1,200+ Supercharged Horsepower - Jeep Trackhawk vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR

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2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR Review by The Straight Pipes. With 707hp and 550hp, would you pick the Jeep Trackhawk or the Jaguar F-Pace SVR? Would you take them over the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Range Rover Sport SVR, Lamborghini Urus?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
Jeep or Jag? If you like horsepower as much as we do, check out this Playlist of cars with at least 500hp: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA4uenOUaeyQn1Yjl7CVfewQbjXlbAD3q
Joose 3 month ago
The fact that the Trackhawk even exists makes me so happy.
RangoTheFlamingMango 3 month ago
I love how the Jaguar’s exhaust actually sounds like a Jaguar roaring.
Racingboom The Pleb 3 month ago
I’m suddenly realizing that the SVR actually sounds like a Jaguar. Like the cat.
knusperhirsch 3 month ago
The Jaguar at 3:13 really sounds like a big cat roaring. Great job to the sound designers 😃
Yiwan Ye 3 month ago
now, let's talk about reliability... everyone left the chat
Lauren Wild 3 month ago
The jaguar literally sounds like a literal roar when 2 stepping
Adriano Riano 3 month ago
The jeep launched way harder
Charles Provencher 3 month ago
the supercharge whine is THE best thing, loved it on the challenger, love it on the trackhawk
Jon Becker 3 month ago
The Jag literally sounds like a lion.
Keith Brookins 3 month ago
As much as I like the Jaguar, I have to give it to the Jeep. That supercharger whine!
Tofuu YAYA 3 month ago
that Track Hawk idea is so STUPID, I FRICKING LOVE IT.
Calisto Riviera 3 month ago
Yuri still at it with the shirts. We get it, you love molly.
Yusuf Kacchi 3 month ago
they are both so evenly match but the sound of the SVR is insane!!!! I love it
Mgoblagulkablong 3 month ago
What car does a pirate drive? A Jagu-ARRRRR SV-ARRRRR *gets kicked out*
Oliver Loxley 3 month ago
The noise of the Jag sounds like its constantly in a tunnel. Its like they took the sound of a V8 in a tunnel and said "yeah just make it like that all the time".
sweetlogo 3 month ago
Wish they called the Jeep HellHawk.
ZIPREED Meh 3 month ago
I give bonus point to the jag as it actually sounds like one
L P 3 month ago
For looks it’s got to be the Jag tho Edit: The trackhawk through that tunnel was insane!
James G 3 month ago
The Jeep needs a taillight update
Kamrul Islam 3 month ago
For first time I felt JAG being Jaguar with that EXHAUST Note. This Jag F pace SVR should represent for Jaguar.
Garrett Scott 3 month ago
The trackhawk is my dream car. I hope to own one someday and take my kids to school in 1000hp of V8 fury.
SONICR 3 month ago
8:23 Jakub finally upgraded his BOV hahaha
Jonathan Losito 3 month ago
Another Comparison Review: (2020) Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Road vs Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk
Bravo M 3 month ago
Yuri: nice Harlekin sweater, where‘s the VW Polo that came with it?
OfficialHoneZtAbe 3 month ago
Having driven both of these, the Jag handles like a sportscar and you forget you're in an SUV. The trackhawk is just a pure monster. Both are so sick I love both of these
Tronin Dmitry 3 month ago
That paint close up shot was great!
Aldo Emmerth 3 month ago
They really said MO POWAH BABEH
HSV Commodore 3 month ago
The UK is leaving the EU, not Europe itself, lmao😂
ThatBrownKid 3 month ago
When can i meet you guys, I live in Oshawa and I wanna meet cool guys like you.
Myphster 3 month ago
0:54 One of the best Yuri's ripping it faces so far
ad stix 3 month ago
5:06 serious tailgating 😯
Marvin's Reviews ETC. 3 month ago
I love how they look at each other while talking even though they’re in different cars lol
Abdulah Tariq 3 month ago
8:23 lmao i thought that was a turbo flutter soun
J M 3 month ago
*When you and your friend are playing Forza together*
Jason kinkaid 3 month ago
The Jaguar has a warranty that's twice as long as the Dodge that is why I bought that F Pace
ROB TRAMONTE 3 month ago
That F8 Green looks soooo good 🔥🔥🔥
BLACKFIRE _X 3 month ago
svr-r? so........ sv-arrrrrrrrr?
KSMK 3 month ago
I love your rolling shots! 🔥
Darren Best 3 month ago
Is the new "thing" going to be Yuri awkwardly grinning and pointing at an imagined rectangle for slightly too long?
SSG Johnson 3 month ago
Did he say, “Scratched up Ghetto Black?
Harjot Grewal 3 month ago
Jaguar makes the best exhausts change my mind 👀
Salvage Gaming 3 month ago
I like how the svr sounds like a jaguar, the trackhawk, man. That supercharger whine. Also, 'merica
DevPack 3 month ago
Anything with the hellcat motor just puts a smile on your face lol.
Jeff Jordan 3 month ago
I *love* my Trackhawk, and unlike the Jag, a pulley+injectors+tune in the Trackhawk makes 800whp! They're a riot.
TQ 3 month ago
11:00 Nice Quality Control by Team Jaguar/Landrover.
Andrew 3 month ago
Yuri’s wardrobe sponsored by the United Colors of Benetton. Also, is the “Tow Hawk” by any chance related to the “Camel Tow”?? Loved this comparison vid gents.
