PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"

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This was SO FUNNY!


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PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"😂
Lucas and Marcus 9 days ago
Alex Alex 8 days ago
Why do Their voices sound like they’ve got a cork in the throat
Aissatu Jalo 8 days ago
I’ve never won a 🎁 gift Nobody’s has gave me something big like this before except my parents Love by aissatu jalo
Woot Woot 8 days ago
I saw the thumbnail thumbnail and I was like YESSS someone has sense in this family 😂
Qusyairi Jr 8 days ago
11:50 his dad: “your girls” Marcus in his mind: “aite 🙃”
ŞŞ HITLER 8 days ago
It would be amazing to give a I phone to a guy how is form middle east Afghanistan it would be so nice
Abdalkader Gharib 8 days ago
Your Mom is so cute she goes:aah I am so excited and when it stardet she jumped and all ❤❤😂
Natasha Bigby 8 days ago
1 quick question how are you going to do the iPhone give away if there is no more transport because of the carona virus
Avery’s Life 8 days ago
i think your song is perfect, gets me in a good mood everyday when i listen to it
zee ee 8 days ago
Imagine being at a party and someone says bruh play some dobre brothers 💀
Khaya Nkosi 8 days ago
Would really like to win the iPhone 11, khaya Nkosi is my name
Aniyah Turner 8 days ago
Name: aniyah tuner bc I never won a gift and my mom's birthday is coming up and I need to have something bc everything she does for me I awesome wish I could win it
Patricia Sherif 8 days ago
I love how how your parents are so cool and proud of it. Of course your parents should be proud because you guys are the best ❤️
Elmer Inso 8 days ago
Gift me a cellphone I'm from Philippines Cebu City
Tiana Scarbrough 8 days ago
Just want y’all to know I love your mom positivity for y’all and would like a iPhone 11 big fan
Vaughn Miller 8 days ago
chelsen .r 8 days ago
prank daryus our daryus girlfriend thad you have a crush on him
Cheer Unicorn 8 days ago
I love you guys so much you guys posted those on my birthday yesterday I'm so happy love you guys and videos amazing
Sassy Kitty 8 days ago
Comment your fav part mines when Marcus and lil pump rapped ♥️🔥
betty rutten 8 days ago
I can't wait to see who gets the iPhone
Annalesia Stover 8 days ago
The song was so good I listen to it about a thousand times
Qusyairi Jr 8 days ago
The most beautiful part was when medi stick her tongue out 😝 and she wearing specs that’s so cute 😍
Shelby Eshman 8 days ago
this song is my fav. now its stuck in my head >D<(i got it on spotify)
Aysha Mohammed 8 days ago
Murcus you have so beautiful eyes😍
Jessica Lashway West 8 days ago
The you know you lit remix used to be my favorite but now this is thanks for the great content and keeping me busy
Sienna Pro vlogs 8 days ago
The song is amazing
Karla Puppy 8 days ago
Hi !!! I love youre videos so much ,that really scared me Marcus I was sad that you are going to deleted the video but now I am happy :)
SUNNY LJJHPKK 8 days ago
7.56 'oh my god is that lil pump girls' 😂 lol
Mareesa Ceja 8 days ago
I loved your song i have it stuck in my head i am going to get it on Spotify
Dianna Mae Narvasa 8 days ago
Name: Dianna Mae Narvasa
IAmNotHungry BMGO 8 days ago
I did everything for iphone giveaway
Xxfix fitxx 8 days ago
I did everything I want the iPhone because I have a samsung that it really dosen’t work it freeze every time and my parent don’t have money to buy it so I hope I can’t get this iphone
Zury GARCIA 8 days ago
Hi it’s me again zuryI just wanted to say I ring the bell I subscribed I leave a like and that is all I did Dobre Brothers I’m by where you guys are still Lit I so love you so much and I’ll always leave a comment why you guys don’t want to keep on watching the video
Jaime Rocha 8 days ago
Please have the iPhone 11I am a huge fan Whenever Said you make me happy
Jazmin M 8 days ago
I only have a tablet, if I win this phone then my parents would be so happy. One question though, how do youtubers give away prizes
Nevio Masullo 8 days ago
The Song was AWESOME!! I rate it 8/10
mrgr33nzkn 8 days ago
Was a great song. Was LIT...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samar Hassad 8 days ago
Your new song was amazing I am gonna tell my friends so they can watch it every day by dobre brothers miss you
Petula Solomon 8 days ago
Dont delete it! Its amazing
courtney Vlogs 8 days ago
I hope I win the giveaway ❤️ who ever gets it congratulations ❤️❤️ I’m a huge fan of ye dobre brothers xx
Olivia Shirazi 8 days ago
I have done everything you have asked and I have been a subscriber since you started YouTube I am subscribed to all of ur channels I love your vids and it would be amazing to win I've always wanted an iPhone
Callum Linton 8 days ago
I love you guys. That song is lit!!!!!
