David Dobrik on Madison Beer and Natalie Mariduena Dating Rumors

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David Dobrik talks to ET’s Katie Krause about rumors he’s dating either Madison Beer or his assistant, Natalie Mariduena. He also opens up about giving back in quarantine. More from our interview with David to come soon.

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Rishika Singhal 2 month ago
David just thinks them all as friends.. he just has a flirty ish personality cuz he loves to joke around
Bacca and the Squad 2 month ago
To bad it doesn’t feel like summer break for the kids cause we have school
Sumaya Said 2 month ago
Hasn’t he described Natalie as his sister
Rishika Singhal 2 month ago
I like how in the beginning his face was so serious and then when he got asked about relationships he started smiling so hard like he was blushing... ouuu
Jack Herrer 2 month ago
"Camila Cabello naked😍" type in google: *camila cabello undressed fame time*
Berenice Velazquez 2 month ago
Who else is here knowing damn well David isn’t dating either of them but are here just to admire David 🥺
sophixo 2 month ago
"you sir, feed into that a little bit" Honey, he full-on exploits it. He knows well what he is doing, toying with our hearts.
Arnav Karandikar 2 month ago
David: Talking as if its normal when he gives people cars and x box’s me: If I gave my friend a ps4 I would need to take a loan big time
Nolen Lieu 2 month ago
Is David not straight? I don’t want to offend anybody I’m just wondering.
Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel 2 month ago
Dating rumors? Words of hope.Whoever is reading this and is going through persecution, pain, loss, sorrow and hard times. It will come to an end dont give up
yeah yeap 2 month ago
David dodged that last question lol "Are not dating in general? Or just not Madison Beer?" then David "I can't choose between Natalie and Madison haha" He never answered whether he's dating someone else or not. I bet him and Matt King have a thing. Lmfao
Addison Williams 2 month ago
The fact that I get to see David talk longer than four minutes is different
Connie Kang 2 month ago
David: there’s literally nothing to do AP Kids: laughs in collegeboard
Alil bluehumanbeing 2 month ago
Why am I here? I need to stop being so nosey 💀😭
Kate Mendez 2 month ago
Can we talk about how he’s here through DACA and that he along with many of the Dreamers deserve to be here.
Luis Zavala 2 month ago
Why does he have to be dating tho? Some people try so hard with that. Let the guy be. When he ends up in one he will let you guys know so you can complain lol
ScarlettP 2 month ago
Anyone??? Not a single soul??? David being interviewed on the bed 😂😂😂
Ayush patel 2 month ago
everyone punching the air because Datalie probably won't be a thing
• Siccdad • 2 month ago
Seems like she just wanted to talk about who’s David dating and all of his girl-friends and not even about the video where David is literally helping everybody he can in his best way possible.
the scnd 2 month ago
She really asked him like 5 times if he‘s dating madison beer and he said no Everytime but she kept asking
Kim Ahlstrom 2 month ago
I absolutely love David and his content. He is such a humble and generous human being and he doesn't let his fame and fortune go to his head.
sophixo 2 month ago
David is always picking his nose when he's in front of the camera. He is way too comfortable lmao
Imani Nieves 2 month ago
Nah David is such a joker...I’m thinking maybe he’s happy about the speculations to maybe reach Liza if u know what I mean...but that’s just wishful thinking
Vex 2 month ago
David keeps toying with our hearts
Jasmin Castillo 2 month ago
I’m glad he’s giving back and being generous but a part of me can’t help but wonder how healthy it is for people so young to be having so much money they don’t know what to do with it it’s a crazy world we live in where people can get so much money for 6 second videos it’s nuts
NABI MICH 2 month ago
The interviewer is also has a crush on David you can see???
Chell Grey 2 month ago
imagine how tired we are...
Olise A 2 month ago
He's waiting for Liza.
Ashiah _Lefteye 2 month ago
David and Natalie: Secretly dating Liza koshy: am I a joke to you?
olivia romero 2 month ago
david, ilya, and natalie need to do the "were getting the band back together" tiktok
Scott Smith 2 month ago
He’s not dating, just banging around
TIffanyrose Angeles 2 month ago
Probably he's dating both
Morgan Lea 2 month ago
Let the boy be single if he wants to be single.
Olivia Mohr 2 month ago
liza punching the air rn
aydan tulaan 2 month ago
David is such a babe oh so cute
Zed 2 month ago
Cant believe he still pulls the Assistant excuse for Natalie
Alicia R 2 month ago
I feel like David and Natalie are secretly dating and it’s just a huge inside joke to them to pretend they’re not.
Amy Brown 2 month ago
Scrolling through the comment section, seems like everyone has forgotten Liza. Here I am watching their breakup video over and over and clinging to the fact that they said “for now”. Waiting for the mayonnaise🥺✌️
Salami Boyz 2 month ago
“Don’t Lie who’s been a fan of Dobrik before 2020?🚂" (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪŦᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛo me)💕
Damianzzz 2 month ago
David finessed me got my f ing hopes up that him and Madison are dating......I feel betrayed😢
Joe Mama 2 month ago
“In general or just not Madison?” David screwed that one up😂know damn well if he said in general she would have said something flirty 💀
Linet Mumbe 2 month ago
There’s hope for diza 😂
Amnah Jayne Cassidy 2 month ago
Lol I still have hope for Liza and David to be together again 🥺
ScarlettP 2 month ago
3:12 David makes it seem like Natalie is contagious or something 😂
grace N 2 month ago
I’m pretty sure he just plays along with the jokes but he doesn’t really wanna date them
Salvador Torres 2 month ago
He is still waiting for the mayonnaise
Brods08 2 month ago
He gets any girl
Through Vu 2 month ago
Is he friend zoning all of them?!?