Evade Rose 3 month ago
Love how at 0:49 he threw his body thinking he was gonna launch... lol
lex350us 3 month ago
Waiting for you guys to review the Audi RSQ8
Sarat C 3 month ago
The tunnel test 🔥🔥
Mark Andersen 3 month ago
Track hawk all day long!! But I’m a bit biased cause I have the SRT model.. lol 😂
hitandrun117 3 month ago
Awesome video, the track hawk is amazing just for the fact that it exists! Speaking of Quadrifolgio.. what about the Giulia? 😏
LegatoStudios 3 month ago
I've only watched the first 30 seconds and I already love this video! Two amazing cars and two amazing reviewers!
Varad Bhatt 3 month ago
The track hawk was so loud that my headphones distorted, and I listen to Deep Purple
RaZoR InStiiNcZ 3 month ago
4:38 it’s making me uncomfortable how close he’s driving to him
ratbag98 3 month ago
5:30 swirl-o-rama. Don’t the press offices/dealers care?
Sandro Costa 3 month ago
14:49 the type of orgasms, I want in my life ... damnnn
Jeff Noël 3 month ago
11:20 Stinger spotted. :D
Jonathan Norris 3 month ago
Sees Jeep Trackhawk video. Immediately clicks. (especially in green)
That Syrian Guy 3 month ago
One of my customers gave me his SVR to take on a back road and let me just say that no SUV has any business being that fast😂😂😂
Peter Mhina 3 month ago
I really feel like Yuri just learned about cars like 6 months ago.
LeahAnn Mitchell 3 month ago
But Jacob, how many times in life do you get to say "this svr supercharged jag was a bargain " lol
Dons Shed 3 month ago
Love the VW Golf "Harlequin" Sweater Yuri :)
Sushil Pardesi 3 month ago
Thanks for this amazing Vid & review guys, yourll were just honest & unbiased, surely looking forward for new uploads
Princé Bankz 3 month ago
Finally that Jaguar sounds amazing!!! An X5M should go against it
a ten year old is screaming in a nearby ambulance 3 month ago
F-Pace exhaust sounds amazing, but I like the Trackhawk. Edit: I accidentally called it an F-Type.
rogerthat 3 month ago
I'd go with the Trackhawk. More menacing = less slow moving cars staying in the left lane (= more speeding tickets)
angrymuffinsb 3 month ago
I wish they’d stick superchargers on more cars. The old cooper S had one, loved it. My Mercedes has it. I love it
Axel Engelmann 3 month ago
This comparisons are awesome guys! Keep going! Regards from Argentina
Iain D 3 month ago
Love it!.. As much as I'd want to go for the ultimate sleeperishness of the Trackhawk, $130k is insane. It makes the Jag seem reasonably priced... Awesome vid as always, and love the comparisons
Darphir 3 month ago
The svr sounds like a box of screws on a blender.
sudhanshu lolayekar 3 month ago
Love from India 🔥💪👍
Luke IamYoPops 3 month ago
What’s the MPG? Who cares! 🤣
Alex M. 3 month ago
3:15 sounds like an actual jaguar
MrCrashBandicoot25 3 month ago
"Time to go, bud!" should be a new catchphrase
Hans Pierre 3 month ago
276th comment!! This is lit. But I’m pretty when they break, you’ll just have to get a new vehicle.
ronald RVC 3 month ago
0:53 You made look like jaguar going at lighting speed.
Justin Kuervers 3 month ago
The plastic finished console on Trackhawk screams luxury. X5M in a heartbeat
hala is cool 3 month ago
I'm glad u came out with this bc I needed it for hw yesterday for the trackhawk 😂
Flaming Olives Matter Too 3 month ago
That Jaguar is wild and I love the look, great engine and sound but I have to agree, the Jeep wins and I now want a Trackhawk
Vicky Donor 3 month ago
Love you guys! ❤️
highflysugar 3 month ago
Love what you guys do. My favorite car reviewers. Keep bringing us content.
Da KoKo guy 3 month ago
Yuri! I love your hoodie! Where did you get that?
Mike C 3 month ago
You two should react to your first review of Yuri's Honda Element from 2016
Krishna 3 month ago
The Jag has that roar.. Amazing!!
neverendingweekend 3 month ago
Haven't watched in awhile... Another great vid.
R. Malik 3 month ago
The jeep with a jaguar exhaust!
otomotonx 3 month ago
*harsh comments regarding piano black in the jag* 60 seconds later at 17:17 *Tons of piano black around the infotainment and climate control in the jeep*
Linda 3 month ago
That SVR sounds dirty 😫
Sean Seilheimer 3 month ago
Dudes, that Jag's exhaust is excellent. Almost sounds like it's growling at you, perfect sound for a Jaguar, like it way more than the Jeep's (which isn't bad).
lessdeth69 3 month ago
Wow, those swirl marks.  No need to zoom in so close on paint shots.  Some details are best seen without high definition...
genius2000 3 month ago
Love the color of the jeep!
Shawn Harris 3 month ago
You guys deserve well over 1 millions subs!! Keep up the good work, Loveee the videos!!
Israel Mercado 3 month ago
I was dead when he said boogers all over it lmao
rev headz 3 month ago
5:30 the scratches tho lol
HX Re 3 month ago
The bolts on the rear suspension arms line up perfectly diagonally with the exhaust on the jeep on certain trims.
Joe Fields 3 month ago
Love the tunnel test!!! 15:50
Just Awesome :: 3 month ago
I’ll take the jeep all day long great video😍
Lou Giordano 3 month ago
3:12 I climaxed
MD HUSSAIN 3 month ago
0:34. Vs 0:49 2:41