Prince Junior Martey 8 days ago
Hi lucas and marcus ur a one of my favourite YouTube's love u so much i hope i can see u one time some were
Mary Jane Torralba 8 days ago
Yeah! I know im Lit! 🔥✨🖤
BHk B K Bjorn Siwooskudosksowosiisil 8 days ago
I saw it already it is lit. I love the song.❤
Eileen Cjejnsgshjsnlsfswnwali 8 days ago
I was wandering what was he huging and it was his bookback hahaha 😆
Hayden Wells 8 days ago
@haydenwells_08 😍ive had an android my whole life and i would love to win a iphone11 especially in red 😍❤ lit song btw 🔥🔥
Diana Corrales 8 days ago
that was an amazing music vid i loved it you guys are the best and you spread a lot of positivity
Holly Lowe 8 days ago
My number 1 dream is just to meat you I just want one of my dreams to come true pleas every body else does I just want one of those moments pleas🙏
TheCooperSiblings 44 8 days ago
I like the new song I hop your parents like it. The song was lit.
Meme God 8 days ago
Does anyone remember Cydaluma?
Jeddahlyn Badi 8 days ago
I wish i win Iphone cause iphone is one of my dreams i hope I’m one of lucky winner 🥺
Celline Jane Marie Bacsin 8 days ago
... yeaah! i just love your family, ❤️💞
Anas Salahsalah 8 days ago
The song is coolllllll nice song I've never one anything from a youtuber pleasee i never win anything
SAMZIN MDLULI 8 days ago
That song is amazing I love u guys ❤️
Ricardo Anderson 8 days ago
I listened to the song it was lit 🔥🔥🔥 good job guys
Kofi Appiah Gyebi 8 days ago
i loved the song so much i watched it five times
Emanuel Michlowicz 8 days ago
The song is great dont delete the song its amazing love you !!DONT DELETE IT!!
joud hijazi 8 days ago
The song you made is amazing I love it I heard it 3000 times
Dpkd14 8 days ago
bro that song fire i'll give that a 10-10
Gelle Anito 8 days ago
And I uploaded your song. 🔥
Tiaa Dsouzaa 8 days ago
How tf is Marcus single he is literally literally literally the cutesttttttttr wtf even-
grinda sandhu 8 days ago
already watched your new song
Maria Cespedes 8 days ago
Honestly I think it’s awesome that song is beautiful 😘 god bless you always Dobre army ❤️ love you guys ❤️
Joshep 8 days ago
,,Lil pump I love your pony” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bl Bu 8 days ago
I see you mom doing a spit at the end wow. @Bl Bu done. Liked and subscribed
TerrificAngel 8 days ago
Anna N 8 days ago
OMG I love ur family ur all so cute together ❤❤❤😍😍
Orlando 6ixx boss 8 days ago
That song lit🔥🔥🔥
Bl Bu 8 days ago
10-10 oh man got pranked cool
danny mabere 8 days ago
Never mind the song is fire🔥I was just tripping
Raqeeb Miller 8 days ago
I've subscribed and liked the music vid @Marcus and Lucas
Khloe Frye 8 days ago
I did all of that I’m done ✅
Ghost Driver 8 days ago
Hi I love ur song it's 🔥🔥🔥
Eliza & Stacey Neagu 8 days ago
The song is amazing ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️👌😁!!!
Ashe Zayne Lee 8 days ago
"hi dobre brothers. I hope i want that phone..i also subscribed in your tiktok account.
Rebeka Achumi 8 days ago
Iphone huh😅😅 Lots of love aniway❤️💞
jay mcdowell 8 days ago
I've been watching you from your first video the really cool
Grace Edwards 8 days ago
Grace I've always wanted a iPhone 11 pro
Aoife Kennedy 8 days ago
6:48 lol
Deidre and friends 8 days ago
Lucas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Suleiman Hamza 8 days ago
ur mums so nice and is always complimenting everyone :)
Isabelle Davies 8 days ago
I love the song x ❤️
Zury GARCIA 8 days ago
Hey how are you doing My name is zury
Samuel Kuegel 8 days ago
I did everything and I don’t have a phone yet😀
thang hau 8 days ago
Can I enter the give away for the iPhone 11 pls because my phone got stolen and I can’t afford to a new one love you dobre brothers stay pesotive 💖🥰😍🤩
Aliye Sweat 8 days ago
make them react to the second one you did the first and third do the second
sumsum squad 8 days ago
iam watching u guys when i was 7 and now iam 9😊❤
Shaying Moua 8 days ago
I watched that song yesterday lol
Shahzad Qurban 8 days ago
I subscribed and liked and hit the notifications
Ninja J 8 days ago
I subscribed and liked when u upload some videos I really wanted the iPhone 11 just because my iPad is just broken I swear no jokes so please I want it my mom doesn't buy for me I swear its real
Roxanne Ong 8 days ago
I miss there old videos😬❤️
lesly borjas 8 days ago
i hope i win the Iphone im seeing this again i saw it yestarday and today love you guys
Riya Darad 8 days ago
I am from India and I love you marcus if you see this please reply me ❤️❤️
sherryann lewis 8 days ago
I havent had a i phone in my life
Paolo Frazzetto 8 days ago
Wassup I'm your new fans 😀😀
CJ4 DAYZ 8 days ago
10/10 I could listen to it all day and never get bored it’s now my favourite song
Leilani Cruz 8 days ago
I really want a iPhone 11 because I been working so hard and my family are going threw issues.And we can’t afford it.
bryan A Oropeza 8 days ago
My name is bryan and i heard that song when you guys took it out it was a hour
Syndicate Expensive 8 days ago
I need the give away of this phone pleasee...