MoonwalkinMichael FlaminFreddie 2 month ago
Anyone else think people should leave David alone about girls and let him date who he wants?
Madison Elizabeth 2 month ago
david could literally smash me with his hulk-like fists and i'd apologize
audrey feng 2 month ago
ive been WAITING for this one, TURN IT UP
Wishy Da Fishy 2 month ago
Its funny because we know he be tryin to hook up with Zane
Mitch & Lily 2 month ago
David doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, he is focused on his career and he is killing it!
ExoticTaco 2 month ago
imagine if there were David and Taylor dating rumors
Kat Mez 2 month ago
Alex Warren is somewhere studying David in this interview lol smh
Sunshine C 2 month ago
Wish i was as rich as david
Joe Mama 2 month ago
David clearly being on his phone while she is asking the questions 😂
Margo Brown 2 month ago
I want to believe that Liza and him will get back together, but they're so far apart rn. It's sad, cause they had so much chemistry!
Reaper • 2 month ago
David Say Poggers. It’s a Cause I need greatly
Padawan 2 month ago
I’m starting to think David’s gay not that there’s anything wrong with that jus wondering with all the good looking girls in his life he decides to b single jus my opinion so don’t feel mad bout it
Lucas Rizor 2 month ago
He acts like it’s the “internet” that pushes these rumors. He knows full well that he uses them to drive traffic. His whole brand is clickbait. He knows that by playing up Natalie or Madison he will get views. He should at least admit it. I think Natalie has been pushed hard as a branding and business decision. She’s in all the promos and doing interviews with him. His publicist and manager know that the combo is a more sellable product.
ELLA COWAN 2 month ago
He really just needs liza back
maddy pierce 2 month ago
still confirming that he’s not over liza lol
Jen Vallee 2 month ago
David is such a beautiful soul ...
Rhea Jewan 2 month ago
I cannot express my love for this man
Mac Robinson 2 month ago
UGH i love him so much:)
Valery Zamarripa 2 month ago
Ok I'm confused he's dating Madison beer or not it's a joke 🤔
Amy Brown 2 month ago
*People shipping David and Natalie* Liza: am I a joke to you? Ilya: am I a joke to you? David: she wishes😏
Milelani Vinyard 2 month ago
David is such a down to earth guy, I’d definitely would wanna be friends with him
I like to comment 2 month ago
Natalie would you ever hook up with David? No. She fails lie detector. 😂
IttBeeMee 2 month ago
Lol he’s laying down while doing this interview🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Tampatec 2 month ago
he said in that video "all kidding aside" afterwards but people hear what they want to hear I guess...
Caitlin Brazil 2 month ago
That’s because Natalie is dating Todd hopefully 😛
Arshan Patel 2 month ago
Dream 2 month ago
All these kids calling David gay cause he turned down Madison 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bree White 2 month ago
No one will know who David will date until he comes out directly and says it
Mac Hogenboom 2 month ago
I mean, david smart smart. He getting free publicity bc he friends with nathy and maddy
Mims am 2 month ago
We are going to end all these doubts, David is dating me, but he doesn't know it yet, so yes I’m the lucky one
TheRed Hood 2 month ago
Ok but David and Madison act a bit different together than the others
V V 2 month ago
Liar liar David 😂😂 In your podcast you said that you’ll hook up with Natalie in 5 years if this pandemic will last that long and Natalie said 6 months!! 😂😂
Haneen Mansour 2 month ago
David got a bunch of free time and I got a bunch of assignments, tests, and presentations 😓🤦
Mr.Dave Blank 2 month ago
“ how did this all happen “ it’s called recycling content.
Ivan Callioni 2 month ago
Is he Tony Stark?
SumOfIt 2 month ago
The interviewer's face looks like shes constantly about to yawn
N05 xo 2 month ago
Plotwist, Madison and Natalie are dating each other
NaniSings • 2 month ago
why can’t we just be friends. like just leave me alone. when him or them are ready to announce stuff they will.
Nessa 2 month ago
David be making his own dating rumours just for the fun of it It's obvious he doesn't want a relationship cuz 'it's lame' tbvh ik damn well that david ain't dating nobody he just stoopid asf and loves the joke of him dating but he doesn't wanna date so why can't you people let it go Even if he's dating isn't that his problem/business just saying Anyways Be Safe And Stay At Home
Soda Pop 2 month ago
Plot twist he is dating both of them at the same time, while they know about it
Briee Haro 2 month ago
David: “Yea that clip was great” Interviewer: “omg yes that was all me. I watch your videos and saw this one and was like NEWS” lmao
Canyyon 2 month ago
Honestly he's probably hooked up with Madison
Pale Moonlight 2 month ago
This is one of the rare, actually funny and wholesome interviews. Haven’t seen many like this one lately
Hayden Reece 2 month ago
him and madison dont seem to be compatible
Bella Gallegos 2 month ago
David is such a loving chill guy I would love to be friends with him fr😭.
Thiago Himo' 2 month ago
Wait lemme guess 'David laying back on his bed and giving this interview'... Tell me if I'm right
art.sthetic _18 2 month ago
He’s so sarcastic and the interviewer is like JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT AND DATE ONE OF THEM ALREADY
Joe Klenk 2 month ago
It's fun to romanticize David's love life, but we all know he only loves himself. Physically. lol
jraco 604 2 month ago
Davids makin big moves lol, the reason all these girls want him is because he turns all of em down
haley perkins 2 month ago
i read this as rumors of madison beer and natalie dating lol
kyndal lee 2 month ago
I can’t stand people in the press who act like this for there job or just in real life
Maryam Kimmel 2 month ago
David is the best person to always give back we need more people like him after quarantine 💛