time-trail, much like they did with Biff when he stole the time machine, but this time it's an active pursuit through time, witnessing the trail of change left behind from their future descendant, and trying to reconcile whether the negativity they see is just social circumstance or somehow effected by the time warp they are creating. After Doc pursues them for a while, the time traveler realizes they're being followed, but they don't know by who, so they jump time lines again (drastically effect the future somehow) but it's in a slight panic and they end up creating a negative event behind them that begins cascading. Doc is worried that the pursuit is damaging time now, and goes back to retrieve whatever time-traveling experienced family and crew he can get, to help figure out how the time circuit information gets forwarded in time, sleuthing their way through Marty's future life in details that become traumatizing to Marty, realizing he didn't want to become the 'fired' office worker he saw himself being in the future, so he decides to try to change his future. After realizing he's not smart enough to figure out the time circuit on his own, he ends up becoming so driven and frustrated that those personality traits lead him into being the boss of the same business he was employed at before, and this time he ends up firing Needles, who is just a janitor or something menial, but he turns out to be a kinda nice guy falling on hard times, and Marty makes it worse. It ends up leading to regret, where he wished he could go back and just be the 'simple' office worker again, and the team realizes they found the flaw without 'seeing it through', realizing he obviously leaves the information behind rather than destroying it, maybe dying of stress related illness or something that would make him lose control of the time-circuit information, or maybe he just stuffs it away somewhere and forgets about it. But then maybe Marty gets a glimmer of inspiration, not wanting to doubt his own bloodline and their judgement, and they decide to go back to the future to see each of his descendants birth and what they're doing as a young adult, and when they find the descendant that discovers the second-hand time circuit data (edit, maybe they just sit on the information and wait to see when it gets discovered), they decide to foster them rather than stop them from traveling, and maybe in the end even decide to continue their adventures all together, seeing what future their family has as time goes on, wrapping up all the past time lines into one big one that involves all of them, cleaning up their past messes completely, and allowed to move onto whatever future they want.
Andreuz 25 days ago
“great scott”🤣
MrPmc71 25 days ago
We need the hard hitting questions: To Elizabeth Shue...Q: Best leading man...Michael J. or Ralph Macchio? To Lea and Elizabeth...Q: Michael J. or Tom Cruise?
Make Time Now 25 days ago
this series is my new favorite series ever.
Benton King 25 days ago
When they sang the power of love I was kind of hoping Huey Lewis would end the song saying it was just too darn loud... That being said, I loved seeing all of them and it really brought me back to when they were all released.
CreeCache 25 days ago
Josh Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this !!! Honestly made my whole year of 2020. I was drooling the whole time 😂. I’m a fire fighter and have been in the hospital with my son before Covid and now after with all of his issues that don’t allow him to eat any food and have got failure. I want to thank all the firefighters and other first responders out there doing their part when I cannot. Much love ❤️ Also Still here in Canada Netflix has offered the back to the future trilogy and I’ve had the opportunity to watch it with my son and he loved it! Not like his old man Cache senior but haha 😆
Kate Anderson 25 days ago
Watched the Trilogy last week so this is amazing. I am old enough to have seen them all originally at the pictures way back. Had such a teenage crush on Michael. So glad he still looks so good ❤️
The Badboy Live 24 days ago
Josh, when you started doing Crispins part, I looked away from the screen before you did just to take the visual of you doing it out of my mind and truthfully, you sounded 99.9% exactly like him. Great job man. And thank you for everything you do.
MovieFreak78 24 days ago
this was amazing and to have everyone come together. they seemed to enjoy it and i laughed when Michael scared the dog. and who was the guy singing lead at the end. his voice is amazing
Casual Rhonin 24 days ago
I’m just gonna pretend that Huey Lewis said right at the end, “I’m afraid you’re all just too darn loud.”
Mike W 25 days ago
Elizabeth Shue is still just as beautiful as she was when I was a teen.
Sevenandrising 25 days ago
This cheered me up so much. This was my first time Hollywood Movie experience at the Cinema as a kid and it was so uplifting. And it still is right now. Thanks for bringing so many of the crearives involved together. It's what covid won't manage. It will not socially seperate us. It will bring real people in many ways together. THAT's the Power of Love.
Kirsty Campbell 25 days ago
One of my favourite trilogies! Still have the posters on my bedroom door! Hope no one ever remakes these movies, they are perfect as they are!
Michael Oliver 24 days ago
Lea Thompson and Elizabeth Shue are still as beautiful as ever.. amazing.. Josh, you gotta keep these going!!!! Back To The Future is the greatest of all time and putting this together was wonderful. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and contacting these talented folks for this meeting!!! I watched the Goonies too and it was so fun!!! Keep doing them!!
Raistlin Majere 25 days ago
this made me smile for a straight 27 minuets straight
Abhijeet Upponi 25 days ago
The most fun 27 minutes I've had in a long time! What a nostalgia trip!
