Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.

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Reece118Gaming 9 days ago
“Destiny 2 was included in this bundle” Destiny 2 (w/out DLCs) is free
Lyam Witherow 8 days ago
Awesome, now do an ultimate showdown: Local gaming vs LAN (streaming from your home computer) vs WAN gaming (cloud gaming) Separate it into 3 categories: Test 1: In the home Test 2: At the office Test 3: At a hotel further away in another province or country Some services that otherwise would have been terrible might be better in Test 3.
Danni Nicole Raine 9 days ago
Linus: "All these game streaming services work great on 10 gig internet"
Rigo M. 8 days ago
"It's the blacks that look the most different to me." - James
Doc Xen 9 days ago
the "we have great internet" does make me wish they would get a plain internet and try stuff out for what regular people would have.
Alex Ballas 8 days ago
Steam Link App: "That's fine, I'll just sit here and watch"
No Name 9 days ago
Challenge: use gaming services with VPN on.
Sammy Scott 9 days ago
0:44 When you accidently offend your employee so much that its now personal
Algernop Krieger 9 days ago
"If a headline ends with a question mark, the answer is always no".
Rocky Arbigaus 8 days ago
"You can lose your sword." Clearly, Linus is not old enough to remember the original Samurai Shodown.
Lauri Konttori 8 days ago
Linus: "I think 6 hours is a reasonable length of time to be gaming at once" Me: *nervous laughter*
Wictor Nogueira 8 days ago
I'm gonna try them all! A seven latency army couldn't hold me back!
Samuel Bellenchia 9 days ago
I feel like the “snappiness” reported from certain types of movements is a product of AI driven “negative latency” we were hearing about
Surgat 9 days ago
Funny I thought Sony killed PS Now in 2017 when they removed PlayStation Now from all of their TVs, bluray players, set top boxes, the Vita and PS3.
8 days ago
Average family home: "Everyone go offline! I wanna play a game!"
ArkaynAdrian 9 days ago
"conclusion" LOL! I love literal translations.
schecter 9 days ago
When I notice the latency is when I hear your joysticks clicking against the plastic of the controller before I see you move on screen
FilmGunProductions 8 days ago
"yeah, the 1080p.. only-ness" nice catch linus xD
George T 9 days ago
Lol James reaction to Linus when he drop a ball about taking showers. 🤣
US 8 days ago
Alt Option: VPN to your own home and run Moonlight/Game Streaming from your own hardware.
Karl Manning 8 days ago
Ofcourse it’s rough now just like any technology it will improve with time
Dennis Bett 9 days ago
"10 gig" network 😂😂 me using 20Mbps.
Karlo Josip Kardum 8 days ago
When I was playing gfn beta it started out as being great, great quality, no latency whatsoever, then they increased latency and decreased quality after a few months. Now that they published it it's even worse.
samysnes 8 days ago
Rocket League players: *Linustechtips joins the game* Linus' teammates: enjoy the loss guys!
heyou 9 days ago
I once streamed playing a MMO while I was in Massachusetts on my school wifi/laptop from a friend's computer that was in Nebraska.
Anon Arise 9 days ago
"Save a Horse, Ride a Tesla" Clever.
tipoomaster 9 days ago
Destiny absolutely did mess up the HDR, even on local play on a set that other HDR games look great on
Pol Ber 9 days ago
Linus: “Did we have to buy destiny again?” Me: “You do know destiny is free... right?”
Starwolf 8 days ago
Let me answer the question in the title with another question. Is there any hope for the triple AAA games industry?
John J 9 days ago
You can change the settings to what ever you want on GeForce now, disabling v-sync helps lower latency a lot, also you can max out the settings in all modern games and still get over 60fps most the time.
Careblech Official 8 days ago
I'd recommend watching Wood Hawkers Google Stadia Video(s). They sum it up real nice.
KongzTer 8 days ago
You know when a person is a Canadian when he/she apologizing to team instead of salting them xD
HazewinDog 8 days ago
@ title: Definitely! Even Onlive when I tried it 7(!) years ago was already a good experience. Just because Stadia somehow manages to be stuck 10 years in the past, doesn't mean the general public should think of Stadia as the norm... I honestly don't even know how Google of all companies could do so much worse than what Onlive was able to deliver 7 years ago.
Accelerator 9 days ago
@1:45 finally!!! my PS1 controller has a purpose!!!!!
omgwtf696969 9 days ago
15:01 "I don't know ermac" at one point long ago, neither did the developer ;D
vDs 8 days ago
"Plus you don't have RTX' Linus : *meh*
Zacronzer Zetto 9 days ago
1:54 YES LINUS, finally he is bringing awareness to the PS1 community.
Beregorn88 8 days ago
I'll save you some time and answer the question from the title: no. Unless you live besides a server AND you have a dedicated 10Gig VIP internet connection. And even then, conditions may apply.
Hitesh Dahiya 8 days ago
6:09 Yes you can re-login after one hour in free version. I've tried multiple times. And the queue time isn't that bad. Hardly minute or two.
Hans611 8 days ago
"I think 6h is a reasonable amount to game at once" hehehe
Nicholas Ronan 9 days ago
So I use SHADOW streaming PC service, you guys ever look at this? I Love it. and latency even on wifi is fantastic
Justin Samuel 9 days ago
3:20 Me at the club
Dave 9 days ago
I've been using Geforce Now since January and I easily meet the recommended network speeds, yet it constantly goes into blocky potato vision. Internet in the UK is pish
Josh Pitwon 8 days ago
This deserve a star, outstanding video content. Your help counts
Mehdi B. 9 days ago
LTT .. Your craziness is what i love about you, thank you :)
Zedex 8 days ago
I watch LTT to use the full extent of my iPhone XR screen.
