10 Things Lil Dicky Can't Live Without | GQ

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There are a few things that Lil Dicky can't live without when he hits the road. From his blanket to his white noise machine, these are Lil Dicky's travel essentials.
DAVE premieres Wednesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FXX and the March 5 on FX on Hulu.

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10 Things Lil Dicky Can't Live Without | GQ
Tathagata Guha 3 month ago
Lil Dicky Isn't A Person.. It's A Mental State...
Imran Osman 3 month ago
This probably the only man I know who say women instead of chicks or girls
john yom 3 month ago
Lil Dicky: Quits making music all together because he lost his headphones
G0DBENCHY 3 month ago
Nobody: Lil Dicky: fish is meat
crowkillah 3 month ago
No one: Lil Dicky: I have a alien Harry and he doesn’t talk , but he’s still important 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️
Joshua Duncan 3 month ago
Lil Dicky: “cause I’m cool” *burps*
Max N 3 month ago
“You’re probably wondering, what is this guy doing at 9:30 pm” Me: “he’s creaming”
Cosmostrobes 3 month ago
Nobody: Lil dicky: I never had a blanky I guess i got one now
10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS 2 month ago
Every other Rappers: flexes watches and chains Lil Dicky: *neck pillow*
ari saunders 3 month ago
"I want to spit in their face but I don't because iam well adjusted" Dave 2020. lol but I would probably never say that in my life. Not that I spit at people, iam just hella unadjusted in my mental state
Charles Nelson 3 month ago
“Because I’m well adjusted” also; Brings teddy bear
FORZA Nation X 3 month ago
*nobody can rap with a stuffed nose* then theres big gucci lol
OneStepForward 3 month ago
Sometimes i can't believe this man is a real person.
ZombingX 3 month ago
Other rappers: got gold necklaces and Rolex’s Lil dicky: got a rubber band
Madison Parkes 3 month ago
“What is an animal ?” -Lil Dicky 2020
krishna pal 2 month ago
He is among that kind of people, who can talk on any topic, all day long.
50,000 Subscribers with no content? 3 month ago
His headphones break: Lil Dicky: *ight, ima head out*
Donovan Bennett 3 month ago
It’s actually dope that his essentials are like actually things that he uses daily and not just his flex stuff
Soheil Lotfi 3 month ago
like it was the most honest essentials one could ever talk about.
Golddieb 3 month ago
Every other rapper: Rolex Lil Dicky: Rubber band
William KiNG 3 month ago
Dude is Weird but a good Weird, he's actually responsible and Smart
Calm Corazon 3 month ago
Nobody: Lil' Dicky: *I'M SO GREASY*
andoryuu3 2 month ago
Plot twist: the white noise machine only plays LD’s “Personality”.
¡SawsyPancakez ! 3 month ago
lil dicky: a fish is an animal vegetarians/vegans: so you have chosen...death
Raoul Duke 3 month ago
Every other rapper: iced out watches, chains, grillz Lil Dicky: noise machine to help you sleep
gabe jacob 3 month ago
Lil dicky: Dying of thirst would suck i'd stand by that comment _I think_
qa_ss_im 3 month ago
Why does he looks like Bob Ross. He's the Bob Ross of the music genre.
Pink Pig Productions 2 month ago
The amount of likes is the amount of times he says “ I Think “
SaltyDiversion 3 month ago
His vocabulary is amazing, unlike other rappers.
Tik tok Meme hub 3 month ago
Lil dicky: I can’t make music with out using these headphones Me: now we know why lol dicky hasn’t been making music
Wyatt Levy 3 month ago
I can literally listen to Dave saying "cream" for hours 😂😂
Niko L 3 month ago
I would like an old west enthusiast/someone who actually knows how the old west was, to react to red dead redemption 2.
Jared Renz 2 month ago
I can’t tell if he’s living his life as an 80 year old or a 10 year old
Shiv kap 3 month ago
"I get cold" * A few moments later * Drinks cold water
XxxihavenofriendsxxX 3 month ago
Before I watch this I wanna tell you that he is gonna be advertising Dave the whole thing ( edit) ok I’m so happy that he didn’t mention it once I formally apologise
Farhan Uddin 3 month ago
I think Lil Dicky took the phrase “can’t live without” really seriously
Mike Subedi 3 month ago
"Hello GQ" "No it's actually people who watch GQ" Lol he is a legend😂
Jamie Sturgess 3 month ago
Can’t live without churning out terrible music, needs to go back to his old stuff
krishna pal 2 month ago
He explains things like Casey neistat, a bit.
Brandon Conner 3 month ago
Lil dicky bringing out his headphones saying if he losing them he’d have to retire but hasn’t made music in 4 years besides that brain EP and a couple songs made for the mainstream
DewGames 3 month ago
Dave is an introvert, we should take him in as our own.
Takara Thomas 3 month ago
“I wanna spit in the person’s face but I don’t because I’m well adjusted”
bacon hair survivor 3 month ago
Who else was expecting him to say something like "I can't live without Earth."
Nollem 3 month ago
I totally understand his headphone dilemma. Certain people can get quite autistic about acoustics.
WhyDoIExist? 3 month ago
*makes an entire song about nature* “What’s an animal?”
TyFood 3 month ago
He talks about him recording but still hasn’t dropped an album in forever lol
Edd Jones 3 month ago
Anybody else immediately notice that Dicky was holding his Oculus Quest upside down?
