Eating The Lebron James Diet For 24 Hours!

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This is the article I followed to complete the diet challenge!

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CashNasty 5 month ago
I know....I forgot the tacos...I followed a certain article and forgot smh! Do you guys want to see me do the Rock next or who else? Comment below!
Shomo Productions 5 month ago
First. Also rip Kobe and everyone on the chopper. Also... CASH is da GOAT. Too bad u forgot the tacos..
Trey Hill 5 month ago
6:03 homie spat on that yogurt lmfao
Arturo Giscombe 5 month ago
Cash : “ milk is actually bad for u guys “ Continues to eat dairy products
Owen Proksch 5 month ago
6:01 he watered the yogurt
Mist GoCrazy 5 month ago
6:00 damn cash say it don’t spray it
Chase McFarland 5 month ago
Rip Kobe and Gigi. We lost legends. Most dedicated person and father would do anything for his goat. RIP Mamba and Mambacita 🖤 💔
Silent Killer 4 month ago
“Ya know” I heard that more than 50 times
Travon Prisock 5 month ago
6:00 tell me how this man spit at “learn” like at least when you said “benefiTs”
Ibomber 4 month ago
“some researchers say it’s poisonous” *picks up apple*
David Mapilele 4 month ago
Can somebody please count how many times he said “you know”
Blaze Clan 5 month ago
Rip kobe and Gigi bless their souls
GirlThats KP 5 month ago
6:00 , boy you’re dressing the yogurt with all that spit you’re shooting out, I wonder am I the only person who noticed 😭🤣
Black Bear595 5 month ago
Lmao "whole weed no whole wheat oh ok thought lebron was smoking that yea" 😂😂
Evan Muniz 5 month ago
6:01 cash spits every were that got me dead 😂
Blaster 5 month ago
20:09 CashNasty describing his own jumpshot
Peter Rasmussen 5 month ago
Cash this video: "Man you know."
CarlosOffical 5 month ago
Lmao when cash put it up to his ear and it started playing flight song 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
jay .1oak 4 month ago
How many times did he said "man you know"
tantan4525 ! 5 month ago
16:27 to 16:39 my parents always say something when I do that
Luis Abril 5 month ago
This man really obsessed with LeBron, copying his diet and texting him gm
pwilson8290 4 month ago
6:01 my mans gleeked all over the yogurts lololol
AssEater2511 [: 5 month ago
“I thought Lebron was smoking that yeh” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shadow Playz711 5 month ago
6:01 he spits😂😂😂
Twann FromNC 5 month ago
6:03 cmon cash you spitting dawg 😂
Byan Johnson 5 month ago
Everybody keep your head up he’s watching over us🙏🏾
Lil Theash 5 month ago
Nobody: Cash: Yea Man Yuh Know
CagedBeast428 5 month ago
The rock eats like 10 pounds of food a day he's a tank
JC MASTER PLAYZ 5 month ago
6:04 He spit out like a gallon worth of spit
chris trisler 5 month ago
6:01 brodie be spitting on the yogurt 🤣
NFM89 5 month ago
“I thought LeBron was smoking that (YEH).” 😂😂😂
Mason Brown 5 month ago
Who else saw him spit while he’s was talking from abt 5:58 - 6:01
xXKingSlayerXx 5 month ago
6:00 he spit on the yogurt lmao
Jayden Arnold 4 month ago
I want you to do Kyrie’s
Ojaey 5 month ago
Haven’t seen ash In a while 😂
Daniel Fig 5 month ago
6:00 homie spat on the yogurt😂
ZxY_Straight_Vibing 5 month ago
Can someone get a counter for how many times he says “you know”
Kidd Jackson 5 month ago
6:01 cash spit everywhere 😂😂
Zephyr7142 5 month ago
No one talks about Kawhi’s load management because he isn’t a vocal public figure, he just plays ball.
