[PC/Steam] Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Rajang Trailer

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Hunters, get ready to face the pinnacle of physical strength and unforgiving aggression: the indomitable Rajang!


FratStar 3 month ago
Totally did not realize this is coming out tomorrow.
SpamSardine 3 month ago
It's ok I didn't want to live anyway.
流刃寺 3 month ago
‪Can you guys fix the slinger Capacity skill on PC? It’s glitched out, PC users can’t see the skill, it’s been like this since launch, almost a full month.‬
oddman55 3 month ago
Finally PC players can witness how ridiculously strong the admiral is
GordonFreeman032 3 month ago
Carting is about to pick up on PC too
ChromUmbra 3 month ago
(Chuckles) I'm in danger
Luis Rodriguez 3 month ago
We need a mo-cap guy mod for Rajang
TwitchTv Pacoz257 3 month ago
Theme song make me want to collect bananas
Emmanuel Alejandro 3 month ago
Rajang: I will end you! Admiral: hold my Boulder.
ken aprito 3 month ago
Console Player : I've seen this one, it's a classic.
DaVeganZombie 3 month ago
Oh god dammit. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I ESCAPED FROM HIM AFTER KICKING MY BUTT IN 4U and GU! Here he is, to do it again! Daddy Kong to ruin me some moreZ
Mikedot 3 month ago
Let's go! I beat you in MHFU years ago and I will beat you again!
Abdul 3 month ago
"As soon as i thought i was out, they pull me back in" My MHW story!
MercuryAlphaInc 3 month ago
Rajang: "Are you that Hunta guy?" New Hunter: "... I am a Monster Hunter, yes." Rajang: "Awesome, I'mma deck you in the Snozz!" New Hunter: "... I'm sorry, that's a new one, who are you again?" Rajang: "I'm Rajang. I'm insane. From the Old World." Broken Kirin on the ground: "... He definitely means insane..."
Brandon Lee 3 month ago
Rajang enters: *Mark Henry’s theme song plays*
SaneManiac 741 3 month ago
Get ready to farm and cart endlessly to tempered rajang in the guiding lands pc players!
Kigami 3 month ago
Finally, I can realese my inner fears
Tree 3 month ago
Remember pc players don’t use traps when he’s enraged he destroys them.
Sam Th 3 month ago
I already fought this guy and let me tell you my stories I got destroyed a lot. He is challenging AF. And don't ask how terrifying the tempered version since it took me 40 min to put him to sleep.
GoWithTheFlo 3 month ago
Oh lord he coming
KER0TIN 3 month ago
Capcom: PC Rajang Update for MHW:IB Me with an AMD RX5700xt: *excited to fight Rajang and do RE2 collab quest* Also Capcom: NOPE. NO PLAYING FOR AMD GPU USERS. 😢
Miguel Peres 3 month ago
I don't know if it's because they added more options for the maximum fps but from 60 to 70 fps under 50 to 40 with less graphic configuration I hope they solve the problem soon
vanthursday 3 month ago
They can totally use his bone to create the Cyclops from Dragons Dogma got collaboration content
stalhein61 3 month ago
Donkey Kong looks different
Chris Fielding 3 month ago
Rajang has a “crush” on us all this Valentine’s Day!
Blazehero 3 month ago
0:22 Oh wtf why is he struting
Bima 3 month ago
aaah... my ptsd hitting me up
Delnoir 3 month ago
I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME FIGHT HIM AGAIN, CAPCOM!
IceBreak23 3 month ago
my palico is ded after this trailer and also me tomorrow D:
Abi Pemberiadi 3 month ago
Palico cart : Stonk!
Armagadon643 3 month ago
I expect an increase on carting this month
TheRealVoidWalker - 3 month ago
We meet again Rajang. This will be fun!
Tempo Accla 3 month ago
I mean I guess it's cute you reupload the trailer for us on steam but I still kinda want the street fighter content x)
Calamity Territory 3 month ago
Well he seem to be easier on special assignment due to 2 turf wars which greatly decreased his hp
Dryhunter WeloveSONY 3 month ago
It time for Rajang Theme meme.
Klaxo Cu Chulainn 3 month ago
OOooooohhh boy. I'm not ready ;-;
Imakkoh 3 month ago
I got confused But then pc
rockkiller124 3 month ago
Is this game finally playable on PC now?
Comander555666 3 month ago
He looks so good in World!
Djor 242 3 month ago
Nop, Nop! Nononononono no no NO! NOT THIS ONE
Leon Coombes 3 month ago
Now pc players can get punched into oblivion too! Good times for all
jonhon 3 month ago
Damn, what an awesome surprise!
Grayscale Gray 3 month ago
OMG!!!!!!! one of the MOST ANNOYING monster in the game :( but also :)
Rorya01 ok 3 month ago
PS of Bois, Rajang is pretty easy. The quest to unlock it isn't
Safi’jivva Boi 3 month ago
*the hope for mocap rajang mod intensifies*
Kuro Neko 3 month ago
goddamn ricardo
Agilku 3 month ago
Hell yeah! Gimme that Rajang LBG!!
