The Gecko Stays Late At Work - GEICO Insurance

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The gecko stays at work late to practice for a presentation when the automatic lights turn off. Luckily the office janitor is still around to help. Subscribe to GEICO:

Gecko: Jake Wood
“Otto”: David Wells

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Michael Bacon 4 month ago
Mr Janitor, there are already eyes everywhere! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!!
I love arts 4 month ago
Well I just purposefully watched an ad
very silly puppets 4 month ago
new slogan: 75 years of saving 15% in 15 minutes or less
whatever3210 4 month ago
How long will it take WokeTube to be YouTube again? Anyway, 0 stars for this and all other ads.
Alexander Castillo 4 month ago
Keep it going gieco, these videos are hilarious and we as customers definitely want more. Y'all rock! 😎
Stewie Doses 4 month ago
He is right "pretty soon they will......oh wait!!!!!!!!!! THEY ALREADY HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE!
Youn Gu 4 month ago
Yes, I clicked on this commercial to watch it
OakWood Studios 4 month ago
I’m way too dumb I thought I clicked on my Flamingo video but clicked on this thinking it was just an ad.....
Burner123 4 month ago
I think Geico is getting scared that cars won't need insurance in 50 years. Lmao. Good luck insuring an object that can't even crash.
Ross’Endgoal-ToWorkatDisney 4 month ago
New idea for Geico commercial: The Gecko tries Common Core math.
Sonicice 24 4 month ago
It's Chill's grampa.
XThane KennedyX 4 month ago
Bruh, can I just say that the person who voices the gecko as a smoothing voice af!
David Scott Allen Busch 4 month ago
Great commercials
Matthew Walden 4 month ago
"Oh, not again" -Gordon Ramsey
CSX_Coast 4 month ago
So that lizard been alive for 75 years?
Luis M 4 month ago
The gecko takes a footstep
Suyapa Gomez 4 month ago
Love you...
James Morris 4 month ago
Lol 😂
I tried to change my name but It didn't Work 4 month ago
I just read a r/prorevenge story where the midnight Janitor was stealing people's food. Huh.
Shadow Self 4 month ago
Too late, mwahahahaha...
tenkmosey h 4 month ago
Get a Netgear Nighthawk. Also do a side by side test with WIFI and ethernet cable right next to the router and that will tell you what will be faster. An extender will slow you down.
Gurinder Singh 4 month ago
Geico will be dead in the next 40 years as you won't need insurance when all cars are self-driving.
Kathy Nichols 2019 4 month ago
I had been with you for 15 years and you have at age a day
رسول رحیمی 4 month ago
ROGER ROWE 4 month ago
I agree, Brian, this message is so precise and so laid out for everyone to understand our part in this wonderful creation with live in. I so enjoyed Neville's talk on Democracy, it hits home and showed me how Americans' imaginations play a big part in what is happening in our country. I am going to believe for Democracy! Thanks for your devoted work of giving us, that listen, a more consecrated life.
Cowboy Kody 4 month ago
Joke of the century. What they DONT say is you cant get a quote on 2 vehicles
Kevin Sampona 4 month ago
BOOM BLACKA 4 month ago
Just to wake up is a blessing.Success is measured not by the man .Rather by what a man does with his life.
Charles Mangum 4 month ago
I just like the janitor. He is deadpan. "Good night," automatic lights.
Bill One 4 month ago
Glad I dont have gecko
Obada tube 4 month ago
Paisley Huber 4 month ago
مجید مجیدی 4 month ago
Jessamin Perkins 4 month ago
Vmf Vvbb mjjjllmnm bo
Hope Morin 4 month ago
I shared
Dima K 4 month ago
Yup just like China
Vezzy Vez 4 month ago
Why so many dislikes ?
TheSpyWaffles 4 month ago
STOP HACKING MY SHIT!!!!!!!! 4 month ago
who really subscribed to GEICO?
Doris Ng 4 month ago
I love the Gecko!
Chris 4 month ago
عباس عاشق الليل 4 month ago
ladhidh jiddaan 'iilay maei layk👈👈
Bodacious and Unapologetic 4 month ago
I love their commercials 🤣.
Edelmira Zepeda 4 month ago
Devengamesroblox 9 4 month ago
He is so cute
unclealand 4 month ago
Aristocratic Sista 4 month ago
SnapChat aiden_rosalez 4 month ago
Most best geico commercial ever
Kiti Bailey 4 month ago
This played without my permission...
Mikan S. 4 month ago
This is my favorite Valentine day gift. I love it.
Aiden Barnes 4 month ago
Christian Davenport 4 month ago
I watch all of your Geico videos
Victor Lopez 4 month ago
Sobeida Portorreal 4 month ago
I love the Geico Commercials, they are my fav among all the car insurance companies...👌👌👌❤❤❤❤🦎🦎🦎
Meme Reaper 4 month ago
We spent 37 seconds of our lives to watch this On Valentine's Day Y'all lonely Have a good valentines you weirdos who watched this
Rachel R 4 month ago
Cerone 747 4 month ago
MetroPCS is stealing my money they stole my money from me they lied and took my money they don't have unlimited service they lied.
Nalonni Simpson 4 month ago
Noble Damlo 4 month ago
Yes...very well...ok...very well...ok....goood...
Jose Lico Matozo 4 month ago
Joselico gracias 👍
Gary Bacher 4 month ago
Alright my idea when the Geico stuck in a guy in there changing the slogan and he says what what should I do with this and he says put it in your desk the Geico should look over to the left or right and look at his little itty bitty desk you know the Geico desk and the Geico chair
Esoteric Mystery 4 month ago
Madison Whitley 4 month ago
Sophie Seeker 4 month ago
Gekko keeps his chill an is thinking "wow another weird human "
THE QUITER 4 month ago
Geico is the G
Adrian Narayan 4 month ago
Daiana Choi 4 month ago
You stole my daughter's car. Along with the wrecker service "Mission" and not once we're we compensated. You didn't even apologize. Geico they are a bunch of thieves.
Annette R 4 month ago
Im sorry the gecko is cool but the guy is creepy😄 You need to make a gecko movie and get an oscar next year!😄✌🐸
gbluecheez 4 month ago
Gec gec gec gec gec gec gec
Master Kixana 4 month ago
Well... The Janitor isn't wrong. 乁( . ര ʖ̯ ര . )ㄏ
Diamond Abney 4 month ago
That accent tho
Mandie 4 month ago
Cold out here
Lin Kuei Dragon 4 month ago
I can relate to this. Notice how people like my comment just to remove the like.
TheSaintsVEVO 4 month ago
What keyboard is that?
Nasir Ahmad 4 month ago
Monster Energy Power 4 month ago
What if the PJ Masks are in a GEICO commercial?
Elizabeth Giupponi Fine Artist 4 month ago
HACKER 💀👎👎👎👎
Stephen 4 month ago
This is a joke and a con. Criminal.
xdxsxz productions 4 month ago
We liked.  USE AT YOUR RISK.  Do Not Use Abusively.  Copyright 2020 ATZE-TM b.  We don't have any friends to share this with.  Happy Valentines Day Night.
Mike 4 month ago
Oh look the lying $$$$ grabbing insurance scam company has another forced ad front and center 👎 This is what they do with your $$$$ instead of paying claims or raising your rates the second you need insurance