big daddy 5 month ago
Should've made a smoothie with the fruits and yogurt
Storm 5 month ago
Rip bro kobe and his princes gigi 💜💛
YBN JiGGy 5 month ago
TrendingTre 5 month ago
21:47 man wth that’s literally what I avoid at all costs
poison ggs 5 month ago
Nobody: Cash: yeah you know yeah you know
YT COOP _12 5 month ago
6:00 watch his mouth u can see spit spray out
Clemson Boy 5 month ago
This man Cash is a little to obsessed with LeBron 😂
Lacey Boy 5 month ago
3:23 lets me know how she looks 😂😂
Stridezz 5 month ago
Best quote of 2020 “I thought Lebron was smokin that YEH”😂😂🐐
Dummo Caleb 5 month ago
He say you know ever sentence 😂
Clayton Bigsby 5 month ago
“Long term-gevity”. 🤔👀
david gilbert 5 month ago
No one's gonna mention that he used a fork to spread his PB &J
Ismail Shaheen 5 month ago
When cash was eating the pancakes he said “you know” a couple hundred times
Jeremi Weekes 5 month ago
“The long-termgevity of it” ~ CashNasty 10:29
GuapGuap 5 month ago
Dis editing its killing me 😂😂😂💯
Kristoffer Safaryants Sørensen 5 month ago
6:00 dude spit his whole heart out b
babyteekay_ 5 month ago
6:00 Cash done sprayed all them yogurts
Kayuana Merritt 5 month ago
This how many times he said "man&you know"
Zack workman 5 month ago
6:01 man is spitting on the yogurt
Àhméd Éłkádrī 5 month ago
petition to do Dwayne Johnson’s Diet
Lost Child 5 month ago
3:20 had me laughing bad 😂😂
Ross Thomas 5 month ago
Anyone else see cash spray spit from his mouth when he’s talking about yogurt? 😂
Freak IsGoat 5 month ago
Was it me or he’s voice was delayed in most of the time he was speaking
Mar Dank 4 month ago
Damn bro sometimes I only eat once a day. Watching this makes me wanna get on some Lebron shit too
Ryan Allton 5 month ago
6:00 cash spit everywhere 😂😂
Fokker Polo 5 month ago
We’re the tacos on the list tho
Curtis Jackson 5 month ago
Kinda wish u dropped the macro breakdown bro, be interesting to learn, btw cash would u ever compete in a npc show or a bodybuilding physique show?
Jayden Allen 5 month ago
Cash: makes peanut butter jelly sandwich with a fork
Victor Cabrera 5 month ago
How many times you said “you know”😂
SwayZ Heim 5 month ago
We ain’t gonna talk about da fact that she moaned when he hit her wit dat cart at 0:01😂😂
Von Von 5 month ago
Show some respect to Kobe and his daughter Gigi and the rest of the people who was on that helicopter respect💯💯💯
Kyle Clark 4 month ago
Thx for the health tips dawg 💯
Ayden Nickles 5 month ago
16:40 I’m sleep this man using a fork to spread the jelly
Buddy Inacar 5 month ago
“ what lebron james eat in one day”
Carro 5 month ago
Ball4life 5 month ago
20:10 cash’s jumper 😂😂
TRS LazR 5 month ago
6:03 he spits when he talks on the yogurt
Menacecryo 4 month ago
6:01 coronavirus lmao
Smug Nero3 5 month ago
“You Know”🤣
Caught- Thiswork 5 month ago
Absolutely no one: .... Cash: “Sallllmen”😭 👇🏽
That guy Hove 5 month ago
This man said “long-term-gevity “ I’m dead
rico swavy 5 month ago
cmonnnn cash you ain’t eat one of the grapes and say “yea das it right there”
bing bong 5 month ago
That's wild the grapes for that wine are grown in my hometown
J B 4 month ago
*4:45* *_I took off ran out my house, but you good you good_*
-Z3us - 5 month ago
Bro we out here trynna enjoy a cash video , y’all in here with all these Kobe comments trynna get likes 🤦🏾‍♂️, this ain’t even Kobe video either.
Deus Cognito 5 month ago
“My arms are bigger than Lebrons” Am I watching flight 😉 😂
Jordan sloan 5 month ago
6:01 peep the spit that flys out 😭
BigMoneyyE 5 month ago
1:56 man your hilarious talking bout you hear it (let me get a heat chique, heat chique FTC)😂😂💀
Yusuf 4 month ago
6:00 u spit everywhere
Dank nbagodz 5 month ago
Rip Kobe Bryant
Saucyy TV 5 month ago
6:01 lotta spit came out 😂
Elijah Popowitz 5 month ago
“My biceps are bigger than lebron.”
Tre-Von Frison 5 month ago
“Yeh”😂😂😂bruh I love saying that
Sav X Earl 5 month ago
0:57 but he’s also 6’8
AlienUnleashed 5 month ago
“You ain’t suppose to sip on no nipple man” idk why that cracked me up
Westbrook Leque 5 month ago
When do y'all think cash gone have a kid
Desmond Thomas 4 month ago
cash turned this too a mukbang 😂
Tonya B 5 month ago
When is the next time your going to the Lakers game?I can't wait any longer.
Dope Boi 5 month ago
How many times he said “you know” 😂
Harry Lea 5 month ago
Cash: I hate these strawberries Cash 2 seconds later: man I love strawberries
Billy Lynch 5 month ago
“Regular berries”