Scott Yensen 9 days ago
Ive tried a few different ones, and always notice the input lag / streaming lag.
bot-scoped 9 days ago
"Only way to play geforce now on a tv" What about a laptop connected to the tv?
Johnnyxp64 8 days ago
do the same with 25mbps internet speed like the rest of the planet is having on average... then on 50mbps. then on 100mbps.
s1tzu 9 days ago
Another good and interesting video. LOVE IT!
wayne 9 days ago
"Time to mash" - Linus Sebastian 2020
Mr. Reese 9 days ago
That missing segue from "but I stink?" to the sponsor is...mean :D.
Mikkel Isaksen 8 days ago
"A PlayStation one controller"
allen Bongalonta 8 days ago
nobody: teenage kids watching in hope that they will give us high specs pc* count me in*
UberTech 8 days ago
OMG, I've been wanting to play Halo CE on the go for the longest time.
LilTimmy69 9 days ago
They’re comparing the free version of geforce now with the paid version of stadia. Despicable
Jc Araujo 9 days ago
17:06 - yes... yes it does. As does GeForce now!
Akshat Khandelwal 9 days ago
Runs pretty well on our internet. Has a 10 Gigabit connection.
Faris Smailbegovic 8 days ago
1:55 you say "PlayStation One"
Josh Shaw 9 days ago
GeForce now has been great for me. My computer broke in November and I’ve been using GeForce now while saving up for a new computer
Glenn Ford 8 days ago
As a pc only gamer, im just glad i have an option to rent ps games on my rig and also buy xbox games, so its a win win as far as im concerned.
Connor D'Arcy 9 days ago
With game streaming, I was able to play ESO on my Thinkpad while I was at the library while my PC was idling at my College.
Cameron Smith 9 days ago
Having used X-cloud over cellular I have to say I was extremely impressed.
Adephx 8 days ago
I've been using Moonlight for about a year now and I absolutely love it. It works really well over the internet as well.
Vincent Cruz 9 days ago
I wonder how well this works on like a university dorm connection. I can’t try it yet since they don’t have AUS servers for Geforce Now
Uberosh 8 days ago
"seasoned casual"... uh.. this something new.
Adam Keyes 8 days ago
As far as I know, the HDR in Destiny 2 is broken and has always been.
Billy 8 days ago
Ive used Geforce Now, the free version, and even on wifi with my router across the house it was great!
Josef Andersson 8 days ago
I've been using Geforce NOW for two months now and I think it's amazing. I have 100/100 fiber so not even that great.
Bryon Hulcher 9 days ago
" there never was much hope.... just a fools hope "
Spaziba Njet 8 days ago
Again, my go-to comment: what is the background music? It's great and used in many of the newer videos
ques1134 8 days ago
4:43 look at that choice Kung fu snap
Swaroop Ajit 9 days ago
For me it's just I should probably rewatch this like 5 years later when it finally comes in India.
Scythe3000 8 days ago
10:19 half life sound
Joseph Ball 8 days ago
"Speaking of things that stink, it would stink if you didn't listen to our sponsor..."
Kaya bed 9 days ago
No way a pulse way ad with linus in it came out
13th Gaming Clan 8 days ago
Hahahah filthy casual ^^
BLACK_HOOD_341 9 days ago
Shadow is amazing and I'm loving it
HowJuDuDat 8 days ago
I was singing along to the Halo song.. 😂😂
krsakil 8 days ago
1:25 I have GFN installed on normal smart tv. You don't need Shield for that (just copy apk and install). BTW. GFN is ling shiet!
Emil Johansson 8 days ago
I feel like they needed to include Steam remote play/moonlight/parsec though...
FlyingSixtySix 8 days ago
Missed opportunity for "you know who doesn't stink like us? Our sponsor!"
T 2 8 days ago
You forgot shadow, parsec, and rainway. For in home streaming parsec and rainway are amazing
LogicException 8 days ago
1:53 Playstation 1 Controller with BT? I dont think so ;)
Car Guy3657 9 days ago
When u say 'bad internet' I have 600kb/s down and 30kb/s up. Beat that m8
Brandon Taylor 8 days ago
Use Geforce Now on Nintendo Switch (Running Android), runs pretty well.
IL DUCE 8 days ago
Shadow PC is the streaming service I use, and for 12.99 a month, I frikkin love it
Troy Roberts 9 days ago
From my experience with PSNOW I've had no issues but I'm probably the lucky one
ice bread 8 days ago
Moonlight streaming my dudey
DragonWolf-official 8 days ago
ill have funny idea :) Suggestion: Build pc to car. and someone drives on bumpiest roads ever :)
AdriHub 8 days ago
1:53 ps one controler?
HYPERS 9 days ago
Game Streaming... Cool germany: forget about it pal..
Paul Rail 8 days ago
Thanks for doing this video! Super useful for everyone considering one of these services!
Anton Kovalenko 8 days ago
1:50 - Um, Playstation one? How?
Morris Huang 8 days ago
1:57 play station 1 lol (no offense to Linus)
leedogification 9 days ago
You forgot a service: Shadow Gaming.
iAxX 8 days ago
Do a video on using Moonlight Game Streaming from a remote location over VPN
Abdullah Alkhazaly 8 days ago
Hey Linus, you should give Shadow tech a review.
Thomas Corwin 8 days ago
I've had a good time with xcloud.
Gavin MacDonald 8 days ago
Duh Duh Duh Duuuuuuhhhh... Good version, guys. I enjoyed that a lot.