Absolon 3 month ago
Yay, time for Capcom to break my mods again!
Aidan Banks 3 month ago
The impiety of rage, Rajang, the Monster Super Saiyan
Regufyz 3 month ago
Me a veteran: GOD SAVE ME
TheShadowDragon26 3 month ago
Ice Cream Man 3 month ago
Bring it on!
natsu igneel 3 month ago
Looks like those cats gonna have to work harder carting players
SpikeTheController 3 month ago
My body is (not) ready
Dodger 3 month ago
Them carting felines will be making bank
Arturo 3 month ago
The update broke my game it keeps crashing please help
ReKx 3 month ago
Does this mean we’re going to be getting more layered armor on PC as well or is that a different patch?
Inti Cheveyo 3 month ago
Rajang vs donkey Kong..... Smash Brothers.
Samuele Cammarieri 3 month ago
I hope that when PS5 comes out MH will got graphic like this🥺
mabinuqi 3 month ago
0:21 Ricardo Rajang Milos
Woody 3 month ago
Does anyone know when the layered monster armor sets release on pc?
Matthew Morrow 3 month ago
I'd be scared if it was Congalala, but this guy is no threat
Vordox 3 month ago
I am ready to die. Cause we both will.
Geostomp 3 month ago
Now PC players get to experience a good old banana slamma.
Paul Cornejo 3 month ago
Does anyone remember Apex Rajang?
Wan Andrew 3 month ago
Wanna ask about the april sync, will there be cross platform so that i can play with my fren with ps4 while i am using pc?
Ya Boi 3 month ago
Ah yea on my birthday
El Negro Philips 3 month ago
Toda la noche jugando pero ya tengo el bioma Volcanico Lv. 7 y 2 reclamos para el Rajang
NepBushi75 3 month ago
Have fun PC players Eats some popcorn
outdated meme 3 month ago
Extremely angry dong kong monkey that shoot electric sauce from mouth that go super saiyan anger mode
ArchieGamez 3 month ago
Chuckles im in danger
Go Ring 3 month ago
King Kong...?
Reiner Braun 3 month ago
Give us the variant trailer already.... plzz
Jack rex 3 month ago
I hate that pc version took longer to make/releass
gymkhanadog 3 month ago
So they reskinned a King Kong model and stuck horns and a tail on it?
Light Yagami 3 month ago
♫♫É o homem macaco, correndo atrás de mim... ♫♫
Lona90Bs 3 month ago
Can someone tell me if this is a limited time event or just a simple addition to the roster of monster I can encounter during the game?
Glowing Fossil 3 month ago
Capcom compare to apex Rajang, this skillmove set Rajang is much more easier. Can you please raise difficulty and Rajang's movement set in the future? I don't feel thrill of the battle anymore just normal hunt against current monster.
Detie002 3 month ago
Nightmares...the nightmares...make it stop
Kougeru 3 month ago
That's tomorrow
Dyan vernanda 3 month ago
Best birthday present ever
Enrico Klasen 3 month ago
Anyone knows when its comming?
BaconWhale 3 month ago
Dave Ng 3 month ago
Please give us Nier Automata DLC ToT
Sareth 3 month ago
Easy tailcut.
Siegfried 3 month ago
Now the pc player can slay a songoku
G1 Grimlock 3 month ago
Coming in PC
Der45lol 3 month ago
I thought icebourne was the last update
Bryant Flagg 3 month ago
Have fun pc players😉
Tenebris Vega 3 month ago
me: *see an new monster* also me: I'm gonna need more space on my wall for an new stuffed head.
Yatogami Kuroba 3 month ago
Let's cart tomorrow guys
Arc4ne_ 3 month ago
literal trash 3 month ago
Uh oh... Stinky
Fritz Skandle 3 month ago
Rajang Milos is coming
Jude 011 3 month ago
MonkaS Im not ready yet
LPZ 3 month ago
Have all the performance issues been resolved yet? Haven't bought iceborne until I hear that they fixed them.
xAshDHammerx 3 month ago
more like overrated ape
Richard 3 month ago
PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, FIX THE GAME'S PERFORMANCE. Believe me, I've tried everything imaginable to try and improve the game's performance to what it was before Iceborne, but to no avail. I used to get 110-135 frames in Astera, but now, I am getting horrendous frames of 45-55 on an i7 9700, GTX 1080ti, and 16GB of 3000mhz RAM on 1080p with a 144hz G-Sync Monitor! set to the highest preset with Volumetric fog turned off. This is really on your end, Capcom. I know you guys are console devs, but please try to optimize the game's code. Weird thing: Pre-Iceborne, I would get GPU temps of 68-72 degrees, but now, it's hovering around 60-62 with the GPU working at 100% weird bottleneck, maybe? Anyways, sorry for the long-ass comment.
Tago 3 month ago
Nope, nope, nope, this a rare moment that I am glad that Microsoft destoryed my GPU.
Umbral Chroma 3 month ago