Robert Rowton 24 days ago
Huge thank you to Josh and everyone who got the cast of back to the future together for the video it was so great.. Just missed Thomas Wilson
1 Subscriber Before 2021 24 days ago
Need a reunion for the following: 1. The Breakfast Club 2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 3. Beetlejuice 4. The Lost Boys 5. Innerspace 6. Top Gun
rusher1977 25 days ago
Need a reunion for the following: 1. The Breakfast Club 2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 3. Beetlejuice 4. The Lost Boys 5. Innerspace 6. Top Gun
Jared Danley 24 days ago
I told my son they had a Back to the Future reunion in YouTube He said “What’s back to the future?” Safe to say he’s not my son anymore
Kitsunuki Inari 25 days ago
Just had my nephews watch it for the 1st time last night! They loved it! They were suprised how good it was for an "old movie". It put a smile on my face.
Al Cutillo 25 days ago
This just made me so happy this is my favorite movie franchise of all time, nothing will ever come close.
sh3phard 25 days ago
That was just AMAZING! Just the perfect video we all needed! So sad Thomas F. Wilson wasn't there though! I would have watched this reunion for muuuuch longer! <3 Thanks for organizing this incredible reunion!
UCF Mum 24 days ago
That was fun, I was looking forward to seeing Biff “Tom Wilson”. After all he was the whole reason there was a second movie. Where was Tom Wilson? Thank you for sharing 👍👍 Stay safe healthy and happy 👍
MOOSELIGHTNING !! 25 days ago
Red dawn!! Asap. I wish he had this show when all star wars were still alive.
Jimmy Greer 25 days ago
For me this show is nailing it with 80's comedy reunions. Nailed 2 of my Top 3. To go 3 for 3 the next one MUST be Ghostbusters. 1) Ghostbusters 2) Back to the Future 3) Goonies then 4) Three Amigos 5) Beverly HIlls Cop
kumagcow 24 days ago
When you thought it was just marty and doc in this interview, but everyone came into the conference, maygad
dumpsteRat 25 days ago
"Doc you made a Time Machine again, but a 92 Honda Civic!?" "The way I see ut Marty I am getting old I needed a cheap car, I thought what the hell"
Diana Stamatis Dalton 25 days ago
I absolutely fangirled out on this!! Saw them in theaters when I was a teen. Now 52 and still LOVE watching them. Thank you so much for doing these Josh! Can't wait for the next one!! Subscribed, notified and sharing!
Johanna Cervantes 24 days ago
This is all I’ve ever wanted in my 17 years of being on this earth. This is literally the best thing ever
Dave Ramo 25 days ago
In trying to come up reunited apart ideas for other 80s movies, it's made me realize how important Patrick Swayze was to the 80s.
Brandon Croker 25 days ago
My favorite film and film series of all time. Great Scott, this was an amazing reunion.
WLG WLG 25 days ago
Oh man what an impossibly amazing follow up to the Goonies! I'm personally very grateful for this. I saw back to the future in the theater when I was kid. The movies thereafter have been as much of a staple of my childhood as the greats (imho) Ghostbusters, Goonies, Howard the duck, ninja turtles, bloodsport, etc Inclosing Rick and Morty would have never been, if not for back to the future. Maybe, it would have bubbled up as something different but I doubt it would have ever been as good or as relevant unless influenced by back to the future. Again, in closing; Lea Thompson is still mad hot. Like, damn. Meow. Also, Lea Thompson was too sexy hot in Howard the Duck. (I dare you to deny that) I would be absolutely gobsmacked if I met her!😀😍🥰 (Happily married guy here but, all the same I would "fanboy" at her if i saw her in person. Geez 😀
Katie Sluis 25 days ago
Omg first Goonies and now Back to the future. My 9 yr. old loved this too, he recently just watched the trilogy. Because you're never too young for Doc and Marty
legenddean1969 25 days ago
The Cocaine Cookies scene from taxi is EPIC.. All time funniest scene for me.
Mito Mr. Twice as Nice 25 days ago
my my, when they go over the lines again, and MJFox- 1955!!!! lol. classic.
KimAckerman 21 24 days ago
This is amazing to watch!! I've been watching the trilogy all week and honestly seeing them all together makes me so happy. Christopher Lloyd still cheery as ever despite his age and Michael always bringing a smile on our faces.
B. E. 24 days ago
It makes me so god damn happy to see everyone who was a part of these movies to still be alive & willing to get together & make a video like this! Just watch all three movies last week & I will continue to watch tell I'm old.
Christopher Sawyer 24 days ago
This show is the one good thing to come out of COVID
Scott 25 days ago
“Great Scott!” cue the tingly feeling lol smiling through this whole video! Thank you!
Tom Knudsen 25 days ago
Thank you Josh! These two reunions have been my favorite part of the quarantine. I hope you can keep them coming. The tag with Claudia at the end was both hilarious and heartbreaking.