123 456 3 month ago
“Posted 3 hours ago” comments that were posted 4 hours ago, that make no sense
rhys griffiths 3 month ago
Your lying in bed at night in a pitch back room, a few feet away you here “aaaAAHHhhhh”
Ian Balls 3 month ago
I had no idea that the newest song in the Dave trailer literally was true, he wore that neck pillow, talked about how the ergonomics of his setup were bad and talked about the fact his nose gets stuffed all the time lol, massive legend
shady'smemes 3 month ago
“I’m ready to explode in 2020” -Lil Dicky, 2020
Max Maine 3 month ago
9:30 fresh out the shower Contact lenses: In
Naya 3 month ago
No one: Me:trying to get likes by doing the bo one thingy
SUBLiiMEx904 3 month ago
The level of sarcasm that could easily be mistaken as sincerity is exactly why Lil Dicky cannot be slept on.
Svetlena Vorobyeva 3 month ago
“ I could put this water bottle in the desert, I think, it should”. 😂😂
Nirav Batlada 2 month ago
Normal people: Use Night Lights Lil Dicky: NoIsE MaChInE
Riaz Trevor 3 month ago
Not sure if he’s trying to be funny or genuinely a goof ball.
ZOcampo 3 month ago
LD gonna be the type of parent to put sunscreen on they kids indoors.
Cody Unruh 3 month ago
He talks about music like he's still making it
Frix is cute 3 month ago
Lil dicky’s the type of guy who’s tells jokes to younger family members and makes nobody laugh
Beetlejuice 3 month ago
He’s like..a baby in a grown man’s body
Steven Long 3 month ago
Lil D seems so down to earth. He is so relatable and f-ing funny without trying to be.
ymgxbie 3 month ago
The thumbnail looks like when your friend says to a hot girl “my friend over their things you r pretty”
luvlowkey 3 month ago
Bolbi 3 month ago
Been following dicky since his So Hard mixtape glad to see him blow up after showing him to everyone I know.
Zachkills4 3 month ago
Basically just wants to be comfortable. I respect that, no expensive bracelets or watches.
Kinda An Artist 3 month ago
He does it 4 hours straight Me a gamer: 20 hrs a day
Joseph partaw Mescudi 3 month ago
Lil dicky is a national treasure we should cherish every moment of him
MiselStarmo 3 month ago
“Due to the grease” bit killed me.
JM_ Guitar 3 month ago
So... basically it’s just a normal guy on GQ for once cool
WHE CAST 3 month ago
Nobody: Lil Dicky:Hi I'm Dave
Matthew Souksangouane 3 month ago
so we just gonna ignore that he said he used to wear the hair ties of the girls he had crushes on
craig ledbetter 3 month ago
After seeing this, dude is on my zombie apocalypse roster. He clearly knows what's important.
Goat Sock 3 month ago
Imagine how weird it will get if he was on the Kenny Beats show the cave.
MVP SGTV 2 month ago
When my gf’s parents ask her what she’s doing with me late at night 7:04
Ali Akbar 3 month ago
Can’t believe he has a stuffed animal of himself
Takara Thomas 3 month ago
He keeps talking about women, plural as in many when he could be talking about woman, singular as in me
Shaun Allen 3 month ago
Dave: If I lose I these I will have to retire Me: Or u could just buy a new pare of the same model
Landon Miller 3 month ago
He has the most dad iteams I’ve seen on this series
Li Ez 3 month ago
Lil Dicky:Made a Song on "Earth" . . Also him:"he's an alien,one of the best friend I'll ever have" 🤷 What are the odds lol
Naya 3 month ago
No one: Lil dicky:blanké
Jacob Mann 3 month ago
Lil Dicky is so talented and creative and I'm glad he's on the show
Six-245 3 month ago
Man, I know in his music he portrays himself as a soft man-baby, but after watching this, I got to give it to him... he keepin' it real
Legend Fish 3 month ago
I get that some of his music isn’t good,but him in real life is really likeable lol
Cao Tuan Vo 3 month ago
Is this his persona? I feel like that can't be his reak personality
Darion Dixon 3 month ago
It's just so entertaining to hear this man talk. Does he have a podcast?
AWM 3 month ago
I guess there's just a group of people out there that always have their month slightly open with their tongue resting on their bottom teeth.
PepaLojzaVlastimil 3 month ago
I definitely know that he can't live without cringe...
Gabby Rena 3 month ago
Why do I feel like I’m watching a promo ?
Elliott Taylor 3 month ago
It's like he's a spokesman for all these things lmao it's amazing
Derpy 3 month ago
Now do Chris brown, because he woke up in Chris brown’s body, so high that sh*t turned into freaky Friday.
Konekial 3 month ago
Weird, thought I’d see condoms or a rocket ship on here.
SuperBPro 3 month ago
"i didnt have a blanky" harry enters frame "where do i begin..."
Jake Tv 3 month ago
I’m the only one that he tried to cover up that cream we all knn n o wht that is
Caeden C 3 month ago
Dude, the quest is a lifestyle. Portable virtual reality is the future and the quest is the closest to that right now.
Lucas Sauer 3 month ago
Denzel Curry and Lil Dicky will go down as the most wholesome GQ 10 things of all time
Sergi Pinkman 3 month ago
I thought he was Messi with a wig the whole time.
Miko 3 month ago
10 things I can’t live with out.... idk Oxygen, my heart, my car definitely, protein... yup.
First Last 3 month ago
a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli. That is the definition of a animal
Lionel Bauersachs 2 month ago
Lil Dicky: if I lose headphones I have to end my career Me: if I lose